The Fastest Wireless Charging Smartphone In The World… 100W is CRAZY!

the honor magic 4 pro has the highest possible wireless charging power level ever before seen in a mass-produced smart device but just how does it pile up against the xiaomi 12 pro oppo discover x5 professional oneplus 10 professional and samsung galaxy s22 plus in this no to 100 wireless charging rate test the honor magic 4 pro has a 4 600 milliamp hr battery and calls for honors large 135 watt billing block to be paired with their 100 watt cordless supercharger in order to make use of its crazy 100 watt wireless billing capabilities the xiaomi 12 professional suits the proprietor’s battery size at 4600 milliamps however has half the wireless charging power level at just 50 watts as well as needs xiaomi’s 67 watt billing block to be paired with their 50 watt wireless hyper battery charger in order to hit 50 watt cordless charging speeds the oppo discover x5 pro has the biggest battery ability here at 5000 milliamps yet has the exact same cordless billing wattage as the xiaomi at 50 watts which requires to be paired with oppo’s 65 or 80 watt brick we’ll be using the 80 watt battery charger today with their 50 watt avooq cordless battery charger to reach up to 50 watt cordless speeds the oneplus 10 pro is essentially the very same phone as

the oppo so it too has a 5 000 milliamp hour battery and we’ll be using the exact same 80 watt incredibly vook charger alongside the same 50 watt airvooc cordless charger to likewise rise to the exact same 50 watt wireless billing speeds gone are the days of warp charging last and certainly the very least is the galaxy s22 plus which has the smallest battery capacity here at 4500 milliamps and also the most affordable cordless charging power level at a mere 15 watts and also requires samsung’s 25 watt fast battery charger to be matched up with their 15 watt quick qi wireless charger in order to reach its substandard 15 watt wireless charging capabilities i’m exceptionally thrilled to get things underway this is tech nick and without additional trouble allow’s go beginning things off by putting each individual phone on their particular cordless charging stand every one of them are resting at no percent and also have actually been sitting by doing this for the past few hrs to fall to room temperature which is around 24 25 levels in celsius i’ll only be turning the screen on when at the start in order to see to it that all of them have actually enhanced billing off and also have actually allowed all of the quick wireless billing options within every single tool as well as the boost billing alternative on the xiaomi gadget over right here getting to that 5 minute mark interval as you can see time interval at the top right hand corner the percents below the branding of each phone remains in connection to that time period and also the

portions are as adheres to the magic 4 pro 21 which is ridiculous in just five minutes 16 on the xiaomi 4 percent on the contrary 16 on the one plus and 5 percent on the s22 plus which is actually beating the oppo but you’ve obtained to remember that the oppo has a new battery wellness engine so i’m not exactly sure if that is among the reasons it took a while to leave of one percent not as well certain about that yet striking the 10 minute mark interval we have 36 percent on the honor 31 percent on the xiaomi in fact not that much behind 18 on the oppo now capturing up quite a bit as well as 10 ahead of the samsung at eight percent 29 on the oneplus 10 pro which is just behind the xiaomi 12 pro samsung is the coolest year and the honor magic 4 pro is the hottest getting to the 15 min mark period we have 51 on the honor magic 4 professional it really did 50 in just 15 mins with 153.3 milliamp hours per minute analysis that is absurd and we have 45 on the xiaomi 29 on the oppo 41 on the oneplus and also 11 percent on samsung 11 on the samsung 15 what’s what are you doing samsung nevertheless getting to that 30 minute mark period we have 92 percent on the honor almost done can you believe it 81 on the xiaomi not also much behind 59 on the oppo which is a little behind its brother the oneplus 10 pro and 21 on the samsung the owner just ended up as i was stating that in a crazy 34 mins no to 100 percent using a 100 watt wireless battery charger which is absurd but the craziest point is that the xiaomi with simply 50 watt wireless charging did it in 41 mins it’s.

probably because of the new advanced battery that they have in there however the honor is still the fastest wireless billing smartphone i’ve ever before checked on my channel as well as you’ve reached remember that seven minutes difference is actually a big difference when you’re charging from zero to 100 in 30 40 mins 45 minutes on the oneplus 10 professional to finish which is really pretty outstanding the oppo delaying a tad behind you but not also much behind reaching 100 quite quickly i think you might say before a hr and also it carries out in 52 mins which is not half poor either as well as the samsung is sitting at 31 after the last time interval which was the 45 minute mark but the samsung still has the most affordable height temperature level over here whereas the honor has the highest yet honestly the temperature level distinction is not actually exceeding just how lengthy it actually requires to bill the samsung as opposed to something like the honor magic 4 pro over right here and after a hr we struck 40 percent on the samsung still the coolest phone however truthfully not that much cooler than the other phones over below and also it does have the tiniest battery too that 15 watt wireless charging rates or perhaps the 25 watt large that’s now obviously 45 watts open close quotation marks actually needs to enhance by samsung however if we have a look at the four phones on the left hand side the honor did its very first 50 in simply 15 mins first 80 in 25 mins 17 mins for 50 on the xiaomi thirty minutes for the xiaomi to get to 80 on the oneplus 50 in 19 minutes 80 in 33 mins and also the oppo 50 in 25 mins and also 40 mins to reach up to 80 while the samsung has actually not even hit 80 it gets on 78 after the two-hour mark interval as well as just hit 80 after 2 hrs and also three minutes it hit its first 50 in a hr and 15 minutes it took.

over an hour for the samsung to hit its very first 50 and did so at an analysis of 30 milliamp hrs per min which is just not extremely remarkable nonetheless it will cover off yet 96 after 2 hrs and 30 mins how a lot longer is it gon na take and also it completely bills in 2 hrs as well as 37 minutes almost three hrs of billing time on a wireless charging stand i think several of you are gon na simply use your wireless charging stand next to your bed during the night however, for those who really wan na make usage of extremely fast wireless billing after that samsung is most likely not the method to go 5th place over right here the samsung galaxy s22 plus i would claim it did alright however it did absolutely awful four thousand five hundred million power battery 15 watt wireless charging two hours and also 37 mins fourth place fairly a bit faster than that is the oppo find x5 professional 52 minutes 0 to 100 a lot bigger battery 5000 milliamps as well as 50 watt cordless charging third place over below is the oneplus 10 pro which is essentially the very same gadget as the oppo exact same five thousand milliamp hour battery the very same 50 watt wireless charging however did it in 45 minutes which is 7 mins quicker in second place we have the xiaomi 12 pro which did it in a plain 41 mins many thanks to a somewhat smaller 4600mah battery yet the same wireless charging rate as the oppo as well as oneplus at 50 watts and also in top place we have the honor magic 4 professional the fastest cordless charging.

smart device in the world that i have actually ever before tested did it from 0 to 100 in just 34 mins many thanks to that four thousand 6 hundred million power battery and also extremely quick 100 watt wireless charging as well as checking out the milliamp hr per minute analyses we have the most awful being the samsung with 28.7 from absolutely no to 100 the best being the honor 135.3 milliamp hours per min zero to a hundred percent now 2nd to that is the xiaomi with one one 2 point two as well as right behind that essentially head-to-head is the one plus with one one one point one milliamp hrs per min the reason why they’re so close is because the oneplus has a bigger battery than the xiaomi and also obviously the oppo struck 96.2 milliamp hrs per minute escaping the examination is temperature levels as well as while the honor did obtain the best below finishing off with 47.6 degrees in celsius and also had a top of 48.6 levels in celsius the peak temps of the other 3 phones between over below at around 44 45 degrees in celsius which is not that much off the honor i hope that you individuals appreciated watching this video as long as i did making it allow me understand what you consider incredibly rapid cordless butting in the remark area down listed below this is techneck as well as i’ll capture you in the next one.

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