Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra vs Xiaomi Mi 11 / iQOO 7 / Mate 40 Pro / iPhone 12 Pro Max Benchmark Test

it’s still january as well as 3 mobile phone companies have actually currently released flagship tools housing qualcomm’s most current five nanometer chipset the snapdragon 888 but how do these devices a lot more notably just how does the new samsung galaxy s21 ultra stack up versus the globe’s very first 2 smartphones to integrate five nanometer tech in their chipsets specifically the kirin 9000 and also a14 bionic run huawei mate 40 professional as well as apple iphone 12 professional max specifically in not one not 2 yet three different benchmark runs where we will certainly test out battery drainpipe warmth dissipation throttling rating and frames per 2nd all tools have actually been upgraded to their most current offered software application updates and also we’re rocking android 11 on the three phones on the left android 10 on the huawei as well as ios are 14.3 on the apple iphone aside from all these tools running on a five nanometer refined node innovation when it concerns the cpu they are all kitted with lp ddr5 ram besides the iphone 12 pro max which is paired with lp ddr4 x ram all tools below other than for the apple iphone are kitted with ufs 3.1 storage while the apple iphone has a snappy nvme we have 120 hertz freshen prices on the samsung xiaomi and also iq yet only 90 hertz on the huawei and a lackluster 60hz panel on the iphone the iq is stayed with complete hd plus 1080p resolution so we’re gon na match that with the samsung as well as the xiaomi and the huawei the apple iphone sits someplace in between complete hd and also wqhd and also it can not be transformed we have actually allowed focus on performance setting within video game launcher on the s21 ultra max efficiency within video game turbo on the xiaomi beast mode and ultra video game setting on the iq7 performance setting and also game space on the huawei and also there are unfortunately no efficiency mode choices within the apple iphone not that it truly requires it all android phones will certainly be running the very same antutu variation 8.5.3 while the current for ios is 8.3.7 all tools will certainly be experiencing geekbench 5.2.5 and 3dmark wildlife version 1. Do the new snapdragon 88 powered mobile phones have what it takes to face the reliable kirin 9000 or the absolute monster a14 barnec we’ll have to wait and also see this is technology neck as well as without more ado allow’s go initially points first allow’s have a look at the battery percentages at the beginning we will compare this at the end of the test we’re likewise going to be using an infrared warmth weapon to gauge warmth dissipation within every period i guess you can state after every benchmark that we run these are the present stats near the bottom i’ll keep them near the bottom as we go through the examination so far the coolest is the samsung and the hottest is the xiaomi that’s practically just from me establishing the phones prior to actually running the test like i claimed at the base of the screen we do have the start temperature in degrees in celsius i’ll then connect it in after antutu after geekbench after 3d mark and see if any type of throttling is mosting likely to be taking place up until now every little thing looks great when it involves all tools below whatever behaves and also smooth what you would anticipate all of these gadgets more than 700 so you would absolutely anticipate it

the samsung is rather pricey one of the most pricey device here is the huawei however no google services for that a person the xiaomi mi 11 and the iq7 are the most affordable here and still shaking snapdragon 888 chipsets they’re all doing a wonderful work in the heaviest component the 3rd part of antutu variation 80 which is the terracotta soldiers i can not see any stutteriness truly or any type of lag snapdragon 865 mobile phones were kicking back 15 frames per second we’ll get to fps later when we struck 3dmark wild animals yet since right currently it’s possibly sitting in between 25 and also 30 on the android gadgets probably a little bit more than that on the apple iphone i’ll definitely need to do an additional fps test within antutu itself in the close to future so stay tuned for that a person additionally be having an in-depth battery drainpipe test rising virtually later on today so remain tuned for that super thrilled about that i truly intend to see the performance of the s21 ultra we’re going to transfer to completion of antutu we’re now completed and allow’s examination out the temperature levels in levels celsius the samsung included 13.4 we included 13.1 on the xiaomi as well as we just included 4.6 degrees in celsius to the iphone 12 pro max we’re now mosting likely to go right into geekbench variation 5.2.5 i’m going to speed via this yet speaking about those temperatures once again the huawei obtained the hottest at 51.6 and also the apple iphone the coolest at 37.6 apple iphone coolest once again after running geekbench here with 39.1 levels in celsius however it included one of the most at 1.5 the xiaomi lost 0.8 degrees in celsius

that makes me seem like there was some thermal throttling going on there we’ll have to see when we obtain to the results at the end of the video so stick with me right here we’re currently in 3d mark right here this is the wildlife section of it this is not the cardiovascular test of wild animals this is just the one min version just to get a suggestion of the fps i will certainly post the fps results after this in addition to the minimum fps and maximum fps but thus far the apple iphone is sitting at basically in between 49 50 and 60 fps where the xiaomi as well as the samsung as well as the iq are hovering around 35 so let’s see what occurs there with the huawei doing slightly much better than those like i said we’ll reach the results let’s first reach the temperatures and also the overall total temperature of every one of these devices after we had actually run through 18 mins of standards that is how i exercised the million power per min analysis for battery also yet first let’s speak about temperatures keeping that last benchmark run we only included one degree as well as celsius to the xiaomi was it throttling once again i’m not as well sure the musician was the samsung adding 3.5 the samsung included a total amount of 17.7 levels in celsius though the xiaomi is still ended off as the best device and also the iphone still finished off as the coolest gadget when it involves battery drainpipe you need to remember the samsung has the largest battery with 5000 milliamps and the iphone has the tiniest with 3687 with the iq in the middle of those at 4 000 so although the intelligence is the 2nd tiniest it does have the most awful battery drainpipe over below but that is because it has such a tiny battery which is why it’s milliamp per min reading isn’t the worst the samsung has the very same milliamp per minute analysis as the iqr 22.2 although it had less battery drainpipe in terms of percent however that is since it has a larger battery the xiaomi mi 11 is between those two and also it struck the most awful 23 milliamp hours

per min drain over here and the ideal milliamp hour per minute reading is of program the iphone with 16.4 which is absolutely sensational and also 2 2 benchmark outcomes top place below not stunned in any way the vivo iq7 is an absolute beast with monster setting and also ultra game mode 730 000 points there the xiaomi mi 11 in 2nd place though it really did not rating as high as i’ve seen before from the mi 11 third was the friend 40 professional just under the 700 000 mark for the brand-new samsung galaxy s21 ultra i do have the snapdragon variation of the phone incidentally also a fair bit lower than the huawei as well as in 5th location less than the lot below is the apple iphone 12 pro max when it pertains to single core geekbench 5 results starting point not a surprise below the iphone 12 pro max basically controls when it comes to the cpu division single core of one five eight 6 the following best in second location is the intelligence with an enormous decline down to one one four three third is the samsung fourth is the huawei ishami a great deal reduced i generally see it around where you’re seeing the samsung and also intelligence at the moment yet it’s most definitely obtaining throttled below at

753 points on solitary core this is just one of the reasons why the gadget actually decreased in degrees celsius by 0.8 after the geekbench run is because the phone was attempting to cool itself down so it had not been permitting you to use the complete efficiency of the cpu chipset it’s really similar here when it comes to multi-core with the apple iphone getting on top with 4 one four 9 large decrease down to 2nd area of the iq with three 6 9 five this moment the huawei and also the samsung have actually flipped about with the huawei putting 3rd here samsung putting fourth me11 once more thermal throttling over here it’s a whole lot lower than its various other 2 snapdragon 888 bros so you can certainly sense something is failing in this department possibly due to the fact that the phone was just obtaining method as well warm finally 3d mark wildlife starting point once again iphone 12 professional max with a rating of 8280 this is the largest jump down to 2nd area that we’ve seen out of these 3 criteria tests 2nd area the huawei surprisingly sufficient with six 5 4 one right here and afterwards it goes down to the intelligence 7 basically reverse order below 4th location is the xiaomi and also dead shed is the samsung though not much of a distinction in between the samsung as well as the xiaomi and a little

bit of a distinction in between the iq7 as well as those two with the apple iphone striking 49 frames per second the samsung hitting 33 frames per second which is the worst all the snapdragon 838 powered smartphones below sitting around the exact same 33 34 fps the huawei did a respectable job at practically 40 fps however nearly 50 on the apple iphone is essentially unequalled with a max fps below of 60 the following best max fps was the huawei with 51 and also the most affordable max fps was the xiaomi with 41 fps wow that was weird so the xiaomi that normally does the ideal when it pertains to antutu was beaten by the iq7 yet those 2 gadgets were much from starting point when it concerns the apple iphone taking the crown as well as geekbench and 3dmark however all of them still did pretty well i can say i’m somewhat disappointed with the two devices on the left rather impressed with the intelligence considering it’s the cheapest phone on the table here huawei is one of the most costly as well as it did average the iphone naturally is top pet dog over right here with that said wonderful a14 bionic as well as outstanding optimizations within ios’s software program i hope that you people taken pleasure in watching this video clip as a lot as i did making it a below to the network would be remarkable this is technic and also i’ll see you in the next one you

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