Samsung Galaxy A52s 5G vs Moto Edge 20 vs Xiaomi 11 Lite 5G NE Best Mid-Range Phone?

hello beautiful utterances i’m chris from texpert and today we’re going to be comparing three mid-range android smartphones all of them expenditure around the sort of 400 pound rate quality and all of them sporting that fresh potent brand-new snapdragon 778 g chipset so if you’re quite a challenging customer who for instance wants to play memory guzzling recreations like gentian impact but you don’t have a ridiculously big budget to play with well one of the following options blows “couldve been” your next smartphone the first of the trio is samsung’s galaxy a52s 5g which will cost you 409 quid direct from samsung next up is the motorola model edge 20 which is 429 quid direct for motorola and last up the xiaomi 11 light 5g ne which cost you 369 euros probably around 350

quid and that one unhappily isn’t on sale for another few weeks you’ve still got a little while to wait you can check out my reviews and full unboxings of these smartphones right here on textbook let’s do a full side-by-side comparison to see which one is likely to be best for you and for more on the latest and greatest tech please do bar subscribe and ding that notifications bell encourages so stick these three mighty mid collections side by side and as you can see not a big change in terms of the size the motorola edge 20 is the biggest of the trio at 6.7 inches where you got 6.5 inch galaxy a52s 5g and the 6.55 inch xiaomi apart from the slight size difference no real distinctive characteristics from the figurehead as you picture they’ve got selfie orifice and all three others at least tucked away in the reces now on the xiaomi which is my own personal preference reasonably scrawny bezels and what have you but when you turn them over of course they all do sport a very different design despite the fact that you’ve got a plastic back on all three of these blowers “i m loving” how samsung motorola and xiaomi have all gone for a matte finish for the plastic backs nothing of this glossy uh nonsensical which picks up greasy fingerprints far too easily you do have a small selection of colours with all three telephones that you can choose between i fairly like the more colourful

effects now on the samsung galaxy a52 s5g this plenty is rather nice you can also grab it in violet and of course the standout is definitely the snowflake xiaomi 11 light-footed 5g and e very unique and unique back in there that’s for sure though of course not for all appetites now these handsets xiaomi’s is certainly the slimmest and the lightest by far while morde rollers is quite a chunky monkey and defeats a good chip of heft to it and the moto advantage 20 also reaches do with a gorilla glass 3 spectacle whereas the samsung galaxy a52 s5g and the xiaomi blower both recognise a gorilla glass 5 screen although touchwood all three of them completely scratch free so far and if irrigate opposition be crucial for you well in that case go with the samsung galaxy a52 s5g because this ip6 7 irrigate and dust defiance it can be fully submerged in irrigate for a good segment of term and be absolutely fine simply shake it off meanwhile the mod roller moto margin 20 is ip5 2 sea repellent so i can take a bit of a sprinkle and get wise fairly soften as long as you dry it off speedily not a number of problems the xiaomi smartphone can also take a bit of a splashing as well it’s absolutely fine to use outdoor in the piss and downpour but it doesn’t have an official ip rating now let’s turn our attention to the software side of things and all three of these smartphones do rock-and-roll a good part of android 11 action however while the motorola moto edge 20 is content to serve this up in a stunning inventory kind you’ll find that on the galaxy a52 s5g and the xiaomi 11 lite 5g ne you do have a bit of custom

launcher action on the surface they mostly look like they’ve got the same ui so for instance swipe this channel and you’ll come across the google discover feed all your listings headlines and everything tailor-made for your own personal wishes you’ve got an apps tray on all three of them thank god now now on the modeling boundary 20 you’ve pretty much just got those google apps pre-installed for you so a neat and slim order whereas here on the samsung galaxy a52 s5g you’ve got tons of cropware pre-installed like facebook and tick-tock linkedin all that shenanigans plus of course you’ve got all of samsung services chucked on there as well and if you are a samsung user then you know you’ll recognize having the likes of samsung pay samsung health smart things actually pretty good but almost all of these are just replications of services that google previously accommodates through android so bixby is just another google deputy samsung health samsung bribe of courses like google remuneration smart-alecky things is like google home and it’s a similar story now on the xiaomi 11 like 5g ne as well you’ve got lots of stuff like aliexpress and amazon patronizing pre-installed on there and of course a few xiaomi zone apps as well these do at least tend not to be reproduction of android services so for instance you’ve got a themes app and the security

apps are actually moderately reasonable this is just an easy way of managing your smartphone and clean up some of the jumble you’ve got the likes of a spam caller block index so that me ui launches probably the heaviest of the cluster so you’ve got additional pieces chucked in here like the control center for instance which you don’t get on capital android of course which software experience you’d like “the worlds largest” will altogether come down to personal wishes i really really experience the stocks android vibe on that moto edge 20 especially with some of the extra bits that motorola hurls in like the karate chop motion to get the torch on really really nice bit of gesture corroborate but there’s lots to enjoy with samsung’s one ui launcher as well you’ve got some deep customization alternatives in there samsung’s nox security suite is also good for a bit of extra peace of mind and samsung tends to be better than motorola and xiaomi when it comes to os and safety modernizes as well and speaking of the security side of things all three of these smartphones furnish a fingerprint sensor to quickly and readily open your smartphone it’s actually an in-display fingerprint sensor an visual struggle here on the galaxy a52 s5g whereas the mannequin line 20 has an edge

mounted fingerprint sensor rather appropriately as does the xiaomi 11 light 5g ne my only complaint with any of them would be here on the framework hem 20 that fingerprint sensor which is basically the strength button is lived certainly far up that advantage so it can be a bit of a unfold to contact to can be fumbling for it sometimes all three phones do proposal a face unlock as an alternative as well and it seems to be the most secure here on the samsung galaxy a52 s5g as it doesn’t actually labor when you’re wearing a face disguise whereas it does seem to work reasonably often peculiarly here on the xiaomi 11 like 5g ne even with the face mask and before we move on as far as the storage vanishes 128 gigs base storage on all three of these smartphones but while that can be expanded on the samsung and the xiaomi smartphones the moto edge 20 does not have any micro sd cache card foundation boot hiss now let’s have a shifty at the flaunt tech and the samsung motorola and xiaomi smartphones all boast an oled spectacle as you would expect at this sort of price point with a full hd plus settlement so the output on all

three of these punches absolutely fine despite the fact they are quite comfortable boards you get delightful dynamic punchy colors on all three as well and a reasonably strong brightness level slightly better on the samsung and the xiaomi than it is on the motorola contrast is good on all three come delightful depth colors as you would expect from an oled body somewhat warmer output now on the samsung galaxy a52 s5g compared with the others but you can play around with the pigment temperature and those color intensity designates on all three sadly the samsung galaxy a52 s5g does not support hdr streaming or as the other two do you’ve got hdr 10 plus help here on the mod roller moto h20 and actually dolby vision subsistence in addition now on the xiaomi 11 light-footed 5g ne and all three telephones in this comparison also boasted a high refresh rate as well you’ve got 90 hertz freshen now on the xiaomi 11 glowing 5g and a 120 hertz now on the samsung galaxy a52 s5g and you’ve got a whopping 144 hertz now on the moto hem 20 control those subsidized apps tournaments such as vainglory of course and as “youre seeing” there the moto hem 20 also offers an vehicle refresh pace alternative as well which can scale the refresh rate depending on what you’re actually doing to conserve battery life when it’s not necessary on the audio figurehead well the samsung and the xiaomi

blowers offer a stereo speaker production sadly it’s just a mono talker upper on the leading edge 20 so not quite as strong there you do have a headphone jack on the samsung galaxy f52 s5g but not on the motorola and xiaomi smartphones but thankfully at least all three do present dependable bluetooth streaming now one thing all three of these smartphones share in common is the fact that they’re powered by qualcomm’s snapdragon 778 g 5g chipset it’s quite a fresh new 700 series snapdragon chipset and it is pretty damn powerful that’s backed up by six gigs of ram on the galaxy a52 s5g eight gigs on the moto h20 and you’ve got a choice between the two on the xiaomi smartphone this is the six gig model of the 11 like 5g ne and as you can see there’s slightly lower scores in geekbench compared with the other two smartphones here that’s possibly partly down to the fact you’ve got that heavy me ui launcher but as always i do say make benchmarking with a serious pinch of salt but the good news is the everyday actual real

life performance on all three of these smartphones absolutely fine no racket you’ll very rarely assure any type of jutters or slow down apps load up instantaneously you can multitask all that good material although if you are a gamer i would address you away from the xiaomi smartphones onto the samsung or the mode rollers instead all three terminated the likes of gentian impact but certainly on that xiaomi smartphone i did notice more judder and more stumbles even on the default value to lore deep-seateds whereas the gameplay was much smoother on the galaxy a52 s5g and that moto edge 20 but the good news is that none of these smartphones heat up even if you’re gaming for an hour two hours or more because that snapdragon 770 chipset runs delightful and cool and yeah you’ve also got a dedicated gaming mode on all three of these smartphones as well which can help too blocking notifications from interrupt a new mid flooring and likewise only direct all of the resources into that give to make sure you get that smooth accomplishment and it’s more good story on the battery figurehead as well as far as the battery faculty goes well the motorola moto edge 20 has a 4 000 milliamp capability cell you’ve got a 4 500 milliamp in the galaxy a52 s5g and the xiaomi smartphone is bang in the middle 4250.

However when it comes to actual real world usage again the battery life is superb on all three don’t liquidate much attention to the capacities because the motorola moto h20 might have the smallest capacity cell but it also operates a neat scavenge asset edition of android so there’s no heavy launcher sucking additional liquor so lastly with all three of these smartphones in this comparison i’ll get a full epoch of use out of a single price that’s with a lot of screen on time like at least five six hours a lot of combinations as well stream and media in the background periodic chip of youtube or netflix could be the camera use as well all that shenanigans a similar sort of charging cleverness on all three as well so the xiaomi 119 gne patronizes 33 watt fast blaming in case the moto boundary 20.

it’s 30 watt accusing although samsung has kind of shut the bunked a little on this one because it’s got 25 watt charge in that galaxy a52s 5g but you don’t get a 25 watt charger bundled in the box it’s a crappy low wattage once you’ll have to provide your own charger if you want to take advantage of that now let’s finish with a squint-eyed at the camera tech and motorola certainly impresses the most in the specs bureau with its 108 megapixel primary sensor although you don’t get any built-in visual image stabilization meanwhile the samsung galaxy a52 s5g and the xiaomi 11 light-footed 5g ne both sport a 64 megapixel sensor and the samsung actually has ois to help prevent blur when you’re shooting in more ambient sunlight i gotta am telling the samsung galaxy a52 s5g is my favorite overall for everyday snaps it’s very flexible it’s great at shooting girls and domesticateds as you don’t tend to get any blur from them smashing around like their arses or ablaze the mortal phone induces the least accurate complexions of this cluster and it does struggle in low-pitched light-footed despite that mighty sensor samsung’s phone is generally quite strong in lower light-footed with a darknes procedure that can really help to brighten up a scene and overall xiaomi’s handset descends somewhere in the middle yeah unquestionably go check out my in-depth remembers for more on the uh the camera abilities uh switch back to the photo mode you’ve also got an ultra wide angle lens on all three of these smartphones which you can swap to at any point like

so it’s a 16 megapixel sensor here on the motorola 12 on the samsung and eight on the xiaomi but all three tend to produce quite similar answers the colorings are a bit endured quite accuracy not as strong in the ultra wide angle mode but you do get a gathered back sentiment so you can fit more into make where the modeling rim 20 really impresses is it’s eight megapixel telephoto shooter with three times optical zoom which is very rare at this rate time xiaomi’s picks by comparison look instead grainy when you use the digital zoom at that sort of level although something’s blower actually props up pretty well and yeah you’ve got likes for macro procedures and all three of them as well if you want to take really up-close personal shots of your subject and yes of course you’ve got tons of other bonus uh camera modes as well if you want to have a bit of a being played with all of those including the full-on pro mode on all three for example that likes the nine procedures all that good trash and then of course you do have a selfie shooter on all three of these smartphones 32 meg 32 meg and 20 meg respectively this is absolutely fine for your shareable instagram shots on all three of them you got portrait mode smart all the usual shenanigans so uh yeah and that right there is how

the samsung galaxy a52 s5g the motorola moto edge 20 and the xiaomi 1195 g ne all stack up against one another obviously some solid smartphones for that mid-range price point i think my own personal favorite is the samsung galaxy a52 s5g though only offers a little more for that cache i do like the one ui know-how you’ve got the spray resistant scheme some really gorgeous amoled screen i’ll thrown there got already headphone jack which is always good of course as far as the camera tech becomes good photos that’s what i anticipate of course what do you guys reckon which one are you more swayed by if you’re still a bit unsure i’ve got full its consideration of the samsung galaxy a52 s5g and that xiaomi smartphone live right now hoping to get my moto boundary 20 discus up soon as well if parties stop launching freaking smartphones for more than a couple of days anyway for more than the little greatest period delight do made subscribe during that notifications bell and have yourselves a splendid remain of the week cheers everyone love you

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