DETAILED REVIEW OPPO Reno5 Pro 5G – Color Shifting Stunner!

design comparisons display cameras software gaming and finally benchmarks this is my unboxing an extremely detailed review of the oppo renault 5 pro 5g this is the global version which literally just landed in india and it has a starting price of 35 990 rupees 8 gigs 128 gigs that is works out to about 399 euros and 489 usd prices will be dropped in the description as well as links to where you can purchase it if you’re in india at the current point in time these prices are actually cheaper than the china counterparts of the arena 5 series devices we get a 65 watt supervooc 2.0 charger in the box and without further ado let’s unwrap this guy [Music] this is the galactic silver edition you can also pick it up in astral blue or starry black the galactic silver is only available in 12 gigs and 256 gigs of the wrong looks absolutely stunning it’s literally a chameleon smartphone it shifts colors with every different angle hitting many different lights changing the colors all around the phone it looks absolutely stunning and it uses individual pyramid micro crystals clustered together to get this effect it’s absolutely fantastic this is not available on the starry black version maybe 4 350 milliamp hour battery which is split in two 65 watts super vic 2.0 wired charging of course we have 5g and wi-fi six as well you have gorilla glass 5 on the front and back with an aluminum frame and because of the pyramid micro crystals they are highly hydrophobic meaning that water just slides

right off it so you won’t really see many grease marks or fingerprint smudges though you do have the option of slapping in the included silicon case which still keeps that color shifting going great still looks fantastic with it on though it just looks so much better with it off we do have a power button with a green accent on the right hand side designed for reno at the top over there also with color shifting design on the left hand side we have a split volume rocker which i honestly love so much most phone companies need to start adopting this i hate the single bar and we have a dual sim tray but no expandable storage usb type-c 3.1 speeds which is great unfortunately only a mono speaker though we do have dolby atmos the camera bump looks really neat it’s not quite as big as other smartphones around even though it is a quad camera setup meaning that when it is on a flat surface it does a fantastic job of having pretty much no screen wobble at all especially compared to something the massive modules such as on the note 20 ultra when you look at the design it really does fit in quite nicely among these and stands out incredibly with that galactic silver color at the back it looks absolutely stunning compared to all of them it makes all these other phones look completely outdated it is super thin and super light but

what about that front well we are welcomed to a 3d curve 20 by 9 aspect ratio 6.55 inch punch hole display it is full hd plus it is amoled as well we have hdr 10 plus certified with netflix hd and amazon prime hd 1 100 nits peak 90 hertz refresh rate 180 hertz touch sampling rate and an incredibly high screen to body ratio comparing it to other curved designed phones it’s very subtle it looks really neat the colors really do pop and honestly it’s just such a breath of fresh air to the eyes when you compare it to an ips display on the left hand side you can clearly see amoled is a hell of a lot brighter and a lot more poppy when it comes to colors and comparing it to flagships out there such as the mi 11 the samsung and even the oneplus device it is extremely bright as you can see here the colors pop the white balance is just on par as even the more expensive devices that you can see around it it has very very minimal bezels and a tiny little punch hole camera at the top which is left centered not center centered so i guess that kind of just comes down to preference we do have a 90 hertz refresh rate panel here you can throw it onto 60 if you’d like keeping it on 90 comparing it to the other 120 hertz phones here honestly i don’t notice much of a difference in real life between 90 and 120 as i do with 60 and 90.

so i think 90 is the sweet spot i’ve been saying it for a while now i’m gonna stick to that and moving on from that screen refresh rate we can hide the notch in certain apps we can display it in full screen with most apps like you’ve seen on other phones before it says it’s draining high performance when you up the brightness a nice little inclusion over there we have edge lighting nice little features that just sway you to love color os 11 even more i did do a color os 11 software review pretty recently a couple months back make sure you check that out after this video we do have dark mode settings and you can change the different shades of dark mode which is epic it works in third-party apps though not too many of them of course we haven’t always on display as i mentioned in my color os 11 review i tested this out thoroughly and it does a fantastic job you can customize it just the way you’d like looks absolutely awesome when you put it together knowing that when you lock your phone looking down at it and you’ll be like you know what i i created that that’s really cool and it does a really awesome animation you can even throw an analog clock in the middle which is great you can also customize our fingerprint sensor animation styles over here i

particularly like this one as you see and going into it it’s nice and snappy we do have a physical one on the xiaomi mi 10i or redmi note 9 pro 5g here in china it is quicker than that one when it comes to opticals it seems a tad quicker even compared to the mi 11 and it is pretty much on par with the ultrasonic one underneath the display of the note 20 ultra and a hell of a lot quicker than the oneplus 8t and oneplus are known to have snappy fingerprint sensors we do have 2d unsecured facial recognition system here using the selfie cam and it is blitz quick as you’ve come to know and expect from upper devices in the past year or two it’s pretty much smashing through every single device over here samsung was pretty on par once again a lot quicker than the oneplus 8t this time around but that selfie cam can be used for more than just unlocking your phone we have a 32 megapixel f 2.4 selfie snapper these selfie pictures do look alright though this is a pretty overcast day and i do notice a tad edge detection when it comes to portrait mode this is tech neck recording a 1080p 30 frames per second video on the oppo reno 5 pro 5g let me know what you guys think of the audio and video quality when recording with the selfie cam bear in mind that it is completely capped at 1080p and 30fps and you can also

shoot selfie video with the ai portrait mode feature which i think looks pretty darn neat and we also have some dual video modes here so i guess if you have a friend you’re giving a gift to and you want to capture both scenes that’s pretty awesome or if you just have a cool little figurine you want to show off with your face in the way i guess you can do that too we do have night mode when it comes to the selfie cam here is it off here it is on and it looks pretty good it does wash away some of the detail i prefer using the flash option which is the best of both at the back we have a main 64 megapixel omnivision which i actually prefer over sony and samsung by the way if .17 you can pixel business down to 16 megapixel 8 megapixel ultra wide 2 megapixel macro and 2 megapixel monochrome lens that’s pretty interesting the 8 megapixel ultra wide is packed with detail you do have 108 megapixel mode by the way so just because this isn’t 108 megapixel phone you can still take one of the snaps 64 looked great 16 megapixel bin looks absolutely fantastic with ai enabled we have digital zoomina 2 5 10 and 20.

honestly they all look a lot more usable than previous phones i’ve been reviewing on my channel with digital zoom and you can go up to 20x most budget phones only go up to 10x 16 megapixel main here jumping through to that 2 megapixel macro really does pop you don’t need 5 megapixels for the 60 megapixel main jumping into ar highlight portrait mode which is something new for up over here looks great we also have neon portrait with pops the colors a little bit more an ar color portrait which does an incredible job at justifying the colors from the background which is monochrome we also have the monochrome portrait when it comes to video recording ar color portrait though capped at 720p 30fps still does a great job even when i’m moving the subject around we have 1080p 30fps ai highlighted portrait this brightens things up gives it a nice little surreal look looks fantastic we do have 4k 30 frames per second no 60fps option over here we are using a domain t1000 plus chipset not quite sure if that has

anything to do with it though we do have 1080p at 60fps nice and smooth over here looking super clear if you ask me we have 1080p at 30fps in ai highlight mode like i showed you with that picture earlier you can record in this those capped at 30 fps and 1080p it just pops the colors even more we do have 1080p at 30fps ultrawide though this is the max you can’t do 4k and you can’t do 60 fps gets things nice and wide with 119 field of view degrees field of view that is ultra steady off over here now 1080p 55 frames per second for some reason it drops to that ultra steady on it’s a lot more stable but it does dip in quality quite a bit ultra steady a pro it’s kind of a good balance between that two i guess but still quality is dipping it’s still super steady we do have night mode over here it’s off at the current moment now it is on brightens things up once again you lose a tad of detail and we have for the first time ai highlight the video which highlights literally brightens up the shots it does a great job but once again it drops the detail but it really does a surprisingly great job at brightening up this video

recording we also have solub a video editor made by oppo which you can jump into straight from the gallery and it does a pretty great job have a look at my final production when it comes to software the oppo reno 5 pro 5g is running coloros 11.1 skinned over android 11 and it’s absolutely phenomenal as i mentioned earlier i did do a full review on coloros 11 so make sure you check that out after this video it has everything that you could ever want in a smartphone and it even has google packed right into the settings and google discover on the left google assistant everything google and extra personalizations it’s pretty much a stock android experience and then some it does a great job when it comes to static and dynamic wallpapers you can customize your icons any way you’d like pretty much you can even change the color schemes when it comes to your settings as well as your pull down top notification pad over there and we can do split screen with three fingers swapping up player game and google summing at the same time which is fantastic we’ve seen this on many phones before we also have floating and mini windows over here which work as you would expect it does a great job though you can only keep one open at a time and we do have something called system cloner so getting to some of my favorite parts of color os over here as well not getting too much detail on it but system cloner you can use a different password to

jump into a different system and then use your regular password to jump back into your normal system so if you want to hand your phone over to a friend jumping to that system it would be better for them to not see your private items you can also create your own wallpaper it doesn’t really create it though you can kind of just choose a bunch of different ones with the same color scheme you can take screenshots scrolling screenshots partial screenshots my favorite thing to do three fingers down take a screenshot hit translate using google lens and there we go this is the collaboration between google and oppo this is not on all google centric devices it does a great job you can even use the pull out sidebar on the right hand side to translate there which is even quicker really does a great job if you do live abroad and honestly these haptics are on a flagship level and of course we do have dolby atmos though we’re lacking dual stereo speakers nevertheless let’s give them a listen we are kitted out with game space on the phone where you can enable competition mode and boost your games even quicker of course we have a mediatek dimension 1000 plus chipset in the smartphone it is super fast and fluid we’ll get to some benchmarks later we’re going to test that fps real soon we do have game space overlay over here it does a pretty great job when it comes to pubg mobile on most devices at the current moment you can do smooth and 90 frames per second that option is not available yet on the arino 5 pro over here but i’m pretty sure we’ll get it soon we are getting a pretty stable

60fps on smooth graphics settings that is though if you go above smooth graphics settings there is no extreme fps option so you’re going to be sitting at 40 not because the device can’t handle it but just because the app doesn’t support the device and vice versa quite yet dead trigger 2 has an unlimited frames per second cap and the reno 5 pro 5g is hitting a solid 90 fps most the time actually hitting 91 which is really great feels super smooth and fluid and looks fantastic as well real racing 3 also has no frames per second cap but unfortunately it’s hitting 60 or 61 fps hopefully the devs over at the team of ea which produce real racing will fix this on the reno 5 pro in the near future moving on to benchmarks here with that mediatek dimension 1000 plus chip i do have 12 gigs of ram 256 gigs of rom 4 350 milliamp hour battery we’re going to compare the battery temp and cpu temp at the start of the test to the end of the test right after we speed through this as well as the score of course the battery drained at a rate of 26.1 milliamp hours per minute which is actually pretty average we added on the battery 11.4 degrees in celsius and cpu 22 degrees in celsius final score here the oppo reno 5 pro 5g scored 518 079 points putting it ahead of its biggest rivals it is definitely a step ahead of the snapdragon 855 plus 855 765g which is indeed paired in the predecessor of the reno 5d renault 4 pro 5g it is however slightly below the snapdragon 865 processed phones but those phones usually cost a hell of a lot more than this one does next benchmark is geekbench 5.2.5 we’ve got a single core score of 800 and a multi-core score of 2407.

This is slightly below its competitors but still a step ahead of the 855 plus 855 and 765g so it’s definitely a worthy upgrade when it comes to the cpu department now what about the gpu well we’re going to be running through our third benchmark now which is a 3d mark wildlife and we got an overall score of 3928 and an average frames per second count of 23.

5 even better than the snapdragon 865 powered smartphones the oppo reno 5 pro 5g really is a color shifting stunner it’s pretty much like a chameleon of its own on the back it looks fantastic in so many different lighting conditions i definitely have to show you more of this but going into that screen we have a wonderful 6.55 inch amoled display with a 90 hertz refresh rate and it is super super buttery smooth don’t get me wrong 120 is higher but honestly you can’t notice much of a difference and the 90 hertz does translate into high frames per second gaming we have some other little features kitted within coloros 11 which does a great job in terms of translating or just bouncing around your phone especially when it comes to personalizations which is absolutely fantastic i wish more android phones would adopt this but of course it is not alone we do have slightly cheaper phones and slightly more expensive phones though they don’t quite have the class that the reno 5 pro 5g has and of course it is a lot cheaper than many flagships out there but with top tier performance making it a really easy recommendation from me to you

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