DELL XPS 17 vs MacBook Pro 16 – Choose the Right One!

so in my dell xps 17 unboxing video a bunch of you asked me to compare it to the macbook pro 16. so instead of doing a separate video i thought i’d do a comparison now this is not about windows versus mac a lot of you have your own personal preferences but what this is about is to show you the performance difference and what you’re getting with each laptop now in terms of design they’re a bit different the xps 17 is obviously bigger it is a 17 inch laptop which means you have a wider chassis it’s also thicker than the macbook pro 16 making it a bit heavier in the back the xps 17 weighs 4.5 pounds compared to 4.3 however if you do buy the 4k touch model the weight on the xps 17 goes up to 5.5 pounds the xps 17 has a pretty good build quality but it does have these sharp edges on the side of the laptop whereas the macbook pro is just more rounded it feels nicer when you’re holding it both of these laptops can be opened up with one hand however the macbook pro has a little lip to get your finger under there a bit easier the decks of both keyboards are fantastic the return to the scissor switches just makes it a much more enjoyable typing experience on the macbook pro 16.

However personal preference definitely goes to the xps 17. the switches on these are a bit more tight making it more enjoyable to type on now when it comes to the touchpad the macbook pro 16 is much bigger it’s more accurate and it’s just better to use the xps 17 doesn’t have those nasty micro clicks that i got with the xps 15 where you just run your finger over it and it starts clicking for no reason but the quality control on this touch pad is still not great it’s a lot looser making it feel wobbly if you look really closely the touchpad is not centered it’s shifted to the right a bit sticker placement we got a nice clean surface on the macbook pro whereas on the dell xps 17 we have this stamp now i do like the carbon fiber deck it feels really nice when you’re resting your wrists whereas the metal on the macbook pro 16 can feel quite cold sound is really good on both of these laptops but the edge goes to the macbook pro 16.

now ports are interesting because both of these laptops have a very similar setup they both have four usb type-c thunderbolt 3 ports but the big difference is that the dell gets an sd card slot so if you’re a photographer or creator and want that sd card slot you got to go with the dell display the bigger display is on the xps 17. the xps 17 also tilts back further you have about an extra inch when you open up the laptop compared to the macbook pro 16. both of them have 16 by 10 aspect ratios both of them have fantastic color accuracy and gamut but i do like the fact that you have the option to buy a 1080p matte display with the dell which does a much better job with reflections compared to the glossy display on the macbook pro 16 or the 4k display on the dell xps 17.

Now there’s one thing to note is that you do have a brighter panel on the xps 17 and you also have windows hello for facial recognition and a fingerprint scanner to log in whereas the macbook pro 16 you only have the fingerprint scanner now performance is interesting you can inspect these things to different configurations i have an i7 108 75h processor with a rtx 2060 max q and the dell compared to a macbook pro 16 with a 5600 m which is pretty much equivalent to the rtx 2060 max-q inside of here and they’re both very powerful machines cpu performance is definitely better on the dell just the higher clock speeds and the fact that the vapor chamber cooling solution inside of here allows the clock speeds to be higher for longer so if you’re doing cinebench just to get an idea of which one’s faster the dell is if you’re compiling code the xps 17 is the fastest laptop i’ve tested this year 24 minutes to compile mozilla firefox compared to 33 on the macbook pro now when it comes to gpu based performance things are kind of even if it comes to photoshop the macbook pro 16 scored higher making it a better choice for photographers however if you’re a video producer you’re better off with the dell xps 17.

It runs faster in davinci resolve and it also runs faster in adobe premiere now if you’re a final cut user you’re probably not even watching this video because final cut only runs on the macbook pro the other upside to the xps 17 is you can actually game on it the rtx 2060 max q is powerful enough to play the latest titles and you also have access to windows which means you can download the majority of good aaa titles that exist today heat management is definitely not the greatest on both of anything it’s worse on the xps 17 even with the vapor chamber cooler if you’re using the ultra high performance setting the cpu is staying at 100 degrees it will never drop down but it’ll continue to push the processor as fast as it can and because of that you’ll get faster speeds than the macbook pro however if you switch the profile from ultra performance to optimize then you’ll see a drop in performance and the macbook pro will rank higher which brings me to fan noise and both of them get loud they’re not super loud they’re around 40-ish decibels not nearly gaming laptop category but if these things under load you’ll definitely hear the fans and finally before i wrap this up 14 hours of battery life on the dell xps 17 compared to nine and a half on the macbook pro 16.

So which one should you buy it really comes down to your personal preferences if you live in the mac ecosystem it obviously makes more sense to go with the macbook pro 16. and the difference in performance between the two models is not massive it’s noticeable but it’s not massive i think if you want the better quality control and build quality you go with the macbook pro 16 however if you want the better value to performance the bigger screen the expandability then go with the xps 17.

there’s also the price to talk about you’re paying 800 extra for the macbook pro with similar specs so you’d save 800 bucks if you went with the xps 17.

now i want to know which one would you choose in the comment section down below i hope this video answered a lot of your questions because if it did feel free to hit the like button if you’re new to the channel subscribe and i’ll see you guys in the next

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