Realme 6 Pro, 6, and 6i Unboxing: 90Hz on a Budget!

everyone Tim Schofield here and it’s time to do three unboxings in one video all on real me phones and these are the first real me phones that I’m checking out and these are very strong budget contenders now pricing is gonna vary based on the market you’re in but the six pro is under two hundred and fifty dollars and then you have the six and the six I which are both under $200 now at that price point with the six pro and the six you get a 90 Hertz display and then the 6i is more of a longer battery life it has a very large five thousand milliamp hour battery so we’re gonna go ahead and unbox all three of these phones from real me take a quick look at them and compare let’s go and get started let’s get started we’re gonna begin with unboxing the six pro before we start opening these boxes I want you to take a close look and a couple of differences in the specs so this is the pro on the left and the six on the right both do have ninety Hertz displays they are LCD they also have 30 watt flash charge and 43 hundred million power batteries and then a big difference between them is the processor on the pro you have a Snapdragon 720 G from Qualcomm and then you have the Helio g90 T from mediatek you will start seeing more phones with mediatek processors in my opinion going forward and with the 6i you do have a five thousand milliamp hour battery 18 watts of quick charge and from mediatek the Helio GED processor let’s get started with the six pro welcome to the

real me family opening this up it does have a case inside especially at this price point that’s awesome that real me did include some extras like a case we will put this on the phone in just a second of course some information and a QuickStart guide as well next up inside is the phone we can take that out I’m going to set that to the side for just a second we’re gonna check out everything else that does come in the box our power brick and also our USB cable you do also have a sim ejection tool in there and here is a close look at that power brick fairly larger in size in comparison to others but like I said it does have 30 watts of power transmission and here is a look at that USB cable next to it USB type-c two USB type-a to actually plug into that power brick let’s do the classic flip it over a bunch of times before we can plug it on in and in plastic is our real me six pro let’s go ahead and take it on out free it from the plastic so peel this on off and open it on up some really cool coloring right away cut some radish on the left and some purple going on on the right let’s go ahead and boot it up for the first time looks like it does have a fingerprint scanner built into the power button on the right side and while it boots up let’s take a close look at this phone so something I’m noticing with the back is that it kind of looks like a cool lightning bolt depending on how the light hits it with a purple on top and a more deeper red down at the bottom speaking of the bottom bottom of the phone you do have a USBC slot one of the speakers you do have a

headphone jack always nice when companies do include a headphone jack they mentioned on the right side is that power button with a built-in fingerprint scanner it does have a bit of a ridge to actually indent into the phone so you can easily set your thumb on that fingerprint scanner moving along up at the top just a microphone and then on the left side is where that SIM slot is and a couple power buttons excited note not only is it a dual SIM card slot it also does have a micro SD card slot for expandable storage in the phone aside from the cool design and coloring on the back it does say real me and then moving along you have an AI quad camera system you do your main sensor is a 64 mega pixel wide-angle lens you also do have a 12 megapixel telephoto lens which zooms in two times optical and then also an 8 megapixel ultra wide and a 2 megapixel macro lens so a macro lens is one where you could take real close-up shots on the front fairly minimal bezels it does have a pre-installed screen protector which is always very welcome and phones and a dual front-facing camera system that does have a cutout in the display now I’m gonna go ahead and quickly run through the setup processes only talk about anything that is no worthy setting up the lock screen it asks for your face unlock so let’s go ahead and roll that very quickly it’s probably gonna be a little hard with the lighting

but it actually did a pretty good job that was actually really quick considering the lighting and the camera being next to me let’s go ahead and turn on rays to wake now fingerprint scanner as well so you can have both set up the face unlocked and our fingerprint scanner so just lifting and setting it on fairly easy to recognize and find because as where the power button is and like I said there are those indents in the side so you can really just find where that thumb is supposed to go and we should be all set one more there we go we’re all done you choose auto-update overnight and switch out the home style icon so there is default you have material style and pebbles so there are a few different options I’m gonna try the material style and apply that welcome to reel me UI let’s go ahead and get started we are now on that home screen let’s go ahead and unbox the other phones I’m not gonna run through the setup process on those but let’s go ahead and see if there’s anything different in the boxes and then compare the phones themselves this unboxing is gonna be much quicker real me 6 inside it looks like they do include a phone case as well again very similar style let’s go ahead and continue on we do have the phone and the exact same things in terms of the power brick your cable and I don’t see a sim ejection tool in there I think they might have just kind of forgotten there

should be one in here so just kidding looks like the sim ejection tool is right there on the inside alright taking it out of the plastic a little smoother with this one go ahead and peel this sticker off different colouring a nice little blue style to it so a bit different there flipping it over to the front one thing I’m noticing is that it does have a single front facing camera as a bit of a difference from the 6 pro similar on the bottom USBC speaker headphone jack is well on the right side power button that couples as a fingerprint scanner so again the exact same on the back here you do have a quad camera system says real me on the left side now this is a quad camera system and three of the lenses are the same however one of them is different it has a two megapixel depth sensing lens as opposed to that telephoto lens that the six pro has so that’s it for now on the real me 6 we’ll throw it up next to the six pro in just a second let’s go ahead and unbox the six I finally the 6 I from real me same quick style we’re gonna do a speed unboxing you do have a phone case looks like you do have a rear fingerprint scanner on this phone and then we will go ahead and compare all three of the phones side-by-side so with the phone set that to the side and then taking a look at everything else that comes in the box you do have your power brick which looks a little bit different of course and your USB ae2 USBC cable so again the power brick is different it is 18 watts of charging as opposed to 30 watts that the 6 and 6 pro have alright our third phone

we’re gonna take a look at I don’t think I’ve done three phone and boxing’s in one video before let’s go ahead and take this off peel this sticker off and here it is very interesting style with the six I that is kind of cool I do like green phones in general just because it’s so different this one’s definitely more of a matte as opposed to a reflection but as you can see as the light hits it it does change its design and coloring down at the bottom the six ayah does have a headphone jack USB C slot speaker on the right sides just the power button no fingerprint scanner embedded and then on the left side of the phone your volume rockers your SIM slot on the back with that cool green design says real me does have a quad camera system as well and a rear fingerprint scanner the six size camera system has a 48 megapixel wide-angle lens 8 megapixel ultra wide 2 megapixel macro lens and a 2 megapixel depth sensing lens and instead of an in display front facing camera it does have a bit of a not just a little bit of a water drop right there it does have face unlock as you can see we can set that up real quick if we’d like to again with a weird angle that was really quick for the face unlock turning on raised awake again and then the fingerprint scanner same system just go ahead and set my finger on and release it on the back of the phone as to it being you know embedded into the fingerprint scanner

interested to see which one you guys prefer if you do prefer the rear or embedded in the in the power button let me know drop a comment and as promised just a quick look at the cases they are clear so not really sacrificing much in terms of that cool design and coloring on the back with the camera cut out it does have a eye quad camera cut out there just a little bit different then on the right side the power button is open so you’re not pressing it through anything obviously because it is a fingerprint scanner down at the bottom cutouts look good and then the left side the power buttons are actually or the volume rockers are actually covered and with the three eye power button is covered cutouts look good there is a cutout for that fingerprint scanner makes it even easier to reach because you just find the hole in the case and you’re good to go covered buttons and cutouts look good down at the bottom all right here is a look at the three phone side-by-side the 6 and the 6 I have 6.5 inch displays and the pro has a 6.6 inch display 1080p on the 6 and 6 pro 720p on the 6 eye now they are obviously different colors but in terms of just style design they are very similar between the 6 and 6 pro just the point one inch difference in the displays and with those front displays in that upper left-hand corner a little bit different with the dual camera system versus the single camera system so let’s go ahead and jump into settings and the 6 & 6 bro and change it to

90 Hertz multiple options in display settings they do have dark mode I care you can change the screen color temperature as well but moving along down towards the bottom screen refresh rate it gives you the option to have it auto select what the refresh rate is going to be or you can select 60 Hertz and 90 Hertz 90 Hertz is going to be smoother it will use up a little bit more battery life but you will notice a difference between 90 and 60 Hertz in just a quick slow-mo comparison of 90 Hertz versus 60 Hertz the 6 Pro has 90 Hertz and the 6 has 60 Hertz selected let’s jump into the camera on the 6 Pro very quickly gives you a couple options you can go ahead and use that telephoto 2x zoom however you can also zoom in more if you’d like to ultra wide-angle lens to include a lot more in the shot for you and this is just the example of there but I want to show off the macro lens too so if we go into more there’s ultra macro it says best quality at 4 centimeters so maybe we can do a macro shot of a phone so here’s the 6 I I’m gonna get it real close to the lens here and as you can tell I’m getting super close and it’s still staying and folk so that’s what a macro lens can do and obviously not just phones you can get cool shots with wildlife plants are really awesome to get really up and close with like bees or any colorful sort of plants and flowers so that’s everything I want to talk about with these six Pro these six and the six I I hope you enjoyed the video be sure to give it a thumbs up if you did pretty exciting from real meat products wise nice to including 90 Hertz display in such a low price point device or of course a larger battery as well so drop a comment let me know you think about these three phones and as always guys thank you very much

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