Review X-FOUR Mars Case for Samsung Z Fold 3

ed here with the digital digest and today i wanted to share a quick unboxing and full review of the x4 mars two in one case for the samsung galaxy z fold three now for those of you that follow my channel you already know i love my z-fold 3. it is in my opinion the best device ever made but finding great cases for this device hasn’t been as easy as i would have anticipated here in the third generation of its existence now keep in mind this case only works with the z fold three so if like me you also have a z full two or maybe the first gen z fold it’s just not going to work so let’s go ahead and get that out of the picture so focusing on the x4 mars two and one it retails for roughly 45 46 us dollars i’ll include a link in the description and in full disclosure this was furnished to me by the manufacturer for review purposes and i believe right now it’s presently on sale for about 20 off so if you’re interested in picking one up it seems to be a good uh time at present but also know this is brand spanking new and i’m glad to see manufacturers are still aiming to make high-quality cases uh even this far into the z-fold three’s existence because quite frankly the case situation just hasn’t been so great what’s also interesting about this is that it has a magnetic hinge protection which at first glance you hear that and you might think to yourself i don’t know if that’s going to be a good thing and that’s because generally speaking speaking magnetic anything with a z fold product can interfere with functionality specifically with the brand new s

pen not so new anymore but new to the folding phone arena and that’s why i have it out today so this case another thing that appeals to me personally about it i think it’s aesthetic is nice and uh what is really great is that we are not dealing with any adhesive this whole move trend towards adhesive i’m not a big fan of it you know when you don’t have any other option i mean what are you going to do you’re going to use that case with adhesive i’ve done that for a very long time with my z-fold 3 but i’ve never been a fan of it and in some cases it can it definitely can damage your device so there’s the magnetic in uh hinge uh system we’ve got you know a bit of felt in here it’s a combination of hard as well as soft plastic they even have a faux leather ridge right here and i like the styling if you go with the mars red this will be orange rather than silver or at least that’s what appears to be the color per uh the amazon listing and then you see you’ve got some basic instructions here that first you’re going to want to install the front screen insert the bottom first and then the top and then next step press lightly to make sure the tape is well attached and then of course please insert the rear case

protector insert the bottom first yet again and then press all corners to clip it into position now there’s that other color i was talking about here it looks red more red but that still kind of looks orange maybe it’s just my vision i’m not color blind but i am blind to some degree at any rate let’s go ahead and pop it on now per the instructions i’m pretty sure they said to do the front first so let’s do that so we’re putting uh the bottom in first that was if my memory serves exactly what the manufacturer specified that popped on easily no issues there fit and finish seem you know nice i like this little silver touch here let’s go ahead and now put on the balance again they call for the bottom going in first and we’re just going to go ahead and snap it into place i believe they wanted the device open but it looks like i’ve got it on already so let’s go ahead now doesn’t seem to be quite flush so let’s see where i’m not lining up because this should be lining up and it’s not exactly right so it looks like let’s just see here make sure i’ve got this in place what i can tell you at first glance is that all the cutouts seem to be where they

need to be so right there um everything’s accommodated from speakers uh to microphone pinholes we go along the side your volume rocker uh power button slash uh you know or power button is there and available uh no issue there your type c port along with again microphone pinhole and speaker cutouts all look good not going to have a problem and i can’t tell you how many cases as basic as it may seem that i’ve gone through that actually miss in that arena so just something to be aware of now another thing you may have noticed which i think is smart is they’ve got a little cut out here which makes it a lot easier to open the device now most cases that i’ve encountered this year they don’t really have a lip here or any way for you to get into or rather open the device cleanly so that’s just another thing i would point out in this situation now this is the magnetic hinge which basically is just giving you protection again with a fabric insert and you can see now it’s it’s sticking it seems like it needs to to maybe get acclimated a little bit but not too thick on this i think the styling is subdued it’s nice i’m not into cases that make a phone look you know very different than what

they are in their original state and one of the big battles with the fold is that you know it’s gotten lighter it’s gotten slimmer but once you throw a case on like this especially one that generally will give you hinge protection things just get very very large i think that this is probably one of the slimmer fit cases that i’ve seen that gives you hinge protection the only thing it doesn’t give you is again a place for the pen but as i mentioned one of the bragging rights of this device is that in spite of them using a magnetic hinge it is not going to be interfered with so let me go ahead and just pull up a blank note which i have here and let’s make sure yeah no interference so i’m not seeing any issue with writing at all so that’s definitely a good thing because you know that’s one of those things where this doesn’t have to work properly once magnets come into play in fact i’ve experienced that with several cases i haven’t covered here on the channel and well they aren’t on the channel for that reason so i’m glad to see this works as expected but again i think you know the combination of hard and soft

plastic so that it’s not slippery has a grippy feel textured and then the design language i think is what makes this unique now the manufacturer says this is a metal lip i’m not sure if it’s metal but it’s certainly a harder material than the soft almost silicon silicone feel not silicon silicone feel that you get from the balance of the case but i’m digging the fit and finish the little design cues i like this case and again it’s because it really isn’t about making an impression it’s about protecting the phone and keeping it as i stated earlier subdued and not interfering with any former function at least that i’m aware of now let’s charge the device also let’s make sure that it has not impaired charging so i’ve got a little magsafe charger here which um of course this is not a magsafe case but we should still be able to charge and we can so it appeared for a second there then disappeared on us but that i believe is just positioning let’s try that again and it’s tough just because i can’t see the actual battery pack uh but i believe you know we’re not gonna have a problem with this try that again i’m just trying to power

this bank on this is a sync wire bank for those of you that are wondering and you did see it immediately started charging there it is so i just wasn’t on the sweet spot forgive me and you can see fast wireless charging is in effect i have 68 right now so a little over an hour hour and three minutes but if you had any concerns about this case working with wireless charging you shouldn’t so basically what it boils down to is that we’ve got a new kit on the block the x4 mars two in one i think has the right look it has the right feel and this may end up being a daily driver case for me i personally am not as worried about the hinge as many users but i completely understand why people are worried because it’s so easy to scratch and with a case like this you have peace of mind and then again i cannot reiterate enough and you can see as i open and close it there the transition it’s going through i cannot emphasize enough that the fact that we have no adhesive is a win-win so any questions or comments about this case please feel free to post them hit that like button and as usual please feel free to subscribe and please stay safe later

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