Review Sigma 35mm f2 DG DN Contemporary Compact Lens For Sony e-mount Cameras

and here with the digital digest and today i wanted to share my full review the digitally digested segment for the sigma 35 millimeter f2 dg dn contemporary lens for sony full-frame e-mount cameras now sigma does also make this for the l mount but today’s review is about the e-mount version and i have to say this is a incredibly competent well-made 35 mil prime fairly compact so that means it is a good match for the a7c but it’s not incredibly small so that means that it does also fit nicely on cameras like my a7 r2 and a7r4 something that i didn’t really think i would be running to shoot with it on simply because of course if you want faster 35 mil primes they do exist but i think this is strong competition for sony’s own 35 millimeter f1.8 which is a little bit more expensive this retails for i think around 650 and the the sony generally is a 750 lens but often is on sale for a little under 700 us so sigma coming in a little bit less expensive this is very similar to the compact 24 millimeter uh relationship i’ll say between sigma and sony uh 50 difference here a little bit more of a substantial pricing difference considering the sony is a retail price point of 750.

Uh build quality again excellent you have your autofocus switch right there of course the aperture ring nice and clicky no way to turn that click off which you know if you are a hybrid shooter may be something of a concern but i think for most it will not be again i really appreciate the separation uh that in spite of this being a compact lens that exists between the focus ring and the aperture ring which i think is relevant and then the metal lens hood i think is fantastic and this is something i said in other videos that i feel like sigma is listening to consumers and on a lot of their lenses which aren’t necessarily at the top tier of their pricing much like this one they were using a lot of plastic lens hoods and i think you know when you have great build quality uh like sigma does again made in japan then why not follow through across the entire board and i’m glad to see sigma doing that with these metal lens hoods even on compact primes now i still consider this a compact prime even though it’s substantially larger than something like the 24 mil prime or the 45 it’s really closer akin to the size of their 65 mil prime and one of the things i also really like about it which is more cosmetic and about convenience is the magnetic lens cap now of course they include the traditional lens cap right there nothing really to say about that it works it does its job it’s more secure than the magnetic but i friggin love the

magnetic ones i i don’t know what else to tell you and it’s not an ingenious invention but it is just adding a little spice a little flavor and i do really believe that all of these new primes from sigma targeted at the a7c are all about convenience and i think the magnetic lens cap is no exception so if you’re not someone who plans on using the hood too much and i say that because unless you have really long fingernails very hard to get the magnetic lens cap off when the hood is on body then i think you’re going to really appreciate the magnetic lens caps and i see that as a win because this camera the a7c is all about convenience if you want something large as i’m having trouble lining it up if you want something large something more expensive bulkier a faster piece of glass it’s out there it’s been out there this launch of more compact prime lenses both from sony and sigma alike is really targeted uh like a laser on a7c owners which as i’ve stated over and over again in my original review of this camera it’s all about pleasing a much broader demographic than uh the other full-frame cameras that sony has made in the past this is a camera that i can easily recommend uh to amateurs as well as pros alike as long as they know what they’re getting themselves into and in a very confident competent fashion sigma is addressing uh their lenses in the exact same way which is make lenses that are affordable but deliver high quality both in terms of optics both in still and video and then complement it further by making it really convenient to start shooting and i gotta love that i mean if you’re out in the field and you’re again either an amateur or a pro who wants to be finicking around

with traditional lens caps if you can actually sport something like this and i really do love the magnetic lens caps i know i’m beating the dead horse here so to speak even though i should get rid of that expression because it’s pretty gross and i don’t know anybody that beats dead horses so we’re not going to get into the origination of that but the point is this is a convenience camera no matter who is shooting with it it’s a camera that can be comfortable in just about anyone’s hands not large yet totally competent full-frame uh you know great overall characteristics for video as well uh stabilization on board obviously in body uh and i know that sony’s gonna flush out the sea line of full-frame cameras over time because they would not be making the investment in glass unless they saw the future going smaller the less is more certainly coming back to life and i love that and i love to see that we have options outside of sony so while sony already as i stated earlier has a great 35 mil that i also consider affordable it’s nice to have a well-appointed well-made alternative now a lot of you out there are going to say well there are other manufacturers and of course there are and i’m not taking away anything from those other manufacturers what i am

pointing out is that sigma like sony has a long-standing reputation for high quality uh optics and of course in the camera body world they’re not the most dominating force but they are bleeding edge i mean the sigma fp and hopefully i’ll have the fpl soon to share with all of you pretty amazing stuff what sigma has done in fact they were the ones to make the smallest full-frame camera ever not sony i mean sony likes to point that out with this camera but the fp did come before it it may not be as versatile the fp as this in terms of its auto focus system and the wide variety of consumer that it appeals to but at the end of the day sigma is as sony is a very reputable long-standing brand and still made in japan something even sony cannot say so there is some some form of value in my opinion uh in acknowledging that um all of the new lenses the new primes are following the design language and build quality of sigma’s cinema line of lenses which i really like so that’s another nice thing and i mean this is probably the only lens outside of sony’s own native e-mount glass that just looks like it’s meant to live on the sony body you see before you and as i stated even though i feel this is really designed specifically for the a7c it is completely competent on cameras like my a7 r2 and 4.

if you’re wondering wondering why i don’t have the three it’s because i sold that a while ago when i purchased the four i knew i did not need that many bodies with such similar characteristics in terms of performance so and specifically what they aim to achieve now as a hybrid shooter personally i would love for sigma to incorporate the click switch i’ve said this about their other compact primes but you know a 35 mil lens like this is incredibly competent incredibly uh versatile a little bit of focus breathing but nothing uh that you wouldn’t see again with sony themselves so i i feel like this does give sony a run for its money when it comes to their own affordable 35 mil prime of course if you want to step up into another realm of optic quality that’s where the gm line comes in and so does your checking account so it’s really a matter of what you’re after i think that much like the other primes that compact primes that sigma launched and sony launched they’re aimed at more mainstream rather than professional users again the average person who wants a great camera a great lens and yes this is not an inexpensive body but it is not the direction that sony’s been going i mean the a1 is a 6500 body uh even the a7r iv 3 500 original retail now i’ve seen some amazing sales on that camera for around 2300 if you can get it get it that is absolutely worth it and even my old a7r ii is still incredibly competent here in 2021 even though that launched a hundred years ago well more like 2015.

so you get my point this is really i think a perfect fit for a camera like this 35 mil you know i don’t prefer it over the 24 mil compact prime i especially love the macro capability of that sigma lens but for those of you that 35 is the focal range specifically the prime you’re after you’re going to be happy with this i mean it performs well in low light does beautifully in of course normal lighting conditions and the balance on this body is pretty much perfect uh it could be lighter that’s one thing i will say about the sigmas they’re all so dense and so robust in their build quality that they do make even a little body like this the a7c a little front heavy you can see it it does tilt forward but nitpicking at its finest right there again i don’t think you can go wrong with this lens i can highly recommend it just like the sony 35 f18 is incredibly incredibly popular i think this is now going to share that limelight with it and if you are specifically a sigma oriented user someone who has been a fan of sigma glass for a long time i think you’ve got to be happy that you’re just getting more and more options from sigma that are premium but don’t carry again a premium price tag and still made in japan which is a rarity now i will reiterate i say this all the time that because a product is made in china versus japan is not a knock at that product because no matter where they’re made you know god forbid anything was made in the us anymore the idea is still the same which is that the specifications of the

parent company the manufacturer those specifications have to be met even if it’s being made on mars of course that’s not possible but you understand my point so whether it’s made in china japan you know south korea wherever vietnam sony used to make camera bodies and lenses there until some natural disasters the whole point is that the specifications the standards end up you know being of that manufacturer’s specificity so while i do prefer products made in japan because i come from a time when i can still remember a lot of camera gear being made especially sony stuff being made in japan it doesn’t mean that made in japan is better than made anywhere else but if like me you’re from a time when a lot of things were made in japan specifically electronics di equipment televisions things of that nature you will inherently have some form of uh you know association of quality with being made in japan no differently than via laptops you definitely pay an extreme premium for the fact that they are made in japan and a lot of people won’t care about that and i completely understand where they’re coming from so overall the the really important thing to know is that you’re getting a great piece of glass with weather sealing again not as robust as what sony does but i keep mentioning that i don’t really buy

into what manufacturers say about weather sealing because i’ve mentioned weather sealing for many many years across whether we’re talking about physical bodies or the glass you attach to them but i will always say the same thing about it which is please don’t get your equipment wet you know this stuff whether it’s rated to get wet or not that’s really no manufacturer is going to say well if it ends up having you know a condensation issue or mold build up we’ll take care of it no they’re not going to also sigma is good about warranty issues so you don’t have to worry that you’re buying it from a no-name manufacturer so a lot of people like to say you know take a look at sam yang i don’t have a problem with them or other manufacturers small shops compared to of course sigma sony and tamron i don’t have an issue with that at all but for the general public who again the broad breadth of the a7c represents and they’re looking for a tac sharp 35 mil prime you’ve got it here and you’ve got it at a price that right now is impossible to beat from a manufacturer with a reputation like sigma and again made in japan

so i really like this lens and i see absolutely no reason that all of you aren’t going to enjoy this pairing and if again you want to shoot it on a larger e-mount full frame you can do it i just think that it’s clear sigma’s intent here was to give us affordable quality prime glass for the a7c and i’m happy they did it i mean this if i owned an a7c this and the 24 mil would probably be my two favorites just because in the world of primes those are uh my go-to focal points uh otherwise i do tend to like the flexibility of uh zoom glass that is hopefully fast you know i’m not looking for that bottom range kit sort of aperture but something that’s a little bit faster so that’s why you know i own the gm 100 to 400 but i don’t necessarily tell everyone to run out and buy the gm version of everything because that really isn’t necessarily justified although some people think spending more money does always equate to everything being better that is a fool’s errand if there ever was one at any rate the sigma 35 easily uh a number one choice if you’re looking for a compact fast 35 mil prime for street photography even portraits

portraiture absolutely is doable with this just remember to use your camera wisely young padawan and that’s pretty much it really like this lens if that wasn’t clear through the course of this now 16 minute video love that we’ve got a robust lens hood love that we have the incredibly convenient magnetic lens cap this may make me want to pick up personally some sigma lenses and dump some of my sony ones uh simply because the performance is there the build quality is there and i finally have options and so do all of you and that’s the beauty of competition folks while i love sony i love seeing manufacturers like sigma step up and give us alternatives that don’t sacrifice quality and sometimes save us a good chunk of money kind of like their ultra wide zoom that i reviewed last year that i love that ultra wide zoom is uh still on my short list may end up in my gear bag any questions or comments please feel free to post them hit that like button and as usual please feel free to subscribe and please stay safe later

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