Lenovo Legion 7 vs Asus Zephyrus G15

ed here with the digital digest and today i wanted to share a comparison between the lenovo legion 7 on the left and the asus zephyrus g15 on the right now before we get started the first thing you need to know is that the legion 7 has not launched in the us at the time of this video this was sent over for review but it should be launching sooner than later it is available in some regions around the world but again the us is not one of them the g15 on the other hand this is my daily driver this is not a review unit it has a skin on it so it doesn’t look like the g15 would typically but we are working with very similar internals although on paper the g15 does have superior specifications and i’ll get to that in a moment the first thing i want to look at is display quality we have a 16 inch 2560 by 1600 resolution 165hz refresh rate ips panel again the first of its kind with that 16 by 10 aspect ratio and then on the right we have what was the first of its kind 15.6 inch also 165 hertz 16 by 9 aspect ratio ips panel so both have the same refresh rate but slightly larger and a different aspect ratio with the legion seven let’s take a look and a listen to their performance brightness is at 100 for both of these machines both are matte displays [Music] you’ll notice the black bars at the top of the bottom that’s because again the legion 7 is a 16 by 10 aspect ratio a little blown out simply because of the brightness being at 100 here let me stop it right there so uh the takeaway at least in my opinion from this is that they both have really good displays neither is in the oled realm obviously you’re not going to beat an organic light a light emitting diode display they are best in the business but when it comes to high refresh rate these are gaming laptops you’re not

going to find a 165hz panel in the oled world either so as far as ips that’s in plane switching tech goes you’re looking at bleeding edge for both of these now in my personal opinion i’m going to call this a wash i do happen to like the 16 by 10 aspect ratio but letterbox is not going to be for everyone this is really a matter of personal preference i don’t think one is specifically better than the other i think they’re really close and that’s because they’re the same tech but of course you are getting more resolution with the legion seven so that is important to note uh but it’s vertical resolution and that’s why when it comes to 16×9 content which is what i produce as a content creator i do favor the g15 however i would be just as happy with the 16-inch new panel that lenovo is using when i say new again that’s subjective because they’re both really new this was the first time ever that we saw a 165 hertz panel you know that’s 1440 resolution and now we’re seeing the first time that we’ve got a 1600 resolution uh 16-inch panel ever so important to note so i think it’s kind of a wash now when it comes to audio quality that’s the next thing i want to touch on they both are pretty good i don’t think you’ll be blown away but i think they absolutely achieve what they should in their form factor and class and especially price point uh the g15 i didn’t mention pricing in this build specifically with the amd ryzen 9 5900h and the rtx 3070 is priced at roughly 1850 us dollars this is the model from best buy uh rgb backlighting on the keyboard you may have noticed uh we have per uh key rgb lighting with the legion seven but we don’t have pricing yet uh this sports a ryzen 7 5800 h as well as a 30 60.

So slightly inferior specifications with the heavier legion 7 but again let’s now take a listen specifically to the legion 7. see the rgb coming to life as well stop it right there and now let’s take a listen to the g15 we are at 100 just verifying [Music] so in my opinion the audio is really close but i think it’s a little bit better on the legion seven than on the g15 let’s move away from the display and audio performance and talk about keyboards now both are really good i think that clearly the first thing you’re going to notice beyond the rgb per key on the left as opposed to you know rgb but not per key on the right is that there is no numpad you do not have a numerical keypad so if you need the numpad obviously the legion 7 is the way to go if you don’t care if it’s not critical i will tell you that the g15 keyboard i think is slightly better than the lenovo believe it or not at least to me it feels like we have more key travel with the g15 than we do with the legion but it may be almost identical i mean i couldn’t tell you that you’ve got to go with the g15 because it has a better keyboard because they are that close in performance and again if you care about having a numerical pad well then there’s nothing to even talk about with the g15 let’s get out of this and let’s talk about some more elements that i think are critical uh to making a purchase like this another thing you may have noticed is that we have a webcam at the top center of the bezel there is no webcam on the g15 so that’s something that may or may not matter to you of course i purchased the g15 knowing that it didn’t have a webcam and that’s a sacrifice that i don’t think most of us should have to make we’re still in a pandemic it doesn’t really make a lot of sense even if we weren’t in a pandemic let’s talk about build quality all aluminum here pretty much almost 100 percent a little bit of polycarbonate but even the deck is aluminum whereas with the g15 predominantly plastic there is some metal

in this build but that also is the reason the g15 is significantly lighter we’re looking at five and a half pounds for the legion seven and we’re looking at roughly four and a half pounds for the g15 and that’s without the power brick the 300 watt brick for the legion 7 is tremendous the power brick the 200 watt for the g15 on the other hand is much more reasonable in my opinion you may have also noticed all of the rgb lighting running around the machine now of course you can disable that and that will also result in better battery life but if you’re looking for a gaming laptop and you feel that’s part of the identity you have that option here with the legion 7 you do not have that option here with the g15 so really a matter of personal preference yet again but to the point again about the brix and battery life the g15 far superior on battery life than the legion seven now that may change when the legion seven officially launches here in the us a lot of people have been talking about the iq software and that that corsair software is a battery drain which it is but i cannot in good conscious tell you that if you uninstall the iq software you’ll get x amount more of battery life because that is not going to be what the majority of users do if they’re buying this and they like the rgb lighting they’re not buying it with the intent of disabling that so as it stands if you’re wondering about battery life you are looking at uh with the g15 more realistic battery life for something that wouldn’t remind you of a gaming laptop which is part of the reason that i really love the g15 it’s a love hate relationship which i’m not getting into here if you want to check out my reviews on this then you’ll find that

out there but if you disable the gpu egpu mode you can get seven to eight hours of battery life which is pretty amazing with the gpu on though that’s where they become very similar which you’re looking at really three to four hours off of the brick depending on what you’re doing which is a lot for gaming laptops but not a lot for laptops in general and right now if i look at what’s estimated here 61 percent an hour and 38 minutes and with the g15 i do have the battery conditioning on we’re at 34 with 46 minutes so you can see they’re really quite comparable when the gpu is enabled again we have a 30 70 in this build with a tdp that maxes out at a hundred watts and here we have a 3060 that maxes out at i think roughly 130 so with that said let’s talk about the gaming performance because the gpu is going to be principal not just to gaming but also to video photo editing in application software that can actually make use of it of course the cpus are both competent they’re both amd’s latest and greatest uh of course the ryzen 9 in here 35 watts as opposed to the 45 with the ryzen 750 800 but the ryzen 9 in here is a superior 8 core chip to the 8 core inside of the legion 7.

How much in real world use not that much of a difference when it comes to benchmarking they’re not that far apart either even though better cpu gpu combo here by the way 16 gigs of ram stock in this build eight gigs of the 16 in this configuration are soldered to the board something i absolutely hate but that’s part of the love hate relationship now i have upgraded to 40 gigs of ram by throwing a 32 gig dim in here that did help give me extra headroom that i needed but let’s stick to the 16 gig world uh something you should know about the cpu is that with the ryzen 7 you max out at 32 gigs at least to my knowledge whereas with the ryzen 9 you max out at 48.

so that’s the reason i was able to push this to 40. if you go with the 3080 build that comes stock at 32 you see where you can go with that so something to be aware of but when it comes to something like 3d mark and benchmarking i pulled in the highest score that i got here was a little over 8 700 whereas with the g15 i’m consistently over 500. now what does that equate to in gaming well i’ve got things like rust call of duty valheim you know battlefield 5 on here specifically cyberpunk and i even have gta on here frame rates are really similar close enough with the 3060 with the extra wattage to the 37 with the lower wattage that i felt this comparison was totally legitimate and i expect pricing to be really similar i mentioned 1850 for this it originally launched at 17.50 pricing went up because of supply and demand i presume uh and it’s being sold by third party retailers for even more you’re looking at something over two thousand dollars this machine is supposed to be somewhere between seventeen hundred and two grand and that seems like a lot but when you take into account what i just mentioned here i won’t be shocked if we see it coming in at higher than 1700.

the upside to lenovo is is that they are a bigger manufacturer than asus which means we will see discounting i think more heavily with the legion 7 over the lifespan of the product whereas the g15 will simply be replaced i mean the m16 is right around the corner and if i had that i would compare it but then we’d also be comparing intel to amd and part of what i like about this comparison is that we’re getting amd versus amd of course with nvidia and tow on both of them and both of these processors are brand spanking new so as are the displays i mean this is part of the beauty of 2021 for gaming and content creation both displays by the way are fairly color accurate that’s another really nice thing about them i am drawn to this display but again i st purely at this point for a laptop i prefer 16×9 for general monitors though 16×10 has been a standard for me for over a decade now the next thing you need to know thermals how do they perform uh you know i haven’t seen any heavy throttling with either of these of

course the g15 because it’s thinner lighter it is more prone uh but i don’t really think that you’re gonna run into anything whether you’re gaming or editing 4k video or using these machines in photoshop or lightroom with raw images you’re not going to really run into any true bottlenecks i haven’t at least so that’s part of the beauty of both the legion 7 and the g15 is that they are workhorses in a form factor that traditionally you wouldn’t expect and again from a gaming perspective uh and i didn’t emphasize this enough the beauty of both of these is that with pretty much any title you throw at them you will be able to max it out at the native resolution of the display now with the g15 you’re going to fare a little bit better with the legion on the other hand as it puts itself to semi-sleep dims the display for power saving purposes you basically in a title like cyberpunk for example if you try to max things out because of that extra resolution again six you know 2560 by 1600 as opposed to 2560 by 1440 you know qhd versus wqhd you are going to want to drop some settings down and you could offset that but the point is native resolution both of these are going to be able to play pretty much anything you throw at them now if you want to take that to an external monitor that’s another story all together but when it comes to native gaming on their 165hz refresh rate displays both of them are going to be up to snuff so a lot of people have said oh when will i get a legion 7 with better specifications not the base configuration which this absolutely resembles the truth of the matter is i think this is going to appeal to a lot of consumers because you don’t necessarily need the 30 70 or 30 80 when you have 130 watts to that 360.

It is a really competent gpu in spite of the fact that it has two less gigs of video ram compo compared to the 30 70. beyond that um hdmi 2.1 is present on the legion 7 we do not have that with the g15 you will need to use one of the type c ports i’m going to go over io in a moment in order to get 4k 120 hertz out of this which you absolutely can do now with a game like cyberpunk you know you’re pushing it a little bit but it’s it’s playable you’re talking about you know somewhere between 25 35 frames per second but with older titles you can easily achieve 40 to 50 frames per second believe it or not uh out of the g15 and similarly with the legion seven so that’s still really impressive uh which was pretty much unimaginable until this generation where 4k gaming has really been realized under heavy load both of these are going to spin up and make quite a bit of noise uh that’s to be expected but neither is going to burn your lap so when it comes to heat as i mentioned earlier both lenovo and asus have done a pretty good job with keeping these machines cool a lot of people will say the g15 runs hot even when it’s idling uh you know compare that to previous generations or some intel processors granted 11th gen gaming laptops haven’t hit my studio yet but they will soon and i still think these fare pretty well even if attempts get hot they’re not going to physically burn you so let’s talk about the io because that’s pretty much the other area and i’ll give you my final thoughts on both of these uh even though i own this one and this one’s a review unit so when it comes to io and by the way you can open both of these with a single hand i know a lot of people love to harp on that and i don’t really see the value but for those of you that want to know you’re fine a little bit of screen wobble by the way with the gene g15 i forgive that because it’s obviously not a touch screen uh there’s no way to do any sort of input no pen input the lenovo on the other hand has less and this is this speaks to the build quality and uh in my opinion and i didn’t by the way before i get to that touchpad can’t believe i left that out covering all my bases both are really good obviously the touch pad track pad on the g15 is larger if you care about that if you want something bigger the g15 is your option obviously but i see absolutely nothing wrong with the legion

seven another thing to point out power buttons obviously center on the legion far right on the g15 and some dedicated function buttons like the armory crate mute and volume don’t have that here but you have plenty of function keys to offset that another thing you should be aware of is that when plugging in and disconnecting the power brick from the g15 it will switch from the 165 hertz to the 60 hertz refresh rate for obvious reasons with the legion you have to change that on your own using a function key combo so it’s not going to intelligently that may change when this is officially launched in the us but just something to be aware of also all activity lights are right here and a lot of people also worry about the ventilation that is here blowing against the frame of the display i’m not personally worried i think this machine will last that’s why i own it if that you know made me insane those two things i wouldn’t have kept it but build quality definitely goes to the legion seven i mean when it comes to flex in the display itself it’s more rigid this again is plastic and there’s a lot more aluminum with the legion seven but you feel it in the weight of the machine physically so that’s something to be aware of but overall the build quality here is definitely superior now styling aesthetics whether or not you like it more is completely up to each user respectively go ahead and back those

up and you can already see physically why the legion seven is bigger it’s thicker again a metal chassis aluminum really whereas here we’re predominantly polycarbonate again this is a skin if that wasn’t obvious but a quick tour around the g15 for those of you are who are not familiar with it on the left side of the machine is where all of the i o magic happens the quick charge dedicated port your hdmi 2.0 b ethernet type a and then you have two type c ports that are both capable of power delivery so you can charge this with a traditional type c 65 watt charger it will be a slow charge whereas the included 200 watt brick which i’m going to bring out in a moment will get you charged up in roughly an hour and a half a little over an hour which i think is great and you know throughput on the type c ports we don’t have thunderbolt obviously there’s an amd build but you get very close to a gigabyte a second so that is definitely very very good in my opinion ventilation ventilation the activity lights that i was just talking about i don’t love the placement but nothing is perfect this machine still performs very well and on the right side kensington lock more ventilation micro sd card slot which i think is a must-have in my opinion and another type a port that is it really clean plastic pretty much all around and if that bothers you the g15 simply isn’t the right machine for you in my opinion we’ve got t6 torx screws all over the place pretty easy to get into this thing and the only thing again you’re going to really be upgrading is the ram and the nvme this does not support gen 4 drives of course you can use a gen 4 drive but if you followed my upgrading tutorial you know you’ve got to be careful with what you throw in here i tried to put in a 4 terabyte drive uh as the primary and i just couldn’t get it to work so presently i’ve got the stock hynix one

terabyte as the primary drive and i have a secondary four terabyte saberant drive a rocket q and that works beautifully so 5 terabytes not too shabby again the g15 is my machine for a reason it’s modern it’s light and it really does give me all the power that i could want in a laptop that is still a laptop and not really a notebook even though it falls into the notebook notebook realm now the legion as i said build quality absolutely goes to lenovo on this if you’re looking for something that really exudes the gaming theme this does that but also keeps it sedate so if like me you don’t want it to look like a gaming machine and again forgive the fact that i’ve got a skin on here this i think actually looks less like a gaming machine when the rgb is off but when the rgb is on it’s like you know it’s party in the front i mean or in the back however you want to look at it the point is is that this thing can change with a flip of a switch the g15 uh has a little bit of a rainbow effect um it’s really actually the film from the ips panel with holes exposing it i wanted that covered because i just feel like that’s another way for dust to intrude but let’s take a tour around this beast and i mean this instantly feels much heavier because it is i mean it’s a pound and that’s without the power brick don’t worry i’m still going to show you what those look like so obviously the legion logo does some glowing and hibernation charging it lets you know what’s up love the ports at the back wish we had this luxury uh with the g15 but we don’t so we’ll get there in a moment legion branding right here at the lip really clean this by the way is not so easy to get into i have not taken it apart for that reason because it’s a review unit and i’m not going to be

upgrading it but again the fact that the ram is not soldered is nice there are two slots for nvme drives just like the g15 so very similar uh the bottom ventilation here you see the legion fans i mean it’s attention to detail lenovo gets credit for that i think this is a really well appointed machine and it’s not gaudy or ostentatious and it doesn’t turn me off personally uh the left side of the machine headphone microphone combo jack just like on the g15 of course and then you have one type c port this can be charged using type c but you’re going to want to use the 300 watt included proprietary brick on the back again this is where ports belong and they’ve given you an ample supply we’ve got the proprietary 300 watt again charging port from the brick and then we have type a hdmi 2.1 two more type a’s and yet another type c and ethernet flip it around and we’ve got another type c and a privacy switch so what is missing folks no card reader now for many of you this may be irrelevant for me it’s relevant and it’s one of the reasons i own the g15 i’m not saying it’s one of the reasons i wouldn’t own a legion 7 because i do think the legion 7 promises to be one of the best gaming laptops of this year legion branding on the hinge you may have noticed that if you didn’t i’m pointing it out now and that’s pretty much it the led strip that runs all around that you saw lit up at the top of this video again really a matter of personal preference if that’s for you but i think lenovo did a really nice job uh when this is plugged in and powered on and any of these ports are in use they are illuminated and i just think that the legion 7 feels like a much uh i would say better made product than the g15 the g15 inherently feels a little bit disposable because of the all plastic body can’t get around that the trade-off is much lighter obviously than the legion seven as i’ve

stated through the course of this video time and time again now for the power bricks let’s look at them because it’s relevant i mean one i feel like will sit comfortably in your bag and the other will not so let’s start with the one i own which again is the g15 a little bit dusty but that’s because this thing doesn’t travel as i stated we’re still in a pandemic there is the 200 watt power brick and it’s fairly normal quick charging on here as i stated you know an hour and a half basically to full charge i have battery conditioning set to 60 because this pretty much lives on the nipple for me right now the nipple being this for those of you with dirty minds and when you have something permanently docked to a power source do yourself a favor and you know let the battery conditioning do its job otherwise you’re going to shorten the lifespan of that battery so let’s go ahead scoot that back drop that there so that it stays in frame and let’s get to the real the real large brick which again is the 300 watt brick that you’ll find across the entire lineup for the legion 7 no matter what build you end up with trying to get this to stay it’s just trying to pull itself off here is the 300 watt beast for the lenovo so this to me is one of the biggest drawbacks but again if you’re in the market for something really powerful this is you know what the responsibility that comes along with it and the good news about this brick is that it does charge up the legion seven really quickly uh actually faster than the g15 and both of these have very large batteries but you’re looking at a little over an hour just like with the g15 with the legion 7.

So you know does this matter to you again it’s a matter of personal preference but this brick is basically twice the size of the 200 watt brick for the g15 and i thought it was important to know i mean as this continues to slide uh it’s just again when the time comes that you actually want to travel with one of these know that the g15 is going to travel a lot better than the legion seven and that’s part of the reason i kind of i’m rubbed the wrong way by the fact that the legion 7 doesn’t have a card reader because it’s such a beefy you know heavy machine granted not heavy in context of what it’s capable of because i do think it’s fairly lightweight i mean in days past a machine with these sort of specifications and this capability would be significantly heavier and we’ve got that new 16-inch screen which i think is a show-stopper i mean both of them have brilliant displays now which is right for you that’s a question of what you plan to do if the machine is never going to travel the legion 7 seems like the obvious winner especially you know if you need higher specifications to match what’s in the g15 you’re going to have that ability i mean you’re going to be able to spec this thing out and they’ll eventually have intel builds too which i think is going to be really intriguing with the 11th gen chips and thunderbolt 4 i mean that’s where i would be focused but this is what’s available now or at least soon to be available this will be out sooner than the intel build that’s why i have it for review so uh just recapping here at nearly 30 minutes unscripted as usual this is my daily driver for a reason when i bought it granted it was months ago i knew what i was getting involved with it is not perfect but at you know a little over four pounds really hard to beat its cpu gpu combo the display quality uh battery life all of those things it’s just still really hard to beat it but if you know you’re put off by the soldered ram if you’re put off by the nearly all plastic build and you can all chime in and tell me it’s not predominantly plastic i love my g15 but it feels like a piece of plastic for a reason uh then clearly this is the way to go uh there are other options in the market don’t get me wrong but i feel like these are two of the most premium and they reflected in their pricing granted the g15 was looked at as a bargain when it was 1750 u.s but now we know it’s 1850 it’s in stock that’s the good news the legion 7 when it comes to market we’ll see what the price ends up being again i don’t have final numbers but i do think that for most users the display is better than the g15 because most users i think will prefer the 16 by 10 aspect ratio some games will not support it the majority will support 16 by 10.

So don’t get put off and think well i’m going to try to game with this and then the aspect ratio isn’t going to be supported it likely will in addition to that would you be better off with a 30 70 or 30 80 in this build yes with the extra resolution i do think the 3070 is the sweet spot i don’t really see the value in going 3080 on any of these laptops especially when you have 130 watts the 3070 should scream the difference in cpu as i mentioned through the course of this video is marginal granted this is the better cpu it actually gets less wattage 35 versus 45 which is another interesting thing but the performance difference is so marginal that in real world use you aren’t going to see it at all i don’t want to say kind of like gen 3 versus gen 4 nvme drives because there is a big difference there but how much you’re going to see in terms of software actually utilizing it is where that difference gets mitigated so the legion has better build quality i think the better display overall it’s larger higher res that for me is a win-win i also love the screen to body ratio on this thing i mean the g15 is nice but it has a giant chin there’s no way around it you don’t have that with this machine you know the chin on this doesn’t feel like a modern uh machine compared to uh the screen to body ratio on the legion seven so there’s a lot to like there also you know this has a webcam this has a numerical pad slightly smaller trackpad touchpad but that may or may not make a difference to you just like the lack of an sd card reader of any form so better i o in my opinion on this machine no question about it the hdmi 2.1 in itself makes it better but the g15 isn’t really missing too much is it you know both of these will play nicely with thunderbolt 4 docs because they are backwards compatible with traditional type c machines i’ve tested both and you do have power delivery through type c so if you are traveling and you forget the brick you can use any type c power delivery but remember you will not be able to get full performance out of either of these without the brick so you are going to want to have the brick if you plan on doing any real gaming or real heavy lifting in the

software world whether we’re talking about again photo video editing any sort of graphic design you’re going to want to have that power brick that’s just a fact of life uh but hopefully that rounds it out i mean these are two great machines i don’t think you’ll go wrong with either one but i feel like there’s a reason i picked the g15 and it still stands up thankfully today now the question inherently that i will be asked is if i didn’t own the g15 and this was a review unit which would i pick today in all likelihood i would probably go towards the legion however that is being said without knowing what pricing is going to be and pricing is always relevant if somehow the 30-70 on the legion ends up being a 2500 machine i absolutely would go still with the g15 i don’t think that will be the case i think these are going to be competitive when it comes to pricing so just food for thought but there’s no question i prefer the legion seven in just about every single way except for what i’ve stated through this review which is its overall weight and of

course possibly it being significantly more expensive than the g15 in the 30 70 build that i have here so again if everything could be done over today and they were the same price then things become a little bit more tricky because then the only thing the legion 7 is missing is a card reader and i would not shun a very well-built uh beast of a machine like the legion seven simply because it’s missing a card reader and that’s coming from me a content creator that really does need to have a card reader but this is still really compelling and the 16-inch panel they’ve employed is the first of its kind and we’re going to see every manufacturer follow suit including asus that’s coming as well as dell everyone is going to employ it so i really think the legion seven is a gem and i’m not off put by you know the rgb ness of the machine because it can all be disabled but again those of you who’ve been saying give me the battery life with iq uninstalled that doesn’t make any sense does it because you’re buying this machine with rgb as being part of what you’re paying for if lenovo decides to make one without the rgb lighting we have a different conversation entirely but the g15 i’m still really happy with i have no regrets in this context the other thing is the legion does not have soldered ram so that’s a knock against the g15

obviously but i’m happy with my 32 gig upgrade to get me up to 40 things are working really well uh so don’t get too hung up on synthetic benchmarking remember when it comes to gaming uh and editing these are going to be really similar simply because there’s a lot more power going to the 30 60 but i am really curious what the 30 70 is going to do again the 3080 i think is just unrealistic and it’s like you know if you just want to buy the most expensive machine you can do it but how much performance you’re going to gain is likely not going to be worth it similarly you know to picking a 30 90 over a 30 80 ti the 30 90 will outperform it nvidia has made sure of that but for real world use will that difference be something relevant to you as a consumer likely not so both really good machines hope you enjoyed the video again i’m really happy with the g15 and i’m glad that at the end of the day this is still the more portable machine because down the road i do plan on traveling and this i will happily take with me this would get a little bit too heavy in my opinion and that is the other the only downside really to the legion seven outside of the missing card reader because it literally has everything else so i’m going to be very curious what lenovo does uh with the intel builds as well i think that’s going to be of

particular interest to me because the one thing i really miss from both of these is thunderbolt for uh connectivity and throughput i’ve got a lot of thunderbolt uh nvme drives and you know i get close to the capability with the type c throughput we have here but still can’t achieve that one and a quarter nearly one and a half gigabytes per second that thunderbolt gives you so that’s the juice i’m missing but still really happy with my g15 and i think anyone who picks it up is going to be but quality control issues for those of you that followed my coverage were suspect at the very beginning asus has been able to iron things out but everybody’s got horror stories with every manufacturer as i’ve stated no one is perfect but both of these are really good machines and it’s a great time to be looking at gaming laptops here in 2021 when you can do just about everything with them when years ago you know people used to argue about why you shouldn’t go beyond full hd those days have thankfully passed any questions or comments please feel free to post them hit that like button and as usual please feel free to subscribe and please stay safe later

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