Review Sigma 24mm f3.5 DG DN Contemporary Compact Full Frame Lens

and here with the digital digest and today i wanted to share my full review the digitally digested segment for the sigma 24 millimeter f 3.5 dg dn contemporary lens for sony e-mount full-frame cameras this retails for 550 us dollars sigma was kind enough to send it over for review purposes and i’ve had a decent amount of time to play with it and i can tell you it is a solid choice and i’m happy that manufacturers other than sony but sony of course included here are finally rolling out lenses to match the a7c you know the a7c is one of the most compact powerful cameras on the planet really a full breadth of features that you wouldn’t expect in its form factor the only thing missing at the time of launch was really glass to match that form factor and now we finally have some options of course sony rolled out their three primes which i’ve covered at length and of course sigma actually before sony back in december launched or i should say announced their primes which are now at market as well so the 24 is actually one of my favorites you know solid construction one of the particular advantages it has over the sony counterpart again other than the pricing being a little bit softer 50 less that really shouldn’t influence your decision too much is that it does have a very solid macro capability a minimum focus distance on this is a little over four inches which is impressive very minimal focus breathing on this lens build quality is fantastic the aesthetic also really pleasing and i

think that’s something that’s going to be a matter of personal preference uh now the fact that it’s a little bit slower than the sony at f 2.8 here being f 3.5 i don’t think is that much of a difference i also like that sigma includes a traditional lens cap as well as their new magnetic lens caps which i think really just resonates the entire or embodies the entire point of this lineup of lenses and the a7c which is practicality and just convenience and you know having this rangefinder style body now complemented by glass to match so really like that it has weather sealing not quite as robust as sony’s line but i’m not going to test that and neither should you so while i can tell you what manufacturer state in terms of the breadth of their weather ceiling i would not actually ever get this lens wet nor do i recommend anyone do that so you can see really well balanced on the a7c now that’s not to say you can’t use this of course on other full-frame email cameras you can and by the way sigma also makes this for the l mount if you’re after it of course that’s not part of today’s review and i have to say the 24 mil is one of my favorites i like ultra wide and how much more compact could this really be i think the only critique that i have for it is that uh the sony does have a little bit more in terms of hardware on the button side of things because of course we have a switch here for the focus to change between auto and manual and then we have our aperture ring which uh nice and clicky you can hear that i really like that a little more satisfying than the sony but this is nitpicking at its finest and then the focus ring nice and smooth as it should be what it does not have that the sony has and this is not a comparison but i must

make mention because they are so similar in terms of form factor price and almost in build quality i do feel the sigma is a little bit more solid that’s just a matter of having it in hand and i think if you are able to get it in hand you will say the same is that it does not have a customizable button like the sony which i do have right here so i can show you that sony does have a customizable button right under the g series logo and then also the sony has something i wish the sigma had which is the ability to turn the click on and off which is ideal for hybrid shooting if you want to be able to switch over to video and you don’t want to have you know the change in aperture be audible it’s critical so something to be aware of but i don’t think that will necessarily sway the majority of users that are interested in this lens another thing i really like about the sigma beyond the fact that it’s you know fidelity is where it should be is the included lens hood this again might seem like something that many people won’t care about but you know sony decided to go with very minimal lens hoods in order i guess to continue the language of design of keeping these compact primes really compact but i would rather have something a little bit more robust to still protect the glass as best as possible i also really happen to like the fact that this is an all metal hood not something i can say i feel like the sony’s in the the triple

prime release you know or a combo of metal or plastic are all plastic uh so really like that sigma did this and also in my past experience with sigma i feel like some of their lens hoods were not as robust so i think again it’s an acknowledgement a clear acknowledgement that consumers are looking for that all metal construction just to reiterate the build quality and this is made in japan if that matters to you do know that something that sigma prides itself in and i give them credit for it um again you can’t go wrong with this or the sony 24 mil prime if you’re looking for the most compact uh and i think best built option out there of course uh another option you could look at is from tamron which is also an incredibly sharp lens but i you know tend to prefer sony or in this case the sigma lens uh just purely out of my own past as a consumer and experience with their products now if tamron were to send it over to me i’d have a different opinion of course but we’re working with what i’ve got right now now one thing i will tell you is that if you plan on using the magnetic uh lens cover which lens cap which i really love do keep in mind that’s going to make it pretty difficult once the lens hood is attached to actually get to it but when you look at this again from a fit and finish standpoint i think that the sigma is really sharp both in terms of the images it produces as well as the way it looks so can this be made

better i’ve already mentioned the things that i feel it’s lacking and that’s because there is an alternative with the sony for fifty dollars more that does give you a customizable button and the ability to turn the click on and off and yes the glass is a little bit faster but both give very similar experiences so if ultimately your decision is going to be driven by aesthetic and build quality i think sigma does win there but beyond that again they are so close in performance that i think it’s really going to boil down to what brand you personally prefer uh again i think that with the sigma you are getting something that you know is unique but that’s not to say that the sony isn’t as well the beauty here is is that competition is always going to be in favor of all of us that are in the market uh the prospective customer and that means pricing is more competitive that means product overall listings and creation of different lenses is going to be more robust so this is a good example so many of you out there may wonder why even to you know acknowledge or look at the sigma 24 mil but hopefully today’s video has given you some of the core components as to why i like it and i think it is a good alternative to the sony uh it’s hard to say which is better because i think that really ultimately depends on what your use case scenario is and

how much you care about the things i’ve mentioned if you have to have that click switch then obviously the sigma isn’t going to be at the top of your list if the click switch is irrelevant to you and the custom customizable button is irrelevant to you then it ultimately comes down to the difference between the f 2.8 and the f 3.5 which again i think is marginal at best now if we were talking about f 1.8 you know or f 1.4 then we’d be i think i you know i’d be hard-pressed to say hey the sigma is still relevant for 50 price difference but because the aperture is so similar that’s where i feel like brand loyalty and construction and overall aesthetics are what really will end up making your decision for me again i’m going to say there’s no way to go wrong with this or again it’s sony counterpart they just do exactly what they should which is deliver a prime ultra wide that maintains the incredibly small form factor of this camera and it does so at a very palatable price point so i really like this lens uh i’m hoping we see even wider primes but you know the likelihood of that considering i would imagine that they would have to get larger depending on what kind of technology sigma or sony or tamron or anyone else is able to develop hopefully that happens down the line but right now i’m just

happy that we have options i remember the days where you know too many people were complaining that sony just kept cranking out bodies and there were no lenses now we have more lenses i think than we could ever have dreamt about and again what i really like about the sigma is that it does maintain the design and build quality of their cinema line of lenses which i think represents some of the best glass on the market so again this is really about consumer preference because there isn’t anything wrong with its fidelity as i mentioned there is some autofocus breathing here as well as in the sony they are so similar but the macro capability here i think draws me to the sigma a little bit more than the sony but tough to decide between either one and that’s why this is one of the few times that i can’t say i definitively prefer the sigma or the sony because i think it really relates to how you’re going to shoot and use your 24 millimeter uh compact prime on your a7c and remember this can happily live on other full-frame cameras from sony but it really was designed for the a7c and whatever sony rolls out in this form factor going forward because if you really need something with better fidelity and of course a faster glass it’s going to be much larger and much more expensive so that’s just obvious and should be self-explanatory uh here in 2021 the compact lenses are meant to be about convenience without compromise but that doesn’t mean that they will ultimately be the best obviously when it comes to overall performance and that should be

clearly signaled uh with their pricing i mean the fact that we can even get a 550 dollar uh prime compact email 24 millimeter lens is an achievement in my opinion so kudos to sigma for rolling this out you know there aren’t a lot of other manufacturers with as strong a reputation as sigma putting out lenses for the e-mount yes you can point to samyang and others but they don’t have the reputation that sigma or of course sony native e-mount lenses carry in my opinion really like this really love the little magnetic lens cap i know i talk about it too much but it is really cool the only downside is i’ve already stated you can actually just drop it in but getting it out once you have the hood on is going to be a little bit of an issue hope you enjoyed the video i know no samples no video samples uh but i’ve enjoyed shooting this lens and i think that anyone who picks it up at 550 is also going to similarly be very happy with this 24 millimeter uh prime compact lens uh specifically with the a7c any questions or comments please feel free to post them hit that like button and as usual please feel free to subscribe and please stay safe later

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