Apple iOS 14: New Features!

hey everyone Tim Schofield here an apple just announced their new iOS 14 update coming to iPhone soon and they also released a beta for it I have that installed on my iPhone 11 Pro Macs they also announced device compatibility with this update and believe it or not the iPhone 6s is still going to be getting iOS 14 so a phone released back in 2015 is still getting software support from Apple hats off to you Apple great job though I want to dive into a lot of the new features coming to iOS 14 demonstrate them for you there’s even a new incoming call screen which is much needed for sure and even tapping the back of the phone adds some functionality so we’re gonna go ahead and dive into iOS 14 let’s get started also a quick side note I will be doing a video on Android 11 and their beta maybe even comparing iOS 14 and Android 11 so stay tuned for those be sure to click that subscribe button so you’re notified to begin let’s jump into settings and you’ll see iOS 14 this is the beta keep in mind that there might be more features added later on or maybe some will be removed who knows so a big change you’ll notice first of all widgets can be added on the home screen

here is one of them where you can actually scroll through different ones and stack them on top of each other kind of a nice feature also if you go all the way to the left the revamped widgets screen is there you’ll see it’s showing some news some weather percentage you know some stocks whatever you have you can really customize it to your liking let’s say I’m trying to add a widget press and hold on that home screen hit the plus in the upper left hand corner and it gives you some suggestions so there’s a ton of different ones that you can have I was using smart stack where it’s scrolled through but you know screen time stocks weather so if we do want to add a weather one there’s a different sizes so let’s say we want a really big weather widget we could just put that to the top there go ahead and hit done it’ll load all our information up once it actually gets it going and there you have it a very large widget on your home screen again nothing new this has been around on Android for a long period of time but it’s useful so it’s nice that iOS was like okay let’s go back and actually take some widgets and put them on the home screens and you also do have a new app drawer at the end all of your pages so you don’t have to have a million pages for all of your apps it will automatically categorize them into different folders so let’s say productivity you can click on this and it will show you all of your productivity apps you can actually click on them so if I want to go to Safari I could just click to it so I don’t actually need to tap and tap again these ones that are highlighted are once I can just click on not only are they categorize they are in

alphabetical order so you can actually pull down once you’re at the top and it will bring up your entire app list alphabetized up and down you can quickly swap on this right bar here like so so essentially just an after afore you really nice and useful and finally they have added it or of course you can just tap the search up towards the top but I like just swiping down so finally iOS has realized that app drawers are just better than having a million screens and even just categorizing them by folders I also notice if you wanted to move a group of apps to a different screen without putting them in a folder you can edit the home screen press on an app and then go ahead and just tap other apps you want to group with it and this isn’t creating a folder this is just saying hey let’s move all of these 10 9 10 apps to a different page you can move it to a different page or if you want to actually fully remove them you can bring it over to the app library drop them in and they are no longer on that home screen also in settings if you go into home screen with new app downloads you can have it go into the app library only or edit to the home screen and then with notification badges you can customize it showing those badges in the app library I don’t see a very small change but one of my favorite features had at iOS 14 is that incoming call screen it now takes up a very small sliver of the top of your display

where you can continue what you’re doing on the screen so it doesn’t take up your entire display you can swipe up to dismiss it and then even go back into the call if you decide and maybe I do want to answer iOS 14 is also finally added picture-in-picture mode so if you are watching a video maybe you’re on a FaceTime call it will actually show up in a smaller window and you can have it start it automatically now one thing I noticed is that while playing a video and you go home it won’t actually pop out the video you have to be in the full screen player for it to actually pop out but it does look really good it does it is something you can move around you can also resize with a pinch which I’m a big fan of because you could take up you know the whole bottom space of your phone so nice addition from Apple of course again something we’ve already seen on Android but again something that is necessary to have on phones that makes sense to take from them like it all software versions some new wallpapers have shown up so in stills there are a few different ones you’ll see I just have the main one added right now I can actually link to those in the description if you’re interested in downloading them Siri has finally gotten an update as well instead of taking up the entire screen pops up right down towards the bottom and listens to you which will not overtake if you are in an app or anything like that what’s the weather like today and then it will throw up cards towards the top with the answers if you tap again what’s the tallest building in Chicago and

you’ll see it will actually go ahead and search the web for some of the answer so it will get updated results and it does seem to be a little bit better after some initial testing but kind of cool it just throws a card up towards the top and if you click on search the web it’ll open up the browser for more info the next new feature in iOS 14 is honestly pretty crazy I could see a ton of different use cases for it they didn’t even talk about it during the keynote but let’s check it out so jumping into settings go into accessibility and then touch and scroll all the way down and it’s there right at the bottom it is called back tap basically just double tapping or triple tapping the back of your phone for different actions so right now I have a double tap set for Notification Center so if I go one two it’s a little bit slow and delayed sometimes it doesn’t work it’s still a little buggy so if I got one two there it is it brings down that Notification Center without having to even touch the screen which can be very useful and then I have triple tap for screen shot so if I go one two three boom it takes a screen shot right away and then of course there are a bunch of different settings you can add and not just the ones that I’m showing off so if you want volume up you want search Siri shake a boot or whatever you want you can go in through accessibility settings there scroll gestures even so there’s a ton of different use cases you can create with those back taps Apple is also getting into

translation with a new Translate app it seems very basic to start I’m sure they’ll push out updates going forward basically just select a language up towards the top so if I say you can enter text so you can type what you want to translate or say hello how are you doing today and it’ll just go ahead and translate it in that into your selected language there are a lot of different languages and you can download them so this is all on device translation similar to your webcam on your laptop when the cameras being accessed by an app you’ll notice a small light show up on the screen this one is green for that camera and even the microphone as well so if I start recording an audio recording you’ll notice up at the top a little orange dot so it is different based on if you’re using the microphone of the camera and speaking of taking pictures apparently taking them got faster so you can go ahead and quickly tap take shots much quicker and even portrait mode shots will be processed faster and also now finally set default apps for the browser and email so if I go ahead and click on a link at the bottom ask me which app to use every time turn that off select the browser you want to use and then even email as well just go ahead and select the specific email app you want to use and uncheck the box in the messaging app you can now

pin conversations to the top whether they’re group chats single messages and then if you just tap on it it will go into your standard messaging thread now keep in mind you can actually unpin them very easily just press and hold and it will bring up the option to unpin I don’t have iMessage enabled right now but there are now mentions and inline replies so nice useful features for group chats on iOS 14 there’s a new feature called app clips where you can go ahead and scan a QR code maybe you tap an eminent NFC tag and use an app without actually having to download it so maybe you don’t have an app you don’t have to wait for it to actually download to use it if you need to rent a scooter or maybe make an order and speaking of NFC Apple demonstrated unlocking your car with your phone just tapping the handle on the car and it will unlock it pretty useful again maybe you might struggle if your battery dies on your phone or if you lose it Apple maps in general a lot of updates but one big one was that biking directions and I can’t seem to get him to work right now but you will see it is now a tab in Apple Maps and overall those are all the big changes coming to iOS 14 there’s a lot more minor ones which I will link to Apple’s website below if you want to check out some of the other smaller changes to iOS 14 so drop a comment let me know if there’s anything you think I should have shown off anything like that but more content to come on iOS 14 so be sure you click that subscribe button hope you enjoyed the video be sure to give it a thumbs up and as always guys thank you

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