Review EKSA Air Joy Pro 7.1 Surround Sound Gaming Headset

hello there people invite back to my network a brand-new video clip and also unpacking today we have the new eksa air dry pro gaming headset these particular headphones are called being created for durable gameplay because of their extreme lightness for the video gaming headset that is inside the box oh what’s this bring technology to gamer life cool so we have a totally free eks8 leader slash arm band it’s not my shade though we have a bag full of accessories containing a very in-depth individual setup overview a 24 month guarantee card and a very long usb 2.0 to type-c audio cable it’s additionally a 3.5 millimeter to type-c cable television as well there’s a vast extension cable for those computers with separate mic and audio ports there’s also a 3.5 millimeter detachable bendable microphone with the video gaming headset which is put within this handy pro cable bag looking very closely at the eksa headset well it certainly has a various style of style from the regular headsets on the market recently wow and also it’s certainly very light 160 grams as a matter of fact it’s full matte black in colour with the red claw graphics printed on the covering no worry simply joy it stays which is installed with those yes integrated led lights currently the headband is rather thin and really small with sufficient pu lever cushioning the side arms are flexible the entire headset is versatile fitting any size head aided along by the airshell straight turning and also upright vehicle driver shaking currently these 40 millimeter motorists they come covered in breathable light-weight oblong ear pads and also they say not ready cushioned and also they do not at first seem like they all supply a lot in method of sound seclusion onto the side of the drive system we have a 3.5 millimeter port where that’s bi-directional detachable

microphone can be placed next to it is a type-c audio port there’s our quantity control dial as well as a convenient mute switch this eksa headset is suitable with the adhering to tools on screen just now you will certainly however need a microsoft adapter for your older variations of xbox one and also to access the 7.1 surround noise you will certainly need to download unzip and also mount the eksa sound application that is downloadable from eksa themselves and indeed you would require to use that kind c to usb connection to allow it we do have great deals of cable televisions for all gadgets right here and although you can utilize that 3.5 millimeter to connect to a ps4 controller you can indeed also utilize the usb link too need to you want simply not though make certain when you’re on that playstation 4 to toggle through the quantity modification to get the very best feasible voice pick-up i’m not failing to remember to access the ps4 settings to make it possible for in-game audio recording by ticking the adhering to boxes allow’s go ahead as well as allow’s play a game shall we okay so initial things initial i’ve obtained the microphone around concerning 3 inches far from my mouth established all the degrees exactly as well as it’s not gon na be excellent if you do relocate that flexible

microphone near your mouth you will just get this sort of function hey there individuals so welcome back to my channel as you can see a lot of distortion relocate back to around regarding three inches as well as allow’s see what microphone levels like throughout game play so allow’s go via the initial door you recognize what i have actually not played this for around concerning 3 years as well as still it’s me up currently obtain that hairstyle oh oh for those skittles after that without the covering oh oh no oh no no no no go away ah this one seems good hi there i’m gone so it’s wrapped up from wherever that was years ago guys the sound on this headset is remarkably truly great oh my god the audio effects i understand that the majority of headsets do have the capacity of border audio it just relies on the real polarity of the headsets you’re making use of 7.1 border sound however that is only obtainable using a computer with that’s downloaded up the eksa website i’ll discuss the men you made this must have continued male telling you currently also nevertheless these years this is still weird especially with a headset on though i could play this without a headset on it’s just the audio is actually truly great you see the eye there considering me sure oh i’ve seen something then best i’m digging up the the noise

quality i don’t understand about the mic quality though i do think it’s gon na be rather distorted when i very first attempted this out it did seem like tinfoil in my mouth no it did you have actually obtained a kitkat wrapper yeah as well as you put it against your mouth as well as you try to make it like a kazoo oh yep yeah it does what all right we’ve got neighbors that’s a bull monk as well as bangzang’s on the desk anytime he desires when he’s playing his playstation i’m simply gon na go straight in the direction of it begin i’m up for it begin come so yes we can use this headset on our cellphone i’m gon na simply check the game out recently very first of all do you know the features on the side of the headset well they’re in fact really very easy to situate when the headset’s on your head so no you don’t need to take the headset off to see where the feature switches are so that’s mute switch and also the volume control dial are extremely perfectly located on the left-hand chauffeur as well as accessibility to them is genuine good let’s move on and also allow’s test out rating hero allow’s continue will we the resistance off guard well i have actually only got a couple of objectives left so i’ve obtained to satisfy the most come on that was a waste come on this individual’s obtained his hands in his pockets he’s doing the message begun you’ve reached rack up played large come on when it concerned the audio the sound wasn’t incredibly loud to be honest bass nonetheless was smooth not also punchy with directional sound that was fairly ample immersing you within the gameplay it is extremely well stabilized with the polarity however although we did download that eksa app we did assume that the

monitoring audio was only somewhat improved the noise is really better when viewing flicks via choosing that motion picture mode but indeed ultimately you basically obtain hi-fi audio overall i assume that the audio experience is quite excellent for this dimension of headset directional shooting had not been too negative within video game footprints being fairly exactly grabbed don’t obtain me wrong if i’m to be sincere these eksa headphones won’t complete with those larger traditional headsets but what these particular earphones do supply today it’s a super light hassle-free alternative to just chuck in your bag so whether you’re taking a trip or mosting likely to your friend’s home these can be easily thrown right into your bag and also they can be kept having good availability when on the go fine the microphone isn’t the very best function having to relocate a little bit of a distance away from your mouth to stop the distortion and also yep it does not actually remain in any kind of bendable poles but they do offer a simple small option for rate selling 28 extra pounds that’s around 31 in u.s dallas currently if i was to rate these eksa earphones out of my usual rating out of 10 not basing them in an affordable pc gaming category however rather a convenient reduced spending plan classification well i’ve reached give these earphones today a 6 out of 10. i would certainly have provided it a greater ranking if that microphone just stuck in one message position and also if it had not been that misshaped with those mid pickup tones however they felt comfy on my ears my ears really did not really feel sweaty after lengthy use and also with those lights to the side no they’re not colour changing incidentally they stick to one red colour they do provide these earphones kind of a wonderful great appearance accessed only via that usb 2.
0 link indeed guys i will certainly leave a web link for this ek essay video gaming headset in the video clip summary down below i’m not associated whatsoever as well as go and also examine that out if you desire if you like what you see well go obtain your own while you exist in the video description individuals please proceed and also wreck that like switch please subscribe today making sure yes you struck that bell alert alternative so you people stay updated on all my brand-new uploads i’ve enjoyed doing this review today and also i have actually got a few more excellent uploads coming this week so remain tuned for them cheers individuals stay safe keep tuned and delight in the remainder of your day tranquility you

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