HP X2 11 Chromebook

ed here with the digital digest and today i wanted to share a quick unboxing and first look at the hp chromebook x2 now this was just sent over by hp for review purposes it is a brand new chrome os based tablet 11 inch 3×2 aspect ratio tablet 2k display powered by a qualcomm snapdragon 7c 8 core cpu we’ve got adreno gpu onboard the 618 to be specific and the 11 inch 3×2 aspect ratio as i mentioned a little over uh 2k resolution total res to be exact is 2160 by 1440. it’s a 400 nit ips panel 100 srgb really nice form factor there is an included pen here which you’ll see in a moment and this is aimed directly at students which i think it’s going to be popular with see if i can cleanly open this up but it doesn’t look like i can so it’s going to go how it goes here and the whole idea here is to have an always-on solution that you can use for pretty much anything and i think that’s exactly what it’s going to deliver so let’s take a look as i like a barbarian remove the the paper and you can see the back solid fit and finish we have a rear 8 megapixel camera and i believe a front camera with a five megapixel rating right there at the top center uh front firing uh stereo speakers um dual microphone array the power button right there i’m going to hit it we’ll see if it powers on i’m not sure that it has a charge but most things these days do and then on the bottom and you can see it’s booting right now the pogo ports for the keyboard as well as two type c ports uh b o that’s bang

olufsen audio volume rocker and then of course a sim card slot if you want to use this with an lte connection so always on internet always on connectivity that’s the whole idea and that’s what chrome os is all about battery life is rated at roughly 11 hours hp is claiming that you can charge this up within i’m gonna put that down uh that you can charge it up uh to 50 in 45 minutes let’s see what the power brick looks like i’m expecting a standard 65 watt uh charger and the retail on this is 680 but presently uh 480 for again this machine eight gigs of ram 128 gigs of internal storage this is incredibly small power brick which i think is a nice complement to it really tiny and then let’s take a look at the rest which is the keyboard which should be interesting let’s get it out of the box go ahead and pop this open and the pen is there as well and it is i have to say value oriented i mean that’s really the goal with all of this let me go ahead and throw this back in there we don’t need it for now and this should be interesting i mean it’s really small if that’s what you’re after and i think a lot of people are especially again the target audience being students it does have a

fingerprint reader which i think is nice as well so let’s see there is the back cover here is the keyboard very large touch pad which seems nice i love the hp style keys so that’s nothing new let’s go ahead and see how that connects cleanly right there so that’s almost the finished product and this should be ideal also for you know video conferencing um you know chatting on zoom all that good stuff which is what all manufacturers should be focusing on i mean we are still in the pandemic even if things are getting better which i’m thankful as should everyone else to some degree it’s ideal obviously to have machines that are designed for communication so i’m assuming this just magnetically snaps on and it does so there’s your fit and finish with the included keyboard cover with back kickstand let’s see what the rigidity of this kickstand is like feels good and it seems like it is good so and that’s kind of what i expected see if that comes on and it does i’ve got to go through startup on this obviously but this is a cute little device which i think is a really good alternative to you know a segment that has kind of gone away i mean granted microsoft just introduced their surface go 3 but i think these are the devices that really take over that segment even if they’re

not running windows and that’s why companies like hp are offering them so this is also unique in that this is a wireless pen of course but that charges uh wirelessly you can see some replaceable nibs right there for the or i should call them tips whatever you’d like to call them and there’s the pen pretty nice looking i’ll be interested to see what inking is like with this but obviously designed for really note taking this is going to release the beast i assume get the battery going but that’s what it’s really designed for and then storing the pen i presume we have a magnetic connection and we do and that looks pretty good so i really like this little setup again it may only be designed for students but i think this is this has quite a bit of uh potential i mean keyboard feels good again key travel is solid i mean i’ll have to get it set up but i like what i’m seeing here if the cameras are good battery life lives up to the expectations i think this might be a winner for a lot of students and a lot of people that just want an always-on affordable tablet that is exactly that and this i feel like is one of the best ways to experience chrome os i mean i know there are a lot of chromebooks out

there but i am partial to seeing it in this form factor keeping it small keeping it light keeping it efficient and giving us an inking experience so this is um pretty cool i have to say and i like the color scheme very hp with the poseidon blue-esque effect other things to know that was not a 65-watt charger by the way that’s why it was so tiny was a 45-watt charger and we do have a micro sd card reader so in that spot that i said was for the lte connection we also have a bay there it’s part of the bay for microsd card for storage expansion or just reading the files of course you will need something to open it which i presume was in the other compartment total weight on this with the kickstand and cover you’re looking at 1.23 pounds without them a little over a pound and yeah it just seems like a really attractive little machine so i’m interested to see if we really get that 11 hours i have a feeling we’re going to get close hopefully and i’ll put it through its paces any questions or comments please feel free to post them hit that like button and as usual please feel free to subscribe and please stay safe later

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