Sabrent Rocket 4 Plus 4TB Gen4 PCIe M.2 NVMe Worlds Fastest SSD

ed here with the digital digest and today i wanted to share a quick unboxing and first look at the sabrint rocket four plus four terabyte gen four nvme ssd this is the largest capacity gen 4 ssd on the market right now also the fastest so at 800 us dollars while expensive you are absolutely getting every ounce of performance possible in fact nothing on the market can touch it so what are read and write speeds like if you are actually using this in a gen 4 compatible motherboard that is either in a laptop or desktop form which by the way with the desktop you are going to want to pick up this heatsink that sabrin sent over as well absolutely a must-have this is about 25 us dollars of course compatible with any of their gen 4 drives but this 800 drive is going to give you again just unparalleled speed if you’re utilizing it in the gen 4 capacity so we’re looking at over 7000 on the read and overset 6000 on the right if you’re using it in a gen 3 capable motherboard then you’re going to still be looking at one of the fastest drives out there essentially 3500 on the reed and a little over 3000 on the right so i’ve covered the two terabyte version of this but of course this is the way to stack step it up if you need additional storage capacity uh beyond the two terabyte mark of course right now it is available in a one terabyte flavor two terabyte and four terabytes so i’m excited to share this with all of you eight terabytes still not available i’m not sure when it will be nothing at least from my contact at saturn and this by the way of course was sent over for review purposes for those of you that are wondering i am a big fan of what sabrin continues to do because no one else in the industry is pushing the envelope when it comes to high-speed storage like saverin so let’s take a look at this i’m not expecting anything different from what the two terabyte looks like which i actually have right here and this is not a

thunderbolt 3 drive for those of you that have been following my coverage of the asus cephus g15 you already know unfortunately that’s an amd driven uh machine so no gen 4 support now if you have an intel 11th gen based laptop then you will likely have the ability to utilize a drive like this you just have to make sure the power draw is sufficient because these are hungry drives i mean they’re the fastest on earth and by the way the performance between the two and the four is approximately the same but it’ll be interesting to see how the four terabyte benchmarks but in my opinion the four terabyte is definitely ideal as is the two for anyone looking to build a beast whether i mean ideal obviously for desktop capacity again you need this if you’re putting this drive into a desktop do not attempt to stick a drive like this or the two terabyte into your motherboard’s standard port without a heatsink because it just will end up getting throttled these drives at the speeds that they yield do get hot and they really must have a heat sink so take a quick look at the heatsink as well and now the application i personally will end up using this in i may test this out believe it or not in my g15 but ultimately this is definitely going to be reserved for desktop build i mean it’s just obvious that that’s where it belongs because that’s where i’m going to be able to get full performance out of the gen 4 nvme so that’s where i eventually plan on it landing and you know the heatsink again

affordable at 25 us i’ll include a link in the description to both as you can see the heatsink itself the screws the tool everything you’re going to need basically to put this together hopefully i don’t make too much of a mess thermal pads of course included and just you know really solid well-made and well you know what you would expect from uh savant get that in focus here uh for a drive like this or again the two terabyte that i have seated inside of this also really affordable uh nvme external enclosure under 30 bucks again not thunderbolt 3 or 4 but still the throughput on this is anywhere between 700 and 900 megabytes a second so can’t really be too disappointed with that tool free really easy to open i’ll probably include a link in the description of that guy too because it’s one of my favorite external enclosures right now just because it’s just very versatile easy to use but really i like the style on this too it is distinct subdued nothing too crazy so i’m excited to put this to use eventually again the additional thermal pads some brackets for mounting the applicable screws as well as the tool to actually mount it all and i’m just excited to share this all with you because again this is the fastest uh four terabyte drive on earth and nothing else touches it of course until sabrin decides to make an eight terabyte version which as i mentioned at the top of the video i don’t know when

that’s going to happen but i wouldn’t put it past them i mean it’s literally every few months now severant just makes my head explode because they end up pushing yet another amazing piece of kit and this four terabyte drive is yet another piece of incredible technology here in 2021 that changes the game and just to give you an idea how fast these drives are at least in my experience the one laptop i have right now that is driven by a gen 4 nvme is the vaio that i have to the side the the vaio z and when that arrived and i had to do a recovery of the system it literally was done granted nothing was really installed on there because via’s a very clean install but it was literally done in a few minutes where traditionally a system recovery it could take 20 minutes with a really fast gen 3 nvme drive but this 4th gen really just lights things up for average users this is not a necessity but for anyone who’s looking for bleeding edge anyone who’s doing a tremendous amount of video editing photo editing large files uh you know cinema based video these type of drives are a dream but that’s it any questions or comments please feel free to post them hit that like button and as usual please feel free to subscribe and please stay safe later

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