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and here with the digital digest and today i wanted to share my full review the digitally digested segment for the main gear vector pro this is a 17.3 inch thin and light gaming laptop that weighs roughly four and a half pounds without its 230 watt power supply with it roughly five and it will deliver performance basically like seven to eight pound machines would and it’s doing it all at an affordable price for its spec list so we’ve got an intel 11th gen core i7 11 800 h octa-core cpu complemented by 32 gigs of ram which of course is upgradable to 64 gigs a one terabyte gen 4 samsung nvme ssd there is an additional slot you can of course upgrade those as well and then the star of the show the nvidia rtx 3080 with 16 gigs of vram and a 165 watt tgp you heard right that’s what you traditionally find again in desktop replacement machines that weigh two to three pounds more than this and at a price point that is generally a thousand dollars more than the 2300 us dollars pre-tax or 2500 depending on whether you go direct through micro center or through amazon which will also be micro center to purchase this laptop now i can tell you it’s not a perfect machine but it is one of the best gaming machines and arguably workstations as well depending on how you want to look at it here in 2021 so let’s start going through everything the display 17.3 inches 165 hertz refresh rate it’s excellent it it has qhd resolution it’s an ips panel it’s essentially what you’ll find in much of the competition uh roughly 400 nits of brightness it doesn’t have content creation color accuracy but very good for its gaming class so we’re talking about yes 100 srgb but a little over 70 when it comes to adobe rgb so i like what i see here it is a matte finish we have a 720p webcam that supports windows hello up at the top a big upgrade from the previous generation main gear element which had it as a nose cam and by the way for those of you wondering who main gear is they are a boutique builder out of new jersey i’ve built machines with them before very high-end stuff very expensive they will only be providing phone support for this

machine because what they’ve done is they’ve partnered with micro center this is not the first time and this machine is only going to be sold as far as i know as of right now by micro center directly and through amazon so if you have any sort of warranty issues you’ll be going to micro center at a brick and mortar level and they’ll be repairing it or you’ll be mailing it in so if you’re wondering about warranty that’s cleaned or cleared up that issue let’s focus on the build so this is a tong fang chassis intel reference design you can get it from other manufacturers like electronics there are several builders that use this and it’s one of my favorite especially here in 2021 it’s excellent again really thin really light but doesn’t skimp on performance at all as you can see from the time spy score there 12 028 that’s with everything maxed out of course on power not on battery and if you’re wondering about battery life it also does fairly well when we’ve got the dedicated gpu the 3080 turned on off of the charger obviously you’re looking at anywhere i would say from two to four maybe a little more hours depending on what you’re doing with the machine obviously if you’re gaming or rendering video that battery life is going to drop off really quickly if you’re just doing productivity work it will hold up now if you turn the gpu off which you can do in the included software now this is not the main gear software this is actually electronic and i’ll explain why then you’re looking

at closer to seven hours which i think is excellent for a machine with this size display and power hungry internals i mean really next level and this is something that i purchased thinking that it would replace my asus g15 even though my g15 is really versatile really powerful and wasn’t that much less expensive than this believe it or not they weigh almost the same which is mind-boggling now the reason i installed the electronics control center is because main gear was more conservative their software is identical but they took away the ability to max out the tgp on the gpu so essentially it’ll look just like this but it will be main gear themed like the background also out of the box this will be red backlit on the four zone rgb keyboard rather than the blue you get from electronics and essentially what happens is that when you jump into performance they’ll have office mode balance mode but they won’t have beast mode they’ll have turbo mode and this is part of electronics making it their own this is not their machine in fact they don’t even have this build right now you can only outfit this with electronics with a ryzen cpu which isn’t a bad thing but you will give up obviously thunderbolt connectivity this does have thunderbolt 4 which is another thing i really like about it and in addition to that at full wattage the intel processor does for the most part outperform the ryzen alternative uh at every turn gaming uh you know video editing all those things even if it’s

marginal it still bests it the ryzen only has an advantage off power so running on battery that’s where it will outperform the intel cpu for those of you wondering now with that said when you’re inside beast mode you’ll want to go to overclocking and i believe main gear disabled the ability to max this thing out because even though the gpu is capable of 165 watts as you can see right here i think that they wanted to make sure that the gpu lasts as long as possible so in an effort to essentially maintain the longevity of the product i believe that’s why they went with a more conservative 130 watt draw than what electronic software permits you to do and maybe the reason electronic software permits you to do this is because well they don’t have the 11th gen chips yet i’m sure they will soon but right now again if you were to max this out similar build with an amd chip with electronics you’ll be set back almost 3 200 so this thing is arguably a steel at its price point if you like what you see and you know you are totally in on uh the intel reference design which i think is excellent it’s subdued it doesn’t pick up fingerprints too easily the keyboard is good not great certainly better keyboards on the hp omen line and lenovo’s legion series laptops so something to be aware of but you do get a numerical keypad the four zone rgb is not excellent i don’t really care about that but for those of you that do you might be slightly disappointed the colors aren’t perfect as well as the

fact that no per key options exist to my knowledge with main gear or any other manufacturer dealing with this chassis it’s not within its capability now when it comes to the fans those of you that are wondering how loud they get i’ll show you right now that’s it this is loud no question about it but compared to competing products i think that that is par for the course when you’re talking about high performance gaming laptops so i don’t think it’s bad at all and when it comes to the display they have tweaks for that as well right now i’m in vibrant mode but clearly if i take it to other modes you will see it does change all the different levels in order to accommodate what you’re trying to do now this is nothing new it’s just something i’m making you aware of and the main gear software has all these exact same elements remember the only difference between the main gear software and electronic in terms of their control centers is the ability to max out that gpu which i think you’re probably better off not doing i wouldn’t want to steer you in a direction of shortening the lifespan of what otherwise is an incredibly powerful machine i mean this is the most power you will get not only at its form factor in its weight class but at this price point this essentially is performing like a desktop with a 30-70 just about which is amazing a desktop 3080 will give you somewhere between 40 and 50 percent more gpu horsepower uh over what the mobile 380 in here is capable of doing again that’s with it totally maxed out so it’s pretty amazing but certainly not perfect now you’ve heard about battery life you’ve heard about the display quality the keyboard the touchpad is excellent actually it exceeds my expectations it’s large i think it’s glass at least that’s what it feels like so i’m impressed with that and i have no complaints about it

whatsoever you still have the ability with a double tap there on the corner to turn it off and turn it back on and then the performance mode button right here cycles between office mode which keeps the fans cranked down keeps battery life at the max whether you’re in um you know the integrated gpu mode or the discrete gpu mode and then balance mode obviously is a balanced combination and then what would be forget about beast mode because i’m not doing an ad here for electronics that would be turbo mode for main gear obviously is performance oriented power button will put it to sleep as well as obviously power it on hard press we’ll do a hard shutdown and then we have another light here for when it’s charging for a full charge a little under two hours again i think that’s really reasonable considering what this machine is capable of and i love that the 230 watt brick is as small as it is it’s about half the size of the hp omen monstrous 330 watt power brick now you will not be able to charge this over its thunderbolt 4 port that’s something i hope next gen we see the micro sd card slot leaves a lot to be desired desired it’s essentially the same one that i have in my g15 you have to flip the card over to insert it and it will not actually in doing so it will not actually go in all the way so for those of you that are wondering right there is the micro sd card slot two type a ports right there on the other side of the machine and it’s really amazing how thin this entire build is and that the quality is still maintained with the what i believe is magnesium alloy build we have another type a port and then audio jacks mic and headphone i like that they’re dedicated as well as a kensington lock and then if i go to the back of the machine which i will that is where your output is so

thunderbolt 4 right there next to the hdmi which is an hdmi 2.1 a little bit limited on the video out i mean hdmi 2.1 is your only method because the thunderbolt 4 connection does give you display port out of course up to 8k uh 30 but remember that is not going to leverage the gpu that is only going to be thunderbolt display so that’s the integrated not the discrete nvidia gpu out and then we have ethernet and of course the power pin uh port for charging ventilation all around the main gear logo which i think again is a nice logo i think they did a good job this is really a subdued machine i mean granted the touchpad has some finger marks on it from use but otherwise this thing stays really clean and is not a fingerprint magnet so i like the look i feel like this can go anywhere it fits in my backpack’s 15 inch compartment because of its form factor and it certainly doesn’t feel heavier than a 15 incher because of its weight class so what are the downsides well i’ve already stated pretty much everything you need to know about performance i didn’t talk about the one terabyte samsung gen 4 drive there are actually two slots and so you could upgrade that of course i’d love to throw one of these in there and a terabyte sabrin but this is not a gen 4 drive so this is only good for really additional storage obviously mass storage but you can do that and in a perfect world i would throw a four terabyte saver rocket four plus gen four drive in there plus that eight have 12 terabytes that’s what i’ve been demoing in the omen 17 and that would just be amazing obviously now these read write speeds are not best in class i’ve gotten better performance in the omen 17 with pretty much the same samsung drive for whatever reason but still gen 4 performance pretty much doubles what you got out of gen 3.

Of course gen 5 is right around the corner but i wouldn’t be too concerned the point is you can put any drives in here you want upgrade very easily but this is a machine that right out of the box the beauty is you will not need to upgrade anything now the ram as i covered in the comparison to the omen 17 is gold key that essentially is house ram from micro center it’s not a benchmarking nightmare nor is it going to give you best in class benching but it does the job i don’t see a need to replace it but if like me you would want to max this out to 64 gigs i mean i have some crucial ram that i tested it out there was no difference it’s really just headroom so that tells you yes you could get a little more performance out of the ram but that would really only be for synthetic benchmarking and i would not recommend it so as i was saying where is it a little bit of a letdown because everything so far sounds amazing right well we know the gpu is great 4k video editing fantastic gaming fantastic you’ll be able to max out any title in the native qhd resolution here but no g-sync support with this display if you go with the amd variant you will have freesync that is what i have read so one advantage to the amd build even though you lose thunderbolt the top of the line build for the amd configuration on this machine actually has a raid 0 configuration because they don’t have gen 4 support so that’s the only other way to get as fast as possible when it comes to nvme gen 3 ssds 64 gigs of ram and uh what else does it have um the same 30 80 of course same uh specs on the display and everything it’s really just i believe the raid 0 config and the 64 gigs of ram and that machine is 2700 so i don’t recommend it but if you care about uh the fact that you’ll have you know free sync support on the display that’s a good option obviously just something i thought was worth mentioning now you can step down to the 30 70 model 1799 i think that’s more value-oriented even though this is so value oriented already but if you want to spend a little bit less that machine also 32 gigs of ram one terabyte nvme drive all the same specs except for of course the gpu i think it’s also a really good buy but for me personally this is the only build that makes sense because i was looking for something that was going to blow away my asus g15 with the 3070 max-q and the ryzen 9 8-core cpu and this almost does but doesn’t quite you know it’s it’s

definitely a big leap i mean just in synthetic benchmarking you’re talking about going from 9 500 to anywhere from 11 to 12 000 so in just in synthetic it’s a couple thousand benchmark points uh and in video editing and gaming you can see the difference because you know this thing as i said could max out any aaa title uh you know ultra qhd natively no problem now trying to take it to 4k some titles are going to be able to play at ultra a lot of titles will not simply because that’s a limitation of the 3080 gpu gpu in its mobile variant but it still will i think exceed anyone’s expectations if you’re looking to run vr games you’re not going to have a problem just remember the i o is limited when it comes to video out it’s really going to be one display i wish they would have you know given a display port a dedicated one like the omen and you know some other gaming machines but alas it does not have that just like i wish it had a full-size sd card slot rather than an upside down micro that you know again the card does not all the way insert um some people will prefer that some people will not i like it when the card goes all the way in but that’s we’re really nitpicking here

speakers are terrible i haven’t mentioned that because that’s one of the pitfalls but i really don’t care i mean with my asus g15 i have some really good audio quality but at the beginning anyone who followed my coverage knows that the speaker’s made a nice little farting noise for quite some time and while they’ve improved with driver updates still far from perfect i don’t expect perfect audio out of this but it would be nice if it was better it’s mediocre but you know kind of like the keyboard it’s one of those things where if you’re willing to live with it you will not be able to match the overall quality and performance that you’ll get out of this again especially in its form factor it’s just impossible to replicate right now so i do really like the machine battery life is solid performance is solid pricing is soft which is surprising especially in a market where desktops are still dried up because of supply chain delays and i don’t know how long these things are going to last who knows i feel like they were made a couple months ago and people just don’t know they’re flying under the radar and that’s why i’m sharing it here on my channel i’m pretty sure i’m the only one on youtube that has

actually reviewed this laptop not on the planet but on youtube for some of you that’s one of the same at any rate the point is this is a great machine i can easily recommend it but let’s come to the one thing that i feel is a little bit of a shortcoming for it and it’s not huge um you know i wish that we had power uh delivery on the thunderbolt port on the you know the usbc port that would be a game changer hopefully gen 4 or excuse me the next gen not gen 4 brings that i mean they made a lot of improvements on this machine from the previous generation because if you know anything about it the previous gen the nosecam wasn’t the only problem i mean the display just had high refresh it was full hd so that was a big bump up and you know build quality is just really really nice it doesn’t get too hot for those of you worried about thermals it’s a pretty positive story overall because as hot as it gets which is mostly in this area as you’d imagine nothing is really getting throttled and i think that’s part of the reason that main gear wanted um to actually notch this thing down because they don’t want anybody to shorten its lifespan so really easy to open the bottom of the chassis you know it’s just a matter of removing the phillips screws really no pry points at all that’s why i so easily just took it off it’s another thing to really like now as for the

interior of the machine it’s kind of a mixed bag and i’m going to show you that right now if you didn’t see the comparison also the heatsink slash thermal pads for the nvme drives right there on the interior of the back cover or bottom cover it’s you know it’s not a big problem but something i wanted to point out you don’t see a lot of manufacturers actually do that these days so what do i think is a little bit of a mixed bag in here well first of all it’s just it appears to be a little bit of a rush job you know and i say that because there’s a lot of a lot of taping down and a lot of folded ribbon cables and i mentioned this in the comparison i don’t think that that means anything is wrong with this but i’ve had multiple questions about do i think that equates to you know limited life span now i can’t attest to that i have no way of saying so it could have absolutely no impact or it could be material i can’t really say but i will say that when i look at other machines in this class that are over two thousand dollars that are aimed at being high-end gaming machines they just don’t look like this so again for some of you the tape may be a non-issue it’s not even really an issue for me but it’s still something i have to point out so we’ve got a piece of tape here a piece of

tape here a piece of tape here a piece of tape here a piece of tape here tape under the nvme slots that also was a little bit concerning to me i’m not in love with the fact that the the two bays for the nvme gen 4 drives are literally kissing i don’t have one in there right now but it’s easy to imagine that if this were in there you get the picture and the amount of heat they’ll potentially put off i’m not in love with it you know the omen 17 with the two copper heatsinks i think is really nice and most manufacturers are not going that route and they will not most do not even put heatsinks in there they often do what was done here with attaching something to the bottom lid that’s exactly what asus did with my g15 but they didn’t give us a real heatsink they just put a thermal pad on it which was probably on the drive but it got glued to the bottom anyway so that’s just something to be aware of and i’m sure there’s more tape that i miss because it’s all over the place there’s also a lot of dirt in there it appears um it’s it’s a little bit dirty in there so we got this cavity that in the electronic builds is generally used the ribbon cable for the card reader here is folded the ribbon cable here for the usb type a port is folded now that’s not going to do anything to

performance but i do wonder about the way it’s protruding under the nvme slots that will that end up posing a problem that you know at least i haven’t experienced yet it’s possible i’m not trying to to create you know nonsense rumors here it’s just these are obvious observations looking at the interior of the machine so just things to be aware of again it’s a really nice laptop and i can actually call this a laptop most machines in this class you’ve got to call notebooks but because this thing is so thin and light it is a laptop and granted i wouldn’t want to game or render video on it on my lap you could do everything else on it the fans do remain quiet as you may have noticed which is really nice you know in the first week i thought i may have heard some coil line but thankfully it wasn’t coil wine at least i don’t think so so overall i think this is easy to recommend i do think that other machines have better internal build quality and engineering at play so if that matters to you just like the keyboard then obviously look elsewhere but if you really don’t care about what things look like on the interior of the machine then i see no reason not to get the main gear vector pro again the 3070 build is the more

affordable option at 1800 they also have a line of 15 and a half inch laptops i’m not going to be covering the smaller vector pros but those are really appealing too but they’re very close in price to this and i don’t know why on earth you would take a full hd 240 hertz panel over a 17.3 inch qhd 165 hertz panel i just think that’s a big mistake especially when this is ideal for the 3080 again you’ll max everything out cyberpunk on here was gorgeous as was every game that i ran i mean it was just excellent to use and then if you want to do content creation on here even though the display is not perfectly color accurate it still will get the job done and having an sd card reader granted a micro even if it’s got to be flipped upside down and it protrudes it’s still you know a blessing compared to as much as i like the legion series laptops no card readers which i just that’s i feel like a missed opportunity for lenovo of course the hp omen 17 does have a full-size card reader that is twice as fast um and the card goes all the way in but that

machine is over two pounds heavier and if you configure it like this it will be almost a thousand dollars more now if you’re talking about the 3070 build that’s a little bit more on par that to me is a more it’s a tighter competition between the main gear and the omen but that’s only if you’re going with the 30-70 and both of those get max tgp so that’s something that you should really consider you know if this form factor appeals to you more and you don’t care about the inside i would say go with the main gear every time but then you do have to remember that warranty process because not everyone is going to get a perfect machine and if you do not or if something goes in the first year inside the warranty i can’t tell you what that micro center experience will be like micro center is totally legit that i can say but i don’t know what the customer service experience you know and getting it repaired is going to be like now if you live near a store like i did once upon a time for most of my life before i moved then i imagine you’re going to have pretty good turnaround time it’s going to be whatever the the store’s internal cue and their repair area is and so that will be good but if you don’t you know then your guess is as good as mine again this is just main gear branding they will support over the phone but main gear i’m not sure is ever

going to actually sell this direct so food for thought it’s an excellent laptop i can easily recommend it again if you want a better keyboard if you want better i o you’re going to have to look at something else but it’s going to be at the expense literal expense of some more money likely as well as definitely weight so it’s really a matter of what’s most important to you but it i can easily recommend the main gear vector pro excellent laptop excellent price and the only reason i am not keeping this machine and dumping my asus g15 with the 3070 max-q is because again it outperforms it as expected but it doesn’t blow it away and that’s because the g15 you know it had all new hardware in february and that was a great advantage and that’s why it still sells for retail i’m sure it’ll go on sale over the holiday here but there’s a reason it’s able to hold that value and it’s because it’s still excellent the display battery life cpu gpu performance now if this were you know 50 percent faster than the 3070 max-q i’d likely jump on it i would keep it uh because at the price it would be worth it but to spend fresh money to make a brand new investment and have to sell the g15 is too much work to get you know probably what i’d what amounts to about 25

percent more performance it’s a good jump but not enough for the hassle it’s going to be for me to i mean i could just give the g15 to a family member but there’s nobody that really wants it and all of you are going to start saying well i’ll take it anyway you get the picture if it was twice the performance even 50 more i’d be all over this thing but for me it just doesn’t make sense yet i thought it might be but it’s not that rounds things out i hope you all enjoyed the video again great machine i’ve said it like 100 times i’ll say it again easy to recommend just be aware of the warranty process and what it may entail you might want to take out an extended warranty on this and remember how close those nvme drives are you don’t want one of these which costs essentially half of the laptop is a 1200 drive to blow out because it’s kissing another drive but that rounds it out any questions or comments please feel free to post them hit that like button and as usual please feel free to subscribe and please stay safe later

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