Lenovo Yoga 9i 14 Gen 7 Update 2022

ed here with the digital digest and today i wanted to share my first update on my experience with the lenovo yoga 9i for 2022. now this is the seventh generation of this top of the line two-in-one ultrabook and it has been completely reimagined and the good news is they did an excellent job now granted this is just an update not a full review but so far i am thoroughly enjoying what lenovo has put together and yes we have brand new internals intel’s 12th gen core i7 1260p 12 core cpu as well as 16 gigs of soldered lp ddr5 ram a 1 terabyte gen 4 nvme ssd wi-fi 6e thunderbolt 4 but the most impressive element i think is the brand new 4k oled display it is only 60 hertz but i don’t think that’s a big deal of course still touch screen pen input with the precision pen 3 which is no longer in a silo but if you care about color critical work or i should just say color accuracy and overall quality then this display is top of the line just like the yoga 9i itself and it’s something i’ve always been waiting for lenovo to incorporate and now we

finally have it and it’s got a 16 by 10 aspect ratio so let’s take a look at that right now i have hdr enabled and i really do think this display is great i think that anyone who uses this is going to enjoy it you may be noticing uh the letter boxing on this remember it is a 16 by 10 panel not 16 by nine so that’s just inherent when working with this aspect ratio but that’s going to afford you more uh essentially room height for any sort of productivity work or even browsing the web which i think is inherently valuable on a machine like this now some other video samples just quickly to take you through it and don’t forget this also has best in class audio performance like every yoga 9i or c940 before it and that i think is also something to be enjoyed and the fact that it’s a sound bar means you can use this in any orientation you prefer tent mode content consumption mode tablet mode i mean they all are going to get essentially the same audio performance and now we have b and o speakers in the past they were dolby digital but they weren’t branded apparently lenovo has struck a deal and so we have a branded and more feature-rich audio experience which i think sounds very similar to previous generations and that is a good thing because it’s also excellent you’re going to hear that a lot and that’s because really lenovo outdid themselves with this redesign you know they tried their hand at this last generation and it was a bit of a hit and a miss you know some things

improved some things they created new problems here the complete opposite everything about this machine i think is going to make the majority of people that buy it really really happy so i’ve established even though this is a 60 hertz panel it is fantastic and of course if you don’t want an oled you can step down to ips panels in fact the only version of this or i should say configuration right now is a 1200 p ips panel i’ll include a link in the description this particular build not available for order yet it should be soon it’ll be somewhere around 2000 us dollars but that will go on sale over time for anyone that’s concerned and i think that you know if you’re being more budget-conscious that 1200p ips version of this which only has eight gigs not 16 but same processor essentially every other element is the same except for the display in ram you’re probably still going to be really happy with that machine the ips panel should still be very good it’s just not going to be oled and there’s no way to really put that in any other terms now let’s take a listen to the audio performance then i’m going to talk about general performance here so take a listen to this take the subject of the digital digest and today i wanted to share a quick unboxing and a first look at the lenovo yoga 9i gen 7.

I’m excited to share this with all of you because this is a major revamp for 2022. skip ahead blessed i forget you know all the modes of capability with this tent mode i’ve got a google file and by google save big on the new samsung galaxy s 22 series ended up a little bit more uh content consumption mode i mean that’s the whole premise of using a machine like this is that you want to ink you can do that it really is very very nice and i have to say this is going to be interesting to compare to of course hp spectre lineup i’m thinking of and i will be comparing this to several machines before my full review or after it we’ll see but i have a feeling this is going to be able to best just about everything else that i have previously covered now what may come in the future is a different story let’s talk about actual performance now the machine stays relatively quiet and it still performs pretty well you can see here 3d mark time spy over 2000 and that’s just a competent ultrabook what else can i say intel’s integrated graphics have gotten considerably better in the last three years which

means light gaming is totally possible at lower resolutions even with some of your favorite titles but you know this is not a gaming machine it is an ultrabook even though it may have a 75 watt hour battery which sounds like something you’d find in a desktop replacement that’s just because lenovo you know shifted to higher density cells on that battery but beyond that this is meant to be an ultrabook that happens to be a two in one that’s incredibly flexible and now i think even nicer and these you know curved soft corners as opposed to the old uh sharp edges they make a big difference i mean when you’re holding the device it means that it’s gonna be far more comfortable in tablet mode granted it’s a little bit heavy at a little over three pounds but part of the i would say trade-off of getting these new soft edges all around is that unfortunately they’re not as easily you know gripped i would say your grip on them is going to be a little bit uh less tight and that’s also because we do have chrome all along but i’ll get to that a little bit later that’s really nitpicking at its finest in my opinion because the machine just has this modern and i think really refined design language it was always very an industrial minimalist look and i think they built on that in a good way now overall when it comes to throttling i’m not seeing a lot of that the fans do kick up things do get fairly loud when this

thing’s under load but when we’re just browsing the web watching youtube videos content consumption of that sort when you’re actually doing anything with productivity work the fans really aren’t going to kick up so the machine is fairly quiet you can see right there the read write scores on the nvme ssd remember it is gen 4 you can upgrade that one of the few things you can upgrade on this machine but you won’t need to you just need to make sure you get the amount of storage that you need to in your original configuration again this is a one terabyte uh nvme on this particular build you know i’ve only launched rust as well as call of duty world war ii just as a standard you know benchmark to see if they could perform and they can run which is pretty much how i you know guide things with ultra books like this rust is pretty tough to run call of duty world war ii pretty easy it’s getting a little bit older i wouldn’t try to run you know something like battlefield 2042 on here or cyberpunk uh which are other titles you know that i do enjoy but anything older is gonna be pretty much fine at lower resolutions when it comes to photo and video editing you’re also going to be perfectly fine on here but remember it’s not designed to be a photo and video editing machine but with intel’s 12th gen cpu you are going to see better performance than the previous which you might assume but you

know how much of a difference overall you’re going to get out of the 12th versus 11th gen is another story and i’ll address that in the full review another thing that you can’t miss is this nearly 50 larger track pad which i think is great i mean generally i’m not a fan of huge obnoxious track pads especially if when you’re typing it ends up becoming problematic on your wrists essentially interfering in the process the good news here is is that lenovo actually designed this trackpad with that in mind and this entire i would say nearly 20 right here is not going to get triggered you can see the mouse is really now it’s moving but once two hands are on there and you’re typing it’s really not it you can see the cursor is not shifting and they took this into account uh the actuation on this is good it does actually press in it is a glass trackpad and i think they did a great job on that as well you’re going to hear a lot of that now when it comes to the keyboard another best-in-class experience you know some people will say there’s not enough travel on these keys but i think it’s a really satisfying experience and i think there’s just enough and i just realized uh that you know this mic i had adjusted for the audio performance and hopefully that didn’t kill the audio performance on the whole video but now it’s readjusted back to me but back to the actual keyboard it is edge to edge now something that previously it was not and i think they did a nice job again now the keys that are right here the function keys i will call them not like your traditional

function keys but lenovo’s we’ve got a performance key right here that you can toggle through the performance modes instead of using function plus q like days past and it works then you’ve got a dedicated key to turning off the defocus of the background for the webcam which you know i don’t know how many people really need that but it’s there then we have audio profiles so we’ve got a gaming profile we have a music profile and then a movie you know content consumption profile and then last but not least we have uh a key dedicated to switching you in and out of uh the uh essentially dark theme the night mode for windows versus day and you can see the profile immediately changing and then at the bottom we have our fingerprint scanner i think this is you know a fairly novel uh integration however i do feel that it’s something you know the majority of users probably aren’t going to necessarily care about i don’t think it’s bad that it’s there i’m curious to see what all of you think i’m sure many of you will feel that this space could have been used more wisely and then i’m sure that there are users that are going to think this is cute rather than just a gimmick i think when i look at this i see lenovo trying to appeal to apple users and thinking that an apple user is going to appreciate this whereas i

feel like a lot of windows users are going to say this is a little bit of wasted space if not a lot especially considering we have an edge to edge keyboard now now backlighting on this is pretty good i’ll go ahead and let me see if i can take down the studio light so i can show that to you right now and battery life by the way i would say six to eight hours is what you’re looking at generally speaking i have been able to get 10 hours but you’re going to have to take that screen brightness all the way down and of course live in battery saver but it is still totally possible so let’s go ahead and take the studio lights down and then let me go ahead and show you what that back lighting looks like so that’s auto then we have a lower level and then the highest level i think it’s pretty good i don’t see anything wrong with that at all i think the back lighting’s actually i would go as far as to say again excellent you’re hearing that word a lot because again lenovo did a really good job with everything on this machine i’ve yet to really find a corner they’ve cut and as i mentioned full hd webcam with that privacy shutter that has ir capability so we’ve got windows hello which you know it’s almost like lenovo’s listening because generation after generation i’ve always really

liked the yoga 9i c940 before it but oled display option and uh a ir camera were the two things that were always missing now it still does not have an sd card reader that’s something i can always hope for a micro sd card reader is all i need some form that’s just for me again i think a lot of users can live without it and figure they’ll just connect the device of choice that they need to read the card from whether we’re talking about cameras or whatever device you may be thinking of that’s something i would like to see but in terms of general i o let’s just take a look around the machine you can see this charger connected right now is a typical type c charger you can get up to two hours in 15 minutes on this i’m going to go ahead and turn hdr off by the way because it was oh it automatically shut off there because we did have it on let me go ahead and close all of this out because you now got i think a pretty good idea of what to expect from this machine in general terms i mean solid battery life good performance a good webcam now with that 1080p full hd resolution and it does really speak to a design language i think that reminds you of all the other devices in your daily routine your smartphone your tablet and that’s what it’s trying to essentially become part of that mainstay in the ecosystem so we have a type a usb port which is certainly nice to have we have two thunderbolt 4 ports there they did

designate one of them as the charging port and then we have essentially some speakers we go around to the front and you can open this with a single hand i demoed that in my unboxing i don’t think that’s critical but some of you do so i’ll make that mention and then as we come around to the other side we have our power button which you know in my first estimation kind of looks like a sim card tray in many ways so again resembling that smartphone that we already you know know and love and use on a daily basis and then over here this is not a thunderbolt 4 port but it is a type c port 10 gigabit throughput so nothing wrong with that and a headphone microphone combo jack and then of course on the bottom of the machine we’ve got plenty of ventilation speakers i mean the overall subwoofer layout here is i think really excellent and then of course you’ve got uh that sound bar which no matter what you know what way which way you’re going to use this you’re going to get that audio performance so again tent mode you know the speaker is nearly facing you but it’s not obscured that’s what’s important go into content con consumption mode and again the speaker is pointed towards you if you decide to go full-on into tablet mode to use the pen the speaker is still going to face you and

that’s part of the beauty of the design of the yoga is that you aren’t going to give up that audio quality in any of the different modes that you decide to use it so really convenient again best-in-class audio performance and this is the yoga that i’ve been waiting for lenovo to finally put out now one thing that i have not mentioned is of course the pen and i’ll probably end up doing a dedicated inking demo and eventually in the full review get more into this we no longer have a silo for it all of the yoga 9i again c940s prior to this had a slot for a much thinner stylus to pocket in that has been done away with i actually don’t think that’s a big deal i always appreciated that it was there but part of the rub with that being there was that you didn’t get a real pen you got a stylus from you know the palm pilot days which you know it was fine for something that was in there that you weren’t going to lose but wasn’t comparable to having a true pen and i do think this is better in just about every way and my other half also concurs the artist in the family so the precision pen 3 is good i would say it’s you know right up there with the best of them and you know that says a lot for what lenovo has been trying to do with pen input on machines like this through every generation and again this is the seventh generation and they’ve only been improving

just like every other element of this machine and the machine right now is basically dead silent so again six to eight hours of battery life you can squeeze out 10 if you’re really aggressive if you’re willing to take the brightness down not to that level but right about here then you’re going to flirt with that 7 to 10 excuse me 8 to 10 battery life but again you’ll be in savor mode and i think that’s totally fine for a lot of people um however if you crank it all the way up and here it’s going to look totally blown out i do like to keep things right around there somewhere in that area so about 70 to 80 brightness that’s where you’re gonna be a lot closer to that six to eight hour realistic more like six to seven hour range and look it feels like this is a complete review for me but i just haven’t spent enough time with it so as impressed i am with all these new design elements uh the new hardware particularly the display the webcam the real pen that you’re getting now which i haven’t made a focus of this video but it’s still important still never a fan of the button placement i always feel like inadvertent presses of those

buttons while writing is inherent with all of these um i know every pen out there incorporates buttons into that area so maybe i’m talking to myself let me know if that’s an issue for you as well but it’s a great machine so far now whether or not people are gonna you know run out and buy it at that 2000 or possibly even 2200 us dollar price point i’m curious to know what all of you think it’s certainly in line with the competition what i’m really curious about is whether or not we’re going to see of course a larger version of this soon with oled screen with a discrete gpu because that would just be phenomenal and that would squarely face obviously the spectre 16 that i reviewed a little while ago which is also a gorgeous machine and i may even end up comparing this to that as well even though of course this is a 14 inch ultrabook and that’s a much heavier laptop with a different class processor and again discrete gpu as opposed to the integrated intel iris xe but that pretty much rounds it out again a really nice laptop improved in every single way and just excellent and for those of you wondering how different it looks from the previous gen let me just throw that in before i end this uh quick

video that’s not quick again the previous generation with that leather finish on the top of course yoga branding in a different orientation the sound bar not a b o sound bar but still really good and you can see again very similar in some ways and yet very different in others all of the ports on one side again type a two thunderbolt ports headphone microphone combo jack but we do now have an additional type c port so i think that kind of is a big deal and when you look at those edges you can see we’ve moved quite a ways from the squared off sharp edges to the rounded now that we’re working with and i think that’s a big deal just for holding the machine but overall design has come a long way not that the old yoga was in any way uh you know ugly i think it was a really nice machine this is just nicer in every way both on the outside and the inside so really pleased with this any questions or comments please feel free to post them at that like button and as usual please feel free to subscribe and please stay safe later

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