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hey everybody tim schofield here and today pre-orders begin for the new google pixel 6a and google sent it over a bit very early for us to have a look at so many thanks to them now pre-orders starting at 4 49 so the 6a is their budget plan device nevertheless it does have their tensor processor which in 2015’s 6 and also 6 pro had the pixel 7 and also 7 pro will certainly come later on this year i’ll make certain to do videos on that particular so make certain to subscribe so you’re alerted google additionally sent out over a an official pixel 6a case so we are mosting likely to unbox both of these get a close take a look at what comes inside the box and also after that obviously get some hands on with this brand-new phone from google i will certainly also link to all of the pre-orders down below if you are interested so all the web links will be in the summary however let’s get going below is our pixel 6a from google we’re mosting likely to set the situation sideways we’ll examine that out in just a little bit now obviously this is the sage shade that they sent over it is likewise a 5g tool in case you were asking yourself so of course although it is a budget plan device it has 5g connectivity currently opening up the box we are welcomed with that said 6a immediately we’re mosting likely to set it to the side for simply a second it lets you recognize it has the google

tensor cpu it additionally includes an adapter usb type-c mail to usb kind a female for transferring data as well as you also get a cord right here which is usb type c 2 usb type-c for charging and no it does not include a charging block i really assume that’s whatever in the box simply kidding there’s a bit much more you do have a sim uh sim ejection device there and also obviously you obtained some booklets i practically forgot concerning those so you got your google brochures getting going overview all that excellent stuff and on what you concerned see i do really such as this sage color especially with the various two-tone eco-friendly search in between that black bar up towards the top anyways flipping it over lets you recognize there is an in-display finger print scanner we’ll set that up in just a 2nd peeling that off allow’s go on as well as press the power button here and while it boot allow’s take a closer check out the hardware of the 6a down near the bottom we have a microphone usb type-c port for billing and among our stereo audio speakers make note right around it is simply completely black a truly sleek looking phone in my opinion now on the side below it has a pair volume rockers and the power switch with a little bit of an impression on the side here comparable to what they had on the 6 and also 6 pro make note very minimal electronic camera bump it does extend out just a bit not significantly though up towards the top is just a solitary microphone

There moving along on the left side is where our sim card slot is flipping it over on the back just a better look at that coloring g google and also then right here is our electronic camera setup you have a 12.2 megapixel vast angle main sensor and then a 12 megapixel ultra large angle lens now however this did not adopt that 50 megapixel vast angle lens from the 6 and also 6 pro so i’m really curious to see exactly how the shots are going to turn out google has absolutely kind of depended heavily on their software application when taking images traditionally as well as it appears to be no various with the 6a and you obtained a flash right here currently allow’s run with the start-up process i want to make note there’s a little subtle resonance every time this little ball jumps just a nice little touch as well as also reveals off the resonance electric motor really feels good so much i’ll comment on that while i run via the start-up procedure and i will just chat concerning anything that’s notable time to establish up that in-display fingerprint scanner while inputting i did like that resonance electric motor had a strong feel to it now touch and also

hold that sensor again offering vibration feedback it’s nothing as well solid has a wonderful firm feel as well as action to it so continuing to lift up and set down my thumb below to establish all of it up and present generally takes a bit longer than any physical fingerprint scanner and also you do obtain utilized to that particular setting on the screen where to place it as well as you can basically do it without looking uh after concerning a week or 2 all right we are ready as well as ready to go brings us to the house screen of the all new google pixel 6a swiping up right here’s all of our applications so let’s go through and also see several of our choices so to change the wallpaper you can undergo and quickly pick different wallpapers to use and also assume i believe it’s downloading the wallpaper as well as using however there’s a great deal of personalization options within this you’ll see you can alter the style based upon certain colors from your wallpaper you’ll discover all these choices are transforming the shade of the display there’s a dark style you can attempt themed symbols if you want to transform the app grid or experience and actually personalize your wallpaper depending upon you know whatever photo you such as so allow’s go on and

select this put it on the house display see how that looks as well as we are good to go up and also prepared to go currently this is a level display screen so no contour a lot more area on the sides to get hold of a little bit less complicated to hold this is a 6.1 inch 1080p oled screen so fantastic that it does consist of an oled display screen regrettably it is just 60 hertz so not fairly as smooth as various other pixel gadgets which is obvious out of the box i can i can tell with my naked eye just that uh if a higher refresh rate is activated or otherwise but once again they do need to conserve some cash cut a bit of price and also that is among the areas that they do so now diving right into setups of our device let’s undergo it gets on dark setting right now within display screen you can tailor that to your liking within your screen settings with dark style screen timeout allowed’s bump that up undoubtedly there we go so shades you can alter from all-natural enhanced or flexible but notification there is no chance to alter the resolution of the display or that refresh price certainly due to the fact that it is at 60 hertz scrolling down a bit extra in system motions there’s a team of different gestures such as pressing as well as holding the power switch promptly opening video camera quick tap to begin activities a group of different ones that you can see right below you can also get your 3 switch navigation back if you so pick currently let’s go on and also test

out that in screen finger print scanner really promptly there we go setting our finger down like so there is a little bit of a vibration responses to allow us understand uh that we are setting our finger down so it does not deal with the screen completely off so just sort of keep that in mind you have to have that display screen on or you can have the always on display switched on which i don’t in fact think is on all appropriate so it is not you can have it constantly show time and also info or simply touch to check phone it’s type of as much as you but when i secure it now you’ll see there’s a little icon there that reveals a number of details like notifications or the battery portion and after that you can establish your finger down yet if you do not have that on it will simply be a darker screen as well as you can’t unlock the phone you have to touch and after that unlock so it depends on you it’s not actually that much longer to just touch and also establish your thumb down currently likewise currently playing simply such an amazing feature that no phone has adopted and also i use everything of the time on my pixel uh it’s amazing actually simply being able to discover new music you always hear new tunes when you’re out as well as concerning and also you always forget to sort of mark them down and as well as pay attention to them later yet this keeps a note uh history going and also whatever it’s wonderful so google great task with currently playing it simply obtains far better as well as much better anyways going back to our house screen let’s study the video camera application very very quickly

as well as snap a quick photo there shutter speed seems really quick you can zoom in as much as 2x but remember this is a digital zoom or you can most likely to that 0.6 ultra large angle lens right there so breaking some pictures there still appears fairly fast and also stylish in regards to various alternatives for modes there’s night view which i extremely recommend making use of in darker situations it works quite possibly portrait mode video as well as right into various other different modes view photosphere and also lens as well as lastly as promised allow’s open up this translucent situation for our 6 a there it is hashtag team pixel you can kind of see it translucent it i should claim uh it’s not incredibly adaptable in a manner of speaking it has sort of a tougher shell it is a little adaptable though now allow’s pop our google 6a into our safety instance very quickly as well as there we have it themed to match our gadget color as well it does conceal the buttons on the side has a bar up in the direction of the top for our video cameras to leave those open and opening for the microphone there as well as down at the bottom intermediaries are best so there we have it that is our unboxing of the google pixel 6a i hope you appreciated it a whole lot a lot more content coming quickly so make sure to click that subscribe switch uh make certain to simply go down a comment allow me understand what you believe about this device and also as always many thanks.

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