MAONOCASTER AM100-K1 Portable Audio Mixing Board Unboxing

ed below with the electronic absorb and also today i intended to share a fast unboxing and first check out the myanocaster au am100 this is the k1 package that includes a condenser microphone it retails for a little over 200 us bucks i’ll consist of a link in the description and in full disclosure this was sent by the maker for evaluation objectives with that out of the way basically if you’re wondering what this is they describe it as a podcast console a portable podcast studio and that’s due to the fact that it has an integrated 5000 milliamp hr battery that offers apparently approximately eight hours of battery life which implies you do not require to be linked uh to any kind of power source if you are it will simply proceed to top off its interior battery it does have xlr input actually two does not support stereo for those of you that are wondering no sd card to write inside to supports as much as two smartphones uh when it involves auxiliary inputs three analog results and also one digital result so pretty remarkable considering it’s just a little over 200 us bucks as well as you’re obtaining a condenser mic uh when you compare this to contending items most definitely mosting likely to be difficult to find something that really compares to this i would certainly claim at the cost factor that mayano has actually given you or to everybody i ought to claim yet keeping that stated let’s go ahead and get this thing out of package have a look at it and also this is rather amazing you know if you have a podcast or wish to start one if you stream whether on jerk or youtube this is the type of point that you will probably gain from due to the fact that it’s mosting likely to improve your general audio and also again compatibility with any xlr microphone to make sure that’s a non-issue we’re struck with a letter from meonocaster our customer handbook as well as these are i’m assuming for uh your buttons that you can in fact set on uh the au am 100 so there you have it it’s actually small which i type of was expecting considering it’s portable right i mean that is the

facility as opposed to going with something from rode or zoom which might have uh more features than the am 100 you’re also investing a lot more and those gadgets are not portable at all so this is aiming to have somewhat of an overlap but additionally have its own identity as well as i believe it actually does i suggest build high quality feels excellent we have actually obtained metal and plastic construction as well as basically rather uncomplicated control on your degrees for mic one as well as two you do have 48 volt phantom power for those of you that are questioning uh obviously the ability to mute your channels whether we’re speaking about uh you recognize basically all of the inputs as you would certainly envision uh simply an actually i would certainly state cute deck which is not something you hear very usually and afterwards it does have some presets likewise for results so if you wish to mask your voice women male infant robotic basically this is mosting likely to offer you the capacity to turn what or else would certainly simply be audio right into something with manufacturing top quality and again at this cost point actually difficult uh to defeat this kind of pricing uh your battery indication right there on the base we have two monitor screen one screen 2 in regards to uh outcomes and afterwards this is where all the action is your power switch since remember this has

internal power that five thousand milliamp hour battery type c port uh and after that these are all of the ports i was mentioning before so both xlr ports of course and after that every one of those aux ports that you can connect whether to a smart device actually whatever you want as well as it’s just great to have this type of adaptability once again try locating something similar to this at this cost factor and also from a supplier that in fact has a reputation already which is you know excellent normally that would not be the situation currently allow’s have a look at what else they consist of which we recognize there’s a condenser down there so audio cable televisions let’s take a look if i can get this open and also again if you don’t require xlr miano makes a more economical version so keep that in mind extremely easy to find on amazon so there we have some aux wires as anticipated pack those away and i i intend on utilizing this uh actively uh once i start streaming i believe this is gon na be an actually logical uh alternative due to the fact that you understand i do not require

something like a roadway wheel i suggest i could absolutely obtain one yet this if it works as anticipated i assume makes a really strong debate for why those type of items and their price factors need to boost they need to transform in time kind c to type a port there that’s for billing the device up you discover that kind c port and currently allow’s reach the actual microphone which is going to be i think right under this well there’s nowhere else for it to be and also it consists of a shock place i believe i do not know if they consisted of a pop filter we have a base certainly right there and also this is a pop filter of kinds you know a foam head so you will certainly have some means to alleviate any kind of audio issues that you would certainly have natively without a pop filter basically anytime you you know articulate p and there is the condenser mic which you recognize from what i have actually heard is actually rather great so nice to get that consisted of if you do not require it i imply not a big offer you just get the am100 without it because of training course you can you do not need to purchase this package but i think it makes sense for any person that’s getting going to have a condenser mic and again i’ve just listened to solid performance out of this in any type of demonstrations

that i’ve in fact listened to so we’ll see exactly how it functions i suggest whatever looks great right here build high quality really feels solid and once more at this price point uh if this does as expected it’s going to be a remarkable little kit no inquiry concerning it however once more uh the miano uh wheel i must state au am 100 with the aupm 320t i mean hard to defeat this point if it winds up functioning as expected and also i think it will i see no reason it wouldn’t um as well as again these are programmable to my knowledge uh so they i assume are pre-programmed i’m going to obtain into that certainly when i dig a little much deeper but just a truly nice item of package and also i enjoy the kind variable because i’m not trying to find something that’s going to swallow workdesk area actually for me the entire property right here is the contrary i desire something that’s going to maintain it light small and the reality that it’s mobile which implies you can take it on the roadway i believe is a superb advantage as well as i do not understand how any person might reject that so we’ll see just how it works you have actually obtained pretty solid control once more small form element strong pricing and also a built-in battery too any type of inquiries or remarks please do not hesitate to upload them hit that like switch and as usual please feel free to subscribe and also please remain safe later

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