Asus Vivobook Pro 16X OLED Impressive 4K Creator Laptop

hello lush peeps i’m chris from texpert and this big black beast in my hands is the azus vivobook pro 16 x oled fleck of a mouthful it seems that designers who don’t quite need the growing thrust and influence of something like isuzu’s own pro watch studio diary laptop so we’re talking more like video journalists so if you happen to be a youtube like myself then enterprise done the vivabook pro 16 x oled starts from 1400 quid here in the uk which is a reasonably honourable price considers the specs and features packed inside of this thing although of course as usual you can bump that price up a wee bit if you require the most top point features like the one terabyte ssd and that nvidia rtx 3050 ti gpu so anyways check out this vivobook laptop and for more on the most recent and greatest tech satisfy do poke subscribe and ding that notifications bell cheers so despite its slim body-build this is whose inventive laptop is basically done in order to principally just sit on a desk and not really move too much it was just under two kilos and of course it’s a 16 inch laptop so it will be a bit of a struggle to fit into any more compact containers and backpacks if you are looking for a laptop that you can take on the roads to do editing where you are happen to roam well azus does also do a 14 inch framework of the xor passed so perhaps check that one out instead as for the actual design of the vivo notebook well it’s it’s reasonably plain to be honest not very exciting at all especially as the previous years whose laptop that i evaluated was that utterly bat-shit bonkers alan walker edition of the charlatan

zephyrus g14 something coming from that laptop to this one it’s a bit like where’s the flare where’s the enthusiasm and you know it is a artistic laptop it’s not designed to excite particularly but i signify let’s face it even batman would be like it’s too black like even the label it’s black on black and of course even though it is crazy black it does still somehow show up all those greasy reproduces when you’ve been uh handling the thing so as ever make sure you got a cleaning cloth handy got a quite honorable selection of ports though most of them crammed over there onto the right edge simply the one nature c port which is a thunderbolt 4 thankfully you’ve got an hdmi port a usb type airport as well that’s a 3.2 and likewise a micro sd remember poster slot and then over on the other side it’s literally exactly a pair of usb 2.0 ports and that’s it so i would have unquestionably promoted some more type-c action on there but apart from that con grumble now of course certainly one of the main points of the azus vivobook pro 16 x oled is that 16 -inch oled screen which perfectly fills the inside of that vivobox lid it’s a 4k solution board utterly ideal for designers who want to edit photo and video on the fly you can see every minute detail in there this panel is parade hdr 500 true-blue pitch-black verified absolutely brilliant contrast and accurate color reproduction too 100 of the srgb gamut 89 of the adobe rgb scope submerge off and 16 by 10 position reassure as well again standard for content creation and i was really impressed by the brightness of that vivobook presentation as well dangerously bump it up to the top uh brightness level you get 541 nits out of this thing it is

positively look searing so ideal if you are out and about uh you know doing a bit of editing on a park bench somewhere for rationalizations and the vivobook pro 16 x oled backlit keyboard is a beast with a dedicated numeral pad here on the right edge and some quirky design constituents as well the actual travel of the keys is surprisingly shallow but then i approximates even though it is a 16 inch laptop the vivo imperfection is quite slender as well but i still determined i could comfortably touch type on this thing for a good long unfold personally i’m not a big fan of the age-old dedicated amount pads on laptops because i find i’m inadvertently thumping those instead of the enter key or the shift key when i am touch typing and it’s still kind of crazy as well despite the size of this thing it’s a 16 inch laptop still dedicating the cardinal sin of having an enter key on a single sequence instead of two and these crushed up little cursor keys however i certainly do appreciate the facts of the case that you’ve actually got a fingerprint sensor built into that supremacy button so logging back on is fast and easy and while you don’t get one of zeus’s physical dial pads here on the vivobook pro 16 x oled you do get a virtual copy were integrated into that terribly comfortable touchpad which you can use to attain subtle changes in supported material like adobe software now zeus has jostle an hd webcam in that skinny wii bezel up top and that’s absolutely fine again for your

microsoft squads you zoom in and nonsense nothing special by any means but as long as the illuminate is okay parties generally be able to see your face and what’s going on there and the good news is you do actually get a physical shield there to block that webcam rapidly and readily you don’t have to jostle a bit of blue way over there when it’s not in use the vivobook pro’s built-in mics are absolutely fine to pick it up on your spokesperson as well and you’ve got that ai sound deletion aspect on now as well to cut down the background roar when you’re trying to do a microsoft squads in a busy neighbourhood like a coffeehouse or a tavern now the azus vivobook pro 16 x oled is available with various cpu alternatives knocking off with an 11 th gen intel processor and increasing to an amd ryzen 5900 hx my inspect test was one of the more basic poses that came with the ryzen 5 5600 h chipset and really eight gigs of ram you can bump that all the way up to 32 gigs if you chuck a good fragment of cash at azus my scrutinize test did also come back in an nvidia geforce rtx 3050 ti gpu and this certainly proved up to the task of video editing and other innovative undertakings and you can purely do a little gaming on this thing as well as long as you’re not expecting to play the very latest names on the ultra item establishes considering it’s one of the lower specs patterns perfectly

respectable ratings in the benchmarking test so for example in 3d tag the vivobook pro 16 x will contribute spaft out a orchestrate of 4035 in time spy and it also comfortably guided that time spy stress test as for the coolant well azusa is normally dependable on that phone and certainly the dual follower setup here on the vivobook pro did the number of jobs nicely you’ve got three different follower determines which you can switch between in the my azus app otherwise you can just leave it to sort itself out and i certainly found that even with lots of video editing but again and all that it abides nice and cool even when it was resting on my thighs as for your storage well the cornerstone quantity is 512 gigs but you can upgrade that to a one terabyte ssd again by spaffing out more currency no particularly impressive hastens in my tests and law the predict hurries are around 2.5 gigabits per second write rushes a lot less impressive not even punching 1.5 gigabits per second so certainly hit by some contenders like the dell xps didn’t notice any issues with the connectivity though the wi-fi strength remains strong even quite a distance from that router you’ve got full wi-fi six brace as well it’s like a bit of future-proofing again when we’re going to bundled out stadiums and big event rooms oh and the

battery life the battery life on the asus vivobook pro 16 x oled absolutely stunning stuff readily as good as that macbook pro uh with its m1 chip uh you’ ll get several hours of video revising out of this thing and if you’re just doing more like web based material easily a full epoch even with you know streaming music in the background all that good nonsense and there you have it that in a nutshell is the azus vivobook pro 16 x oled somewhat clunky epithet the actual laptop itself definitely a strong one for builders a strong rival more the likes of the the microsoft surface laptops the dell xps it might not excite quite across the board as much as some of those xps patterns but certainly the highlighting here is that exquisite presentation if you are all about the screen then this thing will not disappoint so that’s what i think anyway what do you guys reckon be gritty your thoughts down in specific comments below for more the latest and greatest tech delight do shove subscribe and dig that notifications bell and have yourselves a fantastic remainder of the week applauds everyone love you you

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