Sony ZV-1 Wide Angle Lens (Ulanzi WL-1)

ed right here with the electronic digest as well as today i intended to share a fast unboxing as well as initial look at the yulonzi wl1 wide-angle lens for the sony zv one so if you missed my unboxing of the uu gear steel cage for the zv1 you can see it a minimum of on electronic camera right here until now an intriguing offering economical which’s truly the beauty of what uh yulonsi or uu gear depending on what their branding in terms of the actual product launch has to supply in this cage for the zv1 but a lot of you understand one of the things that is a must-have for the zv1 is a wide angle lens and naturally the majority of them on the market the ones that are available today adjust certainly magnetically so uu rig aka yulonzi sent out over this little person as well as it really feels substantial at the very least in the packaging right now i’m unsure exactly how much wider this is going to make points but we’re going to discover the benefit is that once more like many of yulanzi’s items it is cost effective and also ideally the quality exists with this because the last point you wish to do is put a wide-angle lens on the zv1 and weaken top quality now i’m not expecting

anything best but i am anticipating something that’s mosting likely to work so with no more ado allow’s take a look at this point so the initial thing out of package large angle and also macro two in one documents so we have actually obtained some instructions and basically from what i’m seeing below it’s just the actual application process so they’re claiming primarily you’re going to take and also i think this is the companion product to this that you’re going to need to really mount it and that’s what it looks like is that this is going to in fact be affixed to the lens assembly initially and afterwards that’s exactly how it’s going uh to really magnetically place onto your lens so they’re revealing you you got the the front lens cover which is the lens cap right below allow me take the entire setting up out why not so there it is a little cleansing fabric at the base and also that’s virtually it in box so as i was just claiming we have actually got the actual lens cap and afterwards you have the actual vast angle lens itself after that the macro along with the adapter ring and also the back lens cover so back lens cover obviously right here which screws off right into this piece and this is a you understand a bit a lot more substantial than what i was even truly anticipating remarkably so give you a glimpse at this there’s the actual lens and also in terms of mounting based upon what i saw there in the instructions and i’ll just pop this back right into this for a moment simply to take an appearance at that once more it’s showing us that you’re mosting likely to says deal with the adapter ring to the original lens by sticking buy stickers after your electronic camera is switched off so it appears like it’s mosting likely to need to appear of this in order to apply this as well as i’m asking yourself if

the actual wide-angle lens adapter is going to work with the cage it’ll be fascinating to learn but we’re going to attach this i believe because there’s absolutely nothing in this um in the actual packaging with the wl1 to indicate that we’ve obtained anything besides truly the real lens cap the vast angle lens itself and also the adapter ring and also the back cover lens i’m not seeing the real or excuse me this has to be the adapter ring because i’m not seeing anything else but so number one is take care of the adapter ring onto the original lens and after that number two is eliminate the front as well as rear lens covers after that 3 is clockwise tighten the lens on the adapter ring and afterwards 4 is clockwise eliminate the front broad angle lens module macro will certainly function is what they state so let’s go in advance and open this up too let’s see what we’re collaborating with below since it appears rather straightforward now these are additional stickers it appears and also based on what we simply saw in those instructions this does look like the right item we do have actually 3m double-sided tape there which is what ought to adhese to the video camera itself right onto the lens barrel like that that looks around ideal and afterwards from there we ought to have the ability to install this so let’s see i’m gon na do this on electronic camera we’ll obtain this

done and we’ll see exactly how things turn out see that’s letting you understand that this is the wide-angle macro so it’s 52 uh millimeters incidentally for those of you that were wondering as well as i’ll maintain this on for the time being since that’s what they’re telling me to do um i am interested regarding these individuals um what they are needed for due to the fact that we do have already as i have actually specified a double-sided item of tape right there to actually place this on so i’m unsure what that’s required for but we’re mosting likely to figure it out somehow i assure you of that so let’s see let’s take this off and it does not resemble it’ll be a trouble in regards to compatibility with the actual cage that we have actually obtained here but i’m attempting to peel this without taking off even more than i’m supposed to let’s see if i can obtain it off looks like they gave us an extra as well as there we have it to ensure that is off currently it refers lining this up appropriately so let’s see if we can do that it’s not the most effective angle for me here but i still must have the ability to obtain this focused that looks pretty good right i assume so seek out at my camera examine it out so i assume i’m a little off a little off allow’s see if i can do a see this is the one thing i was concerned concerning is that in case you install a little off like i did i’m a little bit strong on the left side i’m uncertain that we’re going to be able to eliminate that actually it does not look like i can eliminate that so i’m going to leave it it’s a little off however not the end of the world currently per the directions eliminating of program the rear

cap treating this simply like we would certainly a standard lens and based on what we’re reviewing here as well as the instructions this should just string exactly on must at least that was my understanding see if that’s actually tightening it does not look like it is and also i do have to wonder with this amount of weight whether this is going to flex the zv1’s lens setting up as it appears this looks like it’s it’s on it’s limited now so currently it’s just an issue of popping this off and allow’s see what we wound up with below all right all right so that appears to have done rather well and yeah it’s it’s looking respectable based upon what i’m seeing here um take a take a look around the workshop yeah it definitely made points significantly bigger i’m mosting likely to have to check it and see what it actually or exactly how soft things perhaps have actually ended up being not the most beautiful looking arrangement but it definitely works based on what i’m seeing right here so i will certainly certainly upgrade every one of you on its total performance whether i think it is a competent wide-angle adapter once more my sticky work wasn’t ideal but it’s working right here with uh the real cage which i presumed it would looks excellent as well as because this is currently not a pocketable camera if this is really mosting likely to function out as that pops off then i assume it is mosting likely to be something a whole lot of people are going to want currently there are various other wide-angle lens adaptive systems available for the zv1 so this is not the only of its kind but this is the most strong that i have actually seen and also the fact that it’s got the macro option is definitely good and also if my memory serves from those directions every one of you know a couple of mins back basic transforming below must obtain us to the macro portion and also there it is so rather cool that you have both macro as well as a wide angle alternative below and i do not understand it appears like they did a solid job yet i will need to really see just how the glass executes as well as naturally i will certainly report back any questions or remarks please do not hesitate to post them strike that like switch and also customarily please feel complimentary to subscribe and please stay safe later on

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