7 Snapdragon 865 Powered Smartphones – AnTuTu Benchmark Test Comparison!

samsung galaxy s20 ultra sony xperia 1 mark ii oppo locate x2 professional oneplus 8 pro xiaomi mi 10 professional black shark 3 pro as well as red magic 5g these are perhaps the best snapdragon 865 powered mobile phones on earth rates varying from the left all the means to the best going from the most pricey to the most inexpensive every one of them have actually been upgraded in the software program front they all have lp ddr5 ram we have a couple 120 hertz refresh rate panel displays over below 144 hertz on the red magic and the exemption of 60 hertz on the sony xperia 1 mark ii we’re mosting likely to go down all the quad hd panel phones to complete hd plus and also we can not transform that on the sony xperia 1 mark ii so it’s mosting likely to be sitting at indigenous 60 hertz 4k resolution display going to be using their respective high performance lower pc gaming settings on all devices though the black shark somehow doesn’t sustain antutu we’re going to be utilizing the ir thermal heat weapon over here and also we’re mosting likely to establish the emissivity degree to 0.5 since this is the very best for digital gadgets we are making use of the exact same variation 8.4.3 of antutu standard guys this is technic and also without additional trouble allow’s go we’re going to begin by checking the battery percent at the start of the test right here we’ll compare this at the end and also reach an extra in-depth milliamp hours per minute result there for battery drainpipe additionally checking the devices in degrees celsius over below simply the facility of the device determining battery as well as cpu by means of once more we will evaluate this out at the end yet the oppo find x2 professional appears the best now and also the samsung is 20 ultra being the coolest at the existing minute we’re going to go ahead and also begin the examination from the left completely to the right over right here

and we’re going to speed points up from time to time to ensure that i do not keep you individuals right here all the time however when it comes to currently you can see near the bottom 100 actual time at the beginning of the examination of the year to see just how gorgeous every one of these fantastic phone screens look particularly being the 4k panel on that remarkable sony xperia 1 mark ii we sped things up a little bit over there i’m not certain if you people saw and also we have actually reduced things back down to actual time what you’re seeing is what i’m seeing bear in mind guys that the xperia one mark is the just one set to 60 hertz and the factor why i went down the other panels below quad hd plus to complete hd plus is because the samsung can not do qhd plus as well as 120 hertz at the exact same time however for the sony xperia 1 mark ii we can not in fact change the display resolution to wqhd or perhaps full hd plus for that issue so you’re adhered to 4k that does take a little a knock when it concerns a battery i guess we’ll see at the end of the santutu run up until now all of them seem pretty smooth i do have the s20 ultra resting on the snapdragon 865 versions of the phone over here so it ought to perform rather in a similar way to the others however though we have actually seen with snapdragon phones in the previous coming from samsung they seem to stupid down their chipset so that it matches that of the exynos chip phones to ensure that it is not unfair for many of the global market that are stuck with the excellence variation this is the 3rd part of the antutu criteria granovia variation 8 that is inspecting out the terracotta soldiers over right here things are a little more skittish across all tools this is basically one of the most extreme

part of the examination if you individuals intend to see even more antutu benchmark runs with a whole bunch of different phones as well as different manner ins which i do run the examination please check it out in my network i likewise have an fps counter between 60 90 120 and also 144 hertz in between them to see which one can actually push out one of the most structures as well as truthfully guys antutu is a little bit of a blended bag a great deal of them when it concerns terracotta soldiers evaluated around 14 fps which is why it is so skittish over right here we’re gon na browse again as well as we’re gon na obtain to the scrolling effect of all the phones and also we do not truly have them alongside over here i have actually done many of display revitalize rate contrasts on my channel also see to it that you men go examine that out they all seem quite smooth over here and i am impressed with the sony xperia 1 mark ii’s activity blur decrease which i have set made it possible for over here at the end of the test we have the largest battery drainpipe being the oppo discover x2 pro with minus 7 percent as well as 24.9 milliamp hrs per min with the finest battery drain being the sony as well as samsung with 16.7 milliamps per min though the samsung did drainpipe by simply four percent the sony drained by more but it does have a much smaller sized battery as well as currently we’re gon na go on and also examine out the warm dissipation with the heat management on each device like i claimed earlier i’m evaluating out the heat from the center of the

phone so it grabs cpu gpu as well as battery completely over below so when it concerns the outcomes below the coolest phone overall is the s20 ultra yet the one that acquired the least in level celsius was the black shark 3 pro just including 13.2 degrees celsius with the oneplus 8 professional surprisingly included 18.9 degrees celsius and the oppo find x2 pro was the best total with a massive 54.6 degrees celsius this goes over on sony’s component because when i did a pub g gaming examination the temps were a whole lot even worse than this when it comes to results the sony xperia one mark ii was dead last seventh place over right here with 545 000 stone’s throw behind that is the s20 ultra in 6th location with 550 000 in fifth location we had the oneplus 8 pro with a large dive up to 572 000 fourth location one more little of a bump the oppo locate x2 pro with 582 000 3rd place an additional small bump over there the black shark 3 pro with 587 000 somewhat far better than that the red magic of 5g likewise a video gaming phone the red magic 5g second area with 588 000 and the crowned king for many years now xiaomi with their meat 10 pro in first area with 593 000 points though i have actually seen oppo hit over 6 hundred thousand factors in antutu variation eight prior to in previous versions of the application when it pertains to individual categories the very best cpu award is allocated to the red magic 5g and where cpu the s20 ultra which gpu is the sony and the very best gpu is wonderfully the mi 10 pro finest memory is the oppo discover x2 professional shock surprise and the worst memory is the xperia one mark ii finest customer experience the red magic 5g and also worst somehow the sony xperia one mark ii stay tuned for even more videos on the sony as well as every one of these devices this is teknek as well as i’ll see you in the following one you

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