RedMagic 5G Camera Review

if you make a decision to buy a fully-fledged video gaming smart device well the chances are you’re probably purchasing it with the priority of video gaming in mind the red magic 5g does that flawlessly well with it’s remarkable 144 Hertz display get rid of a snapdragon 865 handling chip along with an interior air conditioning follower and also touch triggers but exactly how do the electronic cameras stack up rather than its pc gaming efficiency this phone is a monster and also this moment around features a trio of electronic cameras at the back the main sensor that we have right here is a 64 megapixel amx 6×6 sensing unit with an aperture of f-18 this is indeed the follower to the 48 megapixel IMAX 586 sensing unit that we saw in numerous phones in 2014 the additional cam is an 8 megapixel ultra large with an aperture off if 2.0 we have a tertiary camera below too which is a 2 megapixel macro lens no optical image stablizing in the trio over right here and there is obviously that do not have of a telephoto lens the selfie electronic camera comes matched with a 12 megapixel if 2.0 sensing unit guys this is Technique this is the Nubia red magic 5g electronic camera testimonial and also without additional trouble allow’s go we’re gon na start your with a pair main raw shots going down to a 4 to 1 pixel burnin to make sure that was 64 huge pixel after that 4 to 1 pixel burnin bring it to

16 megapixels below is the primary raw once again of 64 looks definitely fantastic but 16 the colors truly do stand out when the shot is refuted it does make use of some AI over right here as well you’ll see exactly how the shades stand out on these phone cubicles as well with the 16 megapixel still right here with 4 to 1 pixel burnin so what 4 to one pixel burnin practically provides for those of you that do not understand it takes the primary sensing unit which is in this situation 64 megapixel u divided by 4 it then takes a sampling of entire pixels and also combines them right into a 1/4 a higher detail shot as well as it does show you the new bar-8 magic 5g does do a fantastic job with its 64 huge pixel shops however if you want to change your resolution between 16 as well as 64 megapixels you have to go into the settings which really draws sometimes it can take a fair bit of time it was a bit of a hassle for me when I was in fact taking images on the fly for this video camera testimonial currently when we concern ultra wide we have an 8 megapixel ultra broad sensor over here and the difference in between its main binshot of the 16 megapixel to ultra large is excusable we don’t have much ultra-wide blur on the edges of the shots either which is excellent to see a great deal of phones deal with this it resembles a pretty flat onward shot it looks absolutely wonderful though I need to say that the shade dynamic array and also just the detail in the

shade itself does not actually radiate through and if you wish to use ultra broad you can’t simply use it in the regular picture setting you actually have to switch over to Pro Mode I did ask group red at red magic if they’re gon na be including this to the picture setting they claimed that there are no plans for it today their priority is certainly gaming I’ll obtain you something that they told me also a little bit later today we’re mosting likely to go right into zoom shots certainly we do not have a telephoto lens here so 3 times is digital the presets on the phone is 3 5 & 10 10 times electronic zoom is being the max over below it does not look great at all individuals remember this is a video gaming phone as well as I’m grateful that they have actually included 2 additional sensing units over right here consider this shot ultra large looks great the major shots taken on the red magic 5g are as good as the base camera phones available also the bench shots look absolutely great yet as quickly as you’re mosting likely to zooming of program you striking that electronic front there you’re not obtaining hybrid zoom as well as you’re not getting optical zoom so the shades wash out entirely the details exaggerated but you can still zoom so I think that’s an amazing point below we go we’re gon na zoom right into some message over here once more 64 megapixel major shot looks absolutely superb the shade accuracy is seriously excellent it

looks actually sensible it is so realistic as if I’m standing there right currently it looked specifically the very same yet as soon as you’re going to that zoom once again to there 10 times you’re obtaining a lot of pixel izing result taking place on the display a great deal of film grain over there’s well now we’re entering into this building construction is taking place anywhere in Shanghai right now so we’re gon na enter into this crane right here and we’re gon na zoom in once again 16-megapixel been shot looks wonderful focusing you can see the loss of quality truly fires right up in regards to loss specifically entering into that 10 times max soon it’s honestly it looks better with a Samsung on 30 x oom yet keep in mind that is making use of a periscope lens if we are describing the s20 ultra the macro sensing unit really does such an exceptional job I could not believe my eyes this is most likely the best macro sensing unit that I have seen on a phone you can obtain also better up then on a lot of various other phones and also just whether it’s 2 megapixel the majority of them do it at 5 megapixels check out the information that it retains so close with a 2 megapixel store it looks very amazing as well as here is my good friend with the Yoda entering into that macro you can see all the information on his face you really does look great this is the very first time I must say I’m actually appreciating a macro electronic camera on a phone it would it be

nice to see telephoto or de skyrockets at the cost of a little bit and this is a pc gaming phone it concerns picture setting you obtain a few other cool modes there we obtain diffusion over below as well as we likewise obtain overlying that is what it’s called not overlaying some trendy little points to experiment with yet regular pictures look amazing on objects there’s not much side detection a run actual item that does a superb work at blurring out the background but when you toss an individual as the subject in right here not an object there is a bunch of edge discovery all around me you can see it’s not doing a superb work my partner OVR taking a look at in the distance it does surprisingly do an excellent job over right here not much side detection going on there does a terrific task once more when we throw an item in and we make use of side discovery with the picture mode does an excellent work when it involves an item yet not actually a person likewise have some artsy modes there is something called art setting on right here so I believed I would certainly flick through them and show you individuals it fills the whole display yet it does such a wonderful job and it in fact refines the photo so darn quick yet these watercolor watercolor oil paint we have Expressionists it looks absolutely amazing simply to get a various kind of look these this would certainly be terrific for an Instagram image possibly I’ll upload one soon

when it involves video clip we have 8k 30 frames per secondly naturally most 8k real a case on snapdragon 865 searches on the samsung can already do 15 frames per second due to the fact that it is doing it at friends of this in fact up scales from 6k then with 4k we get 60 frameworks per 2nd there is no optical image stabilization you know it does look quite secure there’s no stabilization setting in either individuals this is not a phone for cam and also videography but I must claim its major images look surprisingly terrific 1080p does not look the very best yet it is one of the most steady out of the number at 60 structures per second great to see that we have 60 frames per second year alright it’s a whole lot extra functional if you’re not personally walking you’re simply moving side to side as you can see I remember it is up scaled from six K it looks great the the high quality simply looks amazing there is actually a tripod setting for 8k so if you pop your phone on a tripod as well as you allow things pass it I assume it might look definitely incredible for K 60 structures per second is a whole lot even more stable yeah I still a little anxious undoubtedly 1080p 60fps is the best choice of the lot over here but that is all we have guys there is no ultra broad mode when it pertains to video recording although we have support for an ultra large video camera I’ll get to that in a 2nd 1080p 30fps time-lapse looks wonderful uh through pop this on a tripod for half an hour truly looks

wonderful we have 1920 FPS slow-motion though it is practically difficult to videotape anything that is not consistently passing you to ensure that train as an example was so I could tape that as you guys can see even at just Full HD 30 structures per second there is no choice for ultra vast I did ask group red at red magic and they informed me that it remains in the works so there is presently no video choice with the ultra wide electronic camera yet they will certainly add it in a future software program update when it involves night shots you can see a great deal more shade and also it’s a great deal brighter a great deal even more information when we activate night setting as you individuals can see right here with this water bottle going inside yet it’s not as well dark yet as quickly as we leap into evening setting a great deal even more detail beams with so you can actually use evening setting also when it is dimly lit not entirely dark and also it actually stands out all the colors and also the detail looks great particularly OVI with these four tacos you can see it a lot better with evening setting turned on slightly darker circumstance here out on the streets establishing on evening setting really cheers up the shot it doesn’t make it appear it’s a day image which I like I intended to still resemble a night image however it actually brings the quality facet via a great deal of phones such as the one plus or the

Samsung they’ll make it appear it’s a complete day shot if I want a day looking image after that I’m gon na take the image throughout the day you still desire that really feel that it’s night so now we get on main over right here and also currently we’re gon na fire over this evening when you obtain an once more you can see it is a not picture but things look a lot a lot more clear often you get a little bit of grain so this is a photo of a dining establishment I mosted likely to the other day it looks superb yet not a lot the ultra wide lens however check out that evening shot really wonderful work good job Nubia going right into the little taco hangout yeah ultra broad once more looks alright however primary 16 container looks terrific and wait for it night setting looks amazing check out the information in the colors it looks truly great once more we have an ultra large shot over right here it’s all right to lose fairly a little bit of shade as well as a little of information going into the major shot still looks rather suitable once again the evening mode simply looks amazing I can not inform you just how impressed I am with the evening photography on a pc gaming phone I never ever believed I ‘d be saying that and when we switch to evening mode over below on the road look just how it regulates all the lights over there actually brings them down to the all-natural source there is a bit of like a noise from the light yet it still does an amazing task of managing it when it obtains really dark now it is very doc this was at like 2:00 a.m. Guys going in tonight does not look the biggest over here but it still does a good job I such as to go play football occasionally as well as this ultra large shot look there came the primary shot looked all right over right here but shooting right into evening setting it looks really excellent yet you can see a bit of problems unsure if you people can detect them some means around we do not have zoom evening mode options below however we do have a regular zoom so three times five times this is not night mode simply normal zoom in the evening doesn’t look awful not the most effective though yet it doesn’t look horrible ultra broad does not look excellent in an actually dark scenario over below 16 megapixel primary shot with night setting off doesn’t look too bad look how it controls the light with night setting on it looks great currently we’re gon na enter into a zoom again keep in mind no night mode over yeah 3 times digital zoom doesn’t look dreadful five times electronic zoom once again and after that our max which is 10 times electronic zoom still doesn’t do a horrible job since it was actually actually dark in the scenario when it involves night videography the 8k is practically pointless well it’s really brighter than the various other settings yet it’s so refined it’s not actually suggested to utilize it in the evening it even claims in the application based for exterior day utilize only 4k 60 frameworks per 2nd looks a lot even worse than

EKU selecting up a great deal less resolution so everything is a whole lot more dark and also a great deal much more black the exact same point can be conserved with 1080p it looks a bit much better than 4k though I assume 4k looks the worst yet the important things is with 1080p there are a great deal more grains a whole lot more movie grain that you can see detecting the display contrasted to the previous two due to the fact that of the resolution doing not have 12 megapixel selfie still it is 12 megapixel guys I recognize a lot of individuals say it’s eight but actually on the phone itself it states 12 megapixels I did validate it is 12 the selfie images look definitely great with picture setting it does not function I do not recognize what it is I did change it to portrait setting each and every single one that I took with portrait mode it does not blow the history I’m gon na allow them recognize and also see if that they can fix this concern as well as with any luck we can obtain a little a background blur over below as you men can see main shot below as well as picture look the same there there are various photos but there is no blur at the back over there we’re gon na does not deal with points also well when it is as well brilliant behind-the-scenes now we’re getting struck over to some selfie video videotaping this is a 1080p 30 frames per second selfie but you’re videotaping on the red magic 5g it is entirely restricted to 1080p resolution and topped at 30 structures per

second when video clip recording utilizing the selfie web cam you understand what you guys think in the comments area down listed below of the video clip and also audio quality when making use of selfie video clip recording on the red magic 5g there is no evening setting for taking selfies utilizing the selfie cam during the night however it doesn’t look awful I have actually definitely seen worse on flagship phones phones do not truly know what they’re doing when they taking a picture at evening and also when there’s an incredibly dark you can not also see my face over here but very few individuals do this anyway so I think absolutely nothing really to bother with few people need to take video clip selfie video clip recording at evening either as well as this is what it appears like it is trash however you recognize what it’s okay due to the fact that this is not really a function that people truly usually appreciate the red magic 5g indeed it’s a video gaming phone yet the three video cameras on the back do a great job the majority of the time its main sensing unit the iMac six 8 6 and also said that sixty-four megapixel still looks breathtaking and refuted looks even better the color precision is on par over there but at the end of the day men this is a pc gaming enjoyable it is developed for pc gaming it has whatever that you would certainly desire in a gaming phone I’m simply glad to see that they really did not entirely cut corners out on the video camera division and also it still does a fantastic job when it pertains to taking photos I wish that you guys enjoy the camera testimonial of the red magic 5g this is Technic and I’ll see you in the following one

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