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Review HP OMEN 15 – The Truth!

so not too long ago i did an unboxing and feature overview of the omen 15 2020 and i asked you guys to submit your questions about this laptop for the full review so instead of doing a matt monas standard review i’m just going to take your questions and …

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Review 2022 ASUS ZEPHYRUS M16 – It’s Good!

This is the brand brand-new 2022 zephyrus m16 and also if you were looking for a redesign this year that’s not happening like this is an extremely new style it just came out last year and i in fact have the old one right below it to kind of program …

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Review A Long Term User Razer Blade 15

okay um i’ve been thinking about doing this video in a really long time but uh given the number of notebooks that are coming into the studio i just never got the chance to sort of compile my thoughts and share my experience uh using the Blade 15 Advanced from …

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