Samsung Z Fold 3 Unboxing – 7 Months Later

ed here with the digital digest and today i wanted to share a quick unboxing of the samsung galaxy z fold 3. now for those of you that follow my channel you already know this isn’t a first look in fact it’s not a second third fourth or fifth look and that’s because i’ve owned this phone since launch and this is without any hesitation the best device i have ever had the pleasure of using and the price went down from gen one and two which certainly is nothing to complain about it’s a good thing however nothing is perfect and in spite of the fact that i do love folding phones particularly this one even though i think the flip is pretty cute the point is is that nothing is perfect and for those of you again that follow the channel you already know my z-fold 3’s wi-fi died i figured samsung would make it right i reached out to traditional customer service went through the warranty process they deemed the phone liquid damaged voided my warranty even though it was in perfect condition outside of the fact that the wi-fi chipset was dead and then the end result was i had to go through samsung care plus which ended up sending me this refurb right here which is going back now and that’s because they had offered me a brand new device not a refurb of course that’s what they shipped me i had to jump through many more hoops waste even more time but eventually they did the right thing and that’s why i’m unboxing this today now today is not just about unboxing the z-fold 3 because well i’ve done that before it’s not a new experience i mean i’m going to crack it open right now what it is about is that i did consider heavily selling this and saying you know i’ve had the z-fold three for what uh we’re coming on seven months now and we know that there’s going to be a brand new device very soon um whether it’s you know gonna be just that i’m interested in the z fold four although they’re dropping the z

because of well if you don’t know what russia has been doing but i’m not going to get into that but they also are going to have other interesting devices so you know i have thought about is it worth opening this but as you can see i’ve made that choice and keep in mind one of the reasons it was tempting to sell this was that i still have my z-fold too and i have to say the experience is really really similar i mean i’m not going to even include the water resistance because after all i never got my z full 3 wet and samsung had the nerve to claim water damage liquid damage so with that said really the pen input is the most intriguing thing about this generation even though samsung claimed a lot of things about improving it and yes the the front screen does have 120 hertz which i did miss while using my z-fold too but there’s no question i have to wonder if the z-fold two just had slightly better build quality because it came from a generation where samsung was still charging two thousand dollars now that may just be in my head i’m not trying to you know i don’t have any reason to think that except for the fact that this device also has never gotten wet and it still functions perfectly well the one thing i can tell you from using the z-fold 2 which is why i was so tempted to just stick with it and forget about this guy right here is that the z-fold 2 does have slightly better battery life which we

always knew right i mean anyone who owned the z-fold 2 and went to the z-fold 3 you knew that battery life was going to be worse here not just because it had a smaller battery but because the front display got larger and in addition to that it got a higher refresh rate we went from 60 hertz to 120 so that’s another reason that potentially this device was going to have inferior battery life even if it had slight improvements like the under display camera which you could also argue wasn’t an upgrade because the display quality on that got worse or not display quality i meant camera quality of course so in spite of all that i still look at it like i know that i’ve got an amazing backup device in the z fold too and i doubt i’m gonna sell that or trade it in just because it may be the last of its kind so to speak because well going forward this is you know the direction wow that is a tight hinge baby that is the direction things are going you know the word out there right now is that the next generation uh fold uh which will be z less i don’t blame them it’s not like that was so important right it will not be as expensive so here we saw things step down now this is a 512 gig model so this is the most expensive but the base price did take a decent price drop so it’s anticipated the same will happen now in gen 4.

and so that’s going to be good for broad spread adoption i don’t know what that i don’t think it will mean a bad thing for the quality control but inevitably as prices you know as pricing does drop it shouldn’t necessarily mean that there is a drop in quality because realistically all you have to do in order to get prices lower is sell more devices and economies of scale aka being successful at making these makes sourcing the parts less expensive because well instead of it being a first run or even a second run we’re going to be at the fourth run and that means that whatever doesn’t get updated in the device which will be a lot of different parts maybe mostly stuff you know material that they use for the actual shell the housing buttons things of that nature the fingerprint scanner that kind of stuff that should become more affordable for samsung to make so we’ll see i’m gonna go ahead and power this on i’m gonna have to make sure obviously that everything works as it should with this device and hopefully it does looks like this thing is totally dead which is no nope it’s powering up and i have to say if i didn’t enjoy the fold as much as i do i would have sold this phone in other words as i’ve mentioned the real difference between gen 2 and gen 3 yeah i already mentioned the refresh rate on this being 60 hertz and it’s slightly

smaller there’s a little more bezel on the front of the z-fold too but the real difference uh i think is nuanced and the only reason you would end up keeping the z-fold 3 is if like me you love the overall device and there is something a little bit magical about being able to have a tablet in your pocket as well as a traditional candy bar phone and that’s exactly what this provides so wow is that hinge stiff and it’s rewarding i have to say going back and and having a brand new device in my hand you really see the difference of how stiff it is as you open and close the device now balance of stuff in this box well you already know sami does not really give you anything these days they followed the rest of the competition you know who i’m talking about and basically everything’s disappeared so there’s some paperwork in here uh we have you know the little sim ejection tool but that’s pretty much it and you know we also of course do still get the actual charging cable but i’m gonna put that right back in because well i have enough of these so i don’t even need that it would be nice to get a brick but you know if you’re buying this because well there’s nothing on earth that competes with it from a manufacturer that’s reputable then well there’s nothing to really talk about is there so moral of the story is anyone who thought that my updates about the problems i was going through with samsung were because samsung is a terrible company that’s not true i’m not here to give them credit where they don’t deserve it my customer

service experience was bad but it turned out just fine that’s barring anything being wrong with this device right here and also anyone who thought that i had to use the fact that i’m a youtuber in order to essentially get proper support you’re also incorrect uh that never took place uh samsung the entire time i was dealing with regular support did i request supervisor assistance sure i did did it get me anywhere the first four times no um and when i say four times there were a couple times you know in the traditional support department and then i think three times total with care plus which is really azurian it’s not samsung it’s just branded uh azurian as samsung but ultimately what should have happened happened i got a brand new phone seven months in and now i do feel made whole in this matter because i got what i had now people who think that i essentially called and said i’m a youtuber give me or else ridiculous because first of all i don’t do that second of all i have no relationship with samsung i always say if that change is great i mean it’s kind of shocking to me at this point with the amount of samsung products that i’ve covered over the years going back to you know when they first started making quality tablets forget about phones because back then their phones were still you know touchwiz and they were promising but they were nothing like what they are today which is changing the industry not just in a hardware fashion but software fashion as well with one ui so uh no relation there nor any form of leverage and you know ultimately it’s just a matter of being persistent so just like any of you i’m a customer and no one’s going to take my money and i’m going

to roll over in the process and if that’s the mentality you maintain and you understand that cursing being nasty arguing doesn’t get you anywhere no matter how angry you get and certainly hanging up on reps just makes their day i know so many people that get so frustrated pissed off that they just say screw it and they hang up well guess what the joke’s on you um when you hang up on customer service they’re happy they’re on to their next call i mean certainly they think you’re a bit of a schmuck but they don’t that’s that’s what they’re in the business of doing dealing with schmucks i mean if customer service could be renamed and i’m not calling my selfish muck but again if you’re on that other side the majority of people that make that job horrible are the people who just decide that the people they’re talking to in customer service are not human beings but then of course you always get someone really special who even if you treat right seems to be a robot so let’s not pretend but either way again i thought it was fitting to let everyone know i decided to stick with the z-fold three it is that good of a device and regardless of what launches i mean i may still upgrade anyway um but in all likelihood i’ll hold on to this i’ll be hesitant to trade in the z-fold too

especially if they’re going to knock the price down even lower i mean right now the trade-in value on this i think is 700 against an s22 ultra which is borderline offensive i mean they’re only giving 900 for this and that’s also a reminder you know you’re never seeing your value back on higher capacity internal storage don’t think you will i mean once upon a time they did value that i think they should bring that back but realistically it’s kind of like buying cars well not during a pandemic but historically speaking that you know if you buy model a with the base package versus model a with the most expensive package you will never see that on resale you’ll only be getting model a value i mean unless you get someone who’s a little bit of a jerk for what you’ve got um so you know just food for thought when it comes to phone value but considering they’re 200 apart i think that’s pretty solid value for a z fold too but i would never give it up for that price because this phone in my opinion is better in every single way than the s22 ultra yeah the s22 ultra has better cameras it has you know a nice display that is large but it is not a folding device that has two phones in one for me and realistically i think for a lot of people once you have a device like this

you do not need a tablet anymore and that’s part of the reason as i mentioned in my coverage of this guy right here the as i pull it bear with me you know the the good old s8 ultra part of the appeal with this guy right here is that it’s the largest high-end tablet on the market and that’s pretty much the only tablet i need at this point because i’ve already got one of the best tablets ever in my pocket so with that said that pretty much rounds things out again today was meant to be just a quick unboxing and hopefully a final update i mean again barring that anything is wrong with this which there really shouldn’t be and that’s it folks uh hopefully i’m buttoned up and this phone will last me a solid few years unless i do somehow give in to trading it in which i doubt it i mean that will all come down to what trade and values really are like between the second gen fold and the third gen i mean of course we know this will be a higher value but we will see and another thing is you know no other manufacturers are really bringing something to market that would prime me away from samsung i’m not married to them if another company does really make a folding device that outclasses this they’re going to get my money that’s the way free market

enterprise works however at present nobody is beating what you see before you so best device i’ve ever owned not perfect like anything else manufactured effects do often persist but this whole idea that they’re not rugged and they don’t hold up that’s a bit of crap i mean every comment i’ve seen where people have said this is why they didn’t get a fold i feel badly for you because in spite or despite what i went through that doesn’t mean that they’re not made well my z-fold 2 is perfectly fine and you know i used this phone for a year plus i mean i didn’t use it as my daily driver since i got the the fold 3 but i’m still using it just about every single day in the house i don’t carry it around with me but it still gets practical use so really if you’re swearing off the fold line because of my story that’s not a good reason and if you watch other youtube videos about problems with defects of the device and i’ve seen all of them i mean once i had my wi-fi problem not only did i go down the rabbit hole of samsung’s support but i saw what everybody had experienced that was on the negative side and i have to say i have not once seen an internal display on a fold go bad that doesn’t mean it can’t go bad but inherently i’m gonna kind of lean towards if all of the

sudden you’ve got what appears to be pressure damage on this on the spine or any other part of the internal display or if you just peruse ebay on z fold two and three models that are out there you’re gonna find a lot of damaged phones and i’m calling them damage rather than defective because i do still think it’s easy to damage these just like it’s easy to damage a normal phone a candy bar so when people say oh it was closed and it was in my bag well already i see ways that it could break because i have to imagine when these phones are closed if anything makes contact with the spine that probably can put pressure on that fold and end up giving you screen damage i mean yes the interior display is protected with both of these sides with it being closed but the spine is still a point of pressure contact that could potentially damage the phone so i would wager that the majority of people majority i’m not saying everybody so don’t feel like i’m putting you in a box but the majority that have that line of death through the center of the display in all likelihood it did get damaged on the spine when the device was closed or of course more commonly when it was open but i got a feeling it’s got to do with when the phone is actually closed and then something uh contacting this in a way it just isn’t meant to be again it’s just something where my story about the wi-fi radio dying

without any form of damage i do not find to be the same as people who send in devices for repair have a defect with the internal display and then when samsung says well there were scratches so they’re deeming it to you know avoided warranty i’m not saying that what samsung’s doing there is okay but i’m also not saying that that happened on its own because the fact of the matter is if there are visible signs of damage on your device there doesn’t have to be a bullet hole in order for you to have really screwed things up i think we all know that and uh it’s just one of those things where my wi-fi radio dying is not in any way shape or form in my opinion uh a narrative about the poor quality of the z-fold three or any of the z-folds for that matter uh they’ve been industry tested they’ve been beaten up by plenty of other reviewers and they are in my opinion not only the best device on the market but also at this point really really durable so anyone who thinks you’ve got a baby it i said that with gen 1 i don’t baby the z-fold 3 or the z-fold 2 in any way outside of what i would do normally with any of my devices i am fairly careful maybe i baby them all but that’s a story for another time but that rounds things out any questions or comments please feel free to post them hit that like button as usual please feel free to subscribe and please stay safe later

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