Review HP OMEN 15 – The Truth!

so not too long ago i did an unboxing and feature overview of the omen 15 2020 and i asked you guys to submit your questions about this laptop for the full review so instead of doing a matt monas standard review i’m just going to take your questions and turn this video into something epic the first question was about build materials and the short answer is that the top lid is made out of plastic it’s using a rough texture to make the laptop more grippable the bottom is made out of plastic but the deck of the keyboard is made out of metal the second question was about screenflex yes there is a ton of screenflex and even more so when you press down on the lid of the laptop it’s super soft it’s like pressing on a mattress now a lot of you are worried that you’re going to place this in your bag you’re going to have books on top of it and it would crack your display i don’t think that’s going to happen this is a plastic lid with a plastic mat display it has a lot of give now if this was a glass panel like on a macbook pro 16 or 13 then yes i’d be super concerned a book with this amount of flex would crack the display

you also wondered about the gap between the lid and the deck of the keyboard i don’t have too many worries about this the downfall to this is that yes you’re gonna get a lot of dust and debris going inside of your laptop but the upside to this is that it’s better for cooling this gap allows air to go through and allows the intake grill to bring the air in and then push it out through the bottom this is better for airflow especially for those individuals that take this laptop home leave it closed or on vertical when they have it connected to a monitor you want some airflow there because when there’s no space the laptop just gets much hotter i know this goes without saying but yes this is an intake grille these are not speakers for the laptop the speakers for the omen 15 are on the bottom side of the device now one of you also asked about charging can you charge this laptop using the thunderbolt 3 port and you cannot i tried 100 watt charger i tried dell’s 130 watt usb type-c charger the only way to charge this laptop is using the

barrel connector that comes in the box another topic of concern was the display some of you said you watched other people’s videos or read articles where the display wasn’t that great and there are some displays that are not good there’s different skus different customizations you can get some have 60 hertz displays those specific ips panels have inferior color accuracy and color gamut you’re paying a lower price point so you’re buying a cheaper model if you buy the one with the 300 hertz display you’re getting fantastic color accuracy and good color gamut not only is this display that i have here good for gaming it’s also good for content creation now obviously i didn’t talk about performance in my unboxing but i did put this through its paces my model is the intel model i know some of you are going to be like amd no buy and i get it okay the amd processors right now in laptops are superior but here’s the thing if you want a 2070 super or anything higher you have to go with intel all the good nvidia gpus are in the intel models the good news though is that this model right here with its i7 10750h is outperforming the competition especially when it comes to multi-core related tasks cinebench it’s doing a fantastic job beating out a lot of its competition when it comes to gpu performance this gpu is pulling 100 watts the other thing to note is that gameplay is great it’s getting good frame rates i didn’t have any issues with drop frames you’re going to be able to play all games comfortably on high settings at 1080p the downfalls of this laptop is that when you have it on performance mode it does get really hot cpu temps will jump up to 97 to 98 degrees you get really high clock speeds and you’re getting 77 watts of the cpu but you are dealing with high temperatures the good news though is you don’t have to deal with that if you want to reduce the strain on the laptop you just leave it in balance mode and the cpu temps will never go over 80.

hp is giving you the ability to push this thing to its thermal limits and squeeze every ounce of performance and for whatever reason it makes you uncomfortable you can easily switch it to balance and have good temperatures fan noise was a major question as well you guys wanted to know how loud this is under full load it does top up close to 60 decibels on performance mode however if you drop it down to balance mode under full load you’re looking around 52 to 53 decibels on idle using balance mode you’re looking at about 44 decibels so it’s not the quietest laptop there is some fan spinning even doing simple productivity and the last thing i want to touch on is battery life um battery life on this is not great i was only getting about two hours of use before needing to charge and this is just doing simple productivity so yes i know it’s a gaming laptop gaming laptops technically don’t have good battery life but i would have loved to see three to four small update while i was filming b-roll on this laptop hp

pushed out an update to the omen control center and it changed the different cooling modes that you could use before you had comfort default and performance now there’s just balance and performance so i reran my battery test in balance mode and i was able to pull three hours so here’s the bottom line i think hp did a fantastic job compared to the previous model yes it’s not perfect no gaming laptop is but i still think this is a good jump forward some people might have concerns with the squishy lid personally i don’t think it’s a big deal in terms of durability i don’t think it’s going to break on you but if it’s going to bother you or you have ocd then there’s other laptops you can choose from the performance is fantastic yes it gets hot in performance mode but at least you have the option to be there if for whatever reason the thermals are too hot for your taste you can drop it back down to balance and have a more cool quiet thermal experience if you have any more questions about this laptop or if you want to see me compare this to the amd model let me know in the questions down below also someone asked about the ability to install studio drivers on this and the answer is yes you can switch between studio drivers or gaming drivers using nvidia’s geforce experience i hope you guys enjoyed this video because if you did feel free to hit the like button if you’re new to the channel subscribe and i’ll see you guys in the next

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