Review Magegee GK806 Gaming Backlit Keyboard & Mouse Combo

the maggie g gk eight or six it’s a keyboard and mouse combo that models itself on a mechanical gaming keyboard look this one certainly isn’t though what it is is a cheaper alternative which gives me the question we’ve so many of these inexpensive gaming keyboards popping up is this one actually any good let’s delve right in [Music] okay so inside the box we don’t seem to have any user manual what to the right side we have a really slick looking gaming mouse it’s got a bit of weight to it too moving over to the keyboard alright we have 104 backlit keys consisting of a blended blue color tone to the left green to the right and rich in the middle the writing can be changed by pressing the function key together with the Escape key pressing wants to turn the light ink on pressing a game for extra brightness so yes there’s two levels of brightness in total I’m pressing again for the third time which will activate the soft breathing mold hmm no there isn’t any zone specific lighting like the WASD keys or the arrow keys what you can however change them controls over if need be by pressing and holding the function and W keys at the same time simply press again to change them controls right back the initials on the keys themselves and not that back to read they are much better when illuminated the keys of lots of distance they’re not cheaper to type on and they’re quite silent in fact 104 keys sitting on a door switch membrane the GK 8:06 keyboard has a standard

style layout it has a normal placement of keys and normal sized Enter key but I’m not too sure about the swaps location of the shortcut buttons to the top like for example the audio and video keys and the home key buttons

except for as I do prefer the volume keys sitting to the right but then that is my own preference so yes with a no shop course you do have access the honky email search and media controls is this Margie Vogel to the top which is illuminated as well as the Mataji strips to the side the whole chasse has zero flex the keyboard sits quite frats and yeah although I think this can be used within an office it definitely is suited more for gamers not because of the look but because of the size of the actual keyboard or print okay it’s not massive compared to over budget keyboard combos but it does give an impression of an amateur keyboard rather than a professional unbelief we have two mobile pod trips to the front top up sliding not completely what’s good in off as well we have these two double kick stands to the back giving this keyboard two levels of extra height adjustments no signs of it giving away from their pleasure there are signs of a few drain holes for them accidental spills the whole weight these people is about 998 grams which is heavier than over gaming units within the same category but it’s certainly not as heavy as a proper mechanical keyboard attached to the rear it has a 1.5 meter USB cable and this GK 806 is compatible with Windows XP 7 8

10 Vista and over operating systems including a ps4 looking at the gaming mouse it comes in this back full matte black and grey color coordination left of my keys are equally weighted it feels pretty good and not too loud to be honest there are seven buttons in total with a dpi force and central a bus key above that’s one press will temporarily close are the previous opened windows there is a scroll wheel with its own click a fold and backwards button to the side and the form and pinky finger rest to both sides which I feel could be more comfortable if especially the phone rest was raised a little so to access the fold in backwards buttons a bit better underneath we have this wonderful smooth metal finished base with soft proof padding to the front MB which all helps to make this Mouse very maneuverable this mouse has a 1.5 meter lead it’s as a standard illumination of a7 color breathing effect and just like the keyboard this mouse has auto sleep mode which will shut off operation after 10 minutes without any use press any key on the keyboard or mouse to awaken okay I know this keyboard combo

wasn’t gonna be a professional gaming monster but while playing games to keep yourself wasn’t too bad is quite responsible guest certainly won’t compare to most mechanical keyboards what’s a prolonged use I wasn’t complaining console visits or fingers like some other cheap options tend to do there were only a few accidents or key presses like I mentioned those keys they’re not too clunky for basic keyboard mouse on your hand well is fantastic yes its past as combo poison to the looks a lot better than the keyboard itself I actually really like it a style and look isn’t toward the top a Niva is the writing to when in the bag the lights on both keyboard and mouse I’m not too distracting yeah it’s really mellow and I think that both kids and teenagers are starting of gaming well this could be the preface battle keyboard on combo or off issues yeah it’s pretty good at typing like I said because of the look it’s certainly suited to gaming only you will look ass off on in an office and profession I mean it is what it is it’s a bougie

gaming keyboard combination that doesn’t pack too many surprises it does feel comfortable to work with especially with the progress not being to sleep and if I’m still great this gaming mouse and keyboard within the budget gaming accessory category then today I’ve got to give this gk 8 or 16 humble 10/10 i gave it a 7 because although it does serve the basic gaming needs the design and feel a tiny bit better for example the visibility of all the letters numbers on the keys without the writing beans on but yes i certainly think that this is a good package it does waste meant to do and it doesn’t know part of lend you in a job and with the budget price just now over 523 pounds that’s for taking US dollars can’t really go wrong with this neat little package i will believe a link for this in a video description below while you’re there guys please go ahead and smash the light boys please go ahead and subscribe they casually hit the bell modification option so you guys still beat it on all minor flaws we share this video we’re gotta love very much appreciate it and I see you guys over on the next thanks and peace you

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