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hello i’m chris from texpert and this bad boy right here is the oppo fine x3 lite the most inexpensive of oppo’s fresh brand-new 5×3 trio it’ll be stumbling the uk on april 14 th for 379 quid and it’s coming along at a excellent time to take on samsung’s fresh new galaxy a52 5g in fact the 5×3 light sports very similar specs including an oled screen 64 megapixel primary camera and of course those 5g cuts so enough for me yammering let’s lash the oppo f5x3 light out of this box take a full and tour the hardware and the software and for more on the latest greatest tech please do push subscribe and ding that notifications bell glees all right let’s check out what we’ve got in the box someone find the x3 light notch oh nice i got the blue one you’ve got your obligatory prophylactic client to keep the opposing x3 light nice and safe porky pin but a nature c usb billing cable action and holy moly one large-scale solid mummy of a super vook charger and hidden away at the exceedingly bottom you even get a pair of earphones bundled in there as well proper ear scrapers of course but they’ll be all right as a a bonus give duo to shove in your bag or whatever all right so that’s the box now let’s check out the good stuff the actual oppo 5×3 light in all of its raw naked greatnes so yeah naturally you don’t get that delightful glass unibody blueprint of the oppo finex3 pro now on the light-footed prototype but then to be fair for the cost of one oppo punishment x3 pro you can

get three oppo 5×3 lights it is unexpectedly a plastic approval which isn’t huge considering it does overhead almost 400 quid “theres plenty” of glass renders out there for that sort of price point all the same i do like the textured finish there so that planneds it’s not going to pick up any nasty greasy fingerprint scuffs or anything like that unlike the oppo fine x3 pro and another advantage of the plastic finish is that the fight x3 light only weighs 172 grams so it is a proper featherweight as far as mid-ranges become this is the astral blue form of the penalty x3 light but you can also grab it in starry pitch-black or galactic silver-tongued up already departing projectiles deep with the gap topic in there and oppo was very vague to say the least when it came to actually telling us what materials the punishment x3 light was erected from but i’ve heard that it’s gorilla glass 5 up front and you do get a pre-installed screen protector as well to keep it extra safe so let’s do this more for booted up and then we can tour the rest of the device oh and let’s just check out what the sim tray statu is as well before i forget and it looks like you’ve got room with two sims in there but no micro sd remembering cards to expand the 128 gigs of storage all right so the oppo f5x3 light is all set up and good to go and i’ve done a fair chip of additional being played in the background as well because for instance when you first set up the penalty x3 light you don’t have the apps tray

there which is mildly infuriating to say the least i too got rid of all the clutter that was there on the desktop and i changed the grid sizing and everything as well so now it’s closely resembling something that i would actually use full hour that said i definitely have to get rid of these on-screen navigation buttons as well and go for the age-old swipe gesture supporter instead there we go much better okay so what you get with the oppo 5×3 light in terms of the software is the latest freshest android 11 but of course as usual with opposite smartphones you get emblazon os slathered on top of that modifying up the examination and the vibe of it very much and lending a entire batch of bonus facets on there it is coloros 11.1 so the latest version and this launcher is very much love it or hate it thankfully it is fairly sort of stock android once you get it all set up like so you’ve got the google discover feed you can get your apps straight back you got the swipe down for notifications but that regulates menu oh my god this thing gives me nightmares i wake up screaming in the middle of the night because of this thing like i’m not even kidding it took me 15 times time to remember where the gory sailings alternative was because it’s buried away i’ve already forgotten

where it is it’s in sudden convenience implements that’s where it is right at the top there yeah the scheme is a total nightmare but it does add some pretty good pieces such as diving back into availability tools you do have some good uh gesticulate motion supporting you know like some rays to wake uh swipe down with three paws to take a screenshot and also you do get more customization options compared with stock android as well really dive on into the personalization section and you can fiddle around with the icon form i like a good part of pebble act can of course vary up the wallpapers and everything as usual you’ve got your always on display feature as well because this is an oled screen and you’ve got all kinds of random material that you can choose from here you can basically make it lots of colorful projectiles if that’s your thing i want i’m not entirely sure but i’m guessing some some pills or some some sort of listed substances may have been involved in the creation of some of these you can play around with the fonts uh you can even change up the uh fingerprint sensor animation as well because there’s an in-display fingerprint sensor and i’m emphatically a fan of that colorist rim cheer act as well very sexy so whenever you get a notification this will happen sploosh plenty of other screen facets as well including a three-stage dark mode as well uh let’s just stick with the enhanced for now as i

briefly mentioned you get an in-display fingerprint sensor only shunted away towards the bottom end of the screen there so far touch word seems to be fairly sort of accept you know not the fastest acting sensor around uh but touchwood hasn’t crowded me more and you’ve got some fierce lock action as well so you can precisely sounds that superpower button it’ll scan your state as you can see boom straight in there and you’ve got a good chip of buttocks to wake supporter if you wanted to so now let’s check out that screen and now on the witnes x3 light you get a 6.4 inch amoled panel with reasonably sort of skinny bezel similar to that samsung galaxy a52 5g uh jesus christ thought that was something very different uh at first and so far actually loving the penalty x3 lights expose because it’s amoledtech you get delightful punchy rich in your face colors splendid trash full hd plus a resolution as well 2400 by 1080 pixels so everything looks nice and punishment whether you’re shop your photos checking out their netflix or whatever uh speaking of netflix there’s hdr 10 plus subsistence on now but sadly regrettably you don’t seem to be able to flow hdr material via netflix just yet hopefully that’ll come in an

update and yeah you do have a selfie cam orifice infiltrating on your viewing pleasure when you go full examine but it’s kind of budged apart in a corner so it’s barely even see if you jump on into the display sets you’ve got kind of a limited control over uh proceedings in here you can you know mess around with the complexion temperature you got likes the eye comfort mode which you can schedule to turn on at night simply to offset things a little easier on the eye the aussie visual accomplish which more often than not doesn’t really seem to do anything but you do get a 90 hertz screen refresh proportion here on the oppo f5x3 light uh no dynamic option unfortunately so say that 90 the whole way or dial it back down to 60 to save on your battery life and if you bump that brightness the whole way up and like so uh when it maxes out at around 750 nits sort of mark so unquestionably not the brightest panel i’ve ever seen but should be okay for outdoor visibility and unfortunately while a lot of the event in various regions of the oppo witnes x3 light sort of pricing come here for a stereo speaker setup now on this bad boy you’ve only got a mono speaker uh house down below let’s bump up the volume see if it’s at least any good now i may look like the kind of old gate who’d be more comfy draw on some slippers and settling in for a nice long hearing of monopoly then blaring people to shiny little giblets in some sort of violent online shooter well that’s not bad to be fair on that top loudnes it certainly carries a little of a

punch a little bit to me now the lucidity uh is impacted on top volume insignificant distortion but otherwise okay but you know the main thing is that you’ve got that headphone jack down below so you can uh slap in a duet of your favorite phones you’ve got a good fleck bluetooth 5 action on there as well and if you jump on into the audio aims you’ll see you’ve got a good chip of dolby atmos adjusting in there and that they are able really tweak your output to suit exactly what shenanigans you’re up to now let’s chat recital and the oppo f5x3 light is powered by a snapdragon 765 g chipset from qualcomm backed by a very healthy eight gigs of ddr4 ram i’ve recollected quite a few uh snapdragon 765 g chipset smartphones in my time including the likes that pixel 5 flagship phone perfectly flawless act typically hopefully color os won’t drag it down too much of course one behavior to evaluation that out is with a good fragment of gaming activity so let’s check out how call of duty mobile participates on this motor but as usual of course you have the game space tools which should help out so for example you’ve got touch optimization where you can see exactly how touch confidential the screen is so i like to bump that right up your play focus procedure as well which is another stunner which precisely blocks all those pesky notifications that come flying in to uh agitate you

from the task at hand which is murdering everyone in sight and yeah unsurprisingly call of duty portable iran pretty much without a stumble there was a little bit of judder act right at the very start which i’ve seen on got a couple of other uh mid-range smartphones recently but the rest of the time absolutely perfectly smooth i felt that uh the responsiveness of the screen was perfect as well give me definitely a little of a competitive edge which is just as well because i’m an alcoholic old-fashioned entrance who’s not very good at games and because you’ve got that 765 g chipset in there as well that means you’ve got full 5g reinforce although it is just basic sub six and it’s wi-fi five not six uh but that’s kind of standard for this sort of price point as for the battery tech well it’s a 4 300 milliamp cell crammed into the oppo fine x3 illuminated should hopefully preserve you going all day long often these upper blowers are fairly energy efficient especially with that 765 g chipset on there i wouldn’t have thought you’d have a problem and when you do manage to completely drain that bad son as well well you’ve got super voog 2.0 65 watt fast blaming so it’ll be powered up in well under an hour we’re talking probably about half an hour or so no wireless billing though because of that plakibaki all right so that’s everything now apart from the oppo witnes x3 lights quad lens or rear camera so let’s taken to ensure that out and what you have

here like pretty much every other smartphone around this sort of price point is a 64 megapixel primary crap-shooter though it does actually capture 16 megapixel portraits squandering a bit of four in one pixel binning you’ve got all the usual camera features on here including a bit of ai mode activity as you can see ai scene enhancement what this can do is it can boost dyes to induce them seem more colourful and striking and it can also recommend special camera modes to use for a given situation so for instance here it’s recommending a bit of likenes action you can just tap that to be disposed of it if you don’t want to do that you got hdr all that good trash you can swap to the eight megapixel ultrawide tilt lens with simply a speedy tap down here and as you can see this offers a very pulled out panorama of specific actions and touch wood not too much distortion at the edges they’re kind of similar to the fine x3 pro you’ve also got a two megapixel monochrome lens if you thoughts working the monochrome filters and a two megapixel macro lens if you want to get that shenanigans on the go and plenty of other bonus camera features now on the fine x3 light as well including of course the ever dependable gallant modes which merely helps to shoot a variety of shots at

different exposure grades got to keep your hand as steady as possible unlike me you got that sketch mode complete with all kinds of different uh bokeh style background accomplishes lots of jazzy digits in there and utterly tons of additional camera features on top of that as well including the extra hd mode which simply basically allows you to shoot at the full 64 megapixels and for your dwelling movie needs as well you can shoot up to 4k settlement video it’s set to 1080 p 30 encloses per second by default you can bump that up to 60 fps if you like otherwise that full 4k ultra hd statu and final up my favorite selfie cameras and you got a 32 megapixel shooter up front uh just as i say wedged away in that corner there hopefully should be able to get some nice seem photos you got full likenes mode smart uh are you able get nighttime state on the go you can indeed and uh i signify yeah ugh so that right there in a nutshell is the oppo note x3 light and certainly if you don’t mind a little of coloring s act seems like a strong rival to the likes of the galaxy a52 5g which merely surfaced although it is still more pricey than xiaomi’s brilliant me 10 t lite we do get that magnificent oled display touchwood strong

performance hopefully the battery life will be just as good and i’ll be hopefully testing out my camera tech for an in-depth review as well stay aria i’ve got so many telephones i’m absolutely virtually literally drowning in the buggers so it might take me a bit while but it’d be great to hear from you down in specific comments below are you seduced by the oppo acquire x3 light and if not which competitive smartphone turns you on more be great to hear from you delight do shove subscribe and ding that notifications bell for more on the most recent and greatest tech and have yourselves a amusing viciou tastic remainder to the weekend heartens everyone love you

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