Huawei Honor Note 10 – MASSIVE

yo what’s up YouTube today I’m gon na be bringing you another unboxing video clip this is not mosting likely to be the insane wild costly phones that I’ve given you before this is actually an honorable reference and this is without a doubt the Huawei honor note 10 so this phone has actually obtained fairly a big WOW variable to it which is considering its previous gadget which was the honor 8 launched 2 years ago in 2016 so Huawei have actually launched their below branded honor note in and this is supposed to be not simply the front runner killer but the note 9 killer so let’s not completely see exactly how it accumulates yet allow’s see what it resembles so allow’s get directly into this box over below package looks pretty boring to be truthful but allow’s obtain this individual open right below for us see well this is real secured up oh just got this released the other day by the method to make sure that’s rather great that’s fairly cool I think now without the plastic you can type of see a little of that I presume it resembles a little blue shimmer and that’s possibly due to a blue variation that they have this is in fact the black version and this is this is in fact the the reduced range model not so much reduced ranges in specifications or anything else it really has every little thing in yet it’s simply the 64 gigs of storage space with 6 jobs of RAM rather than 8 which is

completely fine if you ask me since this is an AI powered phone and it has a mini SD card slot oh my god ok so absolutely nothing that will get involved in that things when we conform to serve you so allow’s open this up alright maintain that box nice as well as noticeable for you individuals there my goodness this phone is enormous divine crap area right over right here for you people and let’s obtain unboxing okay so they’ve provided me an entire lot of sticker labels that’s great this over right here we have the pimp that is fantastic allow’s see what else it consist of right here oh is this what I believe it is Chinese companies like us Westerners due to the fact that they know we ‘d such as colors so we’ve got a little coven yeah yeah oh this is a wonderful soft silicon cover actually makes oh wow that resembles you could see exactly how that bends around that’s that’s a wonderful cover I imply possibly it’s a little bit low-cost if you want what do you see that do you see that right at the top over there it’s two intermediaries at the leading as well as 2 intermediaries at the base what is that all right we go to the side that’s sideways we have actually got a significant power brick and also I’m presuming this is to fill out that massive 5000 million battery that we have so yeah that is a 5 volt supercharged they call it Huawei supercharged so there you have it get moving on oh this may be depressing son all right so we have a I indicate I’m not

gon na open this up for you men but this is this is an adapter USB type-c to a 3.5 millimeter jack which suggests that there is no 3.5 millimeter jack on this phone so that is among the few things that there isn’t since there is so much crammed in right here it is crazy so over right here we have a charger of course it is USB type-c say thanks to benefits for that that is likewise among the very first for this year of honor we have that right over there that’s a terrific individual and several flagship phones including the Huawei P 20 Pro and also Samsung is a few phones out there that don’t have us defeat USB 3 or 3.1 they still stay with USB 2 with a type C port which is wonderful however I imply if you if you desire to move some stuff on the fly in between your PC or laptop computer and your phone it’s the speeds are gon na be significantly slower so keep that in mind with this you get it packed up and recognize your phones I think I suggest it is an actually low-cost penalty it’s 2,800 you one that exercises to around $400 extremely incredibly low-cost with a lots of stuff so all that aside allow’s relocate straight on the device so this is standard Huawei packaging over here this phone is massive my goodness allow’s have a look at this this phone is enormous look at my hand yes this is massive

this is gigantic anyway simply consider the style of this so with the back here we have our little stickers but this is a nice murdered coating if you can state that I picked a black one since I saw heaven one as well as it looks good but if you check out it from the front the blue in fact has like a trim of blue so when you’re checking out it I feel like that’s gon na cover your vision a little bit from this gorgeous display screen see how the black in fact looks nice due to the fact that if I show you over here it has has like a mirror seek to it so it shows light off rather well evidently it transforms a few shades I suggest I’ll bring that to you men in the review so we have the the twin cams these aren’t wah where p20 double cams however they’re in the same format they look quite trendy and there is in fact a eye or 2 image stablizing is so I’ll be eager to examine that out now basil’s sensible the vessels are very slim however they’re not all gone so it’s not such as the sort of my recently examined Oppo locate X and also vivo NEX s yet exactly how regarding we power it on and also inspect this out BAM check out that display that is big this is 6.95 inches of AMOLED appeal this phone is stunning and also just taking an appearance at the body while this boots up look at the top there consider that that is all speaker that entire top section is talking the intermediaries for the cover or due to the speak and take a look at that that is

gorgeous and if we consider the bottom double audio speakers with your type C port double speakers that looks extraordinary alright we have the electronic camera right at the leading there Batna selfie camera we obviously have the twin lenses at the back with our finger print sensing unit over below and a nice honorable mention besides from the quantity rockers and also the power button we have this awesome button over right here which is really for GPU turbo increase indeed you can overclock the chips in this which is the curent 970 the exact same in the P 20 and P 20 Pro what is up consider that display appearance at that oh I in fact believe I need to take an appearance at this for myself before I show you individuals okay exactly how do I state the back Wow there it is fine I suggest this is coop English oh say thanks to God I thought if you stuck with Chinese alright so English is excellent you just gon na hit that as well as simply reveal you individuals this check out that consider that screen this is significant check out my hand leave me holding it look at this but put it verify on me below take a look at what hello can you hear me from room fine men to ensure that’s a cover this is the phone and also yet we gon na be entering depth with this beauty in regarding a week I’ll bring you men that for you so this is on his newest no 10 so remain tuned if you haven’t subscribed yet make certain to subscribe down right here as well as enjoy my lately launched videos up right here so until following time guys this is technic

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