BATTERY DRAIN TEST – Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra vs Samsung Note 20 Ultra vs S20 Ultra vs Redmi K30 Ultra

when a smartphone company slaps the word ultra at the end of their device’s name it kind of implies that the phone is the ultimate phone around well i have four smartphones of here all with the word ultra in their name that being the s20 ultra no 20 ultra both by samsung the xiaomi mi 10 ultra and redmi k30 ultra of course both made by xiaomi the biggest battery over here is the s20 ultra with 5 000 milliamps and the other three devices are stacked on 4500 milliamp cells i have used a lux luminous meter over there to make sure that all brightnesses are the same on all four devices of the year we’ve updated the software to the latest available on all devices and we’re going to be rocking that native 120 hertz panel on all four devices as well we’re also going to be leaving the two samsung’s dropped to full hd plus to match the other two devices this is the ultra smartphone battery drain test this is technic and without further ado let’s go all phones are currently plugged in charge over here with their charges that came paired in the box so they’re all sitting at a hundred percent we’re going to be using a heat thermometer gun over here with an assembly level of 0.5 because that seems to be the most accurate when measuring heat

dissipation on electronic devices we’re going to be testing this out through each and every individual time interval throughout this drain test so making sure that all apps are indeed closed in the background but the ones that we do open up we’re going to leave in the background in order to test out true battery drain i’m going to start over here by scrolling through on a ufo test in google chrome over here the app that we are currently running is seen at the bottom right hand corner the time interval is at the top right corner and the percentages above each device is in relation to that time interval that you see at the top right corner and not what is actually happening at the current moment after 30 minutes we have 94 on the s20 ultra 95 on the note 20 ultra the newest samsung is beating that of the older s20 ultra 99 on the mi 10 ultra with a smaller battery than that of the s20 ultra 5 more there and 97 on the cheapest smartphone around the k30 ultra is really impressive if you guys are looking for specifications on all devices please check at the bottom of the screen underneath the phone’s branding in order to check out the battery capacity the size of the screen and the cpu chip that we are using in each device of course we do have a dimension 1000 plus chipset in the k30 ultra all of them are running seven nanometer technology though

the phones on the left hand side are running seven nanometer plus technology the third app that we’re running here is indeed shazam and we’re using screen recording as well after one hour we have 91 on the samsung galaxy s20 ultra the same 91 percent on the note 20 ultra 95 percent on the mi 10 ultra 93 on the k30 ultra so these samsung’s are losing so far and after an hour and 30 minutes 83 on these two samsung’s and 88 percent on the two xiaomi devices so so far you’re seeing the cheaper devices doing the best of year and when it comes to temps so far the mid 10 ultra has been the hottest of all devices over here and the k30 ultra it’s cheapest little brother to the me 10 ultra is actually keeping the coolest temperature across the board even cooler than that of the samsung devices which are known to keep cool temps all round we’re now currently on facebook watching some live tv over here and after the two hour mark we have 78 on the s20 ultra 79 1 more than that of the s20 is the note 20 ultra 84 on the two xiaomi devices once again matching over there the two little brothers and it’s really interesting to see they do have the same size screen they are using different chipsets though we do have slightly different ram

on both of the devices as well with lp ddr4 x ram on the k30 ultra as opposed to lpddr5 ram that we see on the mi 10 ultra as well as the note 20 and s20 over here so two hour mark we have the hottest temp still on the xiaomi devices well the coolest temp on the k30 ultra but the hottest on the me10 i’ll train after 2 hours and 30 minutes 73 on the s20 ultra 74 still one percent the head of the s20 ultra is the note 20 ultra 78 on the mi 10 ultra and 80 which is now leading the pack the k30 ultra and just remember guys it is a extremely cheap phone compared to the other devices you can pretty much buy three of those for one s20 ultra i say s20 ultra because it is actually slightly more expensive than that of the note 20 ultra i have used the s20 ultra for quite some time though so you should see a little bit of a difference when it comes to battery performance over here where the note 20 ultra is pretty much new as well as the other two devices alongside it though we do have a much bigger battery on the samsung galaxy s20 ultra 5000 milliamp hours which is 500 more than the other devices that you see on the table over here so it should be doing a much better job but it’s actually doing the worst job of the four devices over here the me10 ultra is still the hottest and the k30 ultra is still the coolest 65 on the s20 ultra 67 on the note 20 ultra 69 on the mi 10 ultra and still leading the pack with 72 the

redmi k30 ultra i’m very impressed with the k30 ultra let’s see if it can beat its predecessor the k30 pro zoom edition which i’ve tested on my channel before which got almost 9 hours and 30 minutes of screen on time that is sot if you guys were wondering now we are looping a 4k video in vlc it is 25 frames per second so we’re not really utilizing that 120 hertz refresh rate on all devices but after four hours 61 on the s20 ultra 63 with a smaller battery the note 20 ultra 66 on the me 10 ultra currently coming in second place second to that of the k30 ultra with 68 once again really impressed with that now things have changed in terms of temperatures 39.1 degrees celsius for the s20 ultra being the hottest and 37 on the note 20 ultra being the coolest with the me 10 ultra and k30 ultra kind of being in the middle of that after doing some front facing video recording at 1080p 30fps we reached that four hour 30 minute mark 53 on the s20 ultra 55 on the note 20 58 now just one percent behind that of the k30 ultra is the mi 10 ultra and temps wise we have the mi10 ultra once again the hottest and this time around the s20 ultra is the coolest after recording using the selfie cam we’re recording using the backhand over here now but at 4k 30fps we’re not shooting at 4k 60fps because the k30 ultra is actually capped at 30fps when recording at 4k after the five hour mark interval over here 43 on the s20 ultra which is now one percent ahead of that of the note 20 ultra very

interesting since the note 20 ultra has been demolishing the s20 ultra throughout this test considering its smaller battery size 48 on the mi 10 ultra now beating the k30 ultra by two percent with 46 over there the k30 ultra is back to being the coolest phone with 52.9 degrees celsius that sounds really hot but when the note 20 ultra is reaching almost 55 it’s not as hot after five hours and thirty minutes thirty two percent on the s20 ultra now two percent ahead of the note 20 ultra with thirty percent thirty five percent leading the pack is the me10 ultra and thirty three percent dk 30 ultra just two percent behind that of the me10 ultra i must say i’m really impressed with all of these devices since they’re all so neck and neck i’ve never done any drain test where all of them have performed pretty much equally as well i would actually say that the s20 ultra is falling behind a bit because of its large battery capacity and after six hours we have 22 on the s20 ultra now three percent more than that of the note 20 ultra’s 19 still leading the pack the mi 10 ultra is still two percent ahead of the k30 ultra with 22 percent and the mi10 ultra with 24 the note 20 ultra just went dim for a second because of the game launcher i hadn’t set the setting to make sure that the phone doesn’t lock itself after five minutes so i’ve quickly switched that back that is not apparent on the s20 ultra after six hours and 30 minutes 17 on the s20 ultra 13 on the note 20 ultra 19 on the mi 10 ultra and 17 on the k30 ultra the main 10 ultra still leading the pack over here though the s20

ultra is now matching that of the k30 ultra at 17 percent the s20 ultra is now the coolest again and the hottest once more is the mi 10 ultra guys earlier i was doing some benchmark testing and just to let you know this is not to speed up the test but it’s actually to simulate real-life performance of actual heavy hitting games such as pubg mobile and call of duty mobile since i can’t play those games on four devices at the exact same time so i kind of just put it in there so that it would be more related to a real world experience of people that enjoy playing games as well as doing all these other activities but we are shooting through some really simple games over here but remember we do have brightnesses quite high up not the highest they are not the brightest that all these phones can display i wanted to keep them all even and after seven hours and 23 minutes the samsung galaxy note 20 ultra is the first to clock out with 45 degrees in celsius so pretty hot when it finished off there with 10.60 milliamp hours per minute not too bad all three other devices on 4 currently at the 7 hour and 30 minute mark which is really really interesting considering that they haven’t really been matching each other of late and after seven hours and 33 minutes just 10 minutes after the note 20 ultra clocked out the s20 ultra dies with a reading temperature of 43.7 degrees celsius slightly cooler than that of the note 20

ultra and while i was cleaning the back of the s20 ultra the me 10 ultra went out after 7 hours and 36 minutes with the best milliamp hours per minute of 9.87 the worst being the s20 ultra with 11 because it actually has the biggest battery and in the middle is the note 20 ultra with 10.16 milliamps as i mentioned earlier but not the best percentage per minute after seven hours and 58 minutes absolutely incredible screen on time for the k30 ultraviolet it indeed dies with the coolest 43.2 degrees in celsius and the best 9.41 milliamp hours per minute battery reading fourth place is indeed the note 20 ultra with 7 hours and 23 minutes this is still fantastic battery life i regard six hours is absolutely great third place is the older brother the samsung galaxy s20 ultra with seven hours and 33 minutes just 10 minutes longer lasting than that of the note 20 ultra second place the xiaomi mi 10 ultra with 7 hours and 36 minutes just three minutes longer lasting than that of the s20 ultra still great battery life even though they’ve reduced their battery a bit we have also seen a reduction in battery when it comes to the redmi k30 pro going to the ultra but almost eight hours of screen on time not quite as good as the k30 pro zoom edition as you can see here with nine hours and 29 minutes but the k30 ultra still did a pretty great job

considering it just jumped up from 60hz on the pro model to 120 hertz on the ultra model here is the list of all 15 devices that i have tested on my channel when undergoing a battery drain feel free to hit pause here for more information but as of right now these four devices that i have tested sixth place to the redmi k30 ultra seventh to the xiaomi mi 10 ultra both sticking together their ninth for the s20 ultra and 11 for the note 20 ultra getting beat even by the oneplus 8 pro though it does have the exact same sized battery now if the samsung galaxy s20 ultra had the same 4 500 milliamp battery as the other three devices that you see here it would actually place dead last with a whopping 6 hours and 48 minutes so if you look at it in that respect then the note 20 ultra is actually a better performer in the battery department to that of the s20 ultra of course the overall winner here is still the k30 ultra guys i hope that you enjoyed watching this video as much as i did making it make sure that you hit that subscribe button if you haven’t already this is technic and i’ll see you in the next one

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