iCloth Cleaning Wipes Cleaning the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2

ed here with the digital digest and today i wanted to share a first look at eye cloth cleaning wipes now i generally in the past have always relied on zeiss wipes not only for the glasses that i rely on daily for my vision but also for my camera gear and pretty much anything electronic that i’m worried about cleaning and you know generally cleaning products can be toxic to your electronics no differently than they could be toxic to you so when i cloth reached out and asked if i would be interested in testing out their products and sharing them with all of you i said send them over and i’ve been really impressed now you probably are already familiar with them they do a tremendous amount of sales on amazon i will include some affiliate links in the description if you’re interested in purchasing any of them and so far my experience with them has been very good so the one i’ve been using right now for the most part and really they’re all the same formula as far as i’m aware at least what was sent out to me 70 isopropyl which means they also disinfect you can see i’ve already got one sticking out here this is a 50 pack of 5×7 wipes they are incredibly convenient and they are moist so as

bizarre as that sounds it’s important because with zeiss wipes which again i said that’s what i historically have always relied on they’re very dry out of the package which is good for certain applications for example my glasses generally you don’t want something that is too moist but i have to say i’ve been using i tried the this particular uh you know wipe on my glasses eye cloth does make one for glasses and i would stick with that one i don’t have it here in this mix but these are incredibly convenient because of course of the individual package size and then the fact that they’re so large makes them really flexible now they show aerospace automobiles and laptops for a reason you can literally clean just about anything with this um what i have tested it on like a very good example is my fold so you know my fold of course having no ip rating it’s always concerning to have no good way of cleaning the interior screen or exterior screen for that matter i have used the eye cloth on it and it’s done a fantastic job now i’m looking at it right now just to see you know how dirty is the internal display to give you an example and it’s it’s looking pretty filthy now i haven’t cleaned it in a few days but i’ll go ahead and do one right now and that’s the whole thing every time that i would try to clean this with a zeiss wipe it was really hit or miss this ice wipe generally was not wet enough but between the size of these wipes which is another big advantage to them uh as well as knowing you’ve got isopropyl which in a pandemic is good to have it really is an ideal solution for cleaning up devices even like this so you know at first i had some apprehension about doing this because after all this is a two thousand

dollar phone that really is not rated to be cleaned by anything uh that has any form of liquid but and there is a screen protector still on my z-fold too for those of you that are wondering the good news is is that my results with this have been great now with zeiss wipes i’ve got nowhere so even though they have some moisture again more ideal for cleaning glasses the zeiss wipes that is the eye cloths have done a very good job so basically when i’m done with this i end up with the cleanest uh version of this device that i’ve had since day one of ownership and that’s you know it says a lot you should be able to see that there that right now it is totally clean and of course if you see any areas that still need a little bit of work which i see at the edges you still can go around them and it is again because they’re individually sealed a dust free product as dust free as one can be and then when it comes to cleaning the front we still have plenty of moisture plenty of you know wipe because of the five by seven size to clean this entire phone including the hinge yes you know i’m not in love with cleaning the hinge and then opening it back up you want to let it dry i’m not trying to introduce anything but at the end of the day the whole device can be cleaned and that’s what i really like about these another thing i’ve been using them for specifically is the m2 skins that i’ve been installing on my asus g15 laptop essentially every time i want to wipe that down i didn’t really have a great solution to doing that because i swipe can’t cut it but

with this you can do everything and that’s why i really like the versatility and again from a sanitizing standpoint that’s yet another benefit to using these so you don’t have to really worry on most products about it harming them and that’s why i’m showing it to you with my z-fold 2 because i think if there’s any testament to my confidence in the product it would be using a moistened a pre-moistened isopropyl pad on a 2 000 phone that again has no moisture or dust resistance whatsoever and it does a really nice job i mean the whole device even the case you may have noticed i’m cleaning the case too because we know cases get dirty as well it just ends up rendering something that looks brand spanking new and they’re great so what else do we have here um i know that the i think the 50 counts run like 20 20 i think i’m not positive on pricing you know i’m not a salesperson believe it or not some people think i am but i’m not uh but these 24 packs i think are 20.

Of course um i think the 100 counts are like 30 again it depends on the size i know they have some 100 count that are 20 so it really all boils down to which form factor you’re going with gonna go ahead and throw that away this is a favorite of mine because again they’re marketed as clean on the go because they are so this is great to have anywhere so you know ideal for me in just about every instance this on the other hand is a much larger pad so 24 wipes in here these are nine by 12. go ahead and crack this open because again i think this is something that just about everybody can use looking for my knife which is right here looking and sometimes what you’re looking for is right in front of your face and again these are 70 isopropyl and again the same individual package but much larger so to me these are the type that you know they’re going to be in your pocket these are going to live in your house they can be in your car but what i already know i will be using this on is exactly what you see on the front of the package my tvs um i don’t know about you but no great way uh to clean uh a 65-inch or 75-inch television you can get a microfiber cloth and the appropriate cleaning

solution which is what i’ve done historically but this is going to make life a lot easier so again i like the fact that we’ve got the 70 isopropyl because we’re in a pandemic and even if we weren’t it would still be good to have and you know from just about every perspective i mean they’re showing windows you know cleaning windows with this and i may even end up trying this on uh my windshield i’ve got some hard water staining i don’t think it’s gonna take it off but if it does you better believe i’ll come back and let all of you know i haven’t found a way to get that hard water staining off but these are ideal for televisions and right now in my home my tvs are due a good wipe down so i’m going to put these through the paces and then last but not least we’ve got more 5×7 wipes but these on the other hand see how they are different from the individual packs the end of the small ones that i just shared with all of you they look like they’re the same but they’re not and i think it’s the formula so these on the other hand do not look like they have isopropyl so i’m looking to see what the formula is so they’re just telling you remove surface abrasives before use it contains purified water isopropyl alcohol and propriety proprietary additives uh so these are they still have isopropyl but they’re just not 70 and i think that’s really the difference here is that these are less abrasive so this might be

better for more sensitive surfaces and also obviously these are not going to achieve the level of disinfecting that the 70 isopropyl product will because 70 is what you need to really kill crap as in germs anything you know to truly sanitize a surface this is exactly what you’re gonna want to have so they’re showing here obviously again the display of a laptop this is ideal for that and the reason they’re mentioning that you got to make sure there’s nothing on the surface is because whenever you clean a device a display for your phone uh laptop tablet whatever it is if something’s on there you potentially if it’s a grain of sand you could potentially end up rubbing that in and creating scratches everywhere so please keep that in mind that’s why there’s that little disclosure there on the back but that’s pretty much it as soon as i started using these i knew it was going to be hard to look back on the zeiss wipes i have yet to order which i’m going to uh some of the wipes they make for glasses because after having used these again i think it’s going to be hard to go back granted i had a 400 count i think that’s what it was of myself or no excuse me 600 lens wipe zeiss wipe count box so i’m

trying to extinguish that it’s been going strong through the pandemic but i think i have found my new go to i mean they’re priced right and again nothing cleans up devices as well that i have experienced and again this really is the proof in the pudding in my opinion and uh yeah i just wanted to share it with all of you again icloth has done a really nice job and i’m

impressed with the product what else can i say that’s why i’m sharing it with you i clearly didn’t have to this isn’t the general genre of my channel but when someone makes a good product and it’s applicable to things i cover which these absolutely are since laptops cameras tablets you know computers uh televisions monitors i don’t cover televisions but god knows i go through them quite a bit it just has never been practical put on the channel same applies to monitors these are pretty much ideal that covers it any questions or comments please feel free to post them hit that like button and as usual please feel free to subscribe and please stay safe later

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