Google Pixel 4 XL Unboxing!

hi there every person Tim Schofield here as well as I’m right here in New york city for the Google event where they introduced a group of new items consisting of the brand-new pixel 4 and pixel 4 Excel I have the Excel alternative right below we’re going to do a full unboxing show of what can be found in package and also of training course the phone itself currently I in fact have a little bit of a special unboxing here due to the fact that not only do I have the retail box but also some pizza boxes right below that are really custom made for the pixel for itself including some real pizza inside so this will be a fun unboxing to do allow’s go and also begin quickly to start I wish to speak about the difference in between the pixel 4 as well as the XL since there’s a couple of things that are different first of all the cost with the 4 it begins at $7.99 and the XL version begins at 899 now you likewise get certainly a various display size distinction but the pixel fours screens 1080p whereas the Excel is 1440p and after that you do get a little bit extra battery life on the XL variant compared to the normal so those are quite a lot the major

differences so here is that pixel 4 XL box from Google I did choose the white coloring you see it is surrounded with black and also an orange button there’s even an orange color and also a black coloring as well establishing that sideways though check out exactly how creative this really was significant proclaim to Google for this you see power adapter billing wires scandal sheet case SIM tool adapter Quick Beginning Overview best pairing gives you some pixel pop quiz inquiries to ask just so cool how they actually personalize this and also just how thoughtful it was and just how much initiative actually went right into this unboxing experience as a side note if you’re ever wondering what I’ll look like when I’m 65 Google did a nice image for that now this appears like your conventional Domino’s pizza box to see on the bottom below in Google and Domino’s currently it’s us a lift right here if you lift there is that phone in some plastic we’ll reach that in simply a second yet let you know motion feeling Google assistant and if you really do simply open it on up there is pizza inside which as you can see I have actually helped myself to some of it so we’ll establish the phone sideways for currently and really reveal our side orders essentially what can be found in the box with our Google pixel 4x out below is that scandal sheet situation right here simply P and a 4 truly great in fact we’re gon na establish that to the side and program

off what really does be available in sim ejection tool all of our user guides and booklets standard there we have our 18 watt power adapter USB type-c as well as our USB type-c the USB type-c wire and also then ultimately another quick adapter USB type-c the USB type-a input now let’s step on what you all pertained to see the pixel 4 XL let’s go ahead and remove this plastic peel that off the display right there as well as power it on and also while we in fact boot this individual up I’m gon na proceed and also take a close check out the hardware of the pixel 4 X out on the bottom of the gadget USB see among your stereo speakers as well as relocating along the right side right here you do have a pair quantity rockers which orange switch again this is white black and also orange coloring up towards the top you do have a microphone additionally make note simply a very very slight camera bump with that video camera on the back and also speaking of that camera it is a dual camera system telephoto as well as typical wide-angle lens more on that particular in just a 2nd on the best sides your SIM card

slot and after that flipping over to the front you will see a decent sized temple nonetheless they did actually put a radar chip in the front so you can actually control your phone with hand movements as well as they have actually upgraded their face unlock a lot more on that particular in just a 2nd as well as moving along down in the direction of all-time low is a rather very little chin the pixel 4 is a 5.7 inch display and the XL has a 6 factor three inch display currently I’m gon na miss via the configuration procedure and also just speak about anything that is no worthwhile like I stated updated face unlock we are mosting likely to establish this up now it states glasses or lightly tinted sunglasses are alright it claims you’re identical brother or sister could be able to unlock your phone however general should be rather safe so let’s go on as well as set this up I’m going to start it I may have to relocate my head ideally this is great a little bit of a great refined resonance as I’m setting this one even more area turn your head a little less okay sorry there we go looks excellent now we can really unlock the phone by just checking out it and also here we are

on the residence screen of the pixel for succeed there are some brand-new features of this device the electronic camera got a huge upgrade naturally as well as I’m anticipating it to be the most effective mobile phone electronic camera now it does have a common wide-angle lens but they have actually additionally added a telephoto lens for 2 times optical zoom and also they even claimed on stage that they are choosing the telephoto lens over the ultra wide-angle lens which I’m actually a little upset at I most likely instead have ultra wide-angle lens but we’ll see after utilizing it if I find much more use out of the telephoto lens in terms of new features of the video camera you have double direct exposure controls you can have a pair bars stand out up and also really control the illumination of your shot and there’s also learning-based white equilibrium so it is going to take the shot and also state perhaps there’s actually a red light revealing on your face it’s gon na claim we understand your skin tone isn’t that red color so we’re gon na in fact white balance it for you as well as I’m in fact excited to see just how well those shots turn out they’ve included a bigger range portrait mode as well as nitesite has astrophotography too so you can type of get some moon and also celebrity shots going they do suggest that you do have a tripod for those something I’m discovering is that the power button and also volume rockers on the side are rather clicky so they have a decent amount of tactile

comments to them currently there’s also some new motions also without also needing to touch the phone you can do things such as reject telephone calls you can stop alarm systems you can also miss some music so there’s a number of usage instances for it so I’m excited to examine it out a little more something awesome I located in screen settings snappy and wallpapers where you can actually personalize your pixel for so you’ll see they have some defaults Oriental Home Ash yet you can produce your own custom one so right here we go you can pick your certain typeface you can transform your symbols Wi-Fi Bluetooth airplane mode flashlight and also a few others and also you can tailor your shade especially your icon form square circle arbitrary different ones so you can go ahead and also pick that as well as call your specific design once you do that it immediately uses and also you’ll see those symbol shape a little different swiping down from the top there’s that purple shade that I chose and after that if I actually do go ahead and jump into setups you’ll see that also in settings those icons on the left side modification based on the shape that you picked also very surprising to me Google determined to strictly stick to face unlock as well as

in fact ditch the finger print scanner to ensure that is actually rather unusual in my viewpoint however they did state on phase that they have the fastest face unlock out today so really coming with Apple keeping that one really nice feature of the display itself is that it has a 90 Hertz smooth mode which does really make the phone smoother due to the fact that the displays rejuvenate rate is going much faster typically at 60 Hertz it bumps it all the means approximately 90 Hertz now the Google assistant got an update as well as they revealed an excellent trial on stage so I’m simply gon na play that so you guys can truly examine it out it’s rather extraordinary what are her concert things share this with pity reply allow’s visit her open look for Maggie Rogers events so taking a look at that it’s actually nice to see that you can open apps you can simply utilize your phone without even needing to touch the screen to ensure that’s it for now on the pixel for a lot much more coming soon so ensure you click that subscribe button I’m gon na go consume some peach so with any luck delighted in the video clip if you did click that thumbs up and as constantly guys thanks quite

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