HP OMEN 16 vs Asus G15 – RTX 3070

ed below with the electronic absorb and also today i intended to share a comparison between the hp prophecy 16 left wing and also the asus g15 on the today for those of you that follow my channel you already recognize i own the g15 i acquired it back in february at complete retail through ideal buy which was eighteen hundred and fifty us dollars it has actually gotten on sale for as reduced as fifteen hundred as well as fifty us dollars it’s not right currently yet i will certainly consist of a link in the summary for both of these the prophecy retails for 17.99 in this particular construct that i obtained from best buy and also it’s presently on sale for 14.99 which i think is a steal another point i wish to point out prior to the comparison truly starts is that these are both terrific devices you truly will not go incorrect opting for either one and if i had the choice of selecting one today i would go with the prophecy 16 even though i enjoy with my g15 as well as i’ll discuss that via the training course of this video clip so allow’s start off the comparison by taking an appearance at uh some video playback from youtube uh we’ve got a 16 inch qhd 165hz ips panel on the left and a 15.6 inch qhd with a 165hz refresh price also ips panel on the g15 so have a look as well as a listen i’m mosting likely to stop them right there because i want you to be able to listen to the audio quality difference as best as feasible right here so we’re mosting likely to begin with the prophecy and afterwards i’ll play some material on the g15 sound is at 100 brightness on both panels is not they’re both at 50 percent currently let’s take a listen to that exact same

example on the g15 and so i believe it’s actually obvious that when it involves audio quality the g15 is the champion since doesn’t mean that the omen 16 misbehaves i think it’s completely fine yet the g15 has a track record for producing several of the finest sound on a pc gaming laptop here in 2021 as well as that was from launch day also though it did have some popping problems which ultimately were remedied via chauffeurs fortunately it had not been equipment relevant which was a great deal of what lots of people believed at the time so audio high quality mosts likely to the g15 now when it concerns display top quality i directly like having the bigger display screen on the prophecy but i will tell you i locate the display on the g15 to be a little bit extra color precise however again they are so enclose total performance i don’t believe that you need to be fretted about picking one over the other based on display screen top quality i believe it’s more a matter of uh now whether or not you respect the 16 inch display screen versus the 15.6 inch display screen so once more i prefer to have the larger display screen indeed i have the g15 yet this machine did not exist when i was acquiring my g15 back in february of this year now relocating far from the display let’s speak about the cpu uh we have actually obtained an intel 11800 h in the omen 16 which means we likewise have actually thunderbolt it likewise indicates we have far better performance uh when we have complete power shipment so when you’re linked to your power brick with the prophecy 16 which is 230 watts you will get pretty a lot consistent uh performance that will certainly be better than what you’ll leave the asus 5900 8 core processor excuse me the amd amd 5900 cpu in the asus g15 throughout the greatest power level delivery so when both of these are plugged in you will get much better

performance out of the intel cpu now uh in turn the amd cpu will certainly outperform the intel when it is separated to put it simply like we are right currently not attached to any kind of power brick the amd will in fact be extra experienced when it concerns taking care of tasks than intel this has a tendency to be the situation throughout the board here where intel has the ability to perform at the greatest electrical power maxed out but not exceed amd when it concerns lower power usage this is simply a fact of life in terms of the competitors that intel and also amd have going right currently currently when it involves the nvidia rtx 3070 that lives in both of these the prophecy has yet an additional advantage so with the g15 the rtx 3070 is a max q variant whereas with the omen 16 it’s not max power however it is really close so you’re looking at 80 to 100 watts on the 30 70 and also the g15 whereas you’re considering 115 as much as 130 uh so it is pressing best around max power uh with the prophecy 16. Currently i do not get the very same kind of performance out of the 30 70 and also the omen 16 as i do in the prophecy 17 yet it is really outstanding what hp has carried out here uh with the omen 16 and the 3070. I believe for its weight class you understand a little over five pounds a little over four extra pounds you’re obtaining bleeding side performance in either of these yet if you really care regarding which one of these makers is going to outmatch in every criteria every video game that title goes to the omen 16. and for several of you that truly is mosting likely to be the ultimate uh determining device for this now to me personally due to the fact that they’re so enclose performance and also right there you can see the time spy score uh for the omen 16. I’ll bring up the time spy for the g15 you obtain i believe a little bit extra uh i think concrete evidence of what i’m talking about you recognize the prophecy 16 will outmatch the g15 both in synthetic benchmarking along with in gaming and video editing as well as image modifying in addition to with you know building software pretty a lot anything you throw at it however whether or not that is actually going to be something you can tangibly feel in your everyday usage of this machine is an additional question so what does this difference in time spy actually total up to if you’re gaming not that much i imply if you intend to play any all new titles on either of these equipments at qhd resolution maxed out you’re going to obtain extremely similar outcomes so you recognize keep that in mind now do i directly believe i prefer to have the better performance indeed however if the g15’s style language speaks to you extra if you favor the truth that the g15 is lighter if you prefer the truth that the g15 can charge via its kind c port and is not exclusively connected to the power brick that’s included with it that may change your mind the g15 might be a lot more attractive to you than the omen and also that’s something to i assume take into consideration that is actually essential in day-to-day usage yet once again the prophecy’s obtained the larger display the omen has more processing power as well as right now the omen is more economical at 14.99 than the g15 ever has been which again the most affordable cost is 15.
50 so just food for thought once again you’re not mosting likely to run right into any wall surfaces with either of these you’re not mosting likely to have one as well as say my god if just i had the other unless you’re discussing thunderbolt 4 unless you’re speaking about the capability to have power delivery on the asus unless you’re speaking about the reality that the asus is you understand approximately a fifty percent a pound lighter those are the crucial distinctions uh the i o is better on the prophecy allowed’s discuss key-boards both are excellent so this is one more solid factor but keep in

mind i do have a skin on the g15 this is not what the g15 resembles for those of you that were wondering why my g15 look various than all others that is the reason but i locate that both have excellent trackpad so you’re not going to encounter a problem with that said on either one both are extremely comparable in regards to size you might have observed they’re both actually big no concerns there keyboards on both of these are excellent there are a lot more secrets on the omen and i actually take place to such as that the prophecy also on this finest buy version remember the web link in the summary will be straight to this does have per vital rgb uh we just have rgb uh not per trick on the g15 and also that’s only on the ideal buy design a web link will certainly be included for this as well so if you’re getting the g15 somewhere else not from finest purchase you likely will just have fixed white you will not have any kind of rgb spectrum as well as if you’re obtaining the prophecy 16 somewhere else you likely will not have per essential unless you customize it directly with hp so crucial travel extremely similar on both of these i don’t think you’re mosting likely to discover any issues with either of these keyboards simply something to be knowledgeable about now something i did not state which is rather important is a webcam the omen naturally has a cam leading center the g15 has none currently if that is something that you require as well as i feel like a lot of us do need it although some people myself included wanted to

ingest the truth that the g15 did not have a web cam as well as for those of you that are mosting likely to publish and claim yours featured one you do not live in the u.s in the u.s it does not come with cam so that’s unnecessary that might suffice again to say hey i ‘d instead have the prophecy due to the fact that i would certainly rather have a webcam as well as not be utilizing it than needed as well as not have it which is what the g15 leaves you with i can not make any debate for the lack of a webcam so it’s simply one of those points that you understand asus has their reasons i don’t support them or think they were extremely smart with it yet it has not hurt the g15 sales by any means i will certainly state that so once more both have terrific keyboard decks strong crucial traveling it’s not the most effective in the organization but both of them are good i do personally like the prophecy that’s another factor that you know if i can do this all over today i would certainly get the omen 16 without any hesitation over the g15 uh moving right along we’ve spoken about display screen graphics efficiency cpu performance allowed’s speak about battery life to ensure that is one area where the g15 does surpass the prophecy 16 in this certain arrangement now it doesn’t slaughter it but you’ll get near to eight hrs when you are not using the gpu right here with the g15 whereas you recognize with optimus made it possible for um or disabling the gpu completely via uh you know the on the uh prophecy 16 you can obtain someplace in between six and also 7 hours i suggest that’s actually the very best i’ve experienced so the g15 does get the battery uh you recognize life honor right here in regards to both so if that’s primary

to you that is something that clearly mosts likely to the g15 however bear in mind uh you know the g15 also because exact same vein not only does it have superior battery life it also is easier to power due to that power distribution and i’ll be reaching i o quickly so i believe that is necessary to anyone who’s attempting to evaluate whether or not this is going to be either one of these equipments is going to make the battery life needs they need now personally for me it’s not truly an issue the battery life i do care though around power distribution as well as now intel laptop computers with thunderbolt 4 still in the video gaming world are simply lacking power distribution existing with any luck we’ll see that quickly in 2022 which is essentially uh knocking on the door but for any person wondering i assume it’s an essential uh point uh to be familiar with now when it pertains to what’s under the hood uh the ram on the g15 eight of the 16 gigabytes is soldered which suggests upgrading it is nowhere near as great a scenario as the prophecy 16 where both uh modules both dims can be changed so both of these have 16 jobs of ram however if you desire to maintain twin channel the omen 16 is the method to go and quite frankly that’s yet another factor that i would certainly select the omen 16 every solitary time over the g15 the g15 is tolerable i did throw a 32 gig dim into it it functions completely fine i have the head area that i would certainly such as to have however tossing two 32 jobs into this and having 64 jobs of ram in twin channel is very preferable for me a whole lot of you around don’t need 64. you do not need 32 16 will be sufficient for the ordinary user yet it’s something i ‘d like to make you conscious of on that particular very same note we have gen 4 nvme ssds on the left in the omen 16. something you do not have in the g15 currently for those of you wondering you know exactly how much more performance you get with gen 4 i suggest gen 4 is usually two times the rate of gen 3. however in regards to what applications can utilize that what video games what software program can really make the most of gen 4 that i can’t truly make a significant argument for would certainly i rather have actually gen 4 rate regardless definitely so that again comes to be an inquiry of how much you care concerning gen 4 versus gen 3. each laptop has two ports but obviously you’re only going to be able to obtain
or make the most of gen 3 speeds below right here gen 4 is a go so that’s yet an additional benefit to me that the prophecy has over the g15 that makes it preferable for me currently you will not locate any kind of laptops on the market now that are amd driven that support gen 4 drives that’s specifically an intel specialized that is just one of intel’s boasting rights past thunderbolt 4 connectivity so if that issues to you once more you know that the prophecy 16 has it and also the g15 does not when it involves thermals throttling isn’t actually an issue with either of these i’m not claiming that they will not throttle but in my experience i haven’t really encounter any type of major concerns with either of these obtaining incredibly warm they both have good air conditioning systems i think the prophecy does a little better than the g15 and also i recognize this is beginning to appear like the omen simply mops the floors yet remember this appeared in february this launched formally you had the ability to get it in late october well in fact it was early november i think that best buy officially stocked it you couldn’t even obtain it from hp so simply something to be familiar with uh as well as you know i was this was i purchased this in the hopes of in fact displacing the g15 this is the second time i attempted to do it but once more it’s just also close despite the fact that i’m talking of you about all the reasons this is the better

maker uh in lots of ways subtly as well as not so discreetly it’s still insufficient in terms of efficiency to make me state you understand the g15 is junk i’m ignoring it it just isn’t the g15 uh is almost there it’s not rather there so it’s aged effectively well this equipment ages well i imply for your usages most likely however in a war of specs and also proficiency the truth that it’s coming out as late as it is it does not you understand bode also i’m not saying that in 2022 we’re mosting likely to have game changing equipment i think we’re still a ways away from that however i think that the g15 has actually aged incredibly well that belongs to the factor it can still be sold at retail this man on the various other hand i’m stunned that it’s offer for sale for 1500 today but i assume they have actually become cheaper to make despite supply chain problems provided by the pandemic yet again the prophecy 16 you maintain hearing me you know stress restate all the benefits it’s due to the fact that they’re there they’re actual they’re tangible currently in your day to day like i have actually said over as well as over once again i do not know that you’re going to necessarily you know be missing out on uh the features of the omen 16 you need to recognize that as well as that’s why i’m simply outlining key differences so with all that apart we have actually practically undergone every little thing allowed’s discuss io i’m mosting likely to close these up and we’re gon na get involved in that no issues on wi-fi performance with either of these that to make sure that’s an additional great thing in situation you were

worried i’ll start with the g15 remember it’s smaller it is available in at uh you recognize about 4 as well as a fifty percent pounds and also we do have a kensington lock right there air flow a mini sd card port type a port and afterwards as we go to the opposite of the machine that’s where all the action is you can see we’ve got uh the real barrel uh pin jack for charging it powering it hdmi out ethernet kind a port two type c ports that also serve as display uh display port out as well as a headphone microphone combination jack now another point i intend to aim out is that despite the fact that the 165 hertz panel on this device is excellent actually great shade precise that becomes part of the factor that it was so easy uh to advise back in february it does not have g-sync assistance similar to this man over here so you recognize that’s simply something to be familiar with your leds right below on the back of the equipment some individuals don’t such as the fact that these assess the bezel of the display i do not actually have a concern with it however if you’re truly high i mean that could end up being a nuisance quickly currently the bigger prophecy 16 in ceramic white i truly happen to like this coating it’s a device that i would not need to skin unlike the g15 which is you understand trying to radiate player this on the other hand whether you obtain it in this color or any various other i seem like it’s quite subdued and i really simulate that you can open up either of these incidentally with a single hand that’s not really an issue allow’s look at i o so we’ve got 2 kind a ports right there on the appropriate side of the equipment certainly air flow occurred totally clean and afterwards we have another factor that i like the prophecy 16 which is the i o so full dimension sd card port which my read compose speeds right here have actually been pretty good impressive similar to the omen 17. Some individuals say that you understand they’re obtaining bad performance out of these sd card readers and i’m simply wondering if it’s their card not the reader itself because that has actually not been my experience uh microphone combo uh headphone jack there your thunderbolt 4 port this is one area of opinion i do desire that hp gave us greater than one similar to i dream we had power distribution uh hdmi 2.1 displayport this is yet another benefit we do not have hdmi 2.1 on uh the amd driven g15 for whatever reason it ought to have been there it had not been i dealt with that back in february as well as i proceeded with it anyway here no corners cut when it involves that uh and after that naturally a type a port uh and after that last but not the very least we have uh ethernet as well as the barrel pin port for billing and powering this truly great devices both of them as i’ve claimed earlier i do not think you can go incorrect i imply whether you obtain the omen or the g15 i believe you’ll be well served these devices will last build high quality is excellent i do think the much better construct top quality is with the hp also when it comes to prolonged guarantees you’ll do better there because hp basically if you get an extensive guarantee and also this last i examined is still the situation allow’s claim you go with the three year and you never ever utilize it they will refund the whole price of that guarantee food for believed also if you buy it through finest purchase you can always obtain the warranty i am rather sure uh with hp straight yet certainly you can choose finest buy as well the g15 you understand i can’t aid but really feel that it is a little bit on the disposable side just due to that firm ram as well as i do not understand it’s i truly like it i don’t desire any person to obtain confused i simply don’t believe the total develop quality is like what hp puts together that’s just my individual experience as an owner and as someone that does review these systems so i still actually like the g15 no regrets uh on it i believe it’s you recognize it looks good it performs well but certainly as i have actually described with the

program of this video clip uh the prophecy 16 has a great deal even more to supply if you respect those nuanced distinctions that aren’t so nuanced and i really did not discuss both of them have some screen wobble but it’s okay enough that you’re going to experience it while using the machines but again both are terrific i have actually laid out you recognize toughness and fancies both and also as i’ve said over as well as over you actually can’t fail with either of these but for sale today the reality that this is 14.99 i imply that ought to decide for a lot of you unless you have some kind of concern with design language right here because it has so much going all out the g15 the actual key as i have actually discussed is its footprint how light it is compared to this which is not much but approximately a half an extra pound as well as then along with that the better battery performance is most definitely great together with the fact that you can flow charge this i indicate that still to this particular day is among my favorite functions of the g15 is that i understand that if i do not have the power block i can still bill it whereas with a laptop such as this that isn’t the instance but if like me you’re refraining any kind of traveling really as a result of the pandemic that doesn’t make any kind of distinction but even in my home i like to be able to move this device around and also recognize that just since i’ve got a 65 watt kind c battery charger someplace i can power this thing can not use it to complete possibility yet i can utilize it any type of inquiries or remarks please really feel complimentary to upload them hit that like switch and also as typical please do not hesitate to subscribe as well as please stay secure later on

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