Review Sony PZ 16-35mm f4 G Lens

ed here with the digital digest and today i wanted to share my full review the digitally digested segment for the sony pz 16 to 35 millimeter f4 g series lens now this retails for roughly 1200 us dollars i’ll include a link in the description and in full disclosure this is a review unit that i will be sending back to sony as soon as this review is complete now with that said is this brand new wide-angle power zoom lens worth its 1200 asking price and i say it absolutely is and if that’s the only piece of information that you needed from today’s video well you already got it now if you want to know why it’s worth it stick around because i have been waiting for a lens like this for quite some time it’s compact has excellent performance i think it’s priced fairly competitively it’s not the least expensive option on the market but it may very well be the best if you want power zoom it happens to be there no optical steady shot but best in class auto focus especially for a lens like this with sony’s new xd linear motors and then focus breathing barely exists on this lens so it really has hybrid shooters in mind if you’re looking for the best of both worlds you’ll have it if you want just the best of one world you will have it and that’s because in video it absolutely kills it and on the still side it is just as good so while many people may see this as a content creator piece of glass that really doesn’t make a lot of sense i will argue until my last breath about how great this lens is and how versatile it is and really how just about any type of shooter pro enthusiast hobbyist it doesn’t matter will enjoy using this and as someone with back problems the fact that it is so lightweight uh yet still incredibly competent is just the direction i want to see more and more companies move in when it comes to their top tier and in this case budget friendly glass now you might be saying to yourself but ed it’s f4 and i just i don’t shoot with f4 now for me personally f4 is not an issue shooting here in the studio lighting is not an issue even outside i mean what sony’s latest and greatest mirrorless bodies are capable of pretty much i’m not going to say it’s an equalizer but if you

know you absolutely must have an f 2.8 piece of glass then you know you need that but anyone who’s on the fence and isn’t sure you’re going to be very happy with this and you’re not going to find yourself wishing i don’t think at least and of course chime in but again you know who you are if you need something faster than f4 this isn’t going to cut it for you but beyond just being lightweight on sony bodies like the a74 that i tested this primarily on as well as my a7 r4 it also is great for just about anything lightweight when it comes to possible drone footage gimbal footage there are so many applications where this lens is going to permit you to get shots that otherwise probably were not impossible but very difficult and now will be comparatively easy now that you have this incredibly light piece of glass a 72 millimeter thread just like its elder sibling the zeiss 16 to 35 f4 and i’m including that because a lot of my experience and expectation does derive from this lens and this lens is also very good thirteen hundred and fifty us dollars the least expensive uh lens that you’ll look at to compare this with is really the tamron 17-28 which is an f 2.8 but i would not pick that lens over this any day of the week even you know if you think the f 2.8 is the the difference this is a better range again it is a sharper piece of glass you’ve got that power zoom you’ve got better autofocus and that lack of focus breathing is just something to behold and don’t forget incredibly

lightweight it’s lighter than the tamron it’s lighter than the zeiss not that much lighter but decently the only thing the zeiss has going for it and it is more expensive it still retails for 1350 is that it does have optical steady shot you do not have that here in the newer pz 16 to 35 g but even as someone who is going to shoot a ton of video with this lens i do not miss having optical steady shot here because you just don’t need it at this point i would say and specifically in my case where it’ll be living predominantly on my fx3 that’s filming this now i have no reason to really care now if i was doing more handheld work it obviously would be meaningful so when i travel that’s probably where i will miss the optical steady shot but i’m still fairly mindful of the way i shoot video and i’m not really you know too concerned you already know i’m not worried about f4 so this really just becomes a question of if you know you need it you know you need it and i know this checks every box that i personally need and i think again for the majority of you this is going to do that so the tamron is less expensive i

think it’s somewhere right around 900 usd and it’s just not going to live up to this in terms of its focal range or its quality overall and from what i’ve seen out of this lens over my time with it even shooting with the 16 to 35 g master i prefer this lens i think that its optical fidelity is right there with it some have been arguing it’s sharper i’m not going to make that argument but if it’s that close which it is has better autofocus less breathing and is almost half roughly half the weight of that lens i mean i wouldn’t even consider it and i was flirting for a very long time with the idea of purchasing the 16 to 35 g master so it tells you a lot about how good this lens really is that i’m no longer thinking about it and that’s not just because i bought it i mean i haven’t received my copy yet i ordered it as soon as sony announced it however i knew that i would likely get my copy before i’d get my loaner copy so i was all in just on the basis of the boxes that at least on paper sony had checked with this now for those of you looking for more nuance there are other things i could talk about like the iris lock um and the quality of

each of these rings to control of course zoom as well as focus they all work as expected i’m a big fan of having the click switch so that you know if you’re shooting video go ahead and leave that off you know and if you’re not shooting video shooting still why not you know leave it on so that you’ll actually know where you are in your range uh and you know most of us get accustomed you know we know where we start so we can tell in our head which direction we go hopefully it isn’t quite multitasking uh tasking folks but uh it’s just nice to have that you know sony’s been implementing that for years now and of course you have your customizable button as well as your autofocus switch but construction on it is great i just really the killer feature again is how small it is and yet incredibly well it still performs in spite of its size and it really does remind me of where sony began in the mirrorless business which was that they were making really small cameras that outperformed uh the competition particularly in video and stills you know they were doing their best but from a video perspective nobody had

anything i mean they couldn’t hold a candle to what sony was doing and now over the years of covering them a decade i’ve watched all their equipment get larger and larger in order to capture the pro market and now we’re seeing this return to well we’re the king of the hill let’s try to focus on making our gear even better to use not just the results it produces and that’s what i believe an affordable lens like this represents now i keep calling 1200 affordable because of course compare this to the g master and it is affordable and the fact that the 900 dollar tamron is not that far away from this in price and tamron is going to be one of your most affordable options you know always you can turn to good old sigma or tamron to make sure you get an affordable option but this surprisingly is you know an over performer and an overachiever well but it achieves that’s the good news so again comparing it to this lens i think you know most people will be happy with what this lens delivers for its price but that was before uh the power zoom g series hit the market i think now this is you know it has to kill the price on this i mean i’d like to sell this lens now i knew it was coming but you know i’m not in the business of selling electronics i’m in the business of reviewing uh gear so i’m gonna someone’s gonna get a sweet deal on this lens um it’s still in perfect condition and i still love it but i know this is

coming at the end of the month and i’m likely i’m not gonna say i would never use this again it’s still good to have this vocal range so who knows if i can’t get the price i want maybe i hold on to it because it still is an excellent piece of glass but this just rewrites the game for me in every single parameter again it’s better when it comes to sharpness i didn’t even mention the fact which is really obvious that anybody watching this who is thinking about these lenses already knows it but now i’ll mention it you know the old 16 to 35 you’re you’re dealing with a zoom that is going is not internalized it’s a pumper you know you spin that zoom ring and the lens extends which i’m not a big fan of either i don’t have a problem with it but if ever given the option i’m always going to take an internalized zoom it it generally means you know less dust or opportunity for dust to get inside the enclosure there are just some benefits and of course the lens doesn’t get larger and when you’re shooting handheld it’s always nice to keep balance as tight as you can at least that’s my personal preference and anytime you’re dealing with a lens that extends balance has to change and shift and of course with something wide angle it’s really nice to have something

internalized that just gives you every feature now here on the channel the power zoom is a great thing to have out in the field if you’re doing video work some people will say oh nobody ever uses it that’s just not true there are all sorts of different creative ways that you’ll be able to employ a power zoom and if you don’t have it guess what you can’t do it but if you have it at least you have the option so i just love that sony built it in here it’s something that when they first started making affordable pz glass i was into it in its infancy it was a little bit rough we are so far from infancy at this point and remember this is the first piece of glass from sony with those xd linear motors that’s why the autofocus is so good uh pretty much better than anything i’ve seen thus far and that says a lot again for a 1200 dollar piece of glass so i’m gonna end where i started which is that this is an absolute no-brainer if you’re shooting stills it’s excellent shooting video it’s excellent and i’ve reiterated over and over again the performance that it delivers when it comes to autofocus it’s just this is going to be my a lens here in the studio and if that doesn’t say how much confidence i have in this piece of

glass and how easy it is for me to recommend it i don’t know what does so i love it and i’m glad i already ordered it and now i cannot wait for it to arrive i think what ultimately becomes the question is will i end up wanting a second one of these because while i was saying keeping this would be nice realistically i’d rather have two of these little babies because i know that’s just going to give me even better uniformity and of course also if i want to go out shooting and leave one here in the studio permanently on the fx3 that might be nice to have that flexibility but we’ll see i’m not i’m not going to get ahead of myself just yet i’m just glad i’ve got one coming and after watching this again if you have questions about it i just think the best way now to find out is going to be to try it of course there’s plenty of content um on this lens i got it probably about two months later uh than a large portion of the community on youtube uh photographers and reviewers like myself but i’m just really impressed and for those of you wondering about performance camera to camera um so as i mentioned i predominantly shot it on this a74 which is a loaner i feel like this is one of the best camera sony has out right now it’s one of the best cameras on the market in terms of hybrid shooting but on my a7 r4 it also did really really well so if you think you know it’s just designed for the brand new bodies that’s not true it’s still performed uh incredibly on the a7r iv but of course their inherent

advantages with the newer bodies when it comes to pairing these xd linear motors and that autofocus system to a body with a more modern autofocus system the benefits are exponential i can’t say that with the a7r iv but it still did really really well and if i didn’t have access to something like this that would in no way affect my decision granted this lens is going to live on the fx3 what i did shoot on the a7r iv was still excellent and i probably in if i didn’t own the fx3 and didn’t get to test with the a74 i would still be buying this lens simply to replace this one for my a7 r4 for personal shooting of still in video not just for the youtube uh gig so for those of you wondering if we take youtube out of the equation this lens is still an insta buy for me but having it here for the channel made it even easier so i hope that rounds things out you’ve got you know everything all of my impressions about this glass it’s just incredibly fun to shoot with and it gets the job done quite literally for everything i do both professionally and personally so i think you’re going to enjoy it and if you don’t i’m going to be really curious as to why um any questions or comments please feel free to post them at that like button and as usual please feel free to subscribe and please stay safe later

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