Review Lenovo Yoga 9i – Such Good Battery Life!

so last year i reviewed the 15-inch yoga c940 with a beefy processor and a dedicated gpu making it one of the more powerful two-and-ones that you could buy this year i’m reviewing the 9i which is the new name for the c940 lineup this is the 14 inch version which doesn’t have that dedicated gpu but it’s still a two in one meaning you can flip the display 360 degrees right on it or just use it as a tablet it’s very well made it’s cnc aluminum it’s clean it’s simple it has a very appealing design the only complaint that i have is the pen placement on the previous one they placed the pen on the right hand side but on the new one they placed it on the back now if you have the laptop closed it’s not too hard to get to but once you have the laptop opened and you want to get the pen on the back the display gets in the way making you having to close the display first in order to take it out now ports are a bit less than before because on the left hand side you only have a usb port two thunderbolt 4 ports and an audio jack and then on the right hand side you have your power button it’s not a heavy laptop you can open it up

with one hand but as soon as you get to the top due to the tightness of the hinge the bottom of the laptop will lift up a little bit not a big deal the keyboard fantastic to type on you have lenovo’s u-shaped keys it’s a bit soft it doesn’t have that tactile click compared to like their thinkpad lineup but overall a very good typing experience you have chunky arrow keys you have different levels of backlighting to choose from and you have a very big touchpad it’s a fantastic touchpad it’s not as good as the surface laptop or macbook pro but it’s one of the better ones that you can get on a laptop today you have windows hello using the fingerprint scanner but you don’t have it for facial recognition this display is 14 inches it’s 1080p it’s ips it has pretty good color accuracy like you could totally do design work on this and feel super comfortable it has good color gamut and not the best screen brightness it’s a bit average but there is a 4k model you can choose from there are two things i would have loved them to change about the display the first one being the aspect ratio 16×9 a lot of companies with their

business and consumer laptops are moving to 16 by 10 or even 3×2 the second thing is the webcam like this is still a 720p cam and a lot of people are working from home now and having a better webcam is super important however the good thing is you have great sound with this laptop not only do you have two main speakers on the bottom but you also have a rotating sound bar that has two tweeters so no matter which way or which position you have the laptop in the speakers on the top will always be facing you [Music] now my unit comes with a i7 tiger lake processor paired with 16 gigabytes of ram a 512 gigabyte nvme ssd and a intel xe integrated graphics chip look the intel chip inside of here is going to give you really great single core clock speeds the only area that it’s going to lose out on is when it comes to multi-core the amd processors out there are just significantly better so if you’re developer looking at this you’re probably better off buying a laptop with an amd processor but if you’re someone who’s doing design work it needs a two-in-one there’s not a lot of high-end amd tuned ones to choose from and this one does a formidable job and even the integrated gpu inside of here the intel xe is one of the faster

integrated gpus can buy it’s faster than the rx vega 7 which comes with most u-series amd processors so you could potentially even use this for some very light gaming as for heat management lenovo’s taking a very conservative approach sometimes you’ll see the processor hit 90 degrees but as soon as it does lenovo will power throttle the cpu in order to keep temperatures in check and with that you don’t get those high clock speeds consistently and i think if you’re buying an ultrabook a two-in-one ultrabook that might be okay with that being said you do get low fan noise like this thing underflow doesn’t surpass 43 decibels now i’m not an artist so i can’t comment on how good this pen is for design work but based on other devices i have used the latency is a bit slower than let’s say an ipad but it still feels very smooth like if you’re using this for notes like look at my hand it’s in the middle of the screen i’m left-handed and the palm rejection is on point so if you’re buying this for class and you want to use it to take down notes you’re not going to have any issues and finally the internals not a lot is upgradeable the ram is soldered onto the motherboard so whatever

size of memory you choose that’s what you’re stuck with until you decide to move on to something else you can swap out the nvme ssd and replace it with something bigger or faster down the road i do appreciate the cooling system lenovo’s using two fans and two copper heat pipes which will help and a massive battery 58 watt hours i got 15 hours and 13 minutes of use before needing to charge if you’re looking for good battery life in a two-in-one this is the one to take a look at so here’s the thing the yoga 9i may not be perfect like i would have loved a few more ports i would have loved the pen to be on the right hand side and i would have loved a 16 by 10 aspect ratio and maybe even an amd processor but it’s still a solid two in one and one of the better ones out there that you can buy today especially for the price like the sound alone is good the battery life is amazing and the build quality is good and if you’re just looking for a very solid two-in-one then this might be the one for you i hope that wraps it up if you have any more questions let me know in the comments section down below you can reach me on discord if you like the video hit the like button if you’re new to the channel subscribe and i’ll see you guys in the next one

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