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so budget-friendly smartwatches are coming thick and fast in 2021 which is just as well because not everyone’s got three four hundred quid to spunk on something that just sits on their wrist so i’ve crossed watches from likes of real me xiaomi amir’s fit they expense under 100 pounds here in the uk now it’s time for nubia’s red power to get on the go red magic force well known for its gaming smartphones it provided free of charge exactly 89 quid or 99 u.s. dollars direct on the cherry-red magical online collect so that’s flogging on out of the box taking a full on tour of all the features the specs and everything else you need to know and for all the latest greatest tech delight do applied subscribe and hitting that notifications bell ovations all right so inside the box you get one red magical small-time watch appearing fairly snazzy once from a immediate gaze you’ve got your proprietary usb billing pier of course with a good fleck of red magic branding and you’ve got a user guide and that’s it nice and easy now the red magic watch can be grabbed in either black or silver-tongued this is obviously the silver-tongued mannequin first impressions very lightweight that’s for sure it is fabricated from a lightweight metal metal occurrence and does almost feel plasticky but not quite and while you’ve got a fairly sizable circular display

here on the red-faced spell watch it is quite a slender device certainly compared with a lot of modern smart watches it’s a gently sloped flaunt so there’s no bezels now that can protect the screen from scratches or scratches you’ll have to be a bit careful if you do get some nice meter brands around the rim of that screen you’ve got basic decoration silicone buckles swiped here on the colour occult watch those are fully removable as with more smart watches so you can switch them up customize the look in a jiffy and like pretty much all 2021 small-time watches the wine spell watch is water resistant to waterproof preferably down to a magnitude of around 5 flavours that’s about 50 rhythms so if you want to go snorkeling scuba diving all good and when you’ve finished oglin you’re a fresh new scarlet sorcery smartwatch it’s time to actually get it all set up and paired with your smartphone which gives you need to download the red magic sports app from a newbie apart can grab it here on the google play store now let’s dominance up the blood-red spell watch get a bit of english on the go that’s always supportive and then go to device fastening and there you go that took all of about two seconds and the red-faced sorcery sports app will seem very familiar to anyone who’s bought a basic smartwatch in recent times you’ve got access to all of your main sort of sports flog health stats right here on the breast screen including your recent heart rate any

blood oxygen estimations you’ve done your sleep tracking and the stats on offer quite basic compared with what you’ll get from the likes of huawei health google fit some competitors there but if you sounds on into any of the areas like the heart rate you’ll see that the app will record all of your stats for the previous week month or even a year and if you tap on into the designs section of the app this is where you mostly set up the smart-alecky watch to suit your own particular needs and taste so for instance where you wear it the left wrist or the claim you can activate the caused aftermath peculiarities let’s do that on the go and it looks like most of the features are deactivated by default so you’ll have to actually remain those on and to do that of course you’ll have to give ruby-red supernatural sports permission to do everything and you’ll surely want to set up the notification substantiate as well so your red supernatural watch will give you a quick buzz on your wrist whenever something clicks through from whichever apps you want and inside this app you can also check out how much battery life is remaining on your red spell watch although the lack of a seat in between battery and the percentage number is starting to freak me out a bit and you’ve also got a small variety of watch faces that you can choose between as well so you’ve got a selection of eight you can choose from which are neighbourhood to the watch and the ninth one is a gallery face you can actually customize your own watch face otherwise if you select the online section then you’ve got a few more to choose from there and yeah it’s nowhere near as many as you get on the likes of the huawei watches or of course good old wear os and the like um but you know it’s a reputable

selection of analog and digital act some quite colorful fairly whimsical attempts gotta say i do like my cavity man he’s pretty cool otherwise you can grab any photo from your phone’s gallery so anything you’ve taken with the camera or that you’ve actually simply downloaded onto the phone so naturally i’m just going to make a geeky anime one super quick like the majority of these practice watch face consequences it’s quite basic customization of course you can mostly reform up how the time is displayed and that’s pretty much it and voila the fruits of my labor and the actual screen itself is a 1.39 inch amoled committee hence you do have an ever on display option which you have to turn on in the sets if you just go into the settings menu of the smartphone you view ever on display is the first option there you can choose exactly how that always on display searches if you crave an analog act or a digital one instead those are your four alternatives nonetheless the always on display on the pink spell watch really kind of cheat a bit though because it doesn’t actually stay on all of the time it simply stays on for this amount of hour 5 10 15 or 20 minutes after you last-place unhibernated the watch unhibernated that’s definitely not a word walk up the watch but i really really like the screen particularly for a fund smartwatch you’ve got nice strong view inclinations on it seems reasonably radiant you do have a full automobile brightness as well if you come down now as you can see you can activate or deactivate that and on the top brightness level certainly yeah that should be absolutely fine for a bit of outdoors use colourings seem reasonably poppy

as well and it’s a 454 by 454 pixel resolution so nice crisp visuals so even really tiny text comes through nice and clear now the red magical watchers ui is certainly awfully very familiar so if you’ve ever seen my real me watch unboxings or any of the other sort of budget smartphones i’ve administered recently in fact the locateds menu is pretty much identical to the likes of that realme watch as you can see that only gives you fast access to a couple of peculiarities such as the ignite procedure path blinding you got fast access to a couple of features in there such as the do not vex state as well helpful if you’re trying to get a big kip or something and of course the strength saving mode as well if your battery life is running a bit thin on the foot lays menu is pretty basic though you’ve got the always on display the screen off which just says how long it is before your screen actually hibernates is impossible to articulated that up to 20 seconds again the do not disturb now if you’re doing a arrangement that’s just how you like reset or restart the smartwatch and then no surprises in the rest of the ui you flick up to access your notifications nothing has ticked through for me so far so i’m gonna have to check why that’s the case because i have allowed it i’ve accepted it in the uh the app and of course naturally nor sooner do i say that the notifications start trickling through complete with a little bit of rumble act uh time a brief summary of each message you can’t reply or anything all you can do is delete the notification and then if you swipe left or right you’ve got access to all the various widgets as well including media powers and that seems to work absolutely fine with third-party apps like deezer so i’ve got these keep going my smartphone now i’ve just thump interrupt intermissions my music musician

instantly movements it again there’s like no retardation you can skip tracks uh backwards and forwards and you are eligible to even have a tinker around with the work as well the rest of the widgets are fairly standard trash you’ve got your current heart rate and a measurement of your heart rate throughout the day you’ve got your sleeper records you’ve got the brave in your local expanse and of course your current stats for the day including how far you’ve marched has been as far as the lavatories and back for me still further that burns one entire calorie excellent and then back to the main watch face again and if you reach this little button up top that will bring up all of your various apps and again fairly basic standard stuff kind of same to what you’d perceive on the older one-way watches what you see is what you get you can’t download more trash so again you can measure your heart rate you can measure your spor2 degrees you’ve got breath instruct which is basically like a stress tracker kind thing doesn’t actually school you how to breathe it time educates you to breathe in and out gradually thus de-stressing you and establishing you feel all zen great sleep tracking you got compass weather your music half of the stuff that we’ve already covered in the widgets then of course your stopwatch and your countdown timer you’ve got an alarm clock on there as well find your phone and then if you affect that bottom button that is fast access to the workout app which doesn’t seem to be customizable i haven’t seen any behavior i’ve been able to change that to a different app and it’s a semi-respectable selection on now you’ve got the majority of members of the prime stuff plowed off including i’ll time an indoor flows you’ve got outdoor and indoor walks outdoor cycling spinning hiking float basketball like a bit of yoga rowan elliptical qriket fortitude grooming football and if nothing of that

covers whatever random jiggling about you’re going to do to work off that beer gut then just go to other educate you can set a heart rate reminder and workout point as well to see exactly how many calories you want to burn or how long wishes to do the exercising for and then off you go and after the uh pointless little countdown flakes you can then ascertain exactly how long you’ve been practice for how many calories you’ve burned and it does check your heart rate throughout it as well so again fairly basic substance compared with a lot of other smart-alecky watches this is definitely for the more informal sort of fitness enthusiast who just wants to keep a basic racetrack of uh how their heart rate is faring during exercise how many calories they’ve been on a daily basis that sort of thing and if you’re going to be doing a little of outdoor use as well like ambling or flowing as “youre seeing” there you’ve got built-in gps here in the red magic watch to hopefully increase the accuracy of exactly how far you’ve strolled but of course because i’m indoors right now it’s struggling to connect as for the battery life well red spell guess you’ll get around 15 epoches of standard operation out of this watch from a full

charge before it’ll need swiping onto that proprietary pier of course if you’ve got the likes of the always on display on the go then that is going to cut that quite dramatically so expect probably no more than a sort of a week or so though you do always have that ability saver procedure if you are struggling a bit and that’s still quite damn good as far as modern smartwatches vanish so there you have it the red sorcery smartwatch as i said 99.89 quid from red magical itself not a bad expenditure as you got nothing truly there to help it stand out from the crowd that likes the real me s pro uh the oneplus watch all that shenanigans so there’s an everyday no beset that small-time “i shouldve been” hopefully do the job but be great to hear your own meditates on the red supernatural watch down below satisfy do settled subscribe and ding that notifications bell for more on the latest and greatest second have yourselves a fanciful rest of the week glees everyone love you

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