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hello it’s your son back with another unboxing so many brand-new smartphones this month thank god for single malt whiskey is all i can say but today we’re going to be taking a full on tour of the poco x3 pro now fans of the path may remember i banged on quite a lot about the poco x3 nfc last year because it was one of the best budget smartphones of 2020 although it has since been superseded by the likes of xiaomi’s redmi note 10 pro so that’s where the poco x3 pro comes in basically boasts a good deal of the same specs and aspects but establishes the performance a good old kick up the ass to make it a competitor once again so i’m gonna whip the poco x3 pro out of its carton take you on a full on tour of the hardware and the software and for more on the latest greatest deck please do protrude subscribe and ding that notifications bell praises welcome to the poco family thank you for choosing paco oh god they’ve actually squandered the word on boarded as well it’s almost as bad as uh contacting out everyone seems to be reaching out to each other in emails these days bunch of pervs anywho in this lovely yellow container you’ve got one poco x3 pro you’ve got a entirety knot of poco stickers so you can wear those and uh make it abundantly clear what your smartphone of option is thankfully none of them say i’ve on boarded with poko good to see you’ve got a good chip of condom client war bundled in there to wrap around your poco x3 pro and keep it coming protected hold on to your heaves because it’s a highly exciting sort c usb cable and a big old-time chunky adapter as well and that’s it for the box and now it’s time to check out the poco x3 pro now first up the poco x3 pro is proper sizable at 215 grams obligating it just as heavy as quite a lot of the meatiest flagships out there you’ve got a gorilla glass 6 front end which is an upgrade over the original nfc which was gorilla glass 5 you’ve also got a pre-installed screen

protector for a bit of extra cover there and flip-flop it around and “its just” your basic plan plastic arse you can grab the poco x3 pro in three different pigments this is the frost blue model but you can also grab it in figment pitch-black and metal bronze approximate it was probably quite late in the day when they were coming up with the mentions for those emblazons and by the time they got the third one they were just like metal bronze yeah it that’ll do the more eagle eyed among you may have noticed there is a subtle bit of poco brandon on the back end there uh not quite as bad as some previous efforts to be fair good on me i’m not a huge fan of the design on here it does appear relatively budgety uh nothing peculiarly thrilling at all you’ve got kind of a two-tone effect because you’ve got like two matte deprives down at the edges and then it is sort of glossy in the middle does seem to be picking up a few little greasy reproduces here and there noteworthy design features include an advantage organized fingerprint sensor and down below you’ve got that fan favorite the headphone jack let’s just rapidly view what the sim tray statu is that’s fairly standard nonsense you’ve got opening for two sims in there otherwise that second slot can be used for micro sd remembrance placards instead okay so i’m just going to quickly set up the poco x3 pro and then we’ll tour the rest of the software and the hardware all right putco x3 pro is all set up ready for action what the hell are you do here is the latest freshest android 11 with a

bit of poco launcher act as well searches predominantly like inventory android until you sort of dive into the deep-seateds and that’s where you start to see the miui vogue uh vibes now they’ve got tons of bonus boasts crammed in there on top of android so some of those fresh new facets like the control center which was basically rent straight off of ios and you know what i’m absolutely fine with that because it is really really good gives you fast access to all of your smart-alecky home goodies and perfectly tons of toggles as well all with a single swipe so that is definitely nifty and as usual quick and easy customizations you can mess around with the grids the icon backpacks all that good nonsense so my favorite bonus features like recreation turbo and video toolbox are present and correct video toolbox is particularly great if you’re watching something on youtube like a podcast or something where you don’t really need the video you precisely demand the audio you’re going to be uh going out and about you want to turn off the screen but keep on listening precisely tap this wait for the little disturbing countdown thing to finish and then punched ok and then as you can see the screen is off but the audio is still extending regrettably you do get the periodic ads sounding up here on the poco launcher which is a much badmouthed thing in me ui to be fair in xiaomi’s more payment smartphones i haven’t really seen that happen but it certainly happens here on the poco x3 pro quite rarely though frequently only when you’re uh installing a new app and sometimes you might get one while

using one of xiaomi’s own ads as well though touch what i haven’t seen that so far now on the poko x3 prawn or parties seldom suspect that this is an ad but it’s actually really shortcuts to all of the various facets that you’ve got here on the poco x3 pro but sweet newborn tap dance and jesus you is a lot of turd where pre-installed now on the poco x3 pro lots of apps like tick-tock uh pubg mobile actually came pre-installed viciou linkedin they are paying a lot of people to articulate this bloody app on their brutal telephones uninstall off your i love the approximately celebratory uh fanfare that happens when you get rid of one of these crappy apps now for your security extends as i mentioned earlier you do have that hem prepared fingerprint sensor and so far seems nice and nippy and responsive time basically sounds your paw against the scanner you don’t even need to push in the button and as you ensure precisely straight in there now you’ve got a good flake of face acceptance as well so if i just use a finger i haven’t cross-file and as you can see once again really basically searches your jug and you’re directly in there there’s absolutely no hanging about that’s for the storage options here on the pockel x3 pro you’ve got either 128 or 256 gigs will vary depending on how much cash you propel at poco and it’s ufs 3.1 as well which is great to see so nice and nippy that’s for that screen well it’s basically the same 6.67 inch ips display you found on the poco x3 nfc pro model once again has a full hd plus solving reasonably sort of crisp although patently because it’s

such a big panel once you gape a bit closer you’ll notice the finer detail is missing in some of your photos and your high-res movies you’ve also apparently came hdr 10 subsistence here on the poco x3 pro but regrettably the likes of netflix you can’t river hdr content hitherto hopefully that will come in a future inform and colors are sort of reasonably punchy on the saturated display lay but you can just leave it on the automobile and it will adjust the pigment temperature and everything based on your environmental encloses good wide deeming inclinations now on the pro though and you’ve only got a dinky little selfie orifice protruding its road and interference on the situation when you are watching something back full screen as far as the brightness level disappears it’s not the brightest committee around but you should just about do your outdoors as long as it’s not more sunny and once again the poko x3 pro like the poco x3 nfc before it sports a 120 hertz freshen pace it’s actually set to 60 by default you just have to nudge it up if you want that silky smooth finish so let’s have a shift here the audio one there’s a stereo speaker set up here on the poco x3 pro which is great to see let’s just hump up the capacity low-pitched and make sure it doesn’t suck it’s a bit of plastic banding around the edges as well you do actually get a uh a headphone jack down below which is something you don’t get those more premium samsung and yeah i’m happy with that output uh certainly that top loudspeaker more than attracts its behavior you know it’s not quite as strong as that bottom speaker but it’s certainly

not a insignificant waste of opening uh reasonable purity on that top capacity as well should be having no problem uh you’re not watching a little of youtube netflix or whatever in a moderately loud environment and as well as that headphone jack of course you’ve got full bluetooth five subscribe as well support for high-res audio all that good material but the big-hearted brand-new upgrade now on the poco x3 pro over that older nfc is the snapdragon 860 chopsticks packed inside freshly jiggered form of that excellent snapdragon 865 chipset which powered a good deal of last year’s flagship phones you’ve got a hand-picked of either six or eight gigs of ddr4 ram here on the poco x34 this is just the six gig pose but absolutely no worries whatsoever apps has only just loading up straight away and operating absolutely impeccably haven’t noticed a single chip of slow down at all of course like the standard 865 from last year the 860 does not come with a built-in 5g modem and poco hasn’t jostle one in there either so it is lte connectivity all the way if that’s going to bother you then you might want to get something like the xiaomi mi 10 t sunlight instead which provides for 5g on a fund uh but right now let’s check out the game and choppers of the poco x3 pro with a good fleck of label of duty action and as with all miui inventions you’ve got that excellent activity turbo a menu which you can just drag on the screen this offers all kinds of bonus little shortcut features including notifications blocking uh you can open up other apps in a dinky little window as you’re playing so it’s quite handy if you want to watch a

youtube walkthrough or just check your messages while you’re gaming make sure the boss man isn’t getting on you all on your grill it’s a good report for gamers because there are absolutely zero controversies racing order of duty mobile on those top detail creates with the fastest possible frame frequency as well you got that adreno 640 gpu that deals with all that shenanigans no worries the display assistances 240 hertz style samplings or certainly met it responsive fairly it’s a altogether flat panel as well so that certainly cures and even if you’re going to be playing for a while no worries there because you’ve got that liquid cool click which is basically a little of copper hot piping partnered up with some sex graphite coating action there’s fault reel inconsistency when it comes to the battery little poco x3 pro boasts once again a 5160 milliamp cell just like that poco x3 nfc with that 33 watt fast accuse and that battery should maintain you going all day long no worries even if you’re absolutely more than the out of this thing so the last up was recreation and exciting poco x3 pro unboxing and tour let’s check out that quad lens rear camera tech now primary shooter is a 48 megapixel endeavour but as with pretty much all smartphone shooters these days it expends four in one pixel binning so what you actually be brought to an end with is a 12 megapixel image and as you can

probably tell by the fact that that’s a really misty shot my hand was quivering a little bit there’s no optical persona stabilization built into that primary camera lens one more time keeping this still as humanly possible that’s a bit better now you’ve got all the usual camera features on now give it hdr act which is set to auto by default you’ve got that ai state as well which can exactly help to uh analyze your vistum and recommend particular state so for example if it identifies a face you’ll see that it’ll barter to a little of painting war as well as that 48 megapixel primary crap-shooter you’ve also got an eight megapixel ultra wide angle uh lens which i’m not expecting great things from i’m sure uh you know the color accuracy tends to suffer a bit it’ll probably be quite low detailed snaps i know there’s more certainly no telephoto lens on now so this is only a two times digital zoom the other two lenses are a basic two megapixel breadth sensor for your photograph shots and a two megapixel macro lens if that’s your kind of thing and if you’re a fan of bonus camera modes then oh boy you’re gonna be a happy camper because look at all the bonus crap you get shoved on here you got a 48 megapixel mod if you do want to snap at that peak decide you’ve got a night mode that is generally comes in quite handy in those low-pitched brightnes problems could just brighten things up a little but a long exposure if you’ve got a tripod or something handy and you do have full pro ascendancies as well if you want to mess around with likes the screen hurrying the focus the white-hot

balance and that can once again take shots at 48 megapixels if you like and if you’re shooting a whole movie or two well stood at full hd resolve 30 frames per second by default being above that up to 60 fps or even all the way up to 4k at 30 fps and you do have xiaomi’s move move and object boast as well which is quite handy if you’ve got a hyperactive adolescent or whatever but as you can see there that simply works at full hd at 30 fps and last up for the poco x3 pro’ s countless camera lenses you’ve got a 20 megapixel selfie crap-shooter which uh comes with the usual ei magic you’ve got your beautify action i can slender myself i can constitute my noses big sort out my ridiculously big nose perhap dedicate myself a protagonist chin hump up the chin lump up the lips oh i’m gonna do straight on tinder with that i don’t know about you but i certainly would and that she blows the poco x3 pro in a nutshell and it’s great to see you got that snapdragon 860 chipset in there which seems to handle everything absolutely fine with gusto it’s assuming i’m going to need 5g substantiate in there to compete with xiaomi’s on me 10 t daybreak as well but you know what if you merely demand a fast achievement smartphone that bought some pretty strong specs and solid battery life as well then basically enterprise done so be great to hear your thoughts down below i’ve also been depleting some time with the poco f3 uh which i’ve actually had my sims slipped inside so my full review of that go back home live around the same sort of time as this unboxing uh so go check that out delight do poke subscribe and ding that notifications bell for more on the most recent and greatest tech cheers everyone love you

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