Tech Review

PHANTOM REACTOR The $3500 Bluetooth Speaker!

hey what’s up guys mkbhd here welcome back to dope tech the series where we take a look at the most impressive most amazing most incredible tech that’s out there brought to you by the dope tech shirt of course and so in this quarantine edition of dope tech we’ve …

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Review Mac Studio: Double Trouble!

welcome to the testimonial of the mac at the studio i indicate welcome to the evaluation of the mac workshop all right so this is a computer i personally got truly thrilled concerning when i introduced it since we’ve developed a video workshop here and also this computer system is …

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DON’T Use Windows 10 for Intel 12th Gen!

Windows 10 kind of sucks on Intel 12th gen rightnow, at least in certain tasks, but Windows 11isnt perfect either. Classic Microsoft movesI guess, pick your poison right? Ive comparedboth games and applications to show you whyWindows 11 is the way to go with Intel 12th gen! The performance problems …

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