Review PowerA Fusion Wired Fightpad for Xbox One

hey everybody its lines side button we’re taking a look today at the power a fusion wired fight pad this they say is a Sega Saturn inspired gamepad that is designed for fighting games it hooks up to the Xbox one or the PC via its included USB cable and …

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Review 8BitDo Arcade Stick

hey everybody it’s lon seiben and we’re taking a look today at the 8bitdo arcade stick this is an arcade stick that looks pretty cool and it works with a lot of different devices it’ll support the pc of course along with android devices the raspberry pi the mister which …

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Review Dynalink Android TV Box

hey everybody it’s lon seidman we’re taking a look today at the dynalink 4k android tv box this was on sale a few weeks ago and i picked it up at a pretty good price but it’s come back to its regular price at the time i’m recording this video …

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