Review Maono AU-PM421 USB Condenser Microphone Kit – 192khz 24bit

today what I have prior to me is yet another condenser microphone kids this particular one which I have actually had my eye on for while is the meruna a u PM 421 USB condenser microphone youngsters the first packaging looks extremely lively in a brilliant yellow color it’s well designed in reality with a picture depiction of the a u PM 421 microphone itself to the front it has specified as having a tasting rate as much as 192 kilohertz 24-bit oh it has a cardioid polar pattern so we should block out the majority of history sound it is undoubtedly welcome play USB 2.0 it does have a sound chipsets built-in with no demand for any kind of phantom power and does immediately triggers when connected because this microphone works with Windows as well as Mac OS as well as you intend to see if it deals with a ps4 Wow I’ll remain tuned and we’ll see if it functions in the future yep the preliminary what look fantastic spot less delving sighs ah alright good great so it sorta appears like the packaging on that previously evaluated you have in the UM 900 microphone kids and if memory serves me correct it was a rather good piece of kitsch I imply from a packaging viewpoint it’s nice as well as thick protected and particular is gon na keep everything undamaged right so firstly we have a revi in-depth direction set your guide there’s a help and contact card which is a rather standard card that we do usually see products similar to this one and we have a double-layer pop filter with added you stick a flexible arm and clamp keeping that molnon logo printed important onto the material of that filter now yeah resemble a standard filter right Wow there’s a lot of affordable remove there out there that just clamp on to if you think I’m which over little time you discover that those affordable filters essentially divided after light wear as well as tear what this one is strong and also strong as well as will not drop what’s is clumped into area so yeah excellent quality we do have our windfall cap to stop additional distortion it’s around one centimeter

thick it does not really feel too economical to be truthful and also relocating to that 2nd layer it’s nicely laid out so we have a pretty standard matte black steel flexible sister suspension boom am you can see we already have a mic attacks are currently fitted to one end fine unlike over microphone sets that I’ve previously examined you do get a well PO while your taste cover I simulate this component again it does have that even more neither go embedded there is also a very strong table secure it’s as an opening just over two inches you just connect it to your determine level surface locking gets into location after that place that suspension boom arm into the hole on the top of that clamp thanks certain that you utilize that screw mechanism to safeguard it wonderful and also limited what else do we have well we have a suit in matte black metal shock mount that locks right into location on the end of the microphone boom am placing it onto the pin of that’s microphone attachment ah you can just loosen that attachment by hand set up mins onto the shock mount then placing it back ensuring that those 2 little securing packets on either side of that spindle we connect sufficient for with dealing with direction as well as following Jesus some like the man from excellent sport you are next I show you I let it go yeah anyhow ah next we have a 2 point 5 meter USB be the USB H cable television which I’m simply gon na affix to that boom am just currently aided with that provided of belt mistake I back yet last but not least yeah we have actually obtained the Wow this point is hefty this microphone today it is in matte black gloss black detail it has that Mona logo brand name printed to the foot and yes as an extremely strong mesh grille to the front and also back with that included touch regulated mute and also unmute button as well as a really charming stainless-steel sound pickup game dial one one

morning people ah nice allow’s go ahead put that microphone into the shock mount I simply squeeze in both courses holds I hate that word by squeezing both clasp are freaking typical by simply pressing both clasps together as well as putting that microphones forward-facing with no possibility of messing up thanks for that internal foam padding the USB cable clicks right into the bottom of the microphone with the contrary end be plugged into a laptop/ c and currently every little thing looks wonderful as well as clean with that pop guard still to be included there you go well it’s immediately established allow’s examination this microphone out great so we’re 60 centimetres away from the mic allow’s simply make certain that the mic gain is gon na be I utilize max now due to the fact that this microphone is undoubtedly plug as well as play there shouldn’t be need for any kind of settle hello hi testing testing yeah now when you go ahead and get reduced as well as Mike’s some will certainly have a recording resolution of just 48 kilohertz 24 little bits as mentioned this my very own or mic has a max recording resolution of 192 kilohertz when see four bits which ought to result in clear smooth crisp flatter voice recording due to the fact that of that cardioid pick-up pattern a great deal of the background noise when your environments need to be now we back at the mic let’s test the pop distortion letters BB PPP PPP TT t allow’s see what it’s like what’s the pop strain of the way gon na simply leave this form filter one just for now so allow’s simply add letters again PPP B that’s simply still remaining at around 60 centimeters away from the mic PPP BBB TTT PPP that’s what it’s like without the foam-filled start as well as without the pop filter allowed’s step that stand out

filter in area as well as allow’s see this any kind of much better PPP TTT PPP t okay now now you can as a matter of fact utilize this microphone without that supply phone filter and also audio will certainly be saved pretty good to minimize that background static can you hear it yeah there’s a bit you do typically obtain that with microphones within this budget plan group let’s place that form filter one and also as you can hear that’s history static as dramatically altered to see wonderful so of course certainly if you desire your voice to be crisp clear as well as loud it will certainly be fine just to maintain that form filter on as well as that pop filter to remember you do have that’s convenient mutes switch let’s press it recently hi hey there hi so blue suggests that the microphone is currently active and red shows that the microphone is soft yet of course nearly stated that there’s an entire microphone packages doesn’t actually have a negative look concerning it it is definitely of course step up there most mics on the market recently within the exact same price array and also you understand what the entire mic stand is real mix there and with this microphone being as heavy as it is you can certainly push it right into place the microphone stand will not go down uh neither will certainly that pop filter – I imply with this microphone having just one cardioid pick-up pattern compared to 200 – totally free and also Japan

microphones that generally have four pickled patterns you do spend for what you get and also what you do obtains is an outstanding appearing great looking throughout amazing set that you can create within five mins straight out of package the main facets is the microphone itself is extremely really slick looking as well as it’s simply fantastic to see that we do have a gain control up on the front of the mic and the useful mute button – I do honestly believe that this package might be optimal for any YouTube channel which you could be establishing screening for podcasting singing voice overs and yes this microphone bull certainly functioning line with your Guinea headset on a ps4 ruptured you just reached make certain that you attach the video gaming headsets to your ps4 controller first proceed and also silence the microphone upon your headsets links them all on a microphone via that USB wire they bet to your ps4 console and also it should be good to go up so yes individuals looks like you can use this mic for indeed or high quality of the air on your book sorry this microphone will nonetheless not collaborate with a cellphone I’m worried just insufficient power now I must admit when I started out on YouTube I did continually get cheap

microphones none of which ever ticked any type of boxes is my wall no condenser microphone packages though actually doors it is very affordable that’s cost being seventy pounds for the entire package that’s around 88 in United States bucks and also while taking right into account the rate the job capacity the sounds the look even the packaging I really can’t fault this microphone package today which’s why I’m gon na offer this a you p.m. All 21b which’s with it being based in a low mid the price variety however yes I will leave a link for this microphone package in a video clip description down below you intend to go on don’t you inspect it out if you want yet if you like what you see well go get your own and also Wailord air men I ‘d be significantly satisfied if you would certainly wreck that like switch please go on as well as subscribe you certain yes that you click that Bell notification button so you guys will remain updated on all my new Awards I intend to see you guys on my new review Queen Britain soon so remain tuned for that one and also well many thanks tranquility you

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