Redmi K30 Ultra vs Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra Speed Test

the redmi k30 ultra and xiaomi mi 10 ultra were both announced on the same day to celebrate xiaomi’s 10th year anniversary though very impressive phones one is a lot cheaper than the other one for very good reason the redmi comes paired with the demand city 1000 plus chipset run on seven nanometer technology while the xiaomi comes paired with the latest and greatest qualcomm snapdragon 865 processing chip we have six gigs of ram on the redmi and eight on the xiaomi we also get ufs 3.1 storage on the xiaomi as opposed to ufs 2.1 on the redmi they both have 120hz amoled displays and we’re gonna leave animations on on both devices round one will be all about boot fingerprint and face unlock round two will be all about initial opening app speed and round three will be all about ram management we’re using my fingers over here so to keep things accurate we’re gonna pop gopher footage at the bottom left-hand corner this is tech neck and without further ado let’s go gonna start here with a simple boot in round one to see which one can power up its device faster and the point gets allocated to the mi 10 ultra do it in 19 seconds as opposed to 28 seconds on the k30 ultra going into the phone to refresh the app icons it was too close to call and are testing a very similar optical reader underneath both displays on both the xiaomi devices over here it was too close to call the first time around too close to call the second time around and going into it the third time around the xiaomi mi 10 ultra was slightly faster there getting one win and two draws getting at its second point in round one testing the facial recognition of your 2d face unlock on both

devices we do have a pop-up mechanism on the k30 ultra so it’s known to be slower but i put my face in at the exact same time of both devices and the mi 10 ultra is faster every single time of the year getting its third and final point in round one going into round two we making sure we hooked up to the same wi-fi network making sure we up to the max brightness and there are no recent apps in the background we’re going to go ahead and start with our first app which is indeed the camera app going into it the mi 10 ultra was slightly faster than opening it up it was slightly quicker in flipping to the selfie cam due to the lack of a pop-up selfie cam and it was too close to call when taking the actual snap going into the actual gallery it was too close to call once more but the maintain ultra opened up the photo slightly quicker over there going into our next system app here which is indeed calculator once again it was too close to call and the next system app that we have after calculator is indeed the phone app and jumping into it the same apps on both devices though the maintain ultra pulls ahead there now with its fourth point in round two as opposed to zero on the k30 ultra it was too close to call when going into the settings app and going into speed check and internet speed testing 10 ultra was once again fast over here now we’re going to test out not so much download upload rates

of the internet speed test here but actually how long it takes to run 22.5 seconds for the k30 ultra as opposed to 23.5 seconds on the me10 outro getting the k30 ultra its first point in round two the next app that we have over here is also indeed a non-system application being a music streaming app called spotify i’m sure you guys have heard of it before going into it the me 10 ultra was slightly faster than the k30 ultra over here but bear in mind the k30 ultra is not doing a bad job over here considering it is a third of the price of the m10 outro going into photoshop experience once again the me 10 ultra was fast over there going into the actual picture it was too close to call and we’re going to go ahead and save it to gallery and the ufs 3.

1 storage was slightly faster when saving it to gallery compared to the k30 ultra giving me 10 ultra it’s eight points now ninth points in round two after opening up adobe clip since adobe rush doesn’t actually work on the redmi k30 ultra on the actually on the domain city 1000 plus chipsets it doesn’t work on any other demand city 1000 plus chipset but the k30 ultra seems to really like adobe clip doing it in eight seconds and the snapdragon 865 doesn’t seem to be too optimized with the older adobe software for mobile devices adobe clip getting it in a crazy long 28 seconds over there

compared to the k30 ultra very impressive for the k30 ultra over there though it seems like the xiaomi was not too optimized for it going into astral vpn there the k30 ultra was quicker and going into the first social media app one of the reasons why we need a vpn here in china the k30 ultra was quicker there going into instagram was too close to call and the next social media app that we have here is indeed twitter which the me 10 ultra opens up slightly faster now with 11 points on the m10 outro as opposed to 4 on the k3 ultra which one can get into it quicker it is indeed allocated to the maintain ultra now with triple d points as opposed to the cheaper little brother the k30 ultra and going into my profile here however it is very close though the k30 ultra does indeed open the page and load it slightly faster than me 10 ultra getting at its fifth point in round two now just seven points behind the more expensive big brother me 10 ultra we’re gonna jump into one of my videos over here make sure that you check out all these videos after this one going into it the k30 ultra loaded the entire page quicker even though they started playing the video at a relatively similar time over there so the k30 ultra is now just half the points of the me10 outro with six points as opposed to 12.

We’re going to close up the video over here and jump into our next application which will indeed be netflix and going into netflix which one can get to it quicker surprise surprise the k3 ultra does it quicker and going into my profile over here once again the k30 ultra now getting at its eighth point as opposed to 12 on the me10 ultra just four points behind now it’s really starting to pick up going into google chrome though it was too close to call one of them they’re all pretty much loaded things up at different times but the end result was the same time so no point was allocated first game over here being subway surfers really impressive here i would say k30 ultra gets it’s opening up a game quicker than a phone that is triple the price so now just three points behind the k30 ultra has nine points now going into our second game which is indeed flip diving unfortunately the meeting ultra is unfortunately because most of you guys like to vote for the underdog over here but they’re both xiaomi devices they’re both amazing

devices when opening up apps in terms of performance we’ll get to the ram management issue a little bit later next game temp will run to the me 10 ultra once again opened up quicker than the k30 ultra now 14 points as opposed to the 9 on the k30 ultra and the last game over here the last app of 20 being pubg mobile the new version the new era version that is going into it a little bit longer to load than previous pub g versions 19 seconds on the k30 ultra slightly faster than the 20.5 seconds on the me10 ultra it’s a mouthful to say all these names guys but 10 points for the k30 ultra as opposed to 14 wrapping up round two over there in terms of speed now let’s get to the terrible ram management of xiaomi these are indeed both xiaomi devices redmi is the sister company or pretty much child company of xiaomi xiaomi is the parent company so their ram management is not the best since they’re running pretty much the exact same software miui 12 over here so far no points because if they both kill an app no point is

allocated if they both keep it open no points is advocated so far they have killed the same amount of apps and they’ve kept the same amount of apps open i’ve made sure to turn all battery optimizations off on both devices over here but the ram management on xiaomi devices has always been poor i really hope that they hear me and improve this going forward because this is probably the biggest downfall of xiaomi devices they both killed youtube over there going into netflix once again they killed that too and they had no problem killing a simple app such as google chrome as well remember we do have eight gigs of ram on the xiaomi and six gigs on the redmi but like i said before it’s about the speed of the ram and not necessarily about the actual ram capacity but in this case it’s about poor ram management and optimization so we do have lpddr5 ram on the xiaomi as opposed to ddr4 x ram on the k30 ultra the xiaomi actually kept pubg open they’re getting at its first and only point in round three so to score 10 points for the k30 ultra as opposed to 18 for the maintain ultra not a big difference in terms of raw speed which is indeed round to 14 points for the mi 10 ultra as opposed to 10 for the k30 ultra me 10 ultra is a much more expensive phone with a better chipset the one thing that you have to bear in mind though is the me 10 ultra has a much better camera system this is technique and i’ll see you in the next one

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