Top 20 Best Oculus Quest 2 VR Games

so it’s time 2021 and lockdown is pretty much over here in blighty bars are open again while desegregating with friends and family and realizing that we’ve mostly turned into social hermits from 16 months of not talking at real life people no worries though because the oculus quest 2 witnes headset is utterly jam-packed with every kind of awesome games now in 2021 activity activities mystify activities even brown trouser era fright games so we can just stay home and slip into virtual reality and eschewed all of that awkwardness of actual actuality the oculus seeking 2 is a standalone vr helmet which allows you to play a library of immersive competitions without any pesky cables be it solving complex intelligence slamming the difficult puzzles or taking down legions of opponents like a proper ninja badass now during lockdown i’ve personally tested out dozens and dozens of oculus quest 2 vr sports on this headset right here so here’s my roundup of my top 20 best oculus journey 2 plays you can download right now and for the most recent greatest tech please do protrude subscribe and punched that notifications bell applauses so surely one of the most impressive and immersive not to mention your heaves frightening oculus journey 2 sports right now is treading dead saints and sinners this melancholic post-apocalyptic tale that has civilization submerge into chaos and humans turning against their own kind in horrifying style could mostly be retitled 2020 video games but they probably paid a good deal for that step and dead permission so why not use it video games itself is a smart first person existence undertaking move in various regions of the new orleans bayou from your cornerstone which is inexplicably a bus parked up in a graveyard of all places you’ll pinpoint yourself piecing together clues to find a legendary bunker fitted with fairly supplies to last a lifetime all the while you’ll need to scavenge for food covers weapons and materials that you can strip down and use to craft more useful components nothing progressive so far okay but the real joy of saints and sinners is the tense exploration you’ll find yourself sneaking

cautiously through the skeletal remains of civilization and you can either sneak by the shuffling dead or dissolve their affliction with a remorseless selection of melee and ranged artilleries the stealth machinists are solid and going one-on-one with a zombie in a shiv never get old-fashioned and you can’t only thrusting that rusty blade into their head with a pathetic jab you need to properly swing it into their skull to imbue depth into their brain and set their lights out for good not enough force and you’ll time end up grappling with a seriously miffed body it’s appropriately groovy and it is amazing and as if all of that wasn’t horrifying fairly you’re persistently working against the clock as well because when your wrist watch makes the ruby-red trace each day that intends the bells are about to tall and the path dead are about to flood the street and if you miss new ideas of what that’s like mostly just imagine newcastle city center a chucking out go it’s absolute bloodbath and if the phone of that activity certainly basted your potatoes well unquestionably check out arizona sunshine as well yes it is yet another first person zombie shooter but it is still a classic and it’s been spruced up especially for the oculus seek more the plot’s a little light now but like the amble dead this first person adventure truly sees you feel like you’re lost and alone in the middle of a zombie apocalypse once again you’ll have to forage for resources while putting those brain-mentioned crooks out of their squalor but there’s more of an emphasis on action here and covering an undead monster from 30 grounds with a jizz-tastic headshot obviously never goes old arizona sunshine’s mystifies are generally pretty easy basically pushing buttons or concluding keys but it is a often tense sport extremely when you’ve got dozens of zombies closing in on you and those once somewhat luxuriant graphics have been given a nice bit of spit and polish here for the oculus search very so everything regards so lovely and the physics have also been spruced up as well so those zombies behave a bit more naturally or at least as natural as a path stiffy ever could and if you’re more of a fan of dinosaurs than rotten animated corpses well jurassic world consequence is well worth your time and your terror aftermath has you exploring that island after things travelled a little wrong and the dinosaurs got all bitey but you’re not here

on your festivities instead you have to evade those pesky velociraptors while trying to get out in one complete piece besides the ravening raptors there’s a bunch of simple dilemmas to are faced with and the journey is a lot of enjoyable even if the interaction is depressingly limited and despite the colourful comic book graphics those rapture meetings are proper pan shredding so thank the newborn jesus for those conveniently targeted lockers disbanded about the place that you can cower inside of like a little blubber and child another huge oculus adventure game that’s been modernized for this all-new headset is trover saves the universe this action platform is from the diseased more bright sentiments of justin royland one of the sick puppies behind rick and morty the potty-mouthed eccentric humor is well and truly ingrained in trova which experiences you moving about in an armchair while people in a purple sweary thing through all manner of positions and things and generally getting up to mischief it’s simple trash but it’s so bad mental and regularly laughter them that it is well worth picking up and yet another vr gem that’s been refined up for oculus quest 2 is red mata it’s a vr sci-fi puzzler that has you breaking into a deserted room base to steal intelligence from an contrast faction it won’t be too challenging for suitable escapade supporters but the haunted feeling and the inexplicable setup definitely deterred me robbed and if you thoughts sweating more than a overweight girl in a limb of greg’s well obviously check out a bit of handgun lash 2089 a kind of hyper cool super frenzied mashup of john wick hop dancing and attracted foot muscles i’m not even kidding this competition is under the responsibility of more pulled groans than the part back catalogue of large-hearted and bonu store anywho the relevant recommendations behind pistol whip is simple but bright it’s mostly an fanciful crap-shooter where your sole purpose is to pick off every bugger what sounds up and each level is set to a different song so you get bonus levels for plugging your fours in time to the beat kind of like an ultra brutal edition of just dance the best thing about handgun whip is the fact that it originates you feel like a suitable badass even if you’re really time a daring and middle-aged head ponzinged about in his living room choke another earn up to virtual reality over actual world those funky digital style visuals unquestionably reminded me a great deal of the excellent vr titles super hot and they keep the game family friendly as well because you’re not actually spraying someone’s kidneys across the nearest wall with every successful shot there’s neri a sprinkle of blood in the

entire game and speaking of super red-hot well i can’t fetching it up without too saying that it is also one of very good oculus quest 2 competitions the hit here is that foes move only when you do so at any point you can just freeze and carefully scheme out your next move should i grab this guy’s artillery and blast him in the face or maybe is taking him down with the well aimed consortium ball right in the nads the world is your oyster heads up though you will need a good bit of free space to play this one as you’ll actually have to move around the room sidestep and evading and uppercutting some dude’s waste and what are you and last up for specific actions recreations i’m still a big fan of robo recall a fun and fast-paced arcade title that has you detonating swiping and rending swindler robots into tiny metal gobs over and over and over again it’s simple but it’s most addictive bloodbath and unquestionably an essential purchase for the oculus pursuing more now numerous wizard fights love out there and i know there’s probably a few watching this we’ll probably sploosh themselves silly at fables from the galaxy’s perimeter a brand-new vr undertaking that introduces some fresh faces into the lore and of course bundles in slew of that obligatory love work you play as a simple droid amend technician whose mission is to salvage some valuable merchandise that you kind of had to jettison over batter at the start of the game you’ll spend most of your time exploring the lush planet and blasting loopholes in unfriendly gang members who are also after your precious loot and although your adversaries are about as inventive as a casket of papa pasties that combat is still good fun you’ll feel pretty badass dual wielding blasters and blowing those morphos apart especially with combat droids backing you up and i really like how you can chuck your aged artilleries once they’re consume and give the pistols from fallen fours you’re also kitted

out with all kinds of clever tools from a multi-purpose welder screwdriver thingy to a extremely handy gauntlet that objects you towards your current objective and allows you to communicate with your teammates and like some other oculus quest 2 escapades tales from the galaxy’s rim can be a little bit buggy at times and it is startlingly short-lived as well but there is at least a bonus assignment which you can unlock which offers a very different experience from the central campaign numerous pinball warlocks is certainly experience a bit of wizard battles pinball vr which suffices up eight intricately designed counters to subjugate ended with resonate effects and music straight-out from the movies although the resolution isn’t as abrupt as pinball fx2 even here on the oculus journey 2 so here’s hoping that that’s fixed soon and the vader’s quest trilogy will likewise probably delight devotees but any casual dippers into the star wars regulation probably won’t find much to hold their attention now beyond the periodic fleck of hot lightsaber activity and let’s face it who doesn’t enjoy beckoning around a big shine thingy now next up on this list of the best oculus quest 2 plays that you can download in 2021 is one of the most infamous and best-selling adventure recreations of all time it’s been released on pretty much every other platform known to man and here’s another clue if you owned a opening pc back in the 1990 s possibilities are you might have got it bundled on there for free i’m talking of course about mist which has already been re-released god knows how many times but all the same i still get a thrill wandering through those very familiar natures in virtual reality it’s still as tough as a dead rhino’s secrete and the problem randomizer peculiarity means that even veterans won’t breath their route through to the final ascribes my only disorder is that it’s now much more awkward to take notes while you’re playing which is kind of an essential part of the missed ordeal

some sort of automatic notes taken tool or something along those lines would be really helpful really hopefully i’ll add another in some sort of future revise but all the same anyone who enjoys a good mystify specially a good incredibly difficult question that will have you smack-dab your head off the nearest wall until everything travels agreeably daze is certainly get a kick out i missed and perfectly anyone who enjoys adventure tournaments or mystify recreations or exactly games in general truly should definitely check out a fisherman’s tale which is certainly one of the more original and surreal entitles for this sleek white helmet this time around you’re a wooden doll who lives in a lighthouse naturally and who devotes his spare time working on small-time wooden imitations of his homestead but the working day when you lift the roof off you discover a minuscule edition of yourself inside that example and not just that but your own horm’s roof appears to have been ripped off and now an enormous view is looming overhead thus begins should be one of the most mind fuckiest adventure sports of all time where you have to pass components between your various incarnations in order to solve some seldom rather complex environmental puzzles but frankly a fisherman’s narrative is a work of unadulterated genius coming through each chapter will make some proper lateral thinking as well as some exhaustive expedition and perhaps a healthful dosage of clandestine elements factor in the surprisingly feelings storey and the slick show and this is one of my favorite titles you can grab for the oculus journey 2.

and i’ve also got a huge outpouring of cherish for apartment vr a twilight problem which was improved from the ground up for the oculus quest vr headset although women has worked in much the same way as those brilliant mobile claims a dark thing give you as a london sleuth in the early 20 th century and your objective is to find out what happened to a missing archaeologist who mysteriously vanished into thin breeze to do that you’ll have to discover his final steps and figure out a bunch of sometimes ridiculously intricate puzzle caskets urging buttons and turns and knobs until finally you manage to unlock all of the secrets being able to lean in and closely examine each object from every slant makes a dark matter even more immersive than previous attempts while you’ve once again got a selection of supernatural lenses that change your adjacents with creepy makes make fireproof tournaments has really made the most of this platform the room vr looks dazing and plays beautifully sucking you in from those very first moments and preventing you gripped be counselled though it’s also tougher than a few weeks aged chicken piece if you turn off the built-in hint system you’d better be ready for some serious brainic and another vr adventure which is just as taxin but likewise a entire stack more cute is moss which hears you pair fairly with a cute little inspired mouse announced quill this vr platformer is utterly stuffed full of appeal and wist and wonder slapping you into a variety of moody and lushly detailed environments where your task is to guide quell safely through all manner of handicaps and roadblocks things tick along at a soothing pace at times but in between the solvent riddles and simply experiencing the lush visuals you will find yourself sometimes smacking the crap out of weird bug-like enemies and i never find myself proliferating borne of the experience now if you’re still not sure about setting foot in a gym post lockdown but all that sitting around swirling lager for the last 16 months has turned you into a bit of a

porker where you’ll surely want to check out fit xr this sweat and liquor and exert em up has you suggesting 10 buzzers out of floaty orb things as they move towards your face it’s an enjoyable virtual workout with a range of difficulty elevations and a decent variety of hip hop rock dance and sounds adjusts to get your punch into the overpower that presentation is slick and some of the more extreme exercisings are actually playable now on oculus quest 2 while there used to be a stuttering mess on the original vr headset and not just that but they’ll have you sweating like a priest in a playground surely a proper hardcore activity now fit xr recently introduced a monthly subscription service which is well worth checking out because it establishes fresh workouts every day and the committee is also adds in a new hiit high interest intensity interim civilize region as well and to be fair this still largely merely involves piercing floaty orbs but whatever it’s still fun you’ll too get a semi-decent workout from urika as well which is a highly satisfying rhythm-based oculus quest 2 game that has you dual wield and pistols and blast and fast-moving targets all to a pump and dance soundtrack the gameplay is incredibly intuitive following that old-time cliche easy to learn but difficult to master on the economically more advanced stages you’ll need instant reactions to clear everything zipping by your face while modifiers such as invisible artilleries oblige life considerably more difficult i’ve also got to give large-scale love to synth riders which is an excellent rhythm game which has your fist gushing everybody to pierce emblazoned chunks before once again they suggest you in the face there’s a great selection of chants to bop along to including dance dubstep cliff and even a bit of lovely shaking and of course in this roundup of very good oculus quest 2 competitions i can’t not mention what the original rhythm entitles overpowered saber that are actually kick-started this fashion you’ll sometimes find it on sale it’s well supported with revises and there’s an absolute shag consignment of dlc out there featuring some of the biggest and best strips around the world and likewise panic at the hop now we’re nearing the end of my roundup of very good oculus quest 2 vr recreations of 2021 but i’ ve got a couple of blinders to

finish with the first of which is quite an oldie but still a very goody i expect you to die it’s a tongue-in-cheek adventure which slips you into the sexy tux of a secret agent and then thrusts you into all kinds of perilous and somewhat far-fetched situations you’ll certainly need all of your funs to solve the many perplexes and escape each situation unharmed so don’t go down in too many martinis first with this tongue-in-cheek moods clever mind twisters and impressive interactivity i expect you to die is an absolute thrill although it’s not a long time activity around readily beatable in exactly two or three hours and another short-lived but sweetened vr entitlement is time stall which assigns you as the only human on board a spaceship fitted with somewhat deranged robots and then tasks you with protecting the hapless captain “whos got” himself into trouble moderately freaking often thankfully you do have hour on your side because the ship’s computer can slow all is a crawling when the sticky nonsense hits the love each level gives you a couple of minutes to run around manipulating the environment to get the cap out of harm’s way and there’s no one solution to each of the levels so you’re free to try whatever you like and while your main objective is usually instead easy the real challenge comes in not saving really the captain but too his two faithful robot deputies as well so right there is my roundup of the top 20 best vr competitions you can grab the oculus pursuing 2 helmet in 2021 and i sharpens deliberately on single player solo knows rather than multiplayer entitles i’m hoping to do a summary of the best multiplayer games on oculus seek 2 really shortly and i’ve got to say coming up with exactly a short list of 20 oculus quest 2 activities for this best of run-up was pretty damn tough because there are so many great competitions out there right now so for instance i approximately

include the likes of blair voodoo which precisely punched the oculus journey really fun genuinely atmospheric tense scaring vr entitlement although i did find i spent far too much time exactly wandering around in the forest wondering where on earth i was supposed to go to next but fright followers should definitely still get a kick out of that and also wraith the obliteration afterlife which is a bit of a clunky identify but still perfectly pleasant and by pleasant i imply perfectly horrible vr competition in the meantime if i missed off your own personal favourites surely let me know what a big wanger i am down in the comments and climbian into your own particular pics of the best vr games and for all the latest immense sec delight do poking agree ding that notifications bell have yourselves a punishment rest of the week applauds everyone love you foreign

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