Review Sony Bravia – Android 3D Smart TV

do hi guys welcome back to my channel today we’re going to be evaluating this sony bravia android 50 inch LED television we’re gon na have a fast close consider it the specs functionality as well as compatibility and guess what child the game’s called it too [Songs] Do two allowed’s obtain begun this Sony Android wise freebie Full HD 50 inch LED Television comes requirement with built-in Wi-Fi and also Freeview HD additionally boasts a top quality pulpit or improvement with auntie Frida modern technology so what that suggests is it gets excellent color clarity in comparison as well as incorporated with the Motionflow XR 800 Hertz innovation we both melt decrease blur for smoother picture forecast for instance this Television is terrific with the ps4 console as well as also the ps3 we’re gon na play in old ps3 game later on I’m gon na show you exactly how we really enhances the quality of the graphics as well as improves it significantly before we do any uncertainty much less witness Television round like a speedy look at the past controls and also signs allow’s appearance at the ver element input and also output links so what do we have we have a AV 2 component in four composite link an AV one second it a scout cable television an electronic optical audio out and also the LA and a.

local area regional in port underneath you beneath see two USB 2 one for normal USB device and tool sick of unwell larger device bigger gadget a separate hard drive difficult the along with must be Have to we are three HDMI 3 with one specifically designed especially digital audio electronic just shortly shifting over changing the left side you’re fine RF great satellite aerial imports moving over to the side of the rear panel back’ll see there’s another USB an additional is also compatible likewise a larger device such tool a separate hard different tough HDD recording below you’ll see an audio out sound for headphones and audio equipment and tools as well as HDMI solitary and lastly as well as finally people who individuals forgot that neglected in switches TV and not as well as remote simply we have the power channel volume button quantity impulse select buttons choose are currently parts and components and also indicators have been have actually up let’s allow in the regular sleeve normal is the power lead so the other question occasions inquiry there has active 3d technology which is great when wonderful compatible ladies suitable 3d glasses these are sold separately offered individually Audio plus sound fantastic and amazing noticeable and play and also video songs and movies from motion pictures start we begin Google Play and many as well as several for access on accessibility content on-line web content video songs and leaders and already as well as currently becomes application comes to be the system is Netflix which comes with a dedicated bottom committed on the remote control this song even track also a lot more easy readable simple important as well asVital

situated best it takes 2 three-way A batteries and the casing on the back is difficult as well as durable now checking out the Vermont control it’s just a standard song even a lot more control and also does not have voice acknowledgment or air mouse you have to buy the air Computer mouse separate for this system well allow’s go in advance as well as select Netflix and also have a glance about well as you can see everything lots up pretty quickly and also the very same can be claimed when playing flicks and TV shows obviously I can not do it as a result of copyright web content but believe me I have not had any kind of issue since I have actually had this television and the exact same could be stated when leaving the app as well so we’re mosting likely to do is we’re going to download some apps so let’s go into the Application Shop then allowed’s download Facebook and also as you can see the Downloads going quite quick and their internet allowed’s download asphalt 8 air-borne so we’ll play this video game in a bit as well as see what the graphics away once again downloads going pretty quick I’m just gon na let download and revoke this and also head over to YouTube I’m simply going to play a few of my own web content on my channel go obtain yours as well as see what the rate as well as call it resembles you can see YouTube please perfectly great on this TV and also hardly has any buffering a full HD resolution let’s back out YouTube as well as prior to we play asphalt 8 airborne we’re gon na have a look at what accessories compatible with this television the accessor isn’t making use of with this television is a 3rd PI controller ps4 controller keyboards an amine a Bluetooth.

keyboard check out my channel quickly for the unboxing review of this mini bluetooth key-board I’ll leave a web link in the summary below on where you can find one this numerous people works penalty with this TV however can do better in comparisons to make use of in the old institution USB computer mouse or the mouse comes on leading and also it’s quickly revealed when scrolling through the web web pages up we can just link the page is open a whole lot better as well as the functionality of the arrow functions completely smooth this internet browser on this television is flawlessly great I have actually been using it for some time as well as on has seldom give me an issue yet is a TV/ internet internet browser besides and also don’t anticipate major jobs as well as can he take care of the games well that’s what got a ps4 control as well as let’s figure out go down and also into settings select the DualShock controller for symbol pick include controller and when it’s offered do you want it in a club you click of course currently I got to do currently is adhere to the on-screen guidelines that is journalism to share and also PS switch hold it on wait on the white layer the front of the ps4 controller to purge it will after that turn up the bluetooth pairing request choose pair using your TV for even more control now a delay on the front of your ps4 controller must light or blue I move clear to press back up using the circle button now we’re gon na test that asphalt 8 airborne on his TV and also see this up to speed whoa oh yeah child pile allow me feature a better sound what can I say concerning this video game liking it it’s no flickering the video games running level of smoothness television as well as whoa fanatic is yeah guy yeah it’s enjoyable in Smith and the.

TVs deal with an actually great so me just knock senseless this sucker and this over sucker this sucker is going I wish to go residence and this is me as well as my imagination when I stroll get home from work in the weekend Oh give me home see you later I’m gone so now here we go and also it’s time for the night by the very boost we are initial location wonderful so the fundamentals are digital program overview prints a long sleep tire moderate and is wall surface mountable intelligent light sensing unit miracast sneak peek HB tuna clever web TV Wi-Fi built-in as well as full internet surfing capabilities the only tools this television does not have built-in is a webcam DVD player blu-ray óó freezer now I’ve now halt on the ps4 controller to the old ps3 console I’ll leave a web link on the end of the video clip how to do this and also I’ll leave a link in the description too now I’m not gon na test not just ps4 games on this TV today as I have actually tried the last of was remastered and also I must say the chart is definitely remarkable the magnificent and also practically resembled 4k the actuality Pro as well as the most Flo XR aid enhanced the graphics and also I want to see what it’s like on the ps3 so we’re gon na try Tomb Raider as an example if you look at the sparkle on the damp serve the graphics are rather accurate and Lara herself stands out so a lot more clear as well as the video game’s looking terrific using the ps4 the ps3 system you can likewise download and install games directly to your TV utilizing the.

PlayStation Shop out these 3d active glasses right here for the suitable with this TV I’ll leave a web link in the description below when to get them from as well as a quick unboxing on the end of this video clip checking out the compatibility of the 3d with this television well I have actually got to create an exit factor they were really older Sony TVs around that do 2d to 3d conversion what that means is it converts any kind of image into 3d yet this television just does blu-ray DVD or maybe YouTube video clips in 3d with these 3d active glasses you merely push and hold the button on the leading tools then interact with the TV and this is around the video clip screens of the YouTube and I acquire appleton a web link in the description below [Songs] at the beginning of this video I clarified regarding USB inserts a range of this television that might house an outside disk drive well I have actually had this hope so for a while now with this hook talk essentially is turn the tv as well as so a PC system with films and also television programs conserved file so I have actually accompanied the download decoder and I’m gon na play a few of my house video clips through the Cody up disc or the up on this TV has no worry play my motion picture files and also the same can be said with the television and movie streaming solutions to do to copyright material I’m not Lance planing TV programs or movies however believe me I was playing it for the ideal component of a hr before and it had not a problem his Swift and smooth and the buffering was.

wonderful the image top quality on his TV is absolutely wonderful and has no light leakage around the bezel of the frame it has 178 ° checking out angle and on their energy performance course from A to G it comes in at an and also is pitch in image feature on his teeth it is available in helpful particularly when you want to browse the net all play video games on the left side of display but then wan na enjoy films all pay attention to the TV on the ideal side of the display so when you are pick you based equivalent for the options on the left below or switch to the right as well as you’ve got various kinds of choices for sizes of screens so overall think this television is really excellent I offer it 9 out of 10 and also plus it’s obtained miracast built-in see electronic camera cuts from your phone or tablet computer to the TV display to the format and capability of the CV software is additionally excellent too but I encourage you to obtain all the software program updates as quickly as possible I did find it collapsed a couple of times but after the software application updates it functions fantastically when there are only downsides that just recently showed up is that on the Sony internet site they encouraged that Twitter would certainly no more be readily available for this TV system but in the long run the sony bravia has actually ticked all packages well I’m gon na leave all the links that I recommended before listed below in the description please leave a like as well as please many thanks.

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