iQOO Neo3 vs RedMagic 5G Speed Test

what’s up guys your backwards technic and today I have an additional rate test for you but this time around in between the vivo iku Nero three any nubia red magic 5g the IQ near 3 is the world’s cheapest Snapdragon eight six five handling chip phone I have the eight gig of ram variation over here with me with lpddr4 ram we have the red magic of 5g likewise with a snap monitoring eight 6 5 processing chip and also the same eight jobs of ram aboard with lpddr4 both of them depend on date when it involves software application and as you can see here the hardware specs do not hesitate to stop even more information right here we have 144 hertz panels on both of these that we do have an LCD panel Ani haiku as well as an AMOLED panel on the red magic they’re placing on beast mode on the intelligence and also we’re leaving computer animations on according to your request in a recent poll on my youtube channel we are going to be doing around 1 which will consist of a boot and a finger print recognition after that we’re mosting likely to be doing around 2 to see preliminary opening alpha app speed and afterwards rounded 3 will certainly be RAM management we’re gon na stand out GoPro

video footage at the lower left hand corner for accuracy creates Technique as well as without more trouble allow’s go we’re gon na start with a bucho and round one to see which one can boot up quicker the red statistics 5g gets his very first factor with 13 seconds instead of 5 secs sluggish 18 seconds on the newer three when going right into the phone though refreshing apps the intelligence and also you understand three does it a slightly better job they’re somewhat quicker getting its initial points in rounded one currently we’re mosting likely to taste that finger print detects we have an optical one underneath the screen of the red metric however we have a physical one on the appropriate hand side of the intelligence the iku did it ideal out of three times over there each and every single time so it gets a 2nd as well as final factors in round one round 2 will have to do with initially opening applications of yeah we saw to it that monster mode was on certainly on the intelligence and also you recognize 3 over there as well as we also saw to it that all the apps are cleared from the background both of them have done things quite in a similar way though the red magic 5g did take that snap somewhat quicker when going right into the camera application when opening up a picture over here the red magic 5g opened up the

application quicker as well as opened the image a little quicker as well it was also close to call there with calculator as well as we’re gon na jump right into phone where the red magic 5g it takes its fourth points over there without any factors alloted to the Ikuta near 3 so far but stay tuned guys this obtains actually really fascinating going into speed test over below allow’s see which one can open it up for the internet rate examination the intelligence near 3 obtains its very first point below in rounded two when at first opening applications and also looking into speed we’re gon na go on as well as do a test e at the lower right you can see we’ve sped things up 8 hundred percent over yeah however before video footage near the bottom left-hand edge over there as well as let’s have a countdown timer just below the GoPro video footage in order to count down to the next round you can see that the intelligence was 0.5 seconds quicker than the red magic though not also different a video clip we need to assign the points to the arcuate 3 obtaining at 2nd factors in round 2 although the red magic 5g did open up Spotify slightly quicker getting it its 5th points as well as out six points after opening up a Photoshop uh using as well as going into the picture its 7th points so now five factors in advance of the intelligence near three the red magic 5g yet I need to just add that the red magic 5g is virtually a hundred bucks extra pricey in the intelligence near 3 you get quite a great deal with it as a result of somewhat faster billing really similar battery dimension really exactly the very same battery dimension as well as comparable specifications aboard yet you do have an AMOLED as well as you have pc gaming sets off so if you do if you have an interest in buying the red magic 5g I’ll leave some

links in the description down below when exporting a clip in premiere Russia the arcuate 3 in fact did it slightly quicker they both have ufs 3.1 storage space over here however just 7 seconds slower on the red magic 5g it’s not the end of the world below both of them are equally as rapid however the IQ neo 3 gets that factors and gets 8 factors when opening up celestial however turning them on points were quite also over there so no factors were alloted now they need to Facebook over here the red magic 5g chooses up its 9th points currently the ocarina 3 is just 3 factors behind that of the red magic 5g gon na enter into our next social media application of yo which is Instagram we required a VPN right here in China given that I do stating in China and also we require it in order to open up all these terrific social media sites applications right here in China entering to Twitter though the red magic 5g obtains its dual digit point there 10 points in contrast to 7 factors on the intelligence neo 3 exact same point can be stated when entering into YouTube over here duration magic 5g opens up YouTube somewhat quicker and also we’re obtaining a proceed to my account up until now 11 points on the red magic rather than seven on the hakuna 3 going to my network over below the red magic 5g was slightly quicker in opening up out just a couple of seconds ahead there though the intelligence no 3 really started playing the video clip slightly quicker when going into the intelligence near 3 unboxing no shock over there 8 factors for the IQ near 3 until now rather than 12 the red magic 5g just four points

behind the arc we know 3 is somewhat capturing up now entering into Netflix points were as well close to call there if you individuals are brand-new to the channel I slowed the clip down 3 four five times and check which one does open it up quicker however is just a couple of nanoseconds in between them I don’t alloted factors however if it was one or 2 milliseconds between them as well as it is evident which one opened the application quicker after that I do indeed allot a points they are too close to call neither of them obtain appoints back who recognized 3 is actually catching up here now 10 factors rather than 12 on the red magic 5g entering into flip diving gets it it’s the 11 factor not just one point behind the red magic 5g it is doing actually truly I’m actually amazed with the IQ near 3 such an affordable phone with a snapdragon 865 it is trading blows with the red magic 5g which absolutely controlled or in a speed test between its as well as the black shock a3 Pro it in fact at God’s forty seven factors instead of the sixteen on the blackjack 3 pro 32 was

alloted to speed with a black shot getting fourteen when it comes to speed up over there so the IQ is truly trading impacts with the red magic 5g and I have actually obtained fifteen seconds in pop G over there rather than seventeen factor five seconds when opening up club G on the red magic 5g liquidating round 2 was twelve factors for the IQ and also thirteen points for the red magic this is RAM management now so it has absolutely nothing to do with rate we have 8 jobs of RAM on both of them so points must be quite similar of you have sped it up as you can see bottom right hand edge if they both closed the application down we’ll both eliminate the application they neither get a factors if they both reopen the app fine almost obtain a point enhance they are not getting factors here due to the fact that they both have pretty fantastic RAM management skills within these 2 beastly gaming phones so if are no points in round 3 for either of them and also it’s gon na stay that or means complete factors below 14 for the IQ near three instead of 14 for the red magic 5g it is a tie but if we do consider simply went to which is full roll speed over below the red magic 5g won by just one factor there providing a 13 points in rate instead of 12 points in rate of the game near 3 really feel totally free to get any one of these devices you won’t be disappointed with either of them triggers this Technic as well as I’ll see you in the following one

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