4URPC 15 in 1 Type C Docking Station – Unboxing

ed here with the digital digest and today i wanted to share a quick unboxing and first look at the four-year pc 15-1 docking station now this retails for roughly 130 us dollars i’ll include a link in the description and in full disclosure this was sent to me by the manufacturer for review purposes with that out of the way let’s go ahead and take a look at the features that they list here on the back but before i do that and get this out of the box notice the model number is dsc05 if you’re looking for the version compatible with max to my understanding it would be dsc06 which will also be available through the link in the description it’s just a matter of selecting the applicable model so a quick rundown you can see we’ve got a three and a half millimeter combo audio mic jack we’ve got four usb 3 ports we have one or excuse me a usb c gen one port as well as an sd and micro sd card reader it’s uh s1 in addition to that we’ve got two usb 2.0 ports they’re pointing out because of the throughput being minimal mouse and keyboard is ideal we have a vga port capable of 1080p at 60hz an hdmi port capable

of 4k 30 another hdmi port of course also capable of 4k at 30 or 4k at 60 on displayport 1.4 we’ll see what that’s about once i get out of the box and then we have a usbc power delivery 3.0 port that supports up to 100 watts but they are pointing out 87 watts for safety usbc to uh host to connect your laptop to and of course last but certainly not least an ethernet port so with that out of the way let’s go ahead and get this out of the box and you know more and more docs are coming out from different manufacturers you may or may not uh know that are actually quite competent and i’ve covered so many these days that i’m always interested to see new products when it comes to docking because quite frankly one size does not fit every single person’s need nor does every design and again it’s always nice to see new stuff so you may have seen uh this before you may not have i’ll be interested uh to hear what all of you have to say in the comments and before i go through this seems like we have an aluminum build here on the exterior uh some rubber feet on the bottom and then plastic on the front and back uh but we’ll get to that in a second let’s see what else comes in the box i’m assuming we have a power brick as well as some cables which is par for the course so let’s go ahead and open this up and again at you know 130 i

believe also there is a discount presently it’s a fair price for what you’re getting here i mean i won’t compare this to thunderbolt docks because those are proprietary and if you don’t have a machine generally speaking that supports thunderbolt you will not be able to use those so that is of course a bit of a letdown for a lot of users this on the other hand of course is not thunderbolt driven so it’s going to work for any pc with type c connectivity for the most part so this is our power brick which has a type c port that’s how you’re going to connect this of course and that’s why we have two type c cables that are included let’s go ahead and move that aside and now let’s take a look at the actual dock and i actually kind of dig the fact that we’re using a type c cable to a power brick rather than a proprietary port that means that if by chance anything were to happen to your unit you can easily uh replace you know the usbc cable rather than having again a proprietary pin barrel connection which most docs have so as i already went through you have a micro sd card slot as well as a full-size sd card slot keep in mind that those speeds are not uh s2 so just setting

expectations realistically i do like that they’re labeling out everything that’s not something you necessarily see on docs that’ll be good for those of you that are wondering because color coding is usually what we rely on in the industry but you know why not have something that spells it out so the two usb a ports right above the two usb 3.0 we have the vga not something you see necessarily on a lot of docks these days but for business uses is still something that is really common if you need to hook up to a projector anything of that nature some of you may be wondering why vga is there some of you may be too young to even know what vga is frankly it is still a standard throughout the world and then we’ve got an hdmi uh port one and two now as mentioned uh they are capable of 4k at 30 hertz that is obviously not ideal if refresh rate if you you know require 60 hertz in that case i believe what uh the manufacturer is referring to is that you would use an adapter um so essentially you would have to get an hdmi to display port

adapter and then that would give you 4k at 60hz so if that’s something you absolutely must need if you plan on playing back video in other words if this is not just for work purposes where 4k at 30 is practical but it’s something where you need that higher refresh rate then you’re going to have to go the route of an adapter is what my understanding of what we just read together on the product information of course then we have a type c port for the power connection as well as host that’s the connection to your pc and then last but not least that ethernet port and then on the other side which is technically the front or rather yeah this is the front this is the back of the device i mean it really depends on how you set it up frankly in my world it would probably be sideways rather than one direction you have the activity light to let you know that it is powered on you have that headphone uh microphone combo jack two more usb 3.0 type a ports and last but not least yet another usbc port so pretty standard pretty straightforward it’s accommodating pretty much anything you could possibly need here between you know reading memory cards and every peripheral possible so you know whether or not this is right for you and accommodates everything that you’re looking to do uh when connecting to what is likely an ultrabook after all that’s what these docs are ideal for i cover a lot of ultrabooks this having 100 watt power delivery even if it’s as noted on the box for safety purposes toned down to 87 watts

should provide enough power for just about every ultrabook on the market since the majority of them do require 65 watts on the other hand apple is a different story and that’s likely why they have an apple uh version of this among other reasons but that pretty much rounds it out again this is just a first look i will be following up with a full review but seems like a nice dock for someone who is looking for a lot of connectivity options essentially no corner left untouched here in terms of what peripherals you can potentially hook up and you know up to three display outputs again if you only require full hd then this is going to be able to pull that off without issue because it does support full hd at 60 hertz it’s only when we get up to 4k that it appears you will need an adapter but i will test that and verify that that is the case but that rounds it out again the four-year pc 15 and 1 type-c docking station with a 100 watt power delivery uh you know vga two hdmi ports and essentially every port you could possibly need any questions or comments please feel free to post them hit that like button and as usual please feel free to subscribe and please stay safe later

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