Realme X7 Pro vs Galaxy Note 20 Ultra Speed Test

you could buy four realme x7 pros for one samsung galaxy note 20 ultra so why not test them out in a performance speed test over here the real me comes paired with mediatek’s latest mnc 1000 plus chipset while the samsung comes paired with qualcomm’s latest and greatest snapdragon 865 plus processing chip they both have a decent amount of ram being 12 on the samsung n8 on the real me though the biggest difference here is that we have lp ddr5 ram on the samsung and 4x on the real me we also have ufs 3.1 storage on the samsung as opposed to 2.1 on the real me and we have 120 hertz panels on both of them which we’re going to keep enabled as well as high performance mode on both devices we’re going to keep animation scales as well as all other animations on on both devices over here for the purposes of this b test round one will be all about boots fingerprints and face unlock runs two will be all about the initial opening app speed and round three will be all about ram management using my fingers over here so to keep things accurate we’re going to pop gopro footage at the bottom left hand corner this is technique and without further ado let’s go we’re going to start with a simple boot in round one to see which one can actually get into the phone faster and for the first time in my life they did them at the exact same time 23 seconds of over here so neither of them got allocated a point however going into the actual devices

plugging in my pass key over here the x7 pro was ridiculously fast in refreshing the app icons and the samsung was extremely slow especially for the price that you’re paying for it testing out the ultrasonic one using the fingerprint sensor that is on the note 20 ultra as opposed to the optical one on the x7 pro it was too close to call the first time around the real me it was slightly faster the second time around and testing out the third time round the real me was once again faster getting its second point in round one testing out the 2d face unlock on both devices over here the real meat was faster the first time it was also faster the second time never very similar animation around the camera though the real me was faster the third time as well getting his third and final points in round one as opposed to zero for the note 20 ultra making sure high performance mode is slow enabled hooked to the same wi-fi network max brightness and all apps are cleared in the background i’m gonna jump into camera over here which was indeed too close to core however flipping to the selfie camera the real me x7 pro

was actually slightly fast over there you know 20 ultra however was faster taking the snap going into gallery the note 20 ultra was once again quicker and opening up the photo quicker again third point there for the samsung in round two though the real me was slightly faster in opening the calculator system app bringing into our next system app over here it will indeed be the phone app and jumping into that the x7 pro was once again faster than the samsung now faster again beating the samsung with four points as opposed to three on the samsung going into speed check and internet speed test however the samsung evens the score with four points apiece over here we’re testing out the internet over here but not so much download upload speed actually how long it takes to do the test 23.5 seconds for the real me as opposed to 24 seconds for the note 20 ultra not much of a difference but the real me is still allocated its fifth point in round two next app that we have here is indeed spotify a music streaming app jumping into that one the note 20 ultra once again evens the scores pulling it into entire five points a piece going into photoshop express over here a photo editing app the note 20 ultra was noticeably faster getting at six points going into the photo once again noticeably fast over there getting at seven point now we’re

gonna save it to gallery and the ufs three point one storage on the samsung and save the day we are getting its eight points over there going into adobe premiere clip over a video editing app i usually use adobe rush however the domain city chipset doesn’t really like adobe rush and the snapdragon chipset doesn’t really seem to be optimized for adobe clip over here since it did it 10 seconds slower than the x7 pro even though it has faster ufs storage so far 10 points on the samsung as opposed to 6 on the x7 pro going into astral vpn the samsung pulls ahead again opening it up quicker turning it on though it was too close to call we need a vpn here in china in order to open up the next runner apps such as facebook and going into facebook you know 20 ultra open it up quicker now double the points of the realme x7 pro but it is four times the price going into instagram over here it was quicker once more and the next social media app that we have is indeed twitter which it was faster in again 14 points for the samsung as opposed to the still six on the x7 pro jumping into youtube the samsung was quicker than the real me x7 pro that time around but remember it’s just fractions of seconds between them and the price is way more than just fractions guys we’re talking about a 1400 phone as opposed to a 300

phone there is a big difference over here in terms of price but not much of a big difference in terms of performance and the x7 pro even opened up one of my videos quicker than the note 20 ultra now even in the play field over here with eight points as opposed to 15 on the samsung going into netflix the samsung was slightly quicker in opening it up jumping into my profile however the x7 pro was quick over there now nine points for the x7 pro as opposed to 16 on the samsung galaxy note 20 ultra going into google chrome the note 20 ultra was faster once more jumping into a subway surfers which one is going to open up the first game quicker than the other one will be really interesting to see here is there going to be a big difference between the two and it is indeed allocated toward the note 20 ultra but once again guys just a fraction of a second between the two devices in terms of opening up that game going into flip diving our next game over here once again just a couple milliseconds quicker the note 20 ultra did indeed deserve that point thrown out with a 10 point lead over the realme x7 pro i must say i’m still impressed with the x7 pro due to its price point over here and even has the same size battery as the samsung it just lacks the incredible s pen and those wonderful camera features that you do get in samsung devices 20 points for the note 20 ultra and jumping into pubg mobile over here the new version of the game we did it in 14.5

seconds only samsung two seconds slower on the real me wrapping up around two with 21 points for the samsung as opposed to 9 on the x7 pro now we’re testing out ram management and samsung is known to have almost perfect ram management where realme devices as well as xiaomi devices aren’t really i have had much better ram management with oppo devices even though they are the parents company of realme so it’s really strange to see that realme don’t optimize their ram management a little bit better if both phones kill an app no points is allocated if both of them keep it open such as you saw with astral vpn over there no points is allocated one phone has to keep it open the other one has to kill it as useful with instagram and once again now with twitter that is why the note 20 ultra is pulling ahead same thing with youtube over here with the samsung stuck to my profile and the real me kicked us to the home screen same thing with netflix going into google chrome was pretty much neck and neck over there both keeping them open however subway surfers and flip diving and temple run was all killed on the real me device over here as well as pubg mobile wrapping up around three with 13 points toward the samsung as opposed to zero on the real me x7 pro total score here 12 for the real me as opposed to 34 for the note 20 ultra and if we look at just raw performance though 21 points for the samsung as opposed to nine points on the real me yes the score is quite a big difference between the two but the price is as well i hope that you enjoyed watching this video as much as i did making it this is tech nick and i’ll see you in the next one

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