Review Samsung Galaxy Ghostek Phone Case Lineup

today we have a number of phone cases sent to us from our great pals at ghost technology currently these certain phone situations are to be used along with our samsung s20 fe as well as the older samsung s9 plus cellphone ghost tech do without a doubt supply phone covers for a lot of the most up to date mobile phone models in addition to older previous models as well as well as well today we have 5 of them we have the ghost technology covert 4 the nautical 2 the corvette 2 the esx service 2 and also the atomic slim let’s first have a look at the corvette 4 which is the just one out of the 5 which is to be made use of with the samsung s20 fe much like all the various other phone cases it does come extremely well packaged the materials that conveniently accessed leaving the packaging quite intact this concealed 4 phone case does have that r2 effect technology which must have a drop range of around 8 feet inside you do get an useful little purchase card with a qr code printed upon it which when scanned it will certainly take you to the directions on exactly how the concealed 4 works ah all right so we do obtain a ghost technology sticker label which i guess you can proceed as well as stick on the back of that culverts 4 transparent case about that instance well it does have a tpu silicone design let’s go in advance as well as put the phone in which is done rather conveniently with a satisfying click the back which is clear and also scratch evidence has actually a raised

camber lens boundary so you do not need to stress over damaging the cam lens for instance when your phone is placed down on surface it has those r2 shop soaking up elevated corners as well as those raised bumpers to protect the screen i needs to state it is fairly comfortable in hand which’s thanks to that diamond grip style the side switches they are fairly clicky now it’s great to see that they are separate so you do have the quantity up and also down and the pebble switch and they are relatively receptive there is outlined cutouts around all the ports and also audio speakers and oh there is a ghost tech kickstand to the back as well which almost feels like it’s made out of steel but only actually supports the phone when it remains in landscape setting i hesitate it does nonetheless sustain cordless billing via the phone situation and also in hold it does remain relatively quite slim i do like the aspects of having a built-in kickstand included as well as it doesn’t feel like one of those low-cost tpu instances that with time obtains warped with damage carrying on to the samsung s9 plus cellphone let’s have a look at a phone cover for it alright allow’s have a look at the atomic slim once again with this certain situation it does have a wonderful discussion it additionally boasts as a two times armed forces grade standard and this does have a multi-layered shop taking in body with an

aluminium alloy frame fine allow’s take a look and see them great oh so we do have a matte black difficult body covering which behaves as well as cool to touch actually it does have a rubberized tpu internal layer which must hold onto your phone instead snug let’s attempt it out whoa all best to ensure that’s a great fit you don’t get barely any type of flex around the outside of the phone it’s just merely a really really great fit without a doubt wow phone isn’t going anywhere now the side button covers although they do look like metal they have without a doubt metal reinforced button covers once again it’s excellent to see that we do have the separate quantity up and also down as well as the bixby as well as power switches did you feel nice and also clicky truly receptive as well as you do have all the usual openings around the situation for the ports and so on along with having a very durable hd polycarbonate clear home window to the back to show off the looks of your phone you do have those rubberized edges to the base a rubber raised the lip to the top and base of the screen which will certainly secure the screen when laid flat on flat surface areas as well as although it does have that increased

structure protection it does not influence any one of the responsiveness when say using that side display menu yet it does have amazing troubleshooting this atomic slim does really feel extremely solid it does provide excellent confidence when in hand and also although there is no multi-groove grip around the sides there is nonetheless finger hold indents adding both sides of the phone total i simulate how reasonably slim the atomic slim appearances while placed onto the s9 plus very streamlined and actually maintains the phone looking rather contemporary looking now does cordless charging truly help the instance let’s take a look ah yeah so it does we’ve obtained wireless charging and also simply to note if you have actually got among those magnetic cars and truck places if you’ve got a magnetic disc to position on your actual phone it will certainly link through the phone situation and also you will have no trouble i’ll compose it in so allow’s obtain onto the ezec 2 which i have actually really had my eye on okay the spec states on the exterior of the cover that it has a five layer store soaking up body with an ultra slim pocketbook that can hold five cards it does have that 2 times military quality job standard but inside again we obtain all the common stuff and also right from off i’ve got to be truthful i’m not as well keen on that silver degree appearance wallet situation however i must not

guys that you can by the method obtain every one of these situations in various different colors now the purse component of the case does have those chrome indents i do in fact like just how charming textured the go crazy remains in that nice grey color tone and also oh god check exactly how thick the instance is take a look at that it’s around hmm i ‘d claim concerning 5 millimeters thick solid we do have that charming looking silicone hoodie comb organized design on that particular internal drop cushion as you can see there is that ghosttech motif embedded in addition to that ghosttech logo design embedded on the side of that polycarbonate structure let’s place the phone in alright good enjoyable click as well as i have to claim that this phone is going nowhere very little if any kind of flex around the phone oh incidentally i do actually like exactly how these buttons feel they most definitely feel fairly resilient very superior and really extremely responsive screen on the other hand is safeguarded by those increased top as well as lower bumpers it does have those 2 millimeter elevated edges which does provide great defense as well as i will certainly keep in mind again you can also access that edge menu relatively easily yeah no problemo oh yes this appears like the bulkiest out of the free phone covers up until now with those cards in position it does in fact make the phone instance look more bulkier and also as wireless charging goes unfortunately no wireless charging is not compatible through this specific cellphone cover right so we obtained two left and also allow’s have a look at the

hidden 2 again this is for the s9 plus it does have that two times minute to regrade basic and also incidentally guys with all these phone covers you do in fact obtain a minimal lifetime warranty allow’s take the concealed 2 out great so this hidden two has a transparent clear layout that is essentially to show off all of the looks of your specific mobile phone it is a tpu situation it has commercial strength influence bumpers throughout the corners and also as you can see there is that hd clear home window with a ruby grasp style around the camera inserts in addition to both sides of the phone situation too which will supply superb hold let’s toss that s9 in alright so there is some minimal flex around the side of the situation it does suit instead tight though fairly comfortably as well as once again it does make the phone appearance instead streamlined which is great on although this is a tpu rubber instance it shouldn’t go yellow like a few of those inexpensive clear bumper situations that you can essentially hop on for around a couple of quid the camera on the phone is completely shielded from surface area scratches you do obtain a little raised lips to the top and also base of the phone instance without the usual openings for all the components and so on currently when it pertains to those volume up and down as well as the power button along with the bixby switch as well but those switch covers have actually undoubtedly formed to the case so sadly no they’re not as receptive or clicky

as those physical kind buttons on those previous situations grasp smart the corvette 2 has exceptional grip alright the instance itself is fairly simplistic and also it doesn’t cover the vertical edges of your display as well as all the various other ghost technology covers however if you intend to display many of the visual appeals of your phone this might be ideal for you and for instance if you have actually obtained an iphone then you can show off that apple logo which coincides with the majority of these instances today and also reveal the apple logo design off with that’s crystal clear window to the back additionally of course cordless billing does deal with this specific phone case and taking their phone out of this instance does indeed take just a few seconds last but not least we have the maritime 2 phone situation now this has the highest grade out of all of these 5 cases it is three times mins brigade conventional and it has been clarified as being ip68 extreme water-proof with ghost technology boasting that it is qualified of keeping your phone secure in a depth of 20 feet of up to one hr oh okay so i presume it’s good for those water slides when you get on holiday men right here so since it is water resistant it is the only case today that is a total 360 phone compartment as well as clearly it is gon na be the thickest as well as the largest out of the lot currently before placing

the phone in we’re gon na look at the ports so these ports you do have actually rubberized sockets you can have access to them by just drawing them out inserting your charger when your phone’s put in but making sure that they are sealed up when you’re going to be diving or doing some water bombs in a swimming pool now as discussed you can get all these situations in numerous different colors this one today is in the black as well as white shade and also the structure is made out of strong plastic which does border that waterproof screen defense with the back of the situation having that frozen transparent display after positioning in the s9 plus mobile phone you will be shocked to know that watchproof display yes the touch control the reaction remains fairly the very same undoubtedly i’m going to note that is using it while not in water taking a look at the camera yes it will certainly be protected by that rubber from circulate you are provided by the way with a cost-free screen wipe as

well as a complimentary lanyard arista cable television it’s essentially twisted around your wrist and also keep your phone from dropping once more if you’re on those water slides like i was to be honest every little thing feels actually actually truly solid and also that’s thanks to that absolutely strengthened substructure it does have those soft holds great shock absorbing corners which in fact the phone case itself when it’s on your phone does not really feel too bad in hand all right it does have a bit of a size to it and when it does pertain to those quantity up and down switches it just take a bit of stress to begin to get to several of them which once more is to be expected with such a strengthened case but what i do like is that ghost technology has additionally supplied a means to unlock your phone by inserting a fingerprint turned on display to the back yes cordless charging is suitable with this phone cover as well as i think if you desire one of the most defense for your cellphone when as an example cycling installing climbing up or just opting for a stroll this is precisely the sort of instance you must have accessibility to so yeah

that’s it 5 phone instances from the ghost technology business all with special alternatives so to match your requirements me directly i simulate the atomic slim for day-to-day usage it looks slim as well as it also keeps the s9 plus looking excellent also after all these years yet looking back each one of these five private phone cases does have their unique uses anyway men i will certainly leave a link for all 5 in the video clip summary down listed below i will certainly thank ghost technology for sending out these phone cases to us today and if you have actually liked what you’ve seen also well why not go obtain your own while you’re in that video description men i ‘d be mighty fine if you please shatter that like switch please sign up for this network today i ‘d truly truly much value it in addition to yeah striking that bell alert choice so you guys remain upgraded on my brand brand-new uploads currently this has definitely been a different review than we’re made use of to yet i wish you men stay tuned for our following one in the next up and also coming days so indeed people thanks as usual protect as well as peace you

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