Review Sony a1 – Almost Perfect

ed here with the digital digest and today i wanted to share my full review the digitally digested segment for the sony a1 now this body retails for 6500 us dollars if you can actually find it in stock and i’ll tell you right here at the top of the video this is the best camera that i have ever used and i mean in every single way i will get to some shortcomings but that list is incredibly small and that’s because sony literally threw the kitchen sink at this piece of gear so while it’s not perfect nothing is in this world there is nothing better here in 2021 in the di realm and sure many of you will make the argument that uh you know canon or nikon or fuji has a product that in some way could outperform this and certainly be less expensive not fuji but canada nikon the reality is that’s pretty much a load of crap because this camera can do everything uh 50 megapixel sensor 30 frames per second granted that will depend on the glass you attach to it a caveat that is nothing new i will say that the five axis stabilization inside of the body is one area where i think sony can improve get some of the negative findings out of the way i think that with such an amazing piece of gear this would have been sony’s opportunity to give us more than five axis uh stabilization we we’ve seen canon do it so sony certainly has the capability and know-how the evf is known to have an issue that bright sunlight will black it out essentially not the blackout free experience that sony had marketed which leads to having to power cycle the camera and about 20 seconds of lost

time now i haven’t experienced that in my time with it but remember i’ve only had two weeks very mixed use i have been in bright conditions outside and i just haven’t had that problem but maybe it’s also because i was aware of it and i wasn’t trying to make it happen and i’m not saying the people that have experienced it have forced it out of it but something to be aware of another big nitpick for a lot of users is the lcd display and i get it this is not bleeding edge like the rest of the camera it doesn’t seem to follow the technical prowess that we’re getting here again the fastest autofocus ever in a camera compared or rather combined with the highest resolution sensor bonafide 8k video camera 4k cinema camera i mean the list goes on and on so do i think it’s the end of the world that this thing can’t flip out for vlogging purposes and just have more versatility in order to help you frame shots no do i think that we’ll likely see that on the next generation absolutely remember this is a first gen camera so the touch screen operation also you know fully enabled inside of the menu system but then once you’re shooting not fully enabled if you want to take control different settings on the fly but part of that is that sony has given you buttons for the majority of that including three customizable buttons that they expect you to actually use now you may have noticed i’ve got my 24 to 105 g which i think is really one of the most popular lenses out there for people who aren’t professionals and that’s why i’m sharing it with you because even though i could tell you now that this body is perfect for pros that want to consolidate their gear and have the single camera that can do everything sports wildlife portrait it can and of course video which is one of its most compelling features for me if you follow my channel if you follow my

coverage of sony gi gear over the last 10 years because believe it or not that’s how long i’ve been on youtube then you know i’ve always thought that sony was really pushing the envelope in a way no other manufacturers were credit is due where it is but this camera speaks to that but that doesn’t mean only a professional is going to buy this granted if you make your living shooting then i think this is an absolute no-brainer especially if you are a versatile enough photographer videographer that you can do just about anything this is going to be the first camera that meets your skill set now does that mean it’s better to only have one body than several that’s going to come down to personal preference and that’s another thing i’ll be talking about through the course of this video so when it comes to io you now have an important addition which is of course the actual hdmi out on this and while i didn’t do a lot of external capturing we can credit gerald undone with pointing to some key findings he made which he often does i have been a subscriber to his channel for a long time and credit goes to quality content from capable and intelligent people and gerald is one of those guys that he even found that if you set 8k uh internally and then do 4k externally you get sharper image quality and those are the type of things that i didn’t get my teeth into but i’m glad that there are other channels and all of you should be as well that focus on those type of things but the point i was making about having this lens on here is really to let you know that the results i’ve gotten with the 24 to 105 even though it does not have the latest and greatest auto focus motor that only two sony lenses right now

native email lenses actually have and they’re both expensive much more well not much more expensive than this at least the 24 mil lens but this is still going to give you amazing results now how much better is it than my a7 r4 well when it comes to still performance the real benefit here is again improved quality in just about every realm granted less megapixels which is another thing i’m going to get to when it comes to operating in crop mode because that is another thing i expect in the second generation of the a1 we will see where when you on the fly you know hit your program button to jump into aps-c mode the megapixel full frame sensor doesn’t give you as high a megapixel count in aps-c so that’s something i do still prefer believe it or not on my a7r iv but i wouldn’t shun this camera and again i don’t think you need to be a pro granted you need to have the budget the money to afford a body like this and you’ve got to be able to find it which is incredibly difficult right now but take into account as i’ve stated that you know the full hdmi port the type c port charging of course and data throughput headphone microphone jack you know you have your ethernet port some people have complained about the positioning here i didn’t have any issues with that at all so that’s really a matter again of i guess your workflow and the way you have things set up your flash sync it is just a powerhouse of a camera and uh you know sony’s not giving up that multi-port we know why we can pretend it’s proprietary but sony’s been using it forever i really love this new uh dial that they’ve incorporated for quick access to very obvious things like your auto focus as well as your actual

speed so to me having this is great one thing that i think is obvious though which is a strange deviation is that we have a lock switch here and that same uh switch system which is a new element of the a1 is not implemented here the old style is where it’s pressed down and turn and then that will lock it whereas this is a traditional lock switch so i’m not sure why sony went that route but not a big deal i actually really do prefer the fact that we have a record button where it is on my a7 r4 as opposed to something like the a7 s3 and that’s a matter of personal preference so i know a lot of people love that the video dedicated record button is up on the top of the a7 s3 i think this is more indicative of sony acknowledging that the a1 is a hybrid and it’s not like the a7s iii a video camera at its core that also happens to be able to take um some great low light stills so uh 10 bit 4k video on this absolutely uh flawless and the same applies to 8k granted we’re capped at 30 frames per second a lot of you are going to want to shoot in 24p you’re still going to get 10 bit and sony’s done a fantastic job with their codex of keeping file size manageable another thing i want to talk about with this is the buffer now i never pressed the limitations of the buffer on here but the silent shooting with the electronic shutter is simply amazing and as i stated before that 30 frames per second is something that i want i mean i if i you know really could justify purchasing this today i absolutely would but this is where i get into other things and i’ll

show you the menu system and stuff you’ve probably watched this already this is a loaner it’s going back to sony i only got to spend two weeks with it like most influencers youtubers press uh you know there’s only so much i can discover in two weeks and this camera is you know basically frankenstein in a good way if frankenstein gave you negative connotations uh because it just there’s nothing that it cannot do so it really is just that dynamic so let me go ahead and pop off uh the 24 to 105 because the point i want to make here about glass and bodies is that right now and again i’m reiterating you don’t need to be a pro to buy this you just have to have the budget right i mean that’s what it really comes down to and uh overheating by the way non-issue across the board uh now i did not do i’m going to throw this over to gerald again i did not do as extensive testing as him he was on his second round of having the actual body so it’s not just once but twice that he’s actually had a loner and i get it he’s he’s really going the distance with this but i know that he stated as long as you know the display is off body he basically had no overheating problems and in my testing with it i had none now of course if you’re shooting 8k uh your battery life is going to drop significantly but i had no overheating and i shot almost 2 hours of 8k footage so that gives you an idea i’ve heard of people shooting three

hours without overheating of course the the temperature and conditions you’re shooting in are going to play into that battery life i had worried was going to be a significant drop off but that was not the case so it was still pretty solid you know sony estimates 500 plus stills on a single charge i never felt that i needed to have more than two or three batteries on me so that should tell you and that was for full a full day of shooting both still and video a nice mix that this camera is basically a dream camera for me and it should be for everybody else you know again if you’re a fanboy of another brand you’ve got to be able to look through the crap and realize that this is really next level stuff and you know canon’s r5 it does a lot of things well some things it even does slightly better than this however it’s just not on this level even if it’s less expensive i don’t say that often but you know sony’s the king of di right now and once you’re the king you don’t need to undercut anymore the fact that canon is undercutting i know the r5 came out before this but the fact that you know they’re not pushing the extremes that sony is tells you that sony’s kind of got this in the bag the digital shotgun mic is still best in the business highly recommend it if you want something that’s really compact wireless that you can just mount and use and get phenomenal audio this is still the winner i love using it with this just as i did with my a7r iv but let’s get into you know what we’re talking about in order for me to purchase this body and justify it for you know the channel and being an influencer and using it for hobby as well which is what i

predominantly do rather than paid gigs because well my paid gig is here isn’t it and by the way uh you know sony loaned this to me but as usual i’m not sponsored or paid by them in any way no no preview for them of the content i’m going to create that’s old news but so let’s just quickly take a look so i have my a7 ii here which i still love and you know now i think it retails for around 1200 bucks i’ve got the viltrox 24 mil prime on it that i covered a little while back which is a really sweet lens for its price but let’s just put that aside and let’s call this 1500 us dollars okay so that’s 1500 right there starting i’m talking about what i would have to give up then i’ve got my a7r4 here which is my primary hybrid and that’s part of the reason that the a1 is my favorite uh camera that i’ve ever touched is because i’ve always been an a7r shooter because i’ve always wanted the best of both worlds in a single body that’s what the a7r lineage represents and up until the a1 that’s exactly what the a7r4 uh really was so i think this is now selling for about 3300 2300 excuse me on sale if you can get one of those b h edu buys um yes the body originally retailed for 3 500 this one originally retailed for 3 000 if my memory serves so but let’s just ballpark and forget about this little 10 to 18 aps-c lens on i was playing with it the other day but let’s just say that if i were to sell both of these bodies used and they’re in pristine condition the most i would probably get is about three thousand dollars plus or minus two to five hundred so we’re at a little over three grand on two really good cameras that still can’t do with the a1 can but you’re

starting to get the picture and no pun intended there so that’s just on bodies right now let’s talk about glass if i were to sell this baby which i would not want to because of its versatility and really i think it’s one of the best travel lenses for most shooters out there who are you know full-frame e-mount users maybe eight to nine hundred dollars so now we’re up to about you know four thousand let’s see i don’t know that i’m going to be able to fit everything in frame here let’s go a little bit wider shall we so we’re at 4 000 now with this guy all right so 4 000 here now i bring out something like my my g master uh 100 to 400 2500 retail lens pristine condition you know i don’t think there’s any physical wear and tear or anything optically no dust inside the glass elements and this thing has served me really well but again figure i could get around two thousand so that puts us at six thousand dollars right so this right here six grand i’m not including these lenses because they’re really nothing special in terms of pricing you’re talking about 400 and like 900 but this is a brand new piece of glass uh but i’m still discounting these i’m sticking with full-frame stuff so i’m up to six grand six thousand dollars so what else would i have to get rid of well we’re only 500 away right so figure in the group of glass that i have to the left the next thing i would get rid of would probably be the good old zoni that is the zeiss sony f4 24 to 70.

this is what i would have to sell right here okay bodies and lenses just to put the a1 in my bag and that’s if availability was normal which as i’ve stated it is not right now this is selling for closer to seven thousand dollars and for good reason again it is a game changer it’s the best camera ever made and anyone who argues otherwise is either nitpicking has jealousy issues some complex about themselves or their gear or something deep-seated that is just not rooted in reality i mean this thing can do what no other camera can i mean as i’ve stated you’re talking about a 4k cinema camera an 8k video camera the least expensive to my knowledge on earth and if any of you in the comments post that the least expensive 8k video camera is a smartphone well i’m not you know i’m not i have nothing to say about that and it just on the still side again portraits wildlife if you’re into birding you know any sort of sports photography videography this thing can do everything now granted it has to be paired with the right glass that isn’t new though is it that’s the story with every single body that you’re ever going to buy you know the way you’re going to get the most out of it is the glass that you pair with it so i mean i still have some more lenses in my bag here i’ve got the two to 600 g which is a 2 000 lens but i’m just saying the fact that i would have to give up two bodies and three lenses at the very least just to get this in my bag that’s a hard pill to swallow and i say that because even though this can do things that basically none of this can not

the lenses but the bodies and let me take some of these out let’s talk about some of the things i pointed to earlier that it can’t do because i think that’s important so an example of that let’s pull the a7r ii out of here because the a7r ii is you know has a i have an affinity for it and i think that if you’re trying to get into full frame photography it is the best vehicle even if it’s auto focus is a lot slower than a lot of brand new uh bodies and you know it’s overheating is still prevalent it’s still just a really dynamic camera i think the best on the market for its price but let’s focus on the a7r iv versus uh the a1 for this you know specific point that i’m making i had mentioned before uh the hybrid experience and for me the hybrid experience is really important and part of what i like about using my 24 to 105 or the 100 to 400 g master or the 2 to 600 millimeter g is that i can instantly switch over to apsc mode and i have much more reach and i’m getting 26 megapixel stills which i think is completely acceptable with the a1 i can’t do that now i’m i’m not saying i can’t switch over to aps-c with the flip of a button of course i can but i don’t have 26 megapixel stills because this is a 50 megapixel sensor now for a lot of you that will be irrelevant it’s not important you won’t care you’ll think that it’s it’s no big deal but for me part of what sold me on the a7r iv was that capability and of course still being able to crop inside of images with high-res sensors like this is a phenomenal thing so one thing to be aware of i think the majority of users out there who have an a7r iv and they’re wondering whether they should upgrade to the a1 i’m going to say if you have the money why wouldn’t you i mean it will absolutely justify the additional premium with its really huge list of benefits i mean it does run

circles around my a7r iv now does that mean my a7r4 isn’t still worth using absolutely not i love this camera and i don’t see myself giving it up to get the a1 because i just showed you what i’d have to part with and quite frankly sometimes more is more and for me in this case i’m not at that point yet that as much as i’m blown away by the a1 one of the things like the aps-c mode and and hoping that we see an even higher resolution sensor on the next generation is on my wish list hoping that we get a display that flips out rather than is positioned just like the a7 iv is another thing on my wish list hoping that we have true touch screen rather than limited touch screen capability is another thing on my wish list and in addition to that i would love to see a new battery type now this is not me complaining about the z series batteries they’re fantastic but we’ve entered into a new realm with the a1 and i really don’t see a reason why we wouldn’t be able to have a new battery type if that means the grip gets a little bit larger i think the majority of users aren’t going to complain about that because quite frankly uh one issue that i think a lot of people still complain about specifically with a camera like the a1 and combining large prime lenses like the 50mm g master that i just popped on is that the balance is off so while i am not trying to encourage sony in any way shape or form to make larger cameras because i like that we’ve got the a7c and that we’re going back to you know bigger doesn’t always mean better when it comes to a body like this sony may have been served to make it a little bit larger in fact pointing

again to gerald gerald undone’s coverage of overheating his solution was to put on the vertical grip throw the battery into the vertical grip one or two and again that dissipates heat because now the battery is not generating heat in the grip so if sony would have been better served from that vantage to basically make the camera a little bit larger i don’t think they would have gotten many complaints about that so it’s a first gen product i think the price tag is you know the shocker i haven’t talked about the a9 series and i’ve reviewed both the original as well as the second gen which you know they’re very close in capability and i think that again if you’re an a9 user gen one or two this is a better camera people who claim that the one advantage to the a9 is that you’ll have less noise in image i wonder if they’ve actually tried the a1 because image noise really isn’t an issue in spite of the 50 megapixel sensor and i think they’re just thinking logically with that many more megapixels it’s an inherent flaw of the a1 and wanting a hybrid rather than a dedicated sports and wildlife camera in my experience the a1 outperforms the a9 and a9 ii and quite frankly sony would have never made it the alpha one if it didn’t that should be obvious at face value that doesn’t mean that the a9 and a9 mark ii still are not amazing cameras they are and that brings me to what do you need what are you looking to get out of your shooting experience if you’re still looking for the best hybrid for the money the a7r iv is that hybrid okay but if you’re looking for simply put the best hybrid possibly how about we just say the best camera ever made the a1 is that could the ergonomics be a little bit better to be balanced with the lenses that will benefit most from a body like this absolutely could we have the evf black out again not the blackout free that sony’s talking about but the literal blackout from high sun exposure on the sensor go away sure and i would bet anything that that will be rectified in gen 2.

will we get a higher resolution screen on the back that’s brighter and that articulates fully i would bet just about anything on that as well will the menu system that is brand new from the ground up and i think is a huge benefit uh be tweaked further absolutely wi-fi connectivity on here is better than it’s been on any other sony camera but it still isn’t what i think it should be when we’re talking about a 6500 body so if you’re a sports photographer and you don’t need to worry about the extra megapixels and the video capability that the a1 has to offer why even bother looking at it i don’t understand and again if you’re a hybrid shooter and you don’t need 30 frames per second why even look at it so if you’re a professional however and you already own you know a couple a7s threes and you you own a couple a9s and a couple a7r4s because well those represent all the different uh possible assignments that you’ll have to cover clearly the a1 could replace all of them but i think it’s more practical to have more tools than less i feel like the a1 is going to appeal to a you know a one-man operation so to speak uh if if you work alone and you don’t have a team that’s going to work with you then obviously the a1 is good old reliable that you know can do everything and from that vantage point it’s golden and that is why it is the alpha one and that is why i want it but again to justify it

for me personally what i would have to give up in order to put it into my bag right now isn’t worth it now as it goes on sale it’s going to be hard for me to pass up purchasing this camera because again if you followed my channel if you are a subscriber specifically with di focus you know i’m always after hybrid that’s why i don’t own an a9 as much as i love the autofocus prowess of that lineup i’m not doing a sports or wildlife assignment so it doesn’t make sense for me to buy that even though i do really enjoy wildlife photography i can’t justify that to me the better blend is here because the auto focus on the a7r iv is still competent 10 frames per second with the you know quality and resolution it delivers is great you still have that five axis stabilization love that we have 26 megapixels at an aps-c uh you know switch of a button with that additional reach the magnification the crop factor those are all really good things and the 4k video it puts out is excellent can it overheat of course the a1 doesn’t really overheat shooting 4k forget that we have all the benefits of the a7s iii on here except for again a display that flips out so if again you are a pro trying to replace you know a bevy of cameras this will do it but will that be cost effective for your business you know the answer to that question already as long as you understand that the a1 can do everything that you could ever imagine because it can so that’s important but for regular people who are not

professionals i’m not going to say that you shouldn’t buy it unless you earn your living if you you know shooting still or video if you are a hobbyist or enthusiast and you have the budget buy it it’s kind of like saying that you know someone shouldn’t buy a hundred thousand dollar car unless they’re a professional driver that’s ridiculous and makes no sense this is about if you have the budget if you have the means you will not be disappointed with the a1 will you be disappointed with the a7r iv no but if you know that there’s something that can outperform it in literally just about every single way which it does and it’s twice the price that may not bother you for a lot of people they’re going to say i’d rather have an a7 r4 and an a7 s3 and i totally get it but guess what you still won’t be able to shoot ak video and by the way i’m not here to um essentially make a case for ak video but when 4k was the new bleeding edge of digital imaging when it came to video i jumped on that bandwagon because i i look at it as future proofing and here we are still in a world where 4k footage is still not being leveraged by cable companies why well that’s congress’s fault and it’s because it’s not a ballot issue we’ve got a lot bigger crap to worry about in this world but we we did that with hd i don’t know why it hasn’t happened with 4k um you know i’m kind of digressing a little bit but all of the networks and cable providers because they’ve consolidated for the most part most part over the last 20 years they got hd for free those airwaves belong to us us if you’re in america if you’re not i can’t help you 4k hasn’t gotten that benefit and

that’s why you look to streaming services for 4k now 8k i don’t know what the hell is going to happen there but what i can tell you is that if you if you have seen 8k footage you know that it gives you dynamic range and depth of field that makes what you’re looking at seem like it’s 3d of course it’s not but it gives dimension that does not exist inside a 4k and this camera does it incredibly well even when i’m reviewing 8k footage on 4k displays it just it looks miraculously better so something to be aware of and quite frankly i would rather shoot everything in ak even if it’s less forgiving on hand movements because it is just as 4k was when it was first introduced another reason that the a1 gen 2 mark ii needs to have in my opinion more than five axis stabilization it just it has to and the active steady shot for video that’s incorporated here is good but the fact that that was first introduced with consumer cameras like the zv1 while i welcome it i’m not blown away by that so more food for thought on what sony needs to do round two so if we can get a bigger battery that you know a new generation of battery because i have a feeling the body is going to have to change a little bit this body is basically the exact same size as the a7 s3 nearly the same as the a7r iv that’s inherent it’s coming you know the rework of the evf uh basically maturing the new menu system further you know it started with the a7s iii it lives here let me go ahead and show that to you for a second because this is not a deep dive for geeks on menu settings this is certainly not a tutorial but this is more about just knowing what you’re getting yourself into so

again i totally understand anyone who wants to make the argument i’d rather have you know an a9 and an a7s iii or an a7r iv and an a7s iii totally get it but there are a lot of people out there that don’t want to carry multiple bodies professional and hobbyist enthusiasts alike and that’s where the a1 just says get out the way because that is literally what this thing is it’s the get out the way camera it does everything so let me go ahead and power it on and right now it’s in auto you can see i have it set bring that right up actually i’m gonna make my life a little bit easier rather than having to hold it because it’s not light i mean i will tell you shooting with it it is a beefy camera and the glaring things that you know need to be rectified really the display is one of them but when you have a body that can do what this can is that really something that you’re going to about i mean i guess you could about anything subjectively right but if what ultimately matters is what comes out of it and usability i’m not neglecting usability uh usability is important no question but you know we have to be realistic i’m trying to give you the best possible view here and that might be it so you can jump in and out of modes here you know the touch screen of course because it’s describing but you can jump through whichever mode you want obviously but being able to record the 8k video here again on a v60 card is that’s fantastic will you have a benefit going with compact flash type a yes as i’ve mentioned the way to really max this beast out is to feed it but those cards right now are a fortune and are really small when it comes to capacity so i wouldn’t i wouldn’t go that route and

that’s why the v60 tough cards are a much better buy and they’re not inexpensive but if you can afford this body you certainly can afford those sd cards but you can also you know use much less expensive cards i also tested this with something like my one terabyte sandisk micro sd card and you know i’m shooting 8k video there i’m not losing frames can i exhaust the buffer on this thing absolutely not that’s just you need something with a much higher uh write capability so let’s get back into the menu uh but the idea of being able to scroll and have quick access to everything literally everything is a huge huge improvement from what sony has historically given us and there are a lot of people that this will make a world of difference to and then there are people that will not care and they’ll say it could still be better now again you can complain about everything it’s really up to you but in my opinion this was a leap for sony and if you know sony and you’ve dealt with sony over the years i mean i still found myself going even though i know it’s a touch screen constantly going to physical buttons because i’m still not accustomed to it yes i reviewed the a7s iii but i’m still shooting on sony bodies that do not have menus that are touch friendly this is only the beginning in my opinion and i think considering sony still owns their xperia business and they’ve integrated the phone experience into their di business it’s time to slap one of those things on the back of this camera and again if that means the body has to get larger i don’t think professionals specifically hobbyist enthusiasts i could argue won’t appreciate it but professionals i think will i think they’ll love having that capability because it’s kind of uh you know you you can use it or not but having the option is certainly better and this is where sony does have to up their game in my opinion it’s not just about that this needs to be able to swivel out it’s also about just being even more intuitive because with how small this screen is it’s pretty cramped and tight you know jumping into

things i don’t have very large hands but someone who does is going to have i feel like a bit of a challenge you don’t need alien fingers you know the martian little points but it’s it’s just not a large enough display in my opinion um the resolution i’m not as nitpicky about but the size of it i feel like it’s time to get larger than this besides being able to flip it around i feel like we’re at that point when everything goes touch screen like this you know it’s time and so i think of like zeiss making their full-frame overpriced camera that i don’t know who bought that thing but the concept of what they brought to the table i feel like sony needs to take a look at that and you know this was done years ago panasonic had the the first one-inch sensor inside of a phone and and that concept failed i’d like to see that come back but let’s reverse engineer that let’s and samsung did it too let’s keep all the physical controls but let’s bring a ui and a display that essentially you know gives you the same experience that you get out of a tablet there’s no reason on a camera at this point that they cannot do that and i don’t mean that it has to give you the ability to surf the web or install apps but if they did that would it really change costs that much i don’t think so it would just make the camera more dynamic and i think that when you get something that’s so next level like this it’s time to not have any part of the camera feel like it’s old so while this is a step in the right direction it’s not that far removed from the a7s iii and at 6 500 i want to see it far removed so again this is if my biggest complaint is that we need a larger uh brighter display with more articulation this camera is pretty damn good and the evf is just flawless i mean anyone who’s ever argued that they prefer optical viewfinders over electronic ones it’s time to you know put your money where your mouth is look through this and get back to me because this you know 240 frames per second and the wide field of view that it’s offering you and over 9 million

dots it is phenomenal it is absolutely insane and once you pair this camera with pretty much any lens that i brought on uh camera today it just it exudes quality instill in video even in low light again people think that it’s going to crash and i pushed it this thing performs and also its ability to mitigate banding something i left out i have phillips hue lights throughout my entire home and every single camera i’ve ever shot with cannot deal with the frequency of those lights now this didn’t completely eliminate the banding but boy did i get much more usable video footage out of this than any camera that i’ve ever used so it’s just next level as i’ve stated over and over again i don’t think sony has to do an incredible amount when it comes to the body itself other than making it a little bit larger because if again the only thing that people are really going to complain about is overheating which this is almost completely eliminated battery life which it’s still fairly good but the reason it’s not as good as previous cameras like the a7r iv over here is simply because it’s packing a lot more newer hardware that requires more battery capability so why feed this thing unleaded when it needs premium so i think it’s a really good step forward gen one i think it’s absolutely worth buying if you can afford it if you’re a pro and you know it’s going to change your workflow and be more optimized for what you need to get done what is there to figure out customizing the menu i mean it’s just i don’t know i i it boggles my mind that there are people who look at this and say not good enough sorry or uh you know the videos about uh 10 things i can’t stand about this there are always going to be 10 things you can’t stand about something but does a camera like this or canon’s r5 push the industry granted the industry is really just at this point sony canon i can’t even put nikon in the conversation panasonic for video and of course fuji but medium format that’s the other thing a lot of people make the argument at this price point why not go there oh that’s a video for another day but this thing is just you see how small those buttons are and that’s part of what i was talking about it’s just it’s so easy to use to shoot it’s i don’t want to

say it’s idiot proof but again i also mentioned the fact that sony did such a good job on their codex which i feel like they used to get so much flack for and now it’s the complete opposite you know you want to do something um when it comes to codex and i don’t know if anybody’s beating sony on that i mean that the 8k video out of this is 10-bit and manageable internal is insane now you know right now i’m also reviewing uh the sigma fpl which is an amazing tiny camera but you know much more comparable to the a7r iv than this obviously the only camera that anyone’s comparing this to for logical reasons is the canon 5r r5 excuse me i’m brain farting now and because it also shoots ak it shares a lot in common but it has overheating problems that render it useless of course a canon fanboy would pretend that that’s not an issue but it is i anytime a sony camera is overheated you know my subscribers know i point it out i don’t pretend it doesn’t happen like some other youtubers who then take down videos and you know they get their uh their cheeks burnt a little bit so it’s just one of those things where if you want the best it’s available yeah the price tag stings but if you have the funds what is there to talk about i mean we live in a world where we have folding phones that are two thousand dollars laptops and desktops that range from easily 2 grand up to 10 grand 6 500 is a really high price to pay but if you put it into proper context and i’m not trying to help sony sell cameras really not this thing isn’t even in stock so even if i drop an affiliate link i’m not going to see any money out of it you all know that if you know

anything about affiliate links the products need to be in stock right um there’s nothing that beats it would i like to see you know better smartphone connectivity with this more dynamic stuff yeah that this is the beginning of that and so i think sony has a lot of work to do still but again for a first gen beast i really don’t see how anyone can be disappointed with this and we’re talking about shooting stills we’re talking about shooting cinema style video a bona fide 8k video camera i know i keep saying this but because i don’t know how anyone could really be disappointed with this and that doesn’t mean everyone’s going to love it nothing ever works that way and i don’t expect anyone to say it’s perfect i’m not saying it’s perfect i’ve already told you they need to rectify the evf we need better battery life is this acceptable for gen 1 yeah of course as i said i didn’t need more than you know really two batteries for shooting but some of you are going to need four or six if you’re doing events and you’re doing hours upon hours of video another nice thing is you can feed uh you know the battery the grip another credit to gerald even though he’s we knew this without him but his testing with the heat dissipation is critical but have one battery in that vertical grip connect a battery bank to the type c port and i mean you’re pretty much golden so and the full size hdmi gives you so much flexibility if you’re doing external capture so much that just didn’t exist on a hybrid i will restate you know specifically or stay on a hybrid camera like this so top to

bottom i am in love with this thing am i going to be buying it here in the first gen probably not because as i showed you at the beginning of the video i don’t really want to part with all that gear in spite of the fact that this would give me a tool that i don’t have right now and the primary reason is that i don’t have to have that tool but if you want the best or you need to have it that tool is here having an option is good having an option that is amazing is better than good and that’s what the a1 represents uh you know when i shot with this with the 50 mil uh gm the images are just amazing amazing stuff is this a lens i would buy no it’s not but anyone who’s looking for a 50mm for this camera this there’s a reason sony is pairing this as the review unit to basically everyone i mean you can request other glass but this is the auto distribution and not just because it’s brand new that’s of course in part but it’s also because this is one of those pieces of glass that is designed specifically with the a1 in mind and sony does this every time they launch a body sometimes a few pieces of glass come out before the announcement of the body sometimes they come out a little bit after but any glass that launches in the same quarter or half of a year with a body generally is optimized for that body so i mentioned there are a few lenses that can really leverage with their motors their autofocus motors the full prowess of the 30 frames per second this isn’t that lens um but you know there are i think two right now that can uh but still the autofocus on here is

stellar everything that i’ve used that’s why i started out with showing all of you the the every person everyday lens you know whether you’re an enthusiast or a grandpa grandma you know brother sister mother father it doesn’t matter what you are who you are this is just a lens that everybody likes i mean there are some of you that don’t like it but at its price point really hard to beat so and for good reason and that’s why i wanted to shoot the a1 with a wide variety of glass and still a lens that i love that most people don’t love i’m bringing over now is my good old you know 28 to 135 pz a lot of people don’t like this lens a lot of people hate this lens i love it and again with the a1 this would be my primary studio camera but if it’s just for the studio do i need that couldn’t i just have an a7s iii and we’re back to that how does it change your workflow how does it change what you plan on doing with the camera so i hope i gave a solid amount of information enough insight for those of you on the fence trying to figure out whether or not the a1 is worth the money that really depends on what you are doing with it and whether or not you have money that’s how almost everything works when it comes to electronics and anything else in life that isn’t free so the a1 is a winner kudos to sony for making the best camera ever and that includes every manufacturer out there and you know avoid the videos i mean i’m not saying don’t watch videos where people criticize it it’s not perfect i’ve already said you know that evf issue that’s kind of an unforgivable thing i don’t know how it made it out of testing but the fact that i didn’t even have it happen in my two weeks also shows how it i guess did get through and i did have again high exposure to bright sun so obviously there are variants uh degrees to the exposure and i haven’t had

the problem also if you do have the problem it’s really easy to be mindful of which i said i kind of was you know it stayed pressed against my body most of the time when i wasn’t shooting and then when i was it didn’t come far off my body it either went to my eye or i used the lcd screen so i wasn’t like pointing it i guess into the sun and maybe that’s why so i wasn’t trying to intentionally make it happen i shot the way i shot with pretty much all of my cameras but i was waiting for it to happen and it just never did and by the way the like being able to shoot everything silently and with no compromise is just phenomenal and that’s another reason i want this camera but i still can’t justify giving up everything that i have in my arsenal it’s not everything i’d still have a few lenses left over and who knows if i change my mind you know you’re to find about find out about it here first i can’t believe i’m almost to 50 minutes but when something is this fantastic i’m going to rant a little bit and that’s why i’ve been at it you know i don’t think i’ve left out anything that i think is important of course i’m sure all of you in the comments will have a lot to say but the a1 sets a new standard and when this thing goes on sale it’s probably going to be in my bag and you know the history of sony bodies which is to our advantage generally means that it’s going to depreciate fairly quickly i mean look at the a7r four i was able to buy it in its launch year for a thousand less um you know than retail so and it’s not because it wasn’t well received the a7r iv is still a gem but of course the a1 a9 mark ii and a7s3 all could make someone forget about the a7r iv quickly i want the a2 again to give me i don’t know what sony’s next step is going to be with the sensor but i want something beyond the 61 in

the a7r4 i want i mean i’ve given you my wish list better battery life this is in a perfect world uh better ergonomics because with big glass all of the uh alpha series bodies can get unruly i mean come on shooting with the 200 to 600 g is it’s like bringing a bazooka with you there’s no balance to that so but even as i’ve stated a 50 mil prime like this gm it’s uh it’s not a perfect world when it comes to balance aesthetics pretty nice but balance not amazing but the flaws here i don’t think should prevent anyone from wanting this camera you just have to know what you’re getting yourself into and again from a video and still side you’re just not going to beat it with any other manufacturer including sony itself yeah you could beat it by having an a7r iv an a7s3 and an a92 but that will cost more than an a1 unless you literally need three cameras that doesn’t make any sense so that pretty much wraps things up i highly recommend this camera if you can afford it if it makes financial sense to you and you know doesn’t have to make financial sense if you have more money than concerns about what you’re getting because it is without any hesitation the best camera on the market here in 2021 but i myself am going to try to wait for the next gen if it goes on an extreme sale and this thing is a thousand dollars less than it is maybe even fifteen hundred dollars less in the next six months then you better believe i might consider giving up some cameras because unlike many of you out there i could live with one body in place of two and a lot of you are the same way a lot of you have commented in my update on this that you happily got rid of an a9 and an a7r to get this and i’m right there with you i see that benefit infinitely this is better in every single way if you’re happy with what you’re shooting for or with no reason to upgrade in my opinion but if you do see you know the relevance and value of being able to shoot with the least expensive 8k true video camera out there and it’s not perfect

there’s pixel binning uh you know i didn’t get too much into that but you know that’s another thing that’s going to be more refined but the fact that cinetone is on here which is on all of sony’s cinema cameras again from a 4k perspective this is you know do you really need to look at an a7s three yeah you got the flip out screen but what other advantage do you have 4k 120 hertz full hd 240 frames per second it does everything that camera does but more so i was interested in the a7s iii i was interested in the fx3 but now that the a1 is dropped not so interested anymore even with this extremely high price tag we’re in a new realm of di capability and the fact that it doesn’t overheat wow the crickets should be all around because historically speaking that was always the biggest drawback with sony was how much overheating are we going to get for the video capability they’ve introduced the a1 doesn’t seem to suffer from any of that even when it comes to 8k there are workarounds so clearly i’m not saying it won’t overheat it can plenty of people have documented that it will it didn’t overheat on me but i only had it for two weeks and it’s still a pandemic i’m not you know running into highly populated places i live in a state unfortunately where the majority of people don’t believe in science so it is what it is right and this is not a political commentary so trolls stay in your holes the point is is that the a1 is the best camera ever made and if money did grow on trees i would have bought one by now no question about it if i could find it and that’s still going to be your other hurdle is that the a1 is basically permanently sold out which i stated earlier in this video but uh no better camera i’m repetitive because this thing is elite uh you know people are spending thousands of dollars on gpus to play video games i get it people are spending you know crazy amounts on all kinds of crap so when people say 6 500 no way if we started to use that judgment and i’m not saying i want things to be more expensive i am like most people i like to get what i pay for but you can

easily make the argument as i feel like i kind of have unintentionally through this video that you are getting what you pay for with this camera and again the primary glass that i tested this with was the 50 mlg uh the g master 100 to 400 i mean i could try to bring it all into frame uh for one last salute here before it goes back to sony and i will miss this thing um you know wouldn’t it be great if sony gave me free stuff that’s not the case uh the 200 to 600 that’s not going to even fit in frame i mean basically these two lenses plus this guy right here well right here back this up it fills the void and if i had to refine things even more i would bring in again that 28 to 135 because the 28 to 135 i know no wide angle option i mean i did shoot a little bit with the 16 to 35 but i’m getting ready to upgrade this it’s it’s overdue it still serves my purposes for landscape and any ultra wide shots but i do want to get something a little bit wider it’s probably going to be the sigma uh 14 to 24 rather than sony’s 3 000 option just because that lens when i reviewed it with stellar but you know just this grouping right here i mean what more do you need and i’m not saying prime glass is bad but to each his or her own obviously so hope you all enjoyed the video again the a1 is the king of the hill no question about it you can be a fanboy of sony canon nikon panasonic fuji i don’t really care you just aren’t gonna be this guy right here any questions or comments please feel free to post them hit that like button and as usual please feel free to subscribe and please stay safe later

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