REVIEW RedMagic 5G – World’s FASTEST Smartphone!

here it is men the red magic 5g as well as group rate at red magic have actually been kind enough to send me a European worldwide version of the phone prior to its launch pre-orders open on 14th of April and also if you desire to be among five fortunate champions strikes my summary down below they are currently running an MVP project on their website which begins today April 1st up until April 14th when the phone goes up for pre-order we have a sim ejector device over there and we have a little pamphlet with a Flying start Overview it behaves to see it least it’s in all languages as well as we have our USB type-c to type a cable with USB 3.1 speeds which is actually excellent they have enhanced that and we additionally have an 18 or what charging Block in the box though red magic have actually educated me that they will be offering 55 what blocks sold separately on the global web site after the launch of the phone I’m wishing to get my hands on that for a charging speed taste so stay tuned for that this is the Eclipse black version of the phone as well as I must state it looks absolutely sensational if you are one to once a video gaming phone but you don’t want it to look as well flashy they do have slope variations along with clear versions as well I can not obtain my hands on one of those yet since this is undoubtedly a pre-production unit as well as I just have the black version in pre-production devices up until now yet in my viewpoint this is the very best when again it is so refined and also neat looking sometimes it doesn’t also strike me as much of a video gaming phone though turn on those RGB LED lights at the back as well as you get that we lastly have gloss on the back panel over right here which implies that we have support for NFC which is fantastic as well as we have a triple camera configuration which has actually moved away from the solitary cam set up in the previous raid Magic 3 as well as 3’s we have a cookie quantity rocker over right here along with power button and we also have touch triggers on top these are 300 Hertz touch action prices Pro

triggers and also we have a 16,000 transformations per min turbo follower over right here one more physical fan which goes in from the one side and also are through the various other they have actually relocated the vents the intake vent from the back to the side which is much better to make sure that when your phone gets on a flat panel it can still take a breath effectively like I claimed earlier we have USB 3.1 transfer rates which is upping it from the last one and we have a twin SIM tray right here no support for mini sd we have twin network stereo speakers with DT the seven-point-one software application built right into them and also they seem definitely wonderful I will certainly reveal you that in a later date when I can release even more info about the phone whatsoever a 3.5 millimeter earphone jack and a 6.6 five inch AMOLED 100% DCI p3 panel with a hundred and also forty four Hertz freshen price as well as 2 hundred and also forty Hertz touch response rate panel it looks definitely stunning as well as the highlight right here the main speaking factors is that a hundred as well as forty-four Hertz here’s a fast preview and also in the future in the video clip I will certainly obtain right into more detail about this in 444 Hertz panel moving on to cameras right here we have a 12 megapixel selfie snapper with 1080p at 30 frameworks per second with selfie video recording below here is the 12 megapixel selfie I’m restricted on what I can reveal you guys below however I can show you a fast sneak peek of the photo as well as some video high quality and also I must

claim that it does not have excessive light sound when videotaping with the selfie which is a great point every 64 megapixel I make 6 8 6 sensor from Sony on the back here with an 8 megapixel ultra large and also 2 megapixel macro sensor we have 1080p 4k recording at 60 structures per 2nd as well as 8k recording at 30 frames per 2nd there is the 8 megapixel ultra broad roll shots shots on Pro Mode 64 megapixel main raw sensing unit button dancing a 16 megapixel over below and we have a container pixel shot over here proceeding to macro because we have a 2 megapixel macro sensing unit committed macro sensing unit as my good friend Yoda over below main melted and shot through to portrait which looks definitely amazing on a gaming phone if you are just going with a gaming phone you will certainly be pleased to know that it has a rather damn excellent set of cameras 1080p at 60 frameworks per 2nd looks great as well as keep in mind a cam enhancements will certainly be happening this is a pre-production device of the phone as well as will enhance considerably via software application updates 4k 60 over there and 8k 30 structures per second this is probably up scaled from 6k in order to obtain 30 frameworks per second instead of Samsung’s 24 frameworks per 2nd as seen on ES 20 tools we have the most recent red magic a3 software application skinned over Android 10 as well as really feel free to stop over there for more specs

back to these terrific refresh rate panels 60 Hertz on the left 90 Hertz in the center hundred and forty four on the right-hand man side I would love to reduce this clip down as well as I’m mosting likely to slow it down a lot more for you guys in a second just so that you can see the difference here we go reduce down Tampa fl 100% true time look just how much extra fluid to the 144 Hertz panel is it looks definitely crazy this is the first mass-produced phone with a 144 Hertz panel on it I might not inform you people exactly how thrilled I was to see this as well as examine it out it is definitely extraordinary we have a whole number of various shade settings to brighten that fantastic display along with srgb setting which is wonderful and also some awesome looking vibrant real-time wallpapers too straight from the gallery of Nubia in a wallpaper currently we do have a little bit of a bezel on around the phone over here top as well as bottom specifically though when we’re gon na be playing video games you don’t desire your palms to hinder so I kind of comprehend why they didn’t remove the leading and also bottom bezels what’s they have dock setting over right here this was pretty hard to turn on and off with previous devices you needed to really switch motifs however this time around they make it truly very easy additionally have a screen on clock

over here which they have done not have in previous Nubia red magic devices as well as they look definitely incredible we even has some awesome Impressionists of video ones over below and I think it looks really incredible revealing the Nubia CP over there we’ll certainly the snapdragon 865 we additionally have our alert tray on top over below which is editable certainly as well as modifications with dock setting we have full screen motions the great thing to see is that you can pull in from the left and right for motions yet my preferred method the Samsung where you can really draw in from the bottom right and also left corner of the phone in order to return we can also lock apps over there and we can do a some basic multitasking which you see on the majority of phones people this is a pc gaming phone of course but it is additionally in day-to-day phone if you ask me as well as truthfully I think this is gon na be my brand-new everyday chauffeur specifically with the reality that we now have an under display fingerprint sensing unit previous versions of the phone in the red magic 3 as well as 3 years clearly the initial red magic and reg of Magic Mars all had physical sensors at the rear of the phone currently this software program is definitely terrific yet the very best thing

regarding the software is that we can enter into video game area 2. and before we do that i just desire to reveal you guys the light bulb near the bottom over there of the phone it can take a breath and also it can additionally be static right over there you can not transform the shade however it looks absolutely awesome that is the red magic logo i like the truth that we can look into the cooling fan in routine setups and not have to go into video game room for that however right here it is game room 2.1 your center of all your video games with lots of settings you can maintain all your games right here you can get devices such as the for the phone also as well as we likewise have the alternative for personalizing the red magic logo design at the back there the composing over there looks absolutely fantastic as well as you can transform it in lots of numerous ways we have 16,000 changes per min turbofan multi-layer chart cuts as well as liquid cooling it appears quite loud and pretty reliable when you are video gaming over here we’re gon na fire over to some games to test out the frames per second i am making use of video game bench professional see the description for even more information on that if you are without a doubt a developer we will be testing our telephone call of duty mobile very first and also it does without a doubt have a 60 frames per second cap so we’re not going to be seeing anything even more than 60 structures per 2nd despite the fact that we have a 144 Hertz display screen

on the red magic 5g over here any phone will have the ability to play this game at 60 frameworks per second naturally on lower setups we have max setups right here and it has no battle is shooting at 60 frames per second currently on bar g mobile it is called ready peace in china and also it is the only version of the game that in fact permits 90 structures per 2nd so 90 hertz rejuvenate rate on here can definitely handle it especially 144 Hertz though despite 144 Hertz allowed it reverts to 90 due to the fact that the video game can only support 90 the uneven pop G mobile is covered at 60 frameworks per 2nd as I claimed earlier so a ready peace can perform at 90 structures per second yet only on low graphics settings over here though it is having no sweat whatsoever running this video game had a full 90 frameworks per 2nd I’ll enter the results of every one of the video games set out on the average frames per secondly we’re gon na fire over to bullet pressure which came a lot before bar G mobile and also Call of Duty mobile as well as it is doing a fantastic job no structure price cap over here people consider the leading right corner of the display over there 146 147 frames per second it is mocking it at the park I can not tell you just how big the smile was on my face

when I saw this moving over to dead trigger 2 also no frameworks per 2nd cap over yeah 146 frames per 2nd 143 structures per 2nd back to 146 it is keeping it really steady and also it is actually sampling at the snapdragon 865 handling chip from qualcomm a run on 7 animated + innovation to the max is truly offering it a run for its money below with the max Hertz freshen rate you will ever see on a phone well most likely this year anyway I’m uncertain anything even more than this would certainly exaggerate a distinction as well as Real Racing 3 game in fact did taste us out and obtained 144 Hertz across the board I wanted to test that out also it looks absolutely gorgeous on the 6.6 5 inch AMOLED DCI p3 shade range display screen and also take a look at that 140 647 structures per 2nd it is doing a breathtaking work individuals this is definitely extraordinary below are the average frameworks per second 60 on Collins 1890 on pop G 146 bullet Loss 146 a trigger to 146 Genuine Competing 3 have you ever before people this is the red magic 5g it looks definitely stunning I love this Eclipse black version I can not wait to see the other color variants of the phone the 144 Hertz is absolutely the standout function of the phone it does not have a lot of downsides if you ask me as well as I am truly appreciating this phone thus far stick about for more video clips on the red magic 5g and as for currently I’m gon na go play some video games and also I’ll see you in the next one

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