Review Sigma 100-400mm DG DN Lens for Sony e-mount

ed here with the electronic absorb as well as today i wanted to share my complete evaluation the electronically absorbed section for the sigma 100 to 400 millimeter dg dn lens now i’ve got my a7 r4 in a very vulnerable position so let’s change that placement now i do not need to fret about dust hitting that sensor but it still was a great try to find the opening in my point of view as well as that’s why i did it now let’s speak about this 950 us bucks for something that i feel does straight take on my g master sony 100 to 400 mil lens and also that says a great deal due to the fact that the g master is well a lot more pricey than this piece of glass and it’s additionally bigger and also larger so is this worth your money in my point of view it absolutely is currently unlike the sigma 14 to 24 which i have right below these are both going back regretfully desire i can hang on to both since they are that impressive uh what i will claim is that with the 14 to 24 i truly feel that it straight tackles the g master uh equivalent and also if you missed out on that video you already understand i assume it’s worth every dollar and i in fact because of that due to the fact that it is so uh successfully valued i would pick it any day over the g master due to the fact that of exactly how hostile sigma has been with prices on that this a bit of a different viewpoint so my take on the 100 to 400 is that sigma has actually given us a really great worth oriented lens i do not really feel that it outclasses my g master 100 to 400 lens however it comes really close and the truth that it comes truly close at such a low price again 950 bucks whereas the g.

master is 2500 so it’s less than half the price it once more is one of those deals that’s difficult to reject currently it’s not such as the mob is twisting your arm it’s truly a matter of your budget and also what you want yet i need to say i really did not really feel that any one of the shots i obtained out of this misbehaved were they always as good as the g master no but extremely close as well as that’s why i think anyone who is looking for this focal variety needs to be taking a long check out it once again 950 gives you a whole lot of clearance to get other glass that you potentially need for other points and often that’s far better than having a g master what else can i claim now this is made in japan like virtually all of sigma’s products especially glass and also construct quality is great the one point you will certainly not leave package i didn’t also obtain it with my evaluation example is a lens collar that is an optional an exclusive component that you’ll need to acquire separately as well as i think that is among the largest problems that individuals have of this is that if they want the lens collar it really did not come with it but i truly believe that’s a little bit of crap because you understand when you consider it’s 950 dollars i assume that it actually isn’t a huge offer that it really did not come with a lens collar also i i can see why you would intend to have one obviously for installing objectives but it isn’t required uh it does obtain hefty yet hand.

holding this i had no worry with my a7r4 i likewise fired this with my a7r ii it spent a little bit of time on the a7s iii but this isn’t what i imply approved you might naturally use it this had not been my ideal lens for video yet it certainly does shoot well both in the still as well as video globe the other thing i intend to mention is the lens hood and that probably is going to be my biggest objection and also if that’s my biggest criticism of this lens sigma has outdone themselves once more a 950 buck item of glass so it is really inexpensive worldwide of full-frame e-mount but this lens hood being all plastic and also actually simply not exuding the top quality of the lens itself i would certainly have suched as to have actually seen a better a lot more superior lens hood yet i’m quibbling aren’t i i mean we do not buy lenses for their hoods but we do observe when an actually excellent lens has a sub-par hood and that’s what i would certainly call this particularly when i examine at my g master i indicate it’s just in another league yet i’m that’s not what the review is regarding uh it’s really about exactly how well this performs the control that it has your focus setting essentially every one of the very same attributes that you get with the g master your stablizing your lock it’s all right here both the focus along with the actual zoom ring work virtually completely i suggest smooth throughout it is a pumper as you might have visualized there was no chance they were mosting likely to keep a 100 to 400 internalized uh in a lens this size yet to give you perspective before i install it onto the a7r4 move that out of.

structure let’s bring in the g master since i’ve currently informed you optically talking it is actually actually close however have a look at size and also of course i’ll take off the real lens hood to ensure that you can see that and yeah the g master features the real mount however is a lens collar worth 2500 versus 950 absolutely not this needs to have to do with the top quality of the glass and what i can tell you is as i mentioned earlier in this video the g master does not it’s not divided they’re not worlds apart that’s my finest method of placing it i typically will certainly refer to points that way because usually things are globes apart below they’re refrain from doing i like my g master yes so the conclusion of me using this glass is that i’m not going to head out and offer my g master and select this up however if i required to i would ideally you understand what i’m saying simply put the top quality distinction the gap is not large enough that i would certainly by any means state ignore the sigma offering and also just select the g master actually i think it’s rather the opposite i think that most of people that were acquiring the g master 100 to 400 like myself didn’t necessarily require it for paid work they desired it for leisure activity that’s what i acquired it for i love birding i take place to reside in an area that’s got even more birds than you could imagine as well as this is an ideal item of glass it’s portable for what it has the ability to supply and with the a7r pressure resolution as well as autofocus system it’s a suit made in heaven the bright side is i obtained the same basically the exact same performance out of the.
sigma as well as had the sigma been readily available when i bought this i need to state i would have purchased the sigma because the difference between them is so minimal but the cost is significant and this is usual i imply with the sigma 14 to 24 dgdn the very same can be said you recognize when you check out its g master equivalent or also the non g master uh it’s still cheaper and yet it outmatches the non-g master which is an f4 sony item of full-frame glass and afterwards the g-master it generally is you understand neck and neck width and yet it’s half the price right here a comparable proposition being made i simulate the overall construct of the g-master greater than the sigma i can’t say that regarding the the vast angle that i was just stating 14 to 24. I feel like the construct top quality somehow is really better than sony’s g master which some people would be surprised at below i do believe the g master has a much better build yet that’s really subjective uh it’s totally an issue of personal preference simply like the aesthetics of the lens i take place to such as the aesthetic of the g master but that’s not why we get these is it it’s concerning efficiency and it has to do with what we’re spending for that efficiency so i would still choose the g master over the sigma however that’s if budget is not a worry as well as for most of human beings budget is always a concern also if you have even more cash than you understand what to do with rich people if you didn’t recognize it they often tend to be the ones that don’t such as to invest money due to the fact that they collect it do not they that’s their pastime so i directly would tell every person you know obtain the g master if it’s within your means however do not neglect the sigma it’s a sleeper it’s well examined well ranked and also completely reason this lens is developed well and i actually didn’t have any kind of part of the array where points crumbled i suggest even at 400 millimeters points were still sharp were they as sharp as the g master no not quite to ensure that’s where the g master does have a side but when you understand you believe regarding it it still does virtually as well and also yeah the g master features a lens collar whoopty do you’re paying 2500 instead of 950 us bucks before tax the controls are essentially identical the weight is really comparable the g master i think is a bit larger but the actual modes that each lens manages you you can see right there practically similar you recognize again so what is the actual distinction here besides branding and also inevitably the cost and also where the lens was actually made currently if my memory offers the g.

master was not well this set was made in japan it’s been a while considering that i looked at the made in logo on this as well as a lot of the g master glass well some of it not a great deal several of it is made in japan i would not be stunned if there are duplicates of this currently made somewhere else due to the fact that this was the very first wave of 100 to 400 g masters with sigma you’re constantly getting made in japan quality and also quality assurance which’s something i truly do like regarding this lens currently can i tell you that it deserves the 950 dollars absolutely in reality i do not assume you will certainly locate a much better 100 to 400 millimeter alternative for sony’s full-frame e-mount video cameras as well as remember you can use this with aps-c too i believe this is a terrific pairing with the a7c uh also since you recognize part of what you’re paying for with the g master is the capability to settle even more megapixels currently i saw no evidence of the sigma 100 to 400 falling short at all i pixel peep but i’m not one of the most extreme others out there are allow’s just have a look at what it in fact resembles again on the a7 r4 which is my preferred hybrid uh on the market now i assume it truly does represent the very best of both worlds if your passions exist in both still and also video uh it’s difficult to defeat it at least up until the next uh alteration so when an a7r five occurs we’ll have something to speak about yet till after that if you want the finest of both worlds i think the a7r iv still provides that even though it’s missing some key functions that of training course currently live in the realm of the a7s 3 and also what must be featuring the a74 so overall the 100 to 400 in terms of handling is great i currently pointed out uh both the emphasis and zoom rings are smooth uh you know the pumper style i said it currently it’s what you’re going.

to locate with all these 100 to 400s if in some way the g master was internalized that would certainly be magical right but it’s not the g master is not internalized i do believe as i mentioned earlier that the lens hood is better you have a little extra control with the g master if that had not been currently apparent right below uh that does not exist on the sigma yet if that’s the distinction uh for the cost i do not recognize what to inform you you know you do have a lock button not that that’s something to obtain too thrilled concerning yet it’s still something that i expect and also again at 950 bucks even without a lens collar i just don’t know just how you defeat this that’s what it truly boils down to so if budget plan is required however you do not intend to endanger in other words you’re not trying to find the least expensive as well as expecting the worst performance i have good information this is one of the most budget-friendly 100 to 400 e-mount lens and it additionally occurs to be great at what it does which’s exactly what i was expecting so if the day comes that i do require to retrieve that check aka offer my g master which is still in mint condition specifically because this pandemic certainly really did not put way too much wear as well as tear on it actually just shooting in my neighborhood since that’s primarily the only risk-free place where i live truthfully um i can see offering this and transitioning to the sigma i truly can which’s because once again i really did not see a drop-off in high quality that was sharp enough for me to claim you recognize i don’t think i could live with the sigma so sigma.

is entitled to credit scores below much like they do with the 14 to 24 dg dn in making a lot a lot more cost effective glass for sony full-frame mirrorless video cameras and obviously this is compatible with aps-c as well however if i were you since we have an a7c which is essentially a complete framework in an aps-c body i wouldn’t consider aps-c anymore unless you’re going back to even smaller sized builds which you’re going to offer up attributes left and right i do not sustain you understand fresh cash going backwards but i might see myself quiting the g master as well as relocating to this lens am i going to do it anytime quickly no is it an opportunity in the future absolutely due to the fact that once again the performance really was that close handling i do like with the g master yet it you recognize that actually depends upon the individual some individuals might favor uh the profile of the sigma 100 to 400 it’s you know a lot more slim it’s not as robust in regards to coming out it’s not as broad a build which might be a reason to favor it i have actually already mentioned when it involves lens hoods i know that the sony is unbelievably big however i enjoy about that i feel it manages me a little bit much more protection on the g g master front end lens aspect and i desire that on such an expensive piece of glass if i were to buy the sigma i would possibly want to change their included lens hood that’s simply me but there’s nothing wrong with it it will certainly it’s entirely functional i just would want something a little bit bigger that’s simply my own personal point of view as well as something that was a bit a lot more strong sensation again i’m nitpicking due to the fact that there’s actually a lot to such as regarding this lens it’s hard for me ahead up with anything bad right here individuals once more building is solid made in japan terrific top quality throughout its 100 to 400 variety as well as if you’ve been seeking a 100 to 400 lens at least you have actually got a strong cost effective option that really did not exist when the g master released this truly was in a course by itself now it remains in a class that can be undercut by sigma’s dgdn different any kind of inquiries or comments please feel free to upload them hit that like switch and also as typical please do not hesitate to subscribe as well as please stay secure later.

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